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Binge drinking refers to drinking to get drink. It’s defined as drinking lots of alcohol in a short period of time. When drinking, self-control is the key in order to avoid making risky decisions when we think we are not vulnerable. 

I binge drank in my younger years on the week ends. Once I got pregnant with my first. I stopped drinking all together.

I used to binge drink so very much and I would get so drunk that I would pass out and this happened on a sometimes daily basis.

I never understand why people binge drinking and what is it that they are trying to show and why do they think it's fun to do?

For many, it's not really about having fun, especially after a person has starting a habit of binge drinking. Alcohol changes and dulls a person's state of mind. For people who are experiencing uncomfortable emotions, (depression, anxiety, etc.) they drink to numb themselves to the emotional pain. Oftentimes, the person is not planning to do this, it is just an unconscious reaction. There people want to feel better immediately, and turn to alcohol as a quick fix. For some, especially those who are genetically prone to it, this habit turns into alcoholism.

I remember in college we drank a lot but it was mainly because it was the thing to do and I didn't realize how much I had until I went home and the room was spinning when I went to bed.That happened more than once but not every time..but the hangovers were no fun..

It was not done to purposely get drunk..we were dancing, eating, drinking..that was what it was all about.

It's true it helped me to relax if I was stresed over something, but mostly it was just social..everyone offering drinks and drinking them.
Fortunately I was not prone to alcoholism and now I hardly drink at all.

Oh binge drinking. Definitely not good for you. I no longer do this but in college it was pretty much the norm.

Exactly Dave..I just made he same comment above. I didn't' think anything of it in was part of what we did for entertainment.
Watching the Spring Break chaos in Florida this year it seems things are going from bad to worse...

I have a friend and she goes to the bar a few times a week (minimum) and usually drinks a lot of alcohol. I'm not sure whether to say something to her or not. I can clearly see she's an alcoholic at this point, it's a recent thing so she could probably pull herself out of it but, I've tried to talk to her about things before and she usually shuts me down. If I can get her to meet me outside of a bar I'll probably mention something but, I don't know if it's worth it.

Truthfully, if she is only going a few times a week, then she likely is not an alcoholic.
That isn't to say she probably doesn't have a problem, but if she usually has several days a week when she doesn't drink then, while she might be heading down a path towards alcoholism, she isn't there yet.
I would say that it might be good to keep trying to talk about it, but it depends on the dynamic of your friendship, and if it just means she shuts you out then it probably isn't worth it. In that case you would be better trying to talk to someone else in her life, who might be able to help get her to listen to you.
There are also likely reasons that she drinks so much, it might be worth trying to work out what those are, and helping her address those, as they might be easier for her to face, than her drinking.

I always think if the person is TOO defensive there might be a problem.
Most people without a problem would say 'I know..I really should cut down' least that is my experience.

The times when she only goes a few time a week is when she runs out of money. She's pretty much there every night. We have been friends for nearly 6 years and we talk about basically everything and anything, I'll try to talk to her, I know she's got stuff going on in her life so, I will find a way to be polite about it, I mean it's not like I'm her mom lol I can't ground her or anything and I don't want to come off as rude either.

I used to have a very serious drinking problem when I was younger it was to the point of I needed a drink first thing in the morning to get out of bed I'm happy to say I longer have a problem

Congratulations..that is probably a tough addiction to break.. Alcohol is so easily available.
I have always thought drinking in the morning is a signal things are serious...

This is a sad habit that plagues so many Americans unfortunatly. I am a binge drinker myself and it wrecks havoc on my liver

You are 'halfway home' if you can admit you have a problem..hopefuly you can go to AA or get some other help...wishing you all the best!

I have not drink since forever until tonight. It felt good as hell. RIP me tomorrow though. Not gonna enjoy the hangover

Well sometimes we just need to let go and feel good. Not a bad idea unless it is too often.
I hope you do not have a hangover. I feel I wasted some Sundays due t hangovers but that was years and years ago....4/20

Binge drinking was a problem for me. Thankfully, after a certain amount of alcohol (not much at all, as I am a 5'2" woman) I would get sleepy, lie down, and stop drinking for the night because I had fallen asleep. Drinking for the purpose of getting drunk is one sign of a possible alcoholic, which I am. Thank goodness I never drank enough to put me in the hospital or leave me with serious physical problems. Thank goodness, also, that I no longer drink alcohol.

