Bone Cancer
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It’s more common for the cancer to spread to the bones from another part of the body then to start in the bone. The most common symptom is pain, but symptoms may vary depending on the location and size of the cancer. 

There are three types of bone cancer: Osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma and Ewing’s sarcoma.

My father died of bone cancer. The cancer started in the prostrate, as it often the first diagnosis. Cancer is a horrible thing, but bone cancer is so painful even with strong medication.

Early diagnosis is possible with PSA blood testing. If PSA is elevated by a score of under 10, it is likely any cancer found will be early stage and treatable. Above 10 and the risk of any cancer found is that is may be more aggressive and already spread. That said, there are many types of prostate cancer and few of them are the type that are lethal. Most men die with prostate cancer rather than from it, in other words, most men will die of other causes before the slow growing type prostate cancer can kill them

Sorry to hear of your loss. Are you describing mesothelioma? If so, it is a form of cancer with a lengthy latency period, so long in fact that there are often no symptoms until it is in an advanced stage. Once cancer has metastasized, or spread to distant lymph nodes and/or organs ( stage 4 ) cures are difficult if not rare.

My dad has it in his bones, it spread, I would say that was about in 2010 he was told it went to the bones. He is on a lot of medication, but never complains of pain.

He's a very strong man. I have a friend like your dad. He suffers from frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel but he never complains. He also had several sessions with acupuncturist and he was told they salute him for not complaining though he's in so much pain.

At times I wish he would complain , so we know how he is feeling, he will never say a thing about the pain. Cancer is a horrible thing, I hope they find a cure for it and soon.

A lot of the people on my mother's side have died of cancer but never from bone cancer which sound very painful and God bless the people who have passed or survived it.

My grandfather is suffering with this type of cancer, the bones on his left thigh are very brittle and he says it's really painful to walk, he's been using a wheelchair lately.

All cancers are painful people start to lose weight,could have temputare plus cancer causes metasis and thats a lot worse then just cancer

I have had a patient with bone cancer. She was really young. I think this is the most painful cancer aside from prostate cancer. With just a soft touch; they will get hurt.

I lost an aunt to cancer to bone cancer and she was diagnosed at the beginning of the month and she was gone by the ends of the month

i cannot imagine having bone cancer. that must be one of the worst cancers at least i would think. i hope those who have it pull thru.

Bone cancer is terrible to have because, you can't have anyone to touch your body because, it hurts so bad. It is terrible.

It's a horrible disease. I had an Aunt and an Uncle who both had this. They actually died horrific deaths. Bone cancer is sometimes a secondary cancer. My Aunt's primary cancer was lung then she developed bone.
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