Does anyone know where online I can sell my old laser disc movies (besides ebay or amazon.)?
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I need to find like a collector site.Ebay takes forever to sell it seems.It has to be a collector buying them or they don't get sold and I don't want to keep re-listing on

There are not many sites I know but there is Gumtree - this is free ad. Locanto also free, Craiglist was good, but recently there are some scammers, so be careful.

My Husband has a neat collection as well. We still from time to time get te player out and watch them. He actually just bought some unopened one one ebay last week.

Etsy is good new one also if on facebook there are "swapsites
" for example I live in Hannibal, Mo Marion county so I use Hannibal
Buy Sell and Trade or Marion County swap site etc ...good luck

Have you tried doing a search for sites containing your collectables. You might find a place that has a spot for you to sell them, or they might be willing to buy your items from you. Or you can look into auction websites also. My dad is on an auction website buying stuff daily. Not ebay. Look for local auction websites. I hope you can find what you are looking for.

Thank you. I will try to search again. When I did my search at first , it gave me two sites and I emailed them both over a month ago and got no response back yet.Ebay is adead end for them.Next I can try auction sites. In the database for their genre, they are supposedly worth a little

I sell on ebay and am top rated, I recommend doing a search on ebay in the completed listing search to see how much or how often a similar collectable sold.

Okay didn't know that , thank you! I will try that.I just want them to be gone! haha