Bone Cancer
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It’s more common for the cancer to spread to the bones from another part of the body then to start in the bone. The most common symptom is pain, but symptoms may vary depending on the location and size of the cancer. 

There are three types of bone cancer: Osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma and Ewing’s sarcoma.

I lost an aunt to cancer to bone cancer and she was diagnosed at the beginning of the month and she was gone by the ends of the month

i cannot imagine having bone cancer. that must be one of the worst cancers at least i would think. i hope those who have it pull thru.

Bone cancer is terrible to have because, you can't have anyone to touch your body because, it hurts so bad. It is terrible.

It's a horrible disease. I had an Aunt and an Uncle who both had this. They actually died horrific deaths. Bone cancer is sometimes a secondary cancer. My Aunt's primary cancer was lung then she developed bone.
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