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Interesting Fact: The first coupon was created in 1887 by Asa Candler, a businessman from Atlanta, whose hand-written tickets offered consumers a free glass of Coca-Cola. Candler’s idea transformed Coca-Cola from an insignificant tonic into a market-dominating drink. The coupon usage really increased during the Great Depression. 

Today, coupons are widely distributed through magazines, coupon envelopes, newspapers, mail, directly from the retailer and the internet.

I try to take advantage of coupons as much as I can but, it only works if the coupons are for something you actually buy which is not something I can find every day

I definitely take advantage of the coupones! Specially when it comes about clothing! I love buying stuff but I hate spending money lol

Today (4/8/15) I saved $12.29 at Giant with my coupons. I got a free pack of Seeds of Change rice and 2 free packs of Eckrich sausage. Not bad.

I got some coupons in the mail today from CVS. I just wish they'd send me ones for stuff that I actually use.
I got 2 free Reese's eggs today thanks to a ".50 off 2" coupon. They're $0.50 right now, so I got 3 and the coupon doubled to $1. :)

I don't use coupons that much. And if I use them is for Forever21! I'm obsessed with their clothes since I think they have a great price.

Melissa, We love Forever 21! The clothes are nice and inexpensive. My daughter that is 18 shops there and so do I have some clothes from there.

I like to use coupons when they are for things I actually want to buy. Many of them are for things I don't purchase. I use print coupons and digital coupons loaded to my loyalty card.

Barbara, My daughter drives me crazy thou. She buys stuff that we don't even need just because she has a coupon or buy the brand that I don't like because she has a coupon. For instance she went to the store last night and I asked her to pick up some toilet paper. She asked me to give her the money, so I sat money on the table and said get the kind that I always buy. It is an cheaper price and more sheet's per role and is a natural brand, plus it has a boxtop on it that I can use for my granddaughter's school. She left and did not take the money because she had a coupon for something else, that will not last as long and does not have a boxtop because she had a coupon.

I saved $5.88 with coupons today. I got a free box of pasta, a free pouch of Betty Crocker mashed potatoes and 3 free packages of Bird's Eye Steamers vegetable. :D

Tanya, Good for you. I used to get the Sunday paper just to cut the coupons and I used them. I got a notebook and put plastic card sheets in them to hold them in order. Now my daughter does it, but swares that she came up with the idea of the notebook and plastic sheets,lol

Thanks. I get mine online, from the local free paper and from one of my friends. Dollar Tree actually sells coupon binder sheets, which is kind of funny because they look like baseball card sheets.

Getting free items is always a boost to continuing with coupon use. I went to my local supermarket today with the new coupons they mailed me for April and like you I picked up a free Birdseye steamers, on sale for a dollar and I had a $1.00 off store coupon, a free naval orange, priced at $1.00 with a store coupon for $1.00 produce section item, and I paid .50 for three Gala apples after a $1.00 coupon on apples. Keep posting because it is of interest to me when someone saves money.

It really is a boost. You did really good with your coupons. My store rarely ever sends me produce coupons and when they do it's like $1.00 off of a $10 produce purchase. I only buy a couple of apples or pears at a time.

I love coupon and I think more people should use it. My parents tend to not use coupons when grocery shopping because they go to Asian markets for cheaper groceries. However, I always try my best to find coupons on some grocery and mostly toiletries or makeup items. I know a lot of time coupons only give you a small discount, but imagine you have coupons on top of giftcards from rewarding websites. It is a lot of saving. Every time I want to spend money on makeup, which I am obsessed with collecting, I would try my best to find coupons before purchasing an item.

I do like using coupons some times however I'm not coupon obsessed like my mom lol she would use a coupon for everything lol

My house mate gave me the coupons from his Sunday paper, so I clipped them before work. There were a few good ones. :)

I used a few coupons at the Dollar Tree today. I had a "$1 off 2" coupon, so I got one package free. The other two were "20 cents off 1 roll" Bounty coupons. has a new .55 off coupon for 7 Up 2 liter bottles. There are always sales at the big chain stores to use this type coupon. One example right now is Walmart: 7Up 2 liter is .88, so after coupon it is just.33

I got a BUNCH of Gerber coupons for complimenting them and had also had one KidFresh coupon for $1 off from their website. I saved us $16 today! I am just starting the couponing thing so tips would be nice.

