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Binge drinking refers to drinking to get drink. It’s defined as drinking lots of alcohol in a short period of time. When drinking, self-control is the key in order to avoid making risky decisions when we think we are not vulnerable. 

Binge drinking or 'the only solution my dumb brain is able to find out to cope with the fact I have serious psychological issues'

Too many times we hear of some young person dropping dead during these binge drinking competitions, and still people just don't learn! The "ladette" culture also doesn't help the situation. I think many people drink for the sake of getting "legless" as opposed to enjoying themselves, which is just so sad.

very true binge drinking is bad for you and bad on your friends and or familey only drink in moderation

I used to go out on drinking sessions with my office buddies. But that was when I was young and did not have much responsibilities. But now I don't anymore.

Binge drinking is soooo dangerous. I wish that more people would realize that, it too, is a major problem. It only takes one time of binge drinking to end up with alcohol poisoning and/or death. Education is the key to spreading awareness about binge drinking.. unfortunately, most people don't realize how serious a problem that binge drinking is.

I used to binge drink when I was much younger than I now am, but stopped when it just used to make me feel bad rather than good. I don't drink at all now and never have missed it. It does worry me about the way our society seems to admire binge-drinking, plus the way it makes some people behave, especially the young.

Like you, I used to drink when I was young. But age caught me now, waheehee, so drinking is in moderation only and not too often.

I fall into this from time to time when I'm out with friends. I pay for it in the morning that's for sure

I constantly see people binge drinking because drinking is a huge problem in my country. It really saddens me happening around me :(

Maybe the people in your country resort to drinking to drown their problems. Japanese do that to relieve their stress in the job.

Ok so this may have been a trend when I was a teen because it was fun and something to do but I definitely outgrew it...and for a good reason. Its stupid!ZzzQuil

I don't drink at all anymore due to binge drinking.When things are really bad I start drinking and don't stop. Of course, things don't get any better due to the drinking. I stopped the last binge drinking episode I, well I better not tell you that. Anyway let's just say when I woke up it wasn't in a good place. I don't know whether you'd call me an alcoholic or not. I just know it's not safe for me to drink.

When I have a big problem, I'd rather drink with friends but we chat more than drink. And also there are lots of finger food to indulge in. Waheehee.

Well I definitely did a lot of this in college. Especially when you start playing any type of drinking game.

I don't drink so that means I don't binge drink. I don't think I have ever been around anyone that does binge drink. I do hear it can be very dangerous.

Although binge drinking is bad, I think some people are automatically associating drinking with binge drinking.

What if I told you:

That you can drink without getting drunk?

Or that drinking alcohol doesn't automatically make you an alcoholic or someone dangerous?

And that not all college students are irresponsible when it comes to drinking?

And that older adults can be irresponsible when it comes to drinking too?

Crazy, right?!

When I went to college they showed me a bunch of pictures in a slide show about people drinking. There were people with 40 ounce bottles of liquor taped to their hands.

I didn't drink much when I was studying. But when I got a job, I had the money to spend so I join drinking sessions because I could afford it.

I've never been one that has been able to do any kind of binge drinking. It just doesn't make sense to me. I can't stand to feel like I'm not in control of my body.

I used to have a bit of a problem with this. By that, I mean I am an alcoholic. Sober now, but binge drinking is such a huge problem for young people and so very dangerous. It's like young people are trying to get all their drinking out of the way at once, but they do it over and over.

Binge Drinking is very dangerous. I know a lot of new College kids get caught up in this but Binge Drinking can kill. Most 17 years old haven't drank to excessive before and if they do it may be the first and last time for them.

this is so stupid kids have died from this. with the price of things you should slow down and enjoy the ride. what is the rush?

To me, this is a dangerous kind of drinking because it means to me that the person just drinks to excess every once and awhile and can get seriously ill.

If you drink more than 3 standard drinks more than 1 time in every two weeks, then you might be actually a binge drinker according to recent standards.

If that's true than the standards have gotten stricter on it- I would assume it would mean drinking far more than that every once and awhile.

I think that it is a general rule. If this is not problem drinking for people then they might not need to change, but there is a lot that people do that could be considered problematic.
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