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Angela S
Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and NKOTB were my favorite boy bands and of course I had my favorite guy from each band. From BSB is was Nick Carter, NSYNC was Justin Timberlake and NKOTB was Donnie Wahlberg :)
Lee Ann W
Whenever I would spend the night at my best friends house she would have Backstreet Boys on repeat all night while we were sleeping.
Emily Jansen
I guess the days of boy bands are gone. I haven't heard of any lately I could be wrong since its not the type of music I would look for to listen to
Fred Armisen
Boy bands are crucial to the music scene escpecially ones like Little Green Beans and NSYNC i LOVE THEM 1990s forever.
Brass Knucks Barb
I had a kick in the good ol boy band hay day. However I was like 12 and then discovered things like NIN and Tool and KoRn lol!!
Jasmine Tisdale
In my opinion, the 1990s had the best boy bands. 98 degrees, blackstreet boys and n'sync were some of my favorites. I loved the music videos and the choreography.
Yasmin S
Boy bands will never be like before. I think they should stop continuing in creative boy bands because music is no longer how it used to be
Nancy Cooley
There used to be a lot more boy bands and most of them were quite popular with the fans--mostly due to the fact that the fans always had their favorite band member that they thought was the cutest one in the group.
Tara Teed
I don't think any band will ever top Bancstreet boys or 98 degrees. Nsync. I use to have posters hung in my lockers back in Elementary school!
Nick Heard
Who is the backstreet boys and who is the new kids on the block? I am not a true expert on people obsessed over certain boy bands from an early decade, but i have no clue who they are. Nor do i know who nsync is.
Rachael Lachniet
I remember growing up there were quite a few boy bands area like NSync and Back Street Boys. They were probably my favorites.
Sherry W
I remember when New Kids was the big rage and a bunch of my friends had pictures of the little guy -- Joey, I think?-- taped inside their desks. I didn't really get into it like they did, but boy do I remember the hoopla.
Christy Gabriana
I liked backstreet boys and Nsync.
Melissa Novak
Oh goodness. When I was younger I just loved NSYNC.. My walls were covered, my ceiling was covered, I had many shirts.. I was just so in love with Justin Timberlake. My mom got my friends and I tickets to see them in concert. It was the VERY back row of the giant arena, and I had a big white support right in front of my seat. I totally didn't care that NSYNC looked like little ants on the stage. I was in heaven. lol
Tina Yoes
i LOVE the Backstreet boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are the best band of the 90s even now they are great i love they now and forever
Judy He
me too i love bsb too i am still their #1 fan even in the 90s and now also cause nick was my favorite bsb cause he was so hot looking and still is hot looking guy :D
Tina Yoes
my sister joanna is in love with nick ive always had a thing for brian yes i know hes married but a girl can dream lol
Karen Klepsteen
I think it all started when I was little with New Kids on the Block. Now there's some old school stuff! It's so weird to me that they're touring again. I can't bring myself to listen to their new stuff. That era of my life has pretty much passed.
Jason Snyder
these boy bands these days have nothing on the boybands of the 90's i personally cant stand one direction! i still listen to backstreet boy nsync 98 degrees lfo and five now there's some real boybands!
Molly Delaney
Haha I used to love boy bands. My favorite was the Backstreet Boys. I loved Nick Carter mainly because he was Aaron Carter's brother. Boy bands are also making a comeback now that there is One Direction and all.
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