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Entering contests offers us a chance to win some fantastic prizes!  Some people spend hours entering contests. Some just enter specific types.  But one thing is for sure, you can't possibly win if you don't enter.

I enjoy entering contests they can be a lot of fun and you could win. I never really ever won anything big before from a contest.

I am not lucky with contests,but before, because I need money, I forced myself to join singing contests. It went successfully. It was on Duty-Free​ and I took home 3k for that.

Yes, I agree that if we do not enter, we won't be able to win anything from the contests. I was not a person who likes to participate in any contests, but I think it's good to think positive. Moreover, we do not lose anything for joining, perhaps just a little bit of time, but we are having fun!

I just finished contest season and it feels so nice to be done with it. My team got first place in everything and was grand champions. It was a really cool experience especially since they worked so hard for it.

My team is entering a contest in about two months. I am super excited and can't wait to take them. We are shooting to win first place and we are going against a lot of crazy and hard teams, but it's okay because we are prepared.

Im not really loving contest since people feel heartbroken after they lose especially kids they had their dreams shattered when they lose mostly when they expect to win.

I have participated in different contests and I never win! I honestly never do lol I'm just not lucky! Too bad.!

I like applying for sweepstakes, but I am kind of picky. I usually take part in those which offer smaller prizes (like a lipstick, or a book, or cinema tickets), because I always feel as if those are easier to win, because everyone is taking part in those which offer a car, or a flat, or a shitload of money.

I've never entered contests. I don't see the point in them since I never win and secondly I've never really had the confidence to enter them either.

I very rarely join contests of any kind any more because i never ever win anything. I used to be very hopeful, but not winning became old very quickly LOL

I have never won a contest! I found the website constestbee and I am signing up for all of them but my luck is non existent. :/

I have not won a contest in so long. I enter, but my luck has been garbage lately, especially this past week. Not pushing it right now.

I will have to say I am contest crazy. I have won so much stuff. Usually between 20-25 days out of the month I win something. I contest on Facebook all the time, through blogs , through contest sites, you name it . I have still won quite a few things tis month, but I have been working on pay sites for free money more.

I enjoy contest. I've been wanting to win a YouTube giveaway for ages but people that host them has soo many followers

First time I won in a contest was in high school. It was a singing contest that I joined for our yearly presentation. I won a couple of thousand buck there. Yay!

I have won only 1-2 contests but with not the best prize that I can find, and one of them scammed me actually so I can say that I have no luck in contests.

I love singing up for contests. I guess you can never win if you never try it out! I have won a couple of time but nothing big

I love contests although I never win on them I still try to win hehe. They are very hard to win especially as a lot of people enter them.

Here is a contest for a Dremel saw... Not sure that I could use it but thought maybe some of you would like to enter. Good luck if you devide to enter. View link

I just found a site for Canadian contests. Hoping that I might have some luck. If not it is fun and like the old adage says you cannot will if you do not play.
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  • I enjoy entering contests they can be a lot of fun and you could win. ...