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Why are all the boy bands now a days caucassion thin wavy haired young boys. I know that classification may not specify every single person in a boy band, but come on. let's have our black boy bands and our puerto rican boy bands up in the mix

When I try to get a birthday present for one of them and it has to do with 1D I'm sure they'll love it. And then they tell my they don't like them anymore. What?

My friends are confusing when it comes to boy bands. One day they are all over them and the next week they are OVER them

I grew up listening to boy bands. I love Backstreet Boys and still do to this day. NSYNC was great too, too bad they are no longer together.

Me too, I love Backstreet Boys. I was in grade school when they were still up. I love Nick Carter the most. ♥

I use to joke around that Nick Carter would be my husband one day. That dream went out the window. But they do still rock.

There was a lot of good boy bands in the 90's that was the age of boy bands it was a special time in the music industry.

I agree! I'm only 24, but I heard a lot of music back in the 90's. And I can say that musicians before was one of the greatest.

I grew up listening to the songs of boybands. Backstreet boys is one of my favorites. I have some of their songs on my playlist

I wish I could forget the backstreet boys and nysync but their songs will be forever embedded in my brain

Boy Bands during the 90s are far better than boy bands we have today. My playlist in high school consisted of music from BSB, NSync and 98 degrees. Yeah, 98 degrees, where are they now?!

I am too old to like boy bands... at 34, I think people would look at me funny! I did like NKOTB back in my day, and even a little N'Synch!

I have been on a weird boy band kick lately. Maybe trying to recall my childhood? LOL I created a station on Pandora that plays Backstreet Boys, Nsync, 5ive, Hanson, and any other "boy band" types I could think up. Even Brittany Spears has popped in the mix now and then. It has been a fun station to get me productive for cleaning.

I am so happy someone mentioned 5ive on their boy band list. I rarely, if ever, see them. I still listen to them on occasion, lol. Sean Conlon actually gave me school advice a few years ago.

I can still count on 5ive to give me a good beat to dance to. :) I actually discovered them through B*witched. I'd heard a B*witched song, but at the time had no idea who they were. Did some searching and found their website. This was early days of internet, so it was like the only result. LOL They mentioned 5ive on their website and I got curious. They toured with them or something. Ended up liking several 5ive songs and just that one B*witched song. :)

I remember B*witched. I found 5ive on this television station that was called The Box when I was a kid. When "When The Lights Go Out" came out. I don't know if you've ever seen One Tree Hill, but in that video, you can see Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley) in it.

I remember B*witched and 5ive--- these and other bands remind me of my high school life. Do you guys remember LFO? "New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits, Chinese food make me sick, and I think it's fly when girls stop by for the summer, for the summer..." Wow, I still know the lyrics....

Summer Girls! I started singing along with you! I miss when this was good music. LOL I'm pretty sure I still have the album around here somewhere....

Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and NKOTB were my favorite boy bands and of course I had my favorite guy from each band. From BSB is was Nick Carter, NSYNC was Justin Timberlake and NKOTB was Donnie Wahlberg :)

Whenever I would spend the night at my best friends house she would have Backstreet Boys on repeat all night while we were sleeping.

I guess the days of boy bands are gone. I haven't heard of any lately I could be wrong since its not the type of music I would look for to listen to

Boy bands are crucial to the music scene escpecially ones like Little Green Beans and NSYNC i LOVE THEM 1990s forever.

I had a kick in the good ol boy band hay day. However I was like 12 and then discovered things like NIN and Tool and KoRn lol!!

In my opinion, the 1990s had the best boy bands. 98 degrees, blackstreet boys and n'sync were some of my favorites. I loved the music videos and the choreography.

Boy bands will never be like before. I think they should stop continuing in creative boy bands because music is no longer how it used to be

There used to be a lot more boy bands and most of them were quite popular with the fans--mostly due to the fact that the fans always had their favorite band member that they thought was the cutest one in the group.

I don't think any band will ever top Bancstreet boys or 98 degrees. Nsync. I use to have posters hung in my lockers back in Elementary school!

Who is the backstreet boys and who is the new kids on the block? I am not a true expert on people obsessed over certain boy bands from an early decade, but i have no clue who they are. Nor do i know who nsync is.
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