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Country legend Merle Haggard, often called “the Poet of the Common Man,” whose music reflected his hardscrabble roots and hard-living ways as well as a tenderness that made him a revered songwriter, died Wednesday at his home near Redding, Calif. He was 79.

I created a fun video for Chase Rice. He's seems like such a great guy and he inspires me. I would love to meet him, so I created this cool video in hopes that it gets to him. Thanks for watching!
Check out this video on YouTube:

Country music is my favorite genre of music. It didn't used to be but in the late 90's it seemed to have changed the style just a bit and I can't get enough of it.

I'm not originally from the South but I do have an appreciation for country music. I think I gained my appreciation for it as I was growing up. There was a show called Solid Gold that maybe some of you remember and they often had a lot of country artists perform.

I'm from Texas, so I love country music. Especially George Strait. But Luke Bryan is my absolute favorite! I love him so much!

I love country music! I always have. This is what I was raised up listening to. Some of the new country music is okay but I really like the music that was coming out while I was growing up.

I listen to a lot of country music. Other than gospel, it is my favorite kind of music. I am a fan of Luke Bryant, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, carrie Underwood, and oldies like Johnny Cash, Tanya Tucker and George Jones.

i love kenny chesney too, he has always been one of my favorites. i use to really like tanya tucker too. george jones is a classic. cant believe hes gone...

Country music began in the early 1900's around southern Georgia. The sounds from guitars, banjos, and harmonicas to name a few made the unique sound that made it so widely popular.
One of the first groups known to fans of country music was The Carter Family, which was made up of June Carter Cash's family. Her mother, Mother Maybelle may have been the first true lady of country music.
Country music gained popularity in the 1940's and has continued to be a popular type of music today although the genre of country music has changed over the years.

i love country music, i listen to a little bit of everything but country is still my favorite, i love guys like blake shelton, kenny chesney and eric church

Hey everyone,

For all you Big & Rich fans, my company is hosting a fun country music event next Friday in NYC where you can get a chance to meet the guys. Ride of Fame is giving out VIP passes to meet them, get photos, and ride their double decker bus around the city with them. It’s open to the public too, so if you’re free that day you should go! I’m so excited  If you’re interested, let me know!

Direct contest link: View link
Ride of Fame website: View link

i love country music. i love some of the older stuff like george jones and conway twitty but i also like the newer stuff like kenny chesney and jason aldean

I dont really care for country music but once in a while I will hear a song that I love and often discover a few more songs by the artists I like as well.

I enjoy listening to country music. I have my favorite bands that I like to listen to like, Little Big Town, The Band Perry, Miranda Lambert, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan and many more.

i like a lot of miranda lamberts music too. rascal flatts has a few good songs i like but some of their stuff is just a little too boy band for me. luke bryan is pretty awesome too :)

I was traumatized by country music when I was a kid. every time I'd go to my grandmother's house she would be playing the slowest, saddest, country songs. I actually would get depressed. I can't listen to the stuff now.

On occasion and in the background it's a nice alternative, the newer country almost always has more of a pop-sound in there songs, I like Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry, Scotty Mcreery and a few others, the classic Loretta Lynn, Randy Travis and Tammy Wynette have the best twang sound

im country and i love it been born that way an will not likely change for no one at all bammm bamm sucka

I am a big fan of country music. I love the older stuff like Merle, George Jones, Hank Snow. Then the newer country came out with singers like Garth, and Alan, Shania, Reba and such. Again another great era of country as it came into the newer generations.

Now we have Luke, The Band Perry, Carrie, Eric and so many more that make country music fun and upbeat for the younger generations, which I think is great as it draws more people to country music and gets them into the country genre.

I have seen Randy Travis in concert when he was first out with his song Forever and Ever Amen. He had George Fox touring with him, great concert.

george jones was truly a classic. i love most of his songs. not really a big garth or alan fan but they do have a few songs that i like. i was a major shania fan when she first came out though lol

i listen to a little bit of everything but country music is still my favorite. i love kenny chesneys new song. not sure what its called though.

true, he kinda went from country to this jimmy buffet type stuff. i think hes trying to come back around to country but i dont know what i would really classify his new song under lol

I love country. its about the only thing I listen too. well country and oldies. I was raised on oldies. I don't really care for pop or any thing else

i was raised on oldies too. when i was in high school all i ever listen to was stuff like the monkees and the beatles lol. needless to say i was an outcast lol

Country music is my favorite. I can listen to just about anything, but country is my favorite. Sometimes that rock music makes me angry, but country always makes me smile or laugh.
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