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Entering contests offers us a chance to win some fantastic prizes!  Some people spend hours entering contests. Some just enter specific types.  But one thing is for sure, you can't possibly win if you don't enter.

First time I won in a contest was in high school. It was a singing contest that I joined for our yearly presentation. I won a couple of thousand buck there. Yay!

I have won only 1-2 contests but with not the best prize that I can find, and one of them scammed me actually so I can say that I have no luck in contests.

I love singing up for contests. I guess you can never win if you never try it out! I have won a couple of time but nothing big

I love contests although I never win on them I still try to win hehe. They are very hard to win especially as a lot of people enter them.

Here is a contest for a Dremel saw... Not sure that I could use it but thought maybe some of you would like to enter. Good luck if you devide to enter. View link

I just found a site for Canadian contests. Hoping that I might have some luck. If not it is fun and like the old adage says you cannot will if you do not play.

Hello Carrie Deeter! Good luck on that site! I love participating on contests! I am slightly obsessed with them lol

I always enter contests, but unfortunately I never win! But that doesn't stop me from giving up. I gotta be in it to win it so I'll always be in it just in case!

I like contests, but sometimes I feel I don't have the luck to win if its a good one. Maybe one day I will win BIG!!!!

i love entering into contests the only downfall is i never seem to win anything. i wish one time i would win a contest and be proud.

I never win. Really I never do. I one one thing one time and it was to a furniture store for $50. Luckily they had lamps so I got that so I didn't have to pay over.

Last night 160 something people competed in the cashcrate live halloween contest. For the first time ever, I placed in the top 20. I finished in 7th place and won $15. I'd really like to see something like that for Chat About though. I would be all over it! ;)

Just a show of hands, as I will not promote another gpt site here with my referral link out of respect for Chat About...but how many of you are attending the live halloween trivia/survey contest tonight on Cashcrate?

Well, I just entered the contest for 10 points to win Hay and I'm hoping for the first time I DON'T WIN.

I enjoy entering contests. However, it seems they are really hard to win now a days. not sure if rules got stricter or I am on a loosing streak.

I get in the mood to enter them sometimes, then sometimes I do not. It is a lot of fun when you win them though, and I have accumulated a few goodies in my time.

I used to be an avid "Sweepstaker" several years ago. At the time you entered mostly by sending a post card or 3x5" card in an envelope. You had to follow the rules exactly or be disqualified. I won many prizes that way. There were actually sweepstakes clubs around the country. I attended the one in my area for several months. It was fun to attend each month and hear what others had won since the last meeting. Now the entries are mostly online, through social media, etc. and seem to be much more difficult to win.

I will enter a contest if I understand it, but if I don't, then I don't enter. I have won a few contests in my time, and it is fun.

It is so much fun especially when you actually win something. What all have you won? How often do you enter contsts?

I just had to use the line "how many contests do you win that you don't enter?" with my kid because he said he didn't want to enter a contest. His reasoning was kind of nice though, he said he didn't want to take it away from someone else :)

I love contests but sometimes I enter, sometimes I don't. I have won a karaoke machine, $50 Visa card and some DVD ,movies. It is a lot of fun to enter and every now and again you do get lucky and win!!

so i won these 2 contests recently and i dont want the prizes they are for the and i won 2 codes so anyone who wants them just contact me you have to use them by next week though
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