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A common and relatively simple procedure. Some do it for religious or cultural reasons, some for hygienic reasons and strongly believe it should be done. Others think that it’s an unethical and unnecessary procedure, that a male should be able to choose for himself, and that they wouldn’t fell “complete”. 

Do you believe circumcision is necessary? 
Rylee Logan
I didn't get either of my boys done, it's their body and their decision to get a part of their body removed or not. It isn't "cleaner" to get it done, they learn to keep themselves clean just fine with no issues whatsoever.
KJ Kane
Ok. I just noticed this on the topics list... And I just need to say something...

LMAOOOOOOO WHAT THE **** IS THAT PICTURE LMAOO I was like such a good description a banana LOL
Punky Brewster
If I have a boy I will have him cIrcumsised as soon as possible, so that way he won't remember it . It's a lot cleaner for them
Morgan Barker
I don't think it's fair to change a part of someone's body without their consent. You wouldn't do it to an adult, or even an older child, so why do it to a baby?
Lindy H.
I totally agree! If they get older and want the procedure done then that is great. However, I refuse to make cosmetic decisions with no medical backing for my son.
Lindy H.
I do not believe in getting babies circumcised unless there is a medical reason. It is not your body to mess with when they are that young. Let them grow up and decide what is best for them. Circumcision does not make boys more healthy nor does it do much more than mutilate your already perfect sons. Before having your son circumcised I advise doing some strong research, I am sure you will reach the same conclusions. P.S. I love the photo.
KJ Kane
I know right It's such a great desceiption and so funny.... One must wonder where thy find their pictures.. Who even makes the picture? I think its an admin of the site... but not sure.
Zoo Lady
(First...I LOVE that banana photo...) I know several adult men who are VERY ANGRY because their parents chose to have them circumsized! They see it as a kind of mutilation.

Secondly, I've know two men who SHOULD have been circumcized and weren't! They each have a smal, tight foreskin and erections aren't always comfortable for them.

Interestingly, when I suggested circumcision...both of them were adamantly against it.
Adrienne Lindquist
I know, the picture makes me cringe and laugh at the same time! I don't personally know any men who are mad that their parents chose to have it done, I did see a video of a man who said that he was mad about it and I felt confused as to how he could KNOW what kind of difference it would have made?
Stephanie Brewer
The photo is the only reason why I clicked on this topic. Inappropriate and awesome all at the same time! I don't know men that are angry that they did, but my husband did know someone who was angry that his parents didn't have him circumcised. In his 30's he developed an infection and had to have one... it took over a month to heal. Our son was circumcised.
Donna Andrews
Like most here have said, its a personal choice for the parents. If you wait for the child to decide when they are older it causes more pain and they will remember it a lot more than if it is done when they are a baby.

My older son is because his dad made a big deal about it.
My younger son's father was not and he told me it was up to me if I wanted it done and he didn't care either way. So I didn't have it done. i remember all the trouble I went through when my oldest had his done. He had issues with my milk and we switched him to formula and that made it worse. He constantly had diareah and it caused infection where he was circed, even though I tried desperately to keep it as clean as possible. Because of that it took forever to heal.

so with my younger son I talked to the pediatritian about it and she said its just a personal choice, it doesn't really need to be done and if he had problems it could be done at 6 months or even 1 yr old. so I just didn't have it done. He's going to be 10 next month and so far it doesn't seem like a big deal to him. Hes seen his brother and asked why they look different and I explained it to him and he was like OOOOWWWIIIEEE that would hurt I'm glad you didn't do that to me.
Marcia Robinson
i think it is healthier to be circumcised because you really need to clean under the skin so you dont infections. but i also think it is a personal choice .
Melanie Perreault Wynn
Marcia I have to totally agree with you I would of been a Mum 10-years ago if I would of had a son I would of made sure he got circumcised before leaving hospital, foreskin is very dirty and unhealthy no offense to uncut guys, yes it is a personal choice especially it's up to the parents if they want their sons circumcised
Lindy H.
Actually its not healthier that is a complete myth. You should teach your children how to properly clean themselves not just cut off parts of their body.
Morgan Barker
Lindy's right. So what if it takes a bit of maintenance? At least you're not missing a part of your body, at least your ability to find sex pleasurable is intact.
Jaime Watson
I don't feel that circumcision is "necessary," but I do completely respect a parent's right to make this choice. My husband has said repeatedly that he is very glad that he was circumcised. I was raised with a Jewish heritage and therefore never thought twice about having my son circumcised.
Adrienne Lindquist
I agree with everything that you said. I let my husband decide when our son was born since I don't own the equipment in question lol. He chose to have it done and that is what we did.
Amanda P
I have a son and didn't circumcise him. My brother who's the same age, same thing! Later on though, my brother NEEDED it done, for medical reasons, but my son is ok. He did one time tell his dad he wanted it, lol, so that will be up to him. Yes, it's painful, I assume, but it won't last. Here in Nevada, if you have Medicaid, I think it's free! I called around, so it's an option, but he now says he doesn't want it done!
Johnny Dod
I think the picture is very clever John, I am of the same thinking as you... apart from problems with your **** why on Earth would you have it done?
John Welford
Why on earth would anyone even dream of doing this to their child? Even if they are Jewish I would hope that they would have second thoughts about it.

