Did anyone shop at Target during the credit card breach?
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what did you do to protect yourself after you were informed. are you going to shop at target again?

Credit card breach? I'm an uninformed shopper I reckon. What happened? I don't shop at Target because we don't have those around here. So, not knowing, I probably would've shopped during the credit card breach if I had been near a Target and needing something they had.

We don't shop there at all since that happened last year I know it can happen to any stores and they should have better security

Like Karen and Christina was very fortunate and used cash. Which typically is unusual behavior for me. But had cash because I was working regularly at the time. But, was under the impression target that under control? Sure hope so cause my husband used his card the other day.

I did shop at Target during this time. However, I only used cash. Thank goodness. So I wasn't affected in any way.

I did, but luckily I used cash. I was going to use my card there shortly after it happened, but took the extra precaution to not use my card in case. I never keep a lot of money in my bank account, so I don't have to worry too much.

i haven't had any problems yet, knock on wood

I did. I had no problems. My bank however took it upn themselves to order new cards for anyone who used their cards at Target during that time to protect everyone that banked with them.

noo thank god!!!! but what I don't get its for the people who has the target credit card or for the people who just used their cards in general?

I did shop at Target and I used my Red Debit Card, so I am hoping that I wont be one whose account is at risk. I am monitoring my account though just to be sure, I have no received any notification that is has while others I know have.

I think the credit card breach was from November 27 to December 15...I know I did not use the Target card during that period of time, although I had thought about going to Target during that period of time. Now, I'm thinking not to go back at all...but I like Target some much better than Walmart!

I have shopped several times and actually don't remember which accounts I have used. I will just monitor all of my accounts closely, which I typically do anyway.

yes i did shop at Target probably 3-4 time since thanksgiving til now ( I think thats how long the credit card breach lasted). After I was informed I really didn't do much because I didn't get any calls about charges and none of the cards I used were charged fraudulently. I did inform others about the information in case they were charged. Yes, I am going to shop at Target again because the credit card breach can happen anywhere even online. People are going to find out more ways to get ahold of the information and others will find more ways to prevent them from happening. I am just happy that I know what to do if I am ever in that situation.

I completely agree with you. It can and has happened elsewhere

I agree with this too. I did shop there and got an email from my bank saying my information was stolen. Sure, it's a hassle to deal with, but like you said, it can happen to any store. After this I'm sure target will try to make things more secure so I have no problem shopping there again.

Only online, thank goodness!

I did and I will, but this is the importance of regularly checking your bank accounts and credit reports.
Oh, and Target is offering a 10% discount this weekend as an apology to their customers. This is in addition to the free credit monitoring they are offering to customers at risk of a breach as well as the account limits that JP Morgan is putting on Target Debit Cards as a precaution.

I did. I think that Target should give everyone who purchased items there using a credit card during that time frame free credit monitoring. I did not like their response...putting the burden of checking our accounts on us. It was their breach and I believe that they should assist us with the monitoring. I will probably shop there again, but I'm not sure if I will use my credit card there again.

free credit monitoring is a fantastic idea!

i do not shop much at target but if i do i usually use cash

yes we did, we monitoring our account very closely

Met someone yesterday. They are canceling their card used during that time frame and requesting another one. I think that is the safest bet. Sad reality of a secuirty breach like that.

i did not shop but we returned some stuff there, so far nothing scary...but keeping our fingers crossed

I did. More then once. So far nothing out of the ordinary on my card. But scary!
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