What do you think happened to that missing Malaysian plane?
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I am sure that everyone has heard about that airplane that has been missing for almost a week now, and no one has a clue what happened to it. I thought by now there would have been some evidence of SOMETHING, but it is still a big mystery. What are everyone here's theories?

I believe there has been a development on this. I heard on the news last night that some wreckage has been spotted in the Indian ocean close to Perth, Australia. That's all I know at the moment.

i think that plane was taken over , and is somewhere on the ground , who ever took it over was very smart , what better way to do it then make it look like it went down in the ocean in an area that is vast , this took smarts , maybe they needed a plane , what better way to get it

I imagined it must have crashed into the ocean and been completely submerged but lots of people here think it might be piracy . Not knowing what happened must be emotionally brutal for their families. I hope something will come to light.

my mom and I talked about after watching it on the evening news. my mom thinks the people could be on a island
I thought about the tv show lost or guillian's island
I hope there will be answers soon for the family
not knowing what happened to their loved ones is so sad

I'm so curious. How does something like that even happen? I hope they're miraculously okay somewhere...

It is heartbreaking. I hope they find it soon and give families clouser.

Malaysia Airlines is a reminder history is using the use that people see one another!

Yes very true.....

My mom and I were discussing this earlier, and if it didn't crash as seems most likely, air piracy isn't too far out of the realm of possibility. They've had pirates seize entire cruise ships with passengers before, so an airplane full of passengers would also present a tempting target, I'd imagine.

Piracy is definitely possible. I just hope they find out soon, because I am sure all the families of the passengers are going insane

I have no idea. I just find this incredibly bizarre. Someone has to know something. It seems like no one can agree on any theories or evidence.

I feel the same way, at least one person on this planet knows what happened....in this day and age it ought to have been found by now with all our technologies

I have no idea what actually happened and have only read a few articles but I'm secretly hoping that they did manage to land on an Island and that maybe some people survived!

Yeah, it would be ideal if they landed on an island like in the show "Lost" or something....I just hope we can find them!


that is entirely possible....
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