There is absolutely no good reason for a boy to be "cut". There is no medical advantage, it does not improve hygiene in any way, it does not make a blind bit of difference to the sexual performance of a man if he is missing his foreskin, so the only possible reason one could imagine is that it is the "traditional" thing to do in some societies.

As with all traditions, if that is the only reason for doing something it's probably a very bad reason!
Amanda P
Well said John :)
Teresa Johnston
@John, my husband and I had come to the same conclusion when our second son was born. We did not have him circumcised. Six months later, the doctors said it had to be done because his foreskin would not relax, and would stay too tight to allow for proper cleaning. We had the procedure done then, for that reason. I agree, it should not be an automatic procedure, but one saved for necessity.
Samantha Barney
I completely agree with you John! I would never mutilate a part of my child if it wasn't a medical necessity.
Cera Vaughn
During pregnancy my husband and I discussed it. I told him it was up to him since I didn't have one. When we took him to the doctor to get it done, she made us sign a form saying that we understood that there was no medical reason to have it done. The procedure was short and the baby (at 2 weeks) hardly even cried. Everything went smoothly and he checked out at his follow up appointment.
Morgan Barker
If there's no medical reason then why do it? For aesthetic reasons, perhaps, but shouldn't that be the choice of the person that's, y'know, getting a piece of his **** cut off?
Cera Vaughn
At 2 weeks old they can't choose whether or not to have it done. And it it isn't and they decide they wanted it done at, say, 20, that would be a horrible experience. I let my husband choose whether or not to have it done for our son since he had his done. I think that circumcision, like a lot of other things, is the parents choice and shouldn't be questioned by other people.
Morgan Barker
What makes you think it isn't a horrible experience for a baby?

And, if you don't mind my asking, what is your opinion on female "circumcision"?
Cera Vaughn
Female circumcision is not the topic at hand. And I don't know if it was or wasn't a horrible experience for him but I do know that it hasn't affected him in the long run. Like I said, people argue about when to take their kids off the bottle, when to get the first haircut, to spank or not to spank, and about a million other things that are the parents' choice alone. I will tell you that I spoke with my doctor in depth about circumcision and was able to make an educated decision based on the information at hand.
Caroline Norris
Neither of my sons cried much at all either and both were healed up within a week or 2. I agree, its a personal decision that should only be up to the parents.
Adrienne Lindquist
My son cried for maybe 10 seconds and I know he won't remember it since it was done before we even left the hospital (I think it was the second day so he was just under 2 days old) I'm glad we did it even if for aesthetics alone :-)
Lindy H.
Many babies go into a type of shock trance sleep after this procedure is done so of course they wouldn't cry very long. This is an unneeded procedure, why else would it be labeled cosmetic surgery?
Cera Vaughn
It is an unnecessary procedure, that's why the doctor is required to have you sign a form saying that they informed you of your decision. If you don't want to have the procedure done for your children, that's perfectly fine, it's your decision. I'm just asking for the same courtesy that I've given you. I have no intention of bashing you for your decision concerning your child so I would ask that you do the same for me.
Colene Pefley
Ok, that picture makes me laugh! I only circumcised my boys because I had tremendous pressure from my family to do so. However, I would never do it again! Although my sons haven't had too much damage and don't seem like they mind being circumcised, I do know that with one they took off more than they should have! I was mortified, but his doctor (who did not do the circumcision) said that he would be fine and it wouldn't cause permanent damage. Now, I think it is so sad that it is the norm. Why put children through this? I watched one of my son's circumcisions and it looked like torture! Never again!
Elice McNeely
I have twin boys that are now 19 months old.. . .they were born at 32 weeks and 5 days. One was circumcised the day he was discharged from the NICU 4 weeks later. Our other son was unable to be circumcised when he was discharged after 6 weeks in the NICU. Matter of fact, he wasn't circumcised until he had surgery at 6 months. Before making that decision....we had a LONG talk with the pediatric urologist we were having to see.

