Binge Drinking
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Binge drinking refers to drinking to get drink. It’s defined as drinking lots of alcohol in a short period of time. When drinking, self-control is the key in order to avoid making risky decisions when we think we are not vulnerable. 

Binge Drinking is very dangerous. I know a lot of new College kids get caught up in this but Binge Drinking can kill. Most 17 years old haven't drank to excessive before and if they do it may be the first and last time for them.

this is so stupid kids have died from this. with the price of things you should slow down and enjoy the ride. what is the rush?

To me, this is a dangerous kind of drinking because it means to me that the person just drinks to excess every once and awhile and can get seriously ill.

If you drink more than 3 standard drinks more than 1 time in every two weeks, then you might be actually a binge drinker according to recent standards.

If that's true than the standards have gotten stricter on it- I would assume it would mean drinking far more than that every once and awhile.

I think that it is a general rule. If this is not problem drinking for people then they might not need to change, but there is a lot that people do that could be considered problematic.

Everything is good in moderation, especially moderation. Drinking in excess is fun, it lets you let loose and have a good time. I am not promoting alcoholism, since they are both different things. Binge drinking is, drinking allot.. Alcoholism is needing alcohol to function.

Either way you can loose you're life. Why play that game? I don't see fun in being so drunk you can't enjoy the evening or remember what you did or who you did it with. Alcoholism kills slowly and Binge drinking can kill the first time it is done.

Binge Drinking is extremely dangerous. I live with someone who binge drinks and I worry that he will drink too much one night and something will happen to him.

Seeing as alcohol is also a drug, it can also kill you if you od (i.e. binge drink) on it

I feel like I'm the only one on this college campus who doesn't binge drink their weekend and week days away! It's very strange and I feel very left out.

Dana good for you and i am proud of you. would you feel left out if they all jumped off a cliff and you did not?

I didn't drink at all when I was in college, or afterwards. It's just not part of my culture. But I didn't condemn the people that drank heavily, I tried to help them or I left them alone.

sometimes we are not aware of how much we drink but what the reason is. People drink for various reasons ..none of them are good. Also from the other posts your right you do stuff you would not otherwise do or say..but more you dont remember what you said or did. Not good. its is a disease ...

Hinge drinking is a very bad thing , not only for your heaith but for your self respect, and also your family . I know as i used to do it few years ago i would just find a reason to have a drink then get drunk act like a fool feel ill and ashamed in the morning , not a good feeling, i gave up by changing my friends and losing contact with my little sis. Sad but had to be done for my familys sake and my own sanity.

According to my Nutrition teacher it is actually anytime that you have more than two drinks more than once in a week! This makes the problem sound much more wide spread than it really is.

Unfortunately, I have worked with two women recently who caused some serious problems in their family due to binge drinking. What is even sadder is that neither recognize it as a serious problem.

Most don't see that it is a problem at all. They see it at their choice of lifestyle or just a fun thing and don't see how it effect those around them. It is a sad day for sure.

This is so bad for your mental health as well as physical health in the mind and body. It is really sad when someone succumbs to being a binge drinker.

This is such a big thing in college and i have seen this happen due to managing a cafe where we had several college age girls working. Even had to go bail one out of jail

It is a really big college thing because college isn't really portrayed to be an education thing now a days. More like a party away from your parents and a little bit of school.

When I was in college/University we drank on weekends and studied hard during the week. I don't know what it is like now but we had so much fun and still maintained a high grade point average.

I use to do it when I was severely depressed. I'd drink vodka straight. My mindset was that I was happy when I was drunk so I should just stay drunk and have fun. So glad I got out of that and settled down!

i had a friend from college who began drinking in college. She would do binge drinking. She told me of a story of how she got so drunk that she had ended up in a strange house, woke up in the house, noticed that her blouse was buttoned up wrong and then quickly left. How bad is that!!!
And then i found out a few years back that she is an alcoholic.
She is trying to turn her life around. I have not heard from her in a long time. I think that i will try to contact her.

College is a place where many people try new things, and a time when you are legally able to drink. It is a sad thing but many people go way to far and don't really know until it is way past too late.

That is pretty scary situation to find yourself in even when i used to drink i never got into a mess like that, would have been enough to put me off alcohol forever.

I'm getting too old to binge drink, but I still try occasionally. It used to be fun, but now it's more for compensating for life. It's not a good habit.

I just don't like the hangovers. I used to have a great time drinking and it was fun and games but then the next day was partially lost because I felt hung over.

Actually there is no bigger high than feeling healthy and full of energy as opposed to the sick hang over feeling.

I think lots of people have went through phases of binge drinking.
I have and I know several people who have too.

i used to drink a lot when i first moved to alaska because i was so depressed and me and my husband were fighting so much and then i got pregnant my son is now 11 months and i still have not drank =]

That is really cool. Sometimes it takes a change of life that makes it so you can't drink to see that it might not have been the best thing for you.

I've been there, a couple years ago, when my hubby and I split up for a bit. I felt like I was meeting wrong people and wanted attention, so I went to drinking, more than I should and have done some bad things!

I think most people have done this at one point or another, It is common and can be really dangerous- my sons are 20 and 18 and I am more than aware of the dangers out there- drugs,drinking,violence etc. Scary - a lot can go wrong
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