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This is an effort to improve educational and employment opportunities of members of minority groups disregarding their race, colour and national origin. Started by John F. Kennedy with the Executive Order 10925, later presidents followed up on the issue. 

Should we still talk about affirmative action in this era?

What is affirmative action? I have no clue but according to what I am reading on the comments it's not something good anymore? lol

Briefly, it is basically asking to employers in some fields to have a certain number of females and / or people of color among their employees. The intention is good, but it happens that companies have to employ less qualified persons because of that. Plus, it benefits mostly to white women.

I'm so annoyed when people bring affirmative action as being ''sexism against men'' or ''racism again whites'' or whatever dumb thing they can think of. I can't believe these people can't see that we live in a society so sexist and racist that they needed to make laws so people would hire women or PoC without being discriminatory.

I believe that at one point in time, affirmative action was necessary. People of different races were not being hired because of their races, and something needed to be done in order to ensure them a fair chance at a job. I'm not sure if it is necessary today. I know that racism still exists, but it is not as rampant as it once was, not by far (even though it is currently being portrayed that way). Sometimes, affirmative action takes jobs away from others who deserve them all so that a quota can be met. I don't think that is very fair.

i feel these beliefs begin at home with the children and as they grow older they only grow stronger.. it's sort of sad sometimes.

there are a lot of misconceptions about affirmative action that linger until this day. one thing is the quota system has been fazed out in the 70's I heard so there is no quota thing anymore. another thing is the program is not a black program the program helps women, veterans and the disabled too. politicians always put a blackface on a program so they can denigrate it and make people mad about it. with the election of Barack Obama im hoping we wont need it much anymore and that people can be hired despite their race and you don't need to know someone or have a lot of contacts to get hired

Face it Affirmative action is here to stay in some form or another. People are people and their beliefs and actions begin at home as a child and then tweaked by society. As long as we have Bigots, Raciest and just plain uneducated individuals things are NOT going to change. Employers on the most part search for people who can benefit their company and that can work with other employees efficiently without their race or beliefs causing strife in the work place.

i'm surprised there's so many people bellyaching about this. reverse racism and reverse sexism? are you sh*tting me? does Affirmative Action make you get followed around in stores, or harassed in the streets, or get paid less? does it make people think you're dangerous because of the color of your skin, or think you're stupid or weak because of your gender? oppressed groups get a little boost because they constantly have the short end of the stick! "that's not real equality" seriously? STOP.

Here's the thing. I am female and although I am paid less than my male counterpart I wanted to get into college on my own merits not just because I was born female. That is why I am against affirmative action. People should get jobs and entry into schools based on their skills, talents, and grades not the color of their skin or because they were born a certain gender.

I want it to be like that too, but here's the thing, a lot of people are biased and will hire a white guy for the job even if someone else is just as qualified. that's why affirmative action needs to be in place. it's not supposed to bump unqualified people up, it's supposed to level the playing field so even if someone is biased, they still have to hire/accept someone other than a white guy.

Yes, its still prevalent to us. Especially to the LGBG group and now middle eastern races in our country. Keep teaching acceptance

What do you mean "publicize the most private aspects of their lives"? When people think of straight relationships, they don't necessarily jump to straight sex. Having a gay relationship should be no different, except we are still discriminated against.

Affirmative Action is bogus. People should be hire based on experience, qualifications, and knowledge. I am a bleeding heart liberal, but this is just reverse racism and sexism

I agree with you. A lot of people work really hard to get where they are in life and it is not fair to not be hired based on experience, qualifications and knowledge. It is what you should be hired on.

But people are not going to hire based on qualifications. Affirmative Action doesn't take jobs away from other people, it gives them a chance. There are plenty of studies done on changing the names or pics of people and it shows how biased people are. Even personal accounts of people handing in their resume with the name changed, it gets results. When people stop being prejudiced against whole subsets of people, and oppression stops being a thing, we can get rid of Affirmative Action, yeah?

I would have loved for my kids to have gotten preferential treatment with tuition to colleges.I am white middle class female -married.I hate affirmative action it reinforces racism.I am a minority in my work place.Most of my coworkers are of African decent immigrants,It does not stop them from playing the "minority card".

Carole. As white middle class children, your kids received preferential treatment from the moment they were born. Compare your situation to that of inner city life. Can you honestly say that inner city children have received a fair shake? That maybe something needs to be done to help even things out? We're talking equal opportunity - not handouts.

It might be in place in some work places but not all, honestly a company I worked for the boss would not hire people of color for a variety of reasons.

You have to take care of things that are really important to you. doing it right away. will take care of it right away.

Does anybody know what happened with the UT Austin aff am admissions case when it was sent down to the lower court by the US Supreme Court, or the result in the challenge to the Michigan law prohibiting certain considerations of race? It seems like these cases are on the edge of the law as it stands now, so anyone with insight please share.

Society says don't judge someone by their color or race but then aren't they doing JUST that? Who really is the minority in the US these days?

Amen sister! Isn't assuming that minority races can't get ahead of majority races because they have a different color of skin racist? #thanksobama

I absolutely agree. Affirmative action is the worst kind of racism! It's condescending and judgmental toward those it pretends to help.

"Who really is the minority in the US these days?" Well, here in California, it's Caucasians! Look here link

So--if they continue affirmative action...I'm going to apply for it!

I have never been a fan of affirmative action too much and I don't think it's needed nowadays. Sadly people do use race a lot. There are tons of scholarships I could apply for but cannot because I don't fit the racial requirement which I don't think race should matter when trying to win a scholarship. I know people that had worse GPAs and test scores than I but because of their race were able to get more scholarships just to fit some quota for the school.

For the most part, I believe in affirmative action, although of course it can be abused. theres no doubt that people of color and minorities have been discriminated against in the past, and although things are improving, at a pretty good rate, there's still work to do. We're not out of the woods yet,so to speak.

Equality is a double edged sword
It's not always about helping minorities, they can get hurt by equality as well.
Affirmative action is not the meaning of equality

What part of EQUAL do people not understand ??

Then all that came before it was wrong and unconstitutional.

Its day has come and gone and was always unconstitutional

Yeah sure sally let us trust ourselves as we did four four years of slavery in america and 200 plus years of instituional racism.

As if America is the only nation that practiced slavery? And whites are the only race who did? Is that what you're inferring?

Affirmative action is wrong and leads to corruption in the govt.
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