Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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This syndrome refers to continued tiredness not relieved by rest or caused directly by a medical condition. The causes are unknown, but some theories say that it may be due to Epstein-Barr virus and inflammation in the nervous system, genetics, stress or previous illness. Some of the symptoms are confusion, extreme tiredness, forgetfulness, irritability, not feeling refreshed after a proper sleep. 

Any helpful information for those who have this syndrome?
Kimberly Coleman
Hmm. I wonder about this. I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue everyday. I can sleep how you are supposed to and eat right and all that doesn't matter what I do . I wake up feeling like I have moved a 4 bd rm house all by myself EVERYDAY! My doctors have found the source of the pain pretty much but can't find my fatigue. I have been tested for numerous things but never this. I will be asking next time.!
Johnny Dod
also known as ME is a serious condition that can cause long-term illness and disability, but many people – particularly children and young people – improve over time

Gud Heart
Does anyone have any information on this syndrome? or does anyone suffer from it? I would like to know more about it as I think I might have it.
June R
Best to see a doctor in case some of your symptoms are different. A friend of mine had it for years, It seems if you ever had chicken pox you could get this later in life. The friend recovered but still has some heath issues, but she slept most of her day away for years.
Gud Heart
I think I may have this, as I am constantly tired and have achy body pains. I have had all blood tests and they have come back inconclusive. Therefore are there any way of diagnosing this
Jeffrey Davidson
A key to overcoming this disease or similar afflictions, or to at least co-exist with it in a manageable way is to improve the bodies function as it relates to removing toxins, and to have a clean environment to live and sleep. However I think this is easier said than done.
Bryan B
I think everyone naturally wants a quick and easy solution to any medical condition they may have, but with a lot of conditions like CFS there often are no easy or definitive answers. Dealing with the condition is more about perseverance and lifestyle changes than whizbang medicine or any other direct medical intervention. Like you said, it's all easier said than done.
Jeffrey Davidson
I think CFS and fibro are closely related. I think they are symptoms of the same general problem. The human body is overwhelmed by negativity, which can come from a certain thing or a number of things in the environment (chemicals, foods, dirty air, electromagnetic sensitivity, bad emotions from self or others).
Jeffrey Davidson
My mother suffered from CFS and fibromyalgia most of her life, and when I got into my 20's I started having the same issues. I worked as a massage therapist in my 20's and treated many people of this condition. For me I just tried to ignore my condition and called it exhaustion and body aches. I would talk to my mom about it on the phone and cry I was suffering so much. I could manage most days (even with extreme difficulty), but sometimes every year or so, I would just get so bogged down by it, I would be in bed for a week or two, sometimes even having to crawl on all fours to the bathroom.
Brendajean Smith Berger
wow,never heard of this before but describes me to a T since I had my cancer. I get so confused at times I cant even think of the names of common every day items,and I can sleep 12 hours and still feel like I haven't slept in years. I forget wear I put things and what I was doing after just a few minutes and I have been so moody I am constantly snapping at my poor husband over petty things. how do you correct this problem?
Lovee Smith
Dear Kim, find a pain management doctor. They're more equipped to diagnose Fibromyalgia.
Lovee Smith
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and although it isn't life threatening; it's definitely life challenging. The pain for me is excruiating
Kim Lyman
How do you get this diagnosis, because it describes me to a T! Although, doctors always blame it on something else, like having little kids etc. Maybe I should get a second opinion, but I guess what would be the point unless there is some way to treat it.
Renee R
It's so discouraging when doctor blame it on kids. I had a problem with extreme fatigue a few years back, and my doctor kept saying it was because of the kids. But, I tried to explain that this is beyond normal tired - I couldn't tell if I was awake or asleep half the time. It was awful.
Kitty S
I think I have this too. I'm always tired! I even take my multivitamins, try to exercise and eat right, still tired.
Candina Szabo
i swear i have this no matter how much i sleep im always tired and wanting to go back to sleep
Midwestern Girl
I use to think that I had CFS, but now it seems more as if it's Fibromyalgia
Amy C
I'm usually tired quite often too. I'm not sure why but part of the reason may be that I do not sleep well, however because of that I try to sleep an hour or two extra.
Wanda Peebles
does menopause play any part in this?
Candina Szabo
im tired all the time i wonder if i have this
Katie K
Can someone explain how this comes on? I am really curious if this develops later or what factors lead to it.
Paul Winter
The biggest problem with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is it's name. It really trivializes the illness. If only it was just about being tired all of the time. It was originally known as myalgic encephalomyelitis here in the UK and is a recognised neurological disorder. But then the CDC investigated a outbreak in the US and came up with this awful name.

I've had it for over eight years now and have been unable to work. Alongside the fatigue I have a spastic gait, involuntary movements, cognitive problems, speech difficulties and a number of other symptoms. Fatigue is only one of them. All of my symptoms worsen with very little activity.
Renee R
I agree that the name trivializes the illness. It's not just being tired all the time. It's overwhelming exhaustion that prevents you from participating fully in life. It's very difficult.
Carrie Stark
I think the name does trivialize it. People hear it and think "Oh, I'm tired, too, and I still do this or should be able to do it". When in reality it's so much more.
Katie K
That sounds hideous to have. Did it develop later in your life or suddenly or has it always been that way? I had Mono and had all of these symptoms for almost 1 year. It was horrible the year, I had foggy mind, I could sleep for 18 hours and still not be slept enough. I am so happy that it seemed to run its course. Still can sleep a lot, but much better.
Carrie Stark
For me, I can look back and see glimpses of it throughout my life, but the main symptoms intensified after the birth of my daughter. It's been about 4 years of living with all the symptoms.
Paul Winter
I developed it when I was 46 years old, I'm now 54 and have not improved. In fact I've gradually got worse. The doctor now suspects I may have Parkinson's Disease and not CFS.
Ramona Smith Follett
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Margaret Stanley
Do you live in the Buffalo, NY area (I can tell by your area code)? I lived in upstate NY for over 30 years and I can say I will never miss those brutally long, cold winters!
Ramona Smith Follett
No I live in Olean NY ! Our winters have been mild for several years now. Makes me wonder each year if we are in store for a blizzerd. LOL
Margaret Stanley
How far is Olean from Buffalo? And really you've had mild winters for several years in a row? That's incredible, living in upstate NY. Sounds like you are definitely due for a blizzard soon!
Ramona Smith Follett
Buffalo is about 2hrs. from here. And I really hope we don't get any blizzards. LOL
Margaret Stanley
Wow, you might live closer to Rochester, NY (where I grew up) then.I really hope you don't get any blizzards too! But those upstate NY winters were just killers for me-the bitter cold and the snow and ice. Ugghhhh, never again!
Ramona Smith Follett
We were in Rochester a week ago for our nieces wedding. We stayed in Lima NY and thats only 20 min. from Rochester. Where do you live ?
Margaret Stanley
I grew up in Brighton, a suburb of Rochester, but I moved to France two yeas ago.
Ramona Smith Follett
OMG I would love to see France. My hubby was there a few years ago cause of his work at the time.
Margaret Stanley
Well a roundtrip ticket from Rochester to France is not that expensive if you don't go in the high season (tourist season). It's a beautiful place to visit and you can find nice two star hotels in Paris for around $70 a night (if you take the time to search for one online). I'd recommend you and your husband start a little savings fund for your trip to France and before you know it you'll have enough saved up to make that trip a reality.
Sharon Levinson
Hey, Margaret, im from Rochester-grew up near the Eastman House. Now living in brighton :-) cool :-)
Katie K
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Ramona Smith Follett
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