Chat About Rewards Program

Rules & Guidelines

Now you can earn rewards for your comment!

Each time you leave a comment, answer a questions, refer your friends, or participate in our community, you are awarded points! Simply visit your profile page to cash those points for a range of great prizes shipped to you absolutely free!

Note: by participating you confirm that you are 18+ years old


Points System

Site Comments - 1 point

Viral Comments - 2 points

Ask a Question - 2 points

Write a review - 5 points

Write an article - 20 points

Write a Post - 5 points

Daily Poll - 5 points

Surveys - 1 point is awarded regardless of if you qualify!

Bonus Area - Added daily! 

Refer Friends - We'll give you a bonus point for every unique click!



Commonly asked questions

Q: Is it really free? 

A: Yes


Q: Do I pay shipping costs to receive the prize?

A: Nope


Q: Is it just for residents of the US?

A: Chatabout is available to those in the US, Canada, Australia, UK. 


Q: How many questions can I post daily?

A: Limit of 3 daily.


Q: How many posts can I do in the POST area daily?

A: Limit of 3 daily. 


Q: Can I post referral links on site?

A: Ordinary links are ok, but referral links are NOT. 


Q: Can i just go around answering questions and commenting as much as I like daily?

A: Yes. BUT you must comply with the Rules & Conditions written below. 


Q: Is there a limit to how many prizes I can earn?

A: No.  You can earn as many as you'd like as long as you comply with the conditions below.


Q: Can I earn points from my phone?

A: At this time points can only be earned from your PC or Mac computer.  Mobile is coming soon!



Conditions Apply (CA Rules)

To be eligible to receive your prize, & stay an active member you must do the following…


1. Always reply to other comments with clear, detailed & relevant answers/questions when possible.  

2. Always make quality comments that help enhance the user experience for the next member who comes along and reads them or the person you are answering. 

3. If answering more than one member in the same chat thread, do NOT do Multiple replies when you can easily combine all in one. If you feel you have forgotten something, simply use the Edit feature. Just click on the little x in the right hand corner of your post. 

4. Do NOT just work down the pages replying to all comments. Other members look at this as nothing more than a way to accumulate more points faster with minimal effort.   

Leaving comments with no real substance or value to our community, just to accumulate your point count, is against our terms and conditions.

Chatabout is an online forum developed to chat about what interests you and connect with others that share similar passions first. Being rewarded for your activity should always be thought of as secondary when participating on this site.

5. All comments, answers, articles, reviews, posts etc. must be 100% original content, written by you.  They can not be copied from other sources.

6. All comments, answers, articles, reviews, posts etc. must be written in English

7. When using our referral system you must adhere to the following rules ...

a) A unique click is a click on your referral link from a single ip address/computer.

b) Using Exchange groups, Proxies, Traffic Exchanges, Bots, Virtual Private Network or any form of IP Manipulation or requesting clicks through other Chatabout members is all NOT allowed. 

c) If we believe points accumulated on your account are in anyway fraudulent and against our rules and guidelines, we reserve the right to terminate your account. Termination of your account will result in forfeiture of any and all rewards owed to you. 

8. Please keep in mind that Chatabout pays for all comments made on site. So if you feel the comment you are about to post is not going to be liked by us for whatever reason ... THEN don't post it!


All profile pages will be checked before the prize is approved for delivery. 

Note: If these conditions are not met, Chatabout (We) reserve the right to terminate any account at any time as subject to our terms and conditions.  We also reserve the right to substitute prizes with prizes of equal or greater value. Prizes may vary slightly from what is pictured.