I do know even the American Pediatric Association now recommends it be done but I also believe it's a choice the parents should make. As long as it's an educated decision
Tricia Hall
I think circumsion is a societall base issue. Americans for the majority elect it. I see the down sides and the upsides. I do not like societal NORMS. I have always bucked most of them as I have never been a follower. On a scientific note, I did the research 10 years ago on the health benefits. I couldn't find conclusive evidence that it was medically necessary so I opted out of getting my Son done. The truth is I wasn't alone. The pediatrician on the floor congratulated me on my decision stating to him it was "elective" plastic surgery that was unnecessary. He also added I was not ALONE it my decision several other woman who had boys elected not to as well. Now 10 years later, my Son has had issues as he doesn't' pull the skin back when he urinates. Therefore occasionally he get's infections. He doesn't suffer I give him cream and it clears up. So if liek any body part it's taken care of right I dont' see the medicall necessity. It;s more of a custom. And for the men who aren't us women well at least me do NOT care. When you are erect we cannot tell the difference. :)
Kathryn Sharp
You really can't tell the difference? I admit, I've only seen one uncircumcised man, but I could tell the difference. Beyond seeing, I have no experience though.
Tricia Hall
Well when they are not erect you can see the skin. However some I have heard that are circumsized stil have some skin so flacid, yes you can. Erect, no there is no difference so there would be no reasosn for a woman to be judgmental. I have never studied it but the woman I have talked to and myself have nto noticed it.
John Welford
My foreskin does not retract at any stage, and never has done. This has never caused me any problems, whether with urinating or other functions. In other words, there is no good reason for being circumcised - absolutely none!
Raeanna Cierocke
Well maybe it varies from guy to guy but I have seen both and could tell a difference when erect. In my opinion I prefer circumcised but not totally against uncircumcised. Most women I know has a preference of one over the other.
Laura Shops
All three of my boys were circumcised, and I am happy with our decision. None of them had any problems or complications from the procedure.
Emily Hargrove
My husband has a friend who was uncircumcised and when he was about 16, the foreskin started growing closed around the glandes. He had to get a circumcision at 16 years old and that's not something that they put you to sleep for. He actually sat up and watched them do it. I decided to get my son cut for that reason... everyone told me that I was a horrible person and I should be ashamed of myself for letting someone do that to my baby boy, but I would rather just have the surgery done and him not have to struggle with it his entire life. My husband is uncircumcised and there are a lot of times when he hates it.
Ambrosia Ross
My grandfather had a similar thing happen to him. He was much older, and said it was horrible... He wished his parents had circumcised him as a newborn. My husband is circumcised and believes sex is better for him that way. ;) I wouldn't tell people they have to do it, but I certainly will with all my sons.
Naomi Winkel
I personally think it is nasty when a boy isn't circumcised. My husband is and my son is. If this baby that I'm pregnant with is a boy that child will be also. To me I wouldn't want to be with a guy that wasn't circumcised.
Emily Hargrove
It's not gross if he knows how to clean himself. I think men who are circumcised probably have to spend less time maintaining things down there, but as long as the guy is hygienic, there's not a huge difference. I always thought that I wouldn't be okay with it, but surprisingly, when the time came, I was mistaken.
Naomi Winkel
I can have my own opinion. That is what this site is all about. I can think it gross if that is what I think. I will always think it is gross. I do have friends that didn't circumcise there kids and I thought, wow it is crazy not to do it. I didn't say anything of course.
Blake Doug
*grabs popcorn* lol this topic is so interesting with everybody commenting back and got to love the chatabout site!
Amanda P
Yes, you do BLAKE, I am commenting again, and getting NO points, lol..
Melanie Perreault Wynn
I have to totally agree with you Naomi, I think an uncircumcised **** is nasty no offense to any guys that are not, I prefer a man that is circumcised, thank gosh my boyfriend is sorry for being a bit too personal about that, that's my preference and my opinion
Melanie Perreault Wynn
I remember my Mum and I were talking about this subject including my brother, he says "Thank you Mom for having me circumcised when I was a baby
Melanie Perreault Wynn
My brother did say that in a good way not a bad way
Adrienne Lindquist
I have to agree with you Naomi, I've only seen a couple that we're "uncut" and there is no way I would let that anywhere near me belch!
Lindy H.
So basically you want to cut off a piece of your child because you find it unpleasant to the eye? What if your child grows up to have huge funny looking ears. Are you going to chop them off as well? I am sorry but this is a unneeded procedure for purely cosmetic reasons.
Liz Dickey
I find it is totally personal, both my son and husband are not, and I do not think there is any extra cleaning, or anything awkward. But sometimes it may be best to go with whatever the dad has, saves lots of questions. I just couldn't stand to have that done to my poor baby (it is done without anesthesia, I wouldn't have anything of mine cut off with out pain killers)
Tricia Hall
We could also debate the clitorial dehooding as well Same difference there.
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