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Entering contests offers us a chance to win some fantastic prizes!  Some people spend hours entering contests. Some just enter specific types.  But one thing is for sure, you can't possibly win if you don't enter.
Scott Johanson
Well, I just entered the contest for 10 points to win Hay and I'm hoping for the first time I DON'T WIN.
Sandy Segur
I enjoy entering contests. However, it seems they are really hard to win now a days. not sure if rules got stricter or I am on a loosing streak.
Amanda Grace
I get in the mood to enter them sometimes, then sometimes I do not. It is a lot of fun when you win them though, and I have accumulated a few goodies in my time.
Susi Jones
I used to be an avid "Sweepstaker" several years ago. At the time you entered mostly by sending a post card or 3x5" card in an envelope. You had to follow the rules exactly or be disqualified. I won many prizes that way. There were actually sweepstakes clubs around the country. I attended the one in my area for several months. It was fun to attend each month and hear what others had won since the last meeting. Now the entries are mostly online, through social media, etc. and seem to be much more difficult to win.
Tutti Harris
I will enter a contest if I understand it, but if I don't, then I don't enter. I have won a few contests in my time, and it is fun.
Amanda Grace
It is so much fun especially when you actually win something. What all have you won? How often do you enter contsts?
Peg Asus
I just had to use the line "how many contests do you win that you don't enter?" with my kid because he said he didn't want to enter a contest. His reasoning was kind of nice though, he said he didn't want to take it away from someone else :)
Erik Harris
I love contests but sometimes I enter, sometimes I don't. I have won a karaoke machine, $50 Visa card and some DVD ,movies. It is a lot of fun to enter and every now and again you do get lucky and win!!
Haylie Berry
so i won these 2 contests recently and i dont want the prizes they are for the and i won 2 codes so anyone who wants them just contact me you have to use them by next week though
'Colleen Chickie
I've lately got into joining contests online. I've only won a few and it is going really slow but it is still exciting when those prizes get to the door! It is just like Christmas all over again!
Ashley Altendorf
The only time I really enter contests if I am automatically entered because I finished a survey or something like that. Oh, I also enter giveaways on The Pioneer Woman blog all the time but the odds are so high that I highly doubt I will ever win. I've discovered a lot of cool products that way though!
Tanya Phillip
I do not believe in many of the contests which are advertised online or via mails, I have entered a few but never received any of the prizes promised even when I was told I won, I hope the organisers get more honest in future.
Erik Harris
there are lots of real online contests. i have won a few myself. you just nmeed to find trsutworthy websites. you should enter. it is a lot of fun
Tonya Bangart
I love entering giveaways on blogs. I am a giveaway and review blogger myself, and I have fun playing on the other side of the giveaway forms. I have won everything from $100 Amazon card to DVDs to cake pans.

I like the blogger giveaways, because you can usually do extra tasks (like following the prize sponsor on Facebook) to earn extra entries into the giveaways and the total people in for a prize is much lower than the big sweepstakes and contests you find on company websites or Facebook.
Angela Hamon
Do you enter easy contests that just ask for an email or facebook like or do you go for an essay or photo contest instead?
John Crider
Their are so many contest with things out there and if you don't enter you can't win so just enter you never know.
Jackie Clark
i really don't join because it is hard to find really legit sites or places to do them.But hey you don't win if you don't try right?? so who knows lol
Cathy W
I do not do contests. I used to enter them all the time, but never won. I prefer to do things where you can see results. Even if it is .01 a comment, I can watch the points add up on sites like these.
Sarah P
I use to enter them quite a lot, but recently I haven't been able to find any contests that are available for Australian residents, so i've just given up on finding them.
Jason L
I used to enter a ton of contests. Now I enter a few, but I never seem to win. It's hard to continue putting effort into something that doesn't pay off occasionally.
Katie Mitchell
I love winning contest I won a blender a few years ago from a milkshake recipe contest I wins from blogs all the time.
Eddie K
I like radio call-in contests where you have to name the band who plays a certain song or whatever. I once won some tickets to see a band I liked at a concert near me
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