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Entering contests offers us a chance to win some fantastic prizes!  Some people spend hours entering contests. Some just enter specific types.  But one thing is for sure, you can't possibly win if you don't enter.
Neely M
I sometimes enter contests but very rarely. I like a lot of the contests and prizes but just do not get to fill out the information in time and well, there goes my chances of winning haha. But it is fun to enter some. Good luck to everyone.
Cathy W
I do not do contests. I used to enter them all the time, but never won. I prefer to do things where you can see results. Even if it is .01 a comment, I can watch the points add up on sites like these.
Flora Rahman
Same here. I don't like wasting my time joining contests because I know the chance of me winning is very slim.
Sarah Fabulouise
I use to enter them quite a lot, but recently I haven't been able to find any contests that are available for Australian residents, so i've just given up on finding them.
Jason L
I used to enter a ton of contests. Now I enter a few, but I never seem to win. It's hard to continue putting effort into something that doesn't pay off occasionally.
Flora Rahman
I don't join contests anymore for the very same reason - I do not win. I'd rather not waste my time joining contests anymore anyway.
Katie Mitchell
I love winning contest I won a blender a few years ago from a milkshake recipe contest I wins from blogs all the time.
Punky Brewster
ive entered so many contests but never win any. uless its for something stupid like a t shirt or something
Eddie K
I like radio call-in contests where you have to name the band who plays a certain song or whatever. I once won some tickets to see a band I liked at a concert near me
Amanda P
I love to enter contests, as you never know what you could win! I've won a free trip to a movie premier in Hollywood, a couple days before a birthday of mine, and it was the best contest I've won so far! I enter contest every day!
Dorann Winburn
I love to enter them as well because you can't win if you never attempt to enter them, but I've never really won anything worth writing home about.
Amanda P
Yes, it's so true! I have had some luck. It's funny, as with the radio contests, I had my lucky streak and won, back to back, where picking up one thing from the station and walking out, got a call for another It's fun to do and I am just waiting on being a millionaire, LOL
Candina Szabo
i enter so many contest and i never win any of them i hate it so much it makes me so mad especially when its one i really want to win
Heather Shubert
I enter a lot, but have only won a couple of times. My most recent win was a Thomas the train movie through a contest on facebook. I do like that small businesses can promote their business this way on facebook and people win an item. Win WIN for everyone.
Lisa W
Ive tried some, but have never really won anything of any value. I won a Cat Litter Genie one time from a sweepstakes, ended up throwing it away and never used it. It was that thing you could keep cat **** in a bag for 2 weeks before tossing it, whoever thought this was a good idea, should have their head examined lol
Susan Turner
Introduced my daughter to contest and surveys she wins everything me not so much. I'm sure our mail lady hates her.
Gaiusz Rudolf
I try but it is only a "hobby", i don't scare if i dont win.
Shawnielle Franklin
I like contests, but I never win. I try and try but not one single time I won! I guess I have to keep trying....but I want to win :/
Allison Young
love trying to win something
Chen Wee
I've been always take part in every contest that i can find online, but i didn't have enough luck to win even 1 of the prize, but i will not easily give up!
Amy Everson Harbison
I won my first online contest. It was on one of those freebie sites. I just go down the list and I entered and won an apron. Kind of exciting although I would have rather had the chocolates in the other sweepstakes.
Katrina Von Tassel
I never win contests, but I am thinking maybe if I enter more, I might actually win.
Cathleen Summers
I love entering contest! There are a few I've been lucky enough to win. They are a lot of fun to participate in, and many prizes are a few that I've never heard of before. Would love to win an iPad!
Jena Miller
I love contests, but I hate when they are a popularity contest by like most votes on facebook/etc.. I wish more of these contests were judged by outsiders.
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