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Country Music
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j s
I am watching the country music awards. It has been on for almost an hour and they have not given out any awards yet. Very strange.
Kris Stowers
Anyone a fan of Hayes Carll? I really wish he and Bonnie Whitmore were still together. They made a heck of a duo!

Kitty S
I grew up on 90's country music. That's when it was at its best. Now I hear it, and I don't really like it anymore.
Leo MacDonald
I miss the good old country music of the 90's what happened to that music?. Today it just sucks a lot we need old country music back.
Darren Pare
I like some country music these days, but was a bigger fan in the 90s.
Kristy Rael
I Love music .. But my favorite music is country music! My 4 daughters and I are country music fans..our favorite is Carrie Underwood & brad paisley ..
Ben Krahne
Country music keeps revolving , but subjects are still the same , She loves me or she dosen't , just a new approach in conveying it
Ben Krahne
Get a free song!!
Junetta Ashley
I like a lot of different types of music but I LOVE country no matter what I always seem to come back to it! I have even been able to get my husband to start listening to it! He was really big into rock! I love how most of the songs seem to fit my life!
Rachael Monaco
Garth Brooks made the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about the 2014 tour! I'm so excited, I just wish he was starting in the U.S. GARTH IS BACK! Here's the link to the tour info: link
Rachael Monaco
I was absolutely THRILLED today when a source was able to provide me with photo proof that my favorite country singer - Randy Travis - is happy, getting healthy and going to rehab. He looks soooo good! Here's a link to the photos! link
Rachael Monaco
I LOVE LOVE LOVE country music and I have been so privileged to write about it and interview some amazing artists this past year! My favorite? Craig Campbell!!! Oh, and Dean Brody -- would love to meet him this year.

Angel Sharum
I've listened to country music my whole life. It was all my parents would listen to. I do listen to rock now days as well, but county is still my favorite. I've found that I actually like the music on the show Nashville, too. My son got me the second season CD for Christmas. Do y'all like the show and the music?
Tiffiny Tevis
I love country music. My favorite genre of music over all!!!
Sally Miller
I like some country music. I heard there is a distinction between old and new country music. I heard the old country music is more like bluegrass though.
Tiffiny Tevis
The old country music to me is like real country music. now a days they mix country and pop.. i still like the music but its not what i would listen to when i was little.
Rachael Monaco
I love all the old stuff -- Canadian county is pretty good - a bit of the old traditional old school stuff more than what's coming out of Nashville these days.
Ben Krahne
Seems alot of young people like old style country music
Junetta Ashley
Thats because the old style country was the best! :) I like the new stuff to dont get me wrong but the old stuff was true country! The new stuff is kind of more geared to like country rock or country pop!
Lisa Tucker
I love country music especially hank williams and hank jr.
Tina Yeagley
What I love about Country Music is that most of the songs tell a story. It's funny, I hated country music growing up, but I started loving it when I was 20. My husband and I were driving through Wyoming on I-80, and most of the radio stations out there were playing Country Music. I love the classic artists, like George Strait and Toby Keith and Reba. I also like a lot of the newer ones like Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, and Miranda Lambert. I have three of the radio stations in my car set to country music, it's all I listen to now.
Vickie Kulp
My favorite type of music is country. I have many favorites. At the top of my list is George Strait and Alan Jackson. That's country! This picture shows many of my favorites. Anyone see singers they like too?

Jacquie Wallis
Have you heard Christian Kane's music?

Tiffiny Tevis
George Strait and Alan Jackson are great country singers!! I remember my dad singing a bunch of their songs to me when I was younger, me sitting on my dads lap and him just looking at me and singing. Best time of my life.
ChrisTina Shaskus
Christian Kane is awesome. I have his CD in my car all the time.. playing at nearly full blast.. and the kicker is- I am not really a country music fan.. But I love his music.
Kristi Brandon McDowell
I think Carrie Underwood is my favorite female artist!
Tiffiny Tevis
Carrie Underwood is a great singer!! Definitely one of my favorite country singers!
Nicole Dechert
Not only is Carrie Underwood an amazing singer, but she is a good person. She puts out songs and videos that cross genres too
Tiffiny Tevis
Carrie Underwood is a great person. I love her music and the meanings to her song are so true and good
Rene Rapp
Goodness, Cree may not have won American Idol, but she's already performing on CMT Music Awards along with some great artist, I say life is treating her very well. She's so talented.
Johnny Brown
I love all kinds of country music
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