Glad to hear you overcame the problem. So many lives have been tragically ruined because of drinking.

I always dank at night because the alcohol made me sleepy too..I do not understand how people can have a cocktail at lunch..

I personally don't see the appeal of drinking to get drunk. It just seems like a miserable state to be in where you lose some of your self control, and not to mention the hangovers the next day! I drink every now and then, but usually socially and never enough to even feel buzzed.

i feel the same way, i dont understand why some people choose to drink them self into the ground like that. my father in law has a drinking problem and he will drink til hes about to pass out

That's so sad, and it's a hard thing to watch someone you care about do. It's such an easy habit to get into though and a lot of people do it to help with emotional distress. My husband and I are careful and set rules in place, so we don't get in the habit of drinking when we're emotional because it can lead to binge drinking.

it is sad, and really hard to watch. the family just seems to act like its not a problem but it is, he would buy beer before he buys food.

Oh man, I'm so sorry about that. It's probably hard for you as well. I know that I would be torn between not wanting to watch it happen and wanting to speak up, but being afraid of angering the person and having them stay away from me because they don't want to hear what I have to say.

i do have to keep my mouth shut about it, i think they have tried to put an end to his drinking before and i think it was a pretty nasty fight. im scared my hubby will lose his dad to liver damage soon but if i say something it will only cause more fights.

I can't even imagine how hard that is. All I can say is that I am sorry. You just have to hope that something will happen that will bring him to his senses and make him realize what he's doing not only to himself, but to you and your husband and everyone else who cares about him.

People who have a drink problem very rarely quit on the say so of others. I've often heard that they need to hit rock bottom before they actually snap out of it, of their own accord. Pretty much like drugs.

I see it all around me, but I feel helpless to do anything. I hope your father in law is able to beat it somehow. The problem i find though, a lot of people don't believe they have a problem!

Binge drinking or 'the only solution my dumb brain is able to find out to cope with the fact I have serious psychological issues'

Too many times we hear of some young person dropping dead during these binge drinking competitions, and still people just don't learn! The "ladette" culture also doesn't help the situation. I think many people drink for the sake of getting "legless" as opposed to enjoying themselves, which is just so sad.

very true binge drinking is bad for you and bad on your friends and or familey only drink in moderation

I used to go out on drinking sessions with my office buddies. But that was when I was young and did not have much responsibilities. But now I don't anymore.

Binge drinking is soooo dangerous. I wish that more people would realize that, it too, is a major problem. It only takes one time of binge drinking to end up with alcohol poisoning and/or death. Education is the key to spreading awareness about binge drinking.. unfortunately, most people don't realize how serious a problem that binge drinking is.

I used to binge drink when I was much younger than I now am, but stopped when it just used to make me feel bad rather than good. I don't drink at all now and never have missed it. It does worry me about the way our society seems to admire binge-drinking, plus the way it makes some people behave, especially the young.

Like you, I used to drink when I was young. But age caught me now, waheehee, so drinking is in moderation only and not too often.

it is sad Jackie; but the more you can put it away, the more admiration and respect you seem to earn these days. It seems to be a badge of honour, especially among the young!

Mpho I agree. It does seem that the young seem to respect and admire binge-drinking. Here in the UK it has become a major problem. These young people, if they carry on like this, are going to seriously regret it when they get older due to the massive damage they are causing to their brains and bodies. There's the addictive issue too.

I fall into this from time to time when I'm out with friends. I pay for it in the morning that's for sure

I constantly see people binge drinking because drinking is a huge problem in my country. It really saddens me happening around me :(

Maybe the people in your country resort to drinking to drown their problems. Japanese do that to relieve their stress in the job.

I really don't know what it is, Alex. It's just very weird. people seem to believe you can't have fun without getting "legless". Then to make matters worse, they get behind the wheel!

Ok so this may have been a trend when I was a teen because it was fun and something to do but I definitely outgrew it...and for a good reason. Its stupid!ZzzQuil

I don't drink at all anymore due to binge drinking.When things are really bad I start drinking and don't stop. Of course, things don't get any better due to the drinking. I stopped the last binge drinking episode I, well I better not tell you that. Anyway let's just say when I woke up it wasn't in a good place. I don't know whether you'd call me an alcoholic or not. I just know it's not safe for me to drink.

When I have a big problem, I'd rather drink with friends but we chat more than drink. And also there are lots of finger food to indulge in. Waheehee.
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