Binge Drinking
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Binge drinking refers to drinking to get drink. It’s defined as drinking lots of alcohol in a short period of time. When drinking, self-control is the key in order to avoid making risky decisions when we think we are not vulnerable. 

Binge drinking is so dangerous but so common, especially on college campuses. It didn't take long after I started drinking until every time I drank was a binge. I'm both surprised and extremely lucky that nothing horrible happened to me. Than again, I am a bona fide alcoholic, so I don't imbibe alcohol anymore... it's so much easier for me that way.

Not for me at all. I don't like feeling drunk. I sometimes like to have 1 or 2 drinks. I'm a light weight anyway, so it doesn't take much. Sometimes I start feeling light headed after one tiny glass of wine. I just don't understand where the fun is in getting legless and acting the fool!

it is pretty rare for me to drink at all, on christmas i did have some eggnog that was more than just eggnog but that was the first time i had a drink in almost five years.

II very rarely drink at all any more and I am so glad, I used to get so drunk and be so ill in the morning and I know it was not doing my insides any good.

That is exactly the point, when you binge drink you are not in control because it hits you before you realize it.

Everyone who drinks must learn how to control themselves. Not only are they only prone to making themselves looking like a fool in public. They may also cause trouble for others.

It is a problem in my country, too. I am seeing 13-14 year old kids in the city weekday afternoon being totally drank. It is really bad for health, and I also don't know why it is fun for people to drink so mich and not remember anything that happened that night, and repeat it the next day...

i use to binge drink alot when i was younger. i didnt even realize i was until i was trashed. now i set a limit on how much i drink if i even drink at all

I set a limit too. I mostly drink at home. I limit myself to a glass of wine. I may have a beer at my parents' house or two or three beers at an all day party.

binge drinking of alcohol is very bad for our health if we maintain this habit. it can destroy our organs especially our liver.

A lot of young people especially students in my city binge drink on weekends, they are unaware of the dangers of it and just think that it is normal

There was a time early this year where I was very depressed and I tried to drink together with our co-workers. I never expected they would suggest binge.

I used to do this but it became a problem. Now I only have a few beers about once a month, if that. It's not worth the trouble.

I binge drank in my younger years on the week ends. Once I got pregnant with my first. I stopped drinking all together.

I used to binge drink so very much and I would get so drunk that I would pass out and this happened on a sometimes daily basis.

I never understand why people binge drinking and what is it that they are trying to show and why do they think it's fun to do?

For many, it's not really about having fun, especially after a person has starting a habit of binge drinking. Alcohol changes and dulls a person's state of mind. For people who are experiencing uncomfortable emotions, (depression, anxiety, etc.) they drink to numb themselves to the emotional pain. Oftentimes, the person is not planning to do this, it is just an unconscious reaction. There people want to feel better immediately, and turn to alcohol as a quick fix. For some, especially those who are genetically prone to it, this habit turns into alcoholism.

Oh binge drinking. Definitely not good for you. I no longer do this but in college it was pretty much the norm.

I have a friend and she goes to the bar a few times a week (minimum) and usually drinks a lot of alcohol. I'm not sure whether to say something to her or not. I can clearly see she's an alcoholic at this point, it's a recent thing so she could probably pull herself out of it but, I've tried to talk to her about things before and she usually shuts me down. If I can get her to meet me outside of a bar I'll probably mention something but, I don't know if it's worth it.

Truthfully, if she is only going a few times a week, then she likely is not an alcoholic.
That isn't to say she probably doesn't have a problem, but if she usually has several days a week when she doesn't drink then, while she might be heading down a path towards alcoholism, she isn't there yet.
I would say that it might be good to keep trying to talk about it, but it depends on the dynamic of your friendship, and if it just means she shuts you out then it probably isn't worth it. In that case you would be better trying to talk to someone else in her life, who might be able to help get her to listen to you.
There are also likely reasons that she drinks so much, it might be worth trying to work out what those are, and helping her address those, as they might be easier for her to face, than her drinking.

The times when she only goes a few time a week is when she runs out of money. She's pretty much there every night. We have been friends for nearly 6 years and we talk about basically everything and anything, I'll try to talk to her, I know she's got stuff going on in her life so, I will find a way to be polite about it, I mean it's not like I'm her mom lol I can't ground her or anything and I don't want to come off as rude either.

I used to have a very serious drinking problem when I was younger it was to the point of I needed a drink first thing in the morning to get out of bed I'm happy to say I longer have a problem

This is a sad habit that plagues so many Americans unfortunatly. I am a binge drinker myself and it wrecks havoc on my liver

Binge drinking was a problem for me. Thankfully, after a certain amount of alcohol (not much at all, as I am a 5'2" woman) I would get sleepy, lie down, and stop drinking for the night because I had fallen asleep. Drinking for the purpose of getting drunk is one sign of a possible alcoholic, which I am. Thank goodness I never drank enough to put me in the hospital or leave me with serious physical problems. Thank goodness, also, that I no longer drink alcohol.
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