Affirmative Action
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This is an effort to improve educational and employment opportunities of members of minority groups disregarding their race, colour and national origin. Started by John F. Kennedy with the Executive Order 10925, later presidents followed up on the issue. 

Should we still talk about affirmative action in this era?
Leslie Smith
Yes, its still prevalent to us. Especially to the LGBG group and now middle eastern races in our country. Keep teaching acceptance
Ken McWilliams
Affirmative Action is bogus. People should be hire based on experience, qualifications, and knowledge. I am a bleeding heart liberal, but this is just reverse racism and sexism
Lauren R.
I agree with you. A lot of people work really hard to get where they are in life and it is not fair to not be hired based on experience, qualifications and knowledge. It is what you should be hired on.
June R
It might be in place in some work places but not all, honestly a company I worked for the boss would not hire people of color for a variety of reasons.
Judy Story
You have to take care of things that are really important to you. doing it right away. will take care of it right away.
Kara S
Does anybody know what happened with the UT Austin aff am admissions case when it was sent down to the lower court by the US Supreme Court, or the result in the challenge to the Michigan law prohibiting certain considerations of race? It seems like these cases are on the edge of the law as it stands now, so anyone with insight please share.
Mary Kirkland
I'm just not sure it's needed anymore. I don't think we need to be talking about this anymore because it's really not needed.
Bev Szamborski
Agreed. I believe affirmative action already exists in the workplace. Also appears to be in place in all other arenas such as housing, business, etc.
Judy Story
Un the work place you have to take care of any problems right away or everything will get out of control Than the p;roblem will be twice as big and hard to del with.
Emily Jansen
Society says don't judge someone by their color or race but then aren't they doing JUST that? Who really is the minority in the US these days?
Brenda Milk
Amen sister! Isn't assuming that minority races can't get ahead of majority races because they have a different color of skin racist? #thanksobama
Pat Veretto
I absolutely agree. Affirmative action is the worst kind of racism! It's condescending and judgmental toward those it pretends to help.
Pam W
"Who really is the minority in the US these days?" Well, here in California, it's Caucasians! Look here link

So--if they continue affirmative action...I'm going to apply for it!
Raeanna C.
I have never been a fan of affirmative action too much and I don't think it's needed nowadays. Sadly people do use race a lot. There are tons of scholarships I could apply for but cannot because I don't fit the racial requirement which I don't think race should matter when trying to win a scholarship. I know people that had worse GPAs and test scores than I but because of their race were able to get more scholarships just to fit some quota for the school.
Marc Spector
For the most part, I believe in affirmative action, although of course it can be abused. theres no doubt that people of color and minorities have been discriminated against in the past, and although things are improving, at a pretty good rate, there's still work to do. We're not out of the woods yet,so to speak.
Nick Jones
Equality is a double edged sword
It's not always about helping minorities, they can get hurt by equality as well.
Affirmative action is not the meaning of equality
James Asbill
What part of EQUAL do people not understand ??
H Shafiq Haqq
Then all that came before it was wrong and unconstitutional.
James Asbill
Its day has come and gone and was always unconstitutional
Jason Strieter
Yeah sure sally let us trust ourselves as we did four four years of slavery in america and 200 plus years of instituional racism.
Pat Veretto
As if America is the only nation that practiced slavery? And whites are the only race who did? Is that what you're inferring?
Sally Guenterberg
Affirmative action is wrong and leads to corruption in the govt.
Simon Kabambi
the united states of america is succeeful country in implementing affirmative action, followed by malasia,...i think so
Rafael Wilson Macaia
i don't think is morally defensible,two wrongs never make right,as it a sort of reverse discrimination
Rafael Wilson Macaia
It's a reverse discrimination whereby one considers his/her skin colour first,people are not chosen by merit
Margaret Stanley
People should always be chosen by merit or abilities not by the color of their skin! I think affirmative action is a disgrace.
Cassandra Franklin
If people were actually chosen by their merits instead of their skin color, there would be no need for affirmative action.. It is a disgrace to those who have not felt the sting of pure discrimination. It is useless to pretend that we as a people do not know that it has existed since different types of people have dealt with each other. In most cases discrimination is not so overt, it is now more insidious because now it is on the down low.
Sbusiso Biyela
does the affirmative action needs time frame?
Archie Ncedo
does the policy need to be discontinued after a certain length of time?
Henri Pienaar
in order to cultivate a set of leaders with legitimacy in the eyes of the citizenry, it is necessary that the path to leadership be visibly open to talented and qualified individuals of every race and ethnicity.
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