Candi, Yes if I have a compliment or a problem with a product or store I always call them and they send me coupons. My husband used to get mad at me because he got ripped off by a 7 11 store one time and I called the area office and complained and they sent me coupons for free coffees, drinks and hot dogs and he said that I shouldn't complain.SMH!

I printed a few coupons from the redplum website today. They had one for $0.75 off any 2 Domino sugars (2lb or larger), which will double to $1.50. Now I just need to wait for a sale.

The stores around here mostly will only accept a certain amount of computer printed coupons per customer.So we each have to take a few and go in seperate lanes.

The grocery store that I go to (Giant) doesn't have a limit that I know of, but Dollar Tree only allows two print coupons per person per day, so sometimes I have to have my mom get some stuff too.

The problem with coupons is half the time you forget and leave them in your purse. You need a reminder to really make them work for you.

I really wish companies would make it more convient to use coupons I personally love the way Kroger's have their coupon digital. It is so convient.

Linda, If we take our receipt back in within the next few days then they will give us the money that I should of gotten off from the coupon.

The free paper didn't have any coupons this week, which bites, and my house mate didn't give me his coupons last week. Oh well.

I am trying to locate coupons for Morningstar Farms products. Does anyone know where I can find some printable ones?

Sorry I do not know but maybe try and go to Morningstar Farms site to see if they have any printable ones on there or check there facebook page and message them. (just a thought)

i usually find morning star coupons at the grocery store a lot. most of the time food lion will have them in the little things stuck on the doors. i love the little mini corn dogs

Ok great where I live we do not have a food lion here but we have Kroger and other stores. Krogers is pretty good with coupons.

If you're on Swagbucks, sometimes they have them in their printable coupon section. I get them once in awhile from Kelloggs Family Rewards. They can be hard to find. :(

Ah, I forgot about getting coupons from Kellogg's Family Rewards! I've been collecting all of their free codes for a while, this could be what I use them for instead of saving up for a Starbucks card.

They usually have "$0.75 off of 1" and "$1.50 off of 2", but I get the $0.75 off ones because they'll double. Sometimes they have them on the regular Kellogg's site and they're free.

I don't live in a double couponing area, so either works for me. I don't know why we can't double coupons in California, but not one single store does it around here.

I really wish that it was more digital coupons. I cut the coupons out from the circular and wants I am at checkout I remember the coupons is either left at home or in the car:(

@Kelli That really sucks. Doubling saves me a lot of money.

@Tina I always put my coupons and my list in the same pocket so I won't forget them. It usually works.

I like coupons. I'm amazed by how useful they can be. They can be really beautiful or really crowded with information. More often I see digital coupons than physical coupons.

i really like the digital coupons too. i wish they would just make all coupons digital lol. when it comes to the paper ones i always forget to use them lol

Hello chatters I love the use of digital coupons over the paper one. I agree with you Sarah it is so easy to forget the paper one. The digital one is so convenient and easier you do not have to worry about ink for the printer.(which I am out of)

lol yeah i dont even have a printer anymore tina, at least not one thats actually hooked up with ink in it lol. i have never had much luck with printers lol

Sounds like me I have a printer but no ink is in it. I have the hardest time keeping ink in them. I just stop using it. Got tired of buying ink:)

lol for the price of ink these days you could almost buy a new printer lol. it would be nice if they would make a disposable printer like they do with cameras

Digital is definitely the way to go. If you have to print coupons you are just wasting your ink. I actually lost money while printing coupons.

I love coupons but I have to confess to being a bit clueless as to where to get them from! I use ones from online and supermarket magazines but I see people with loads and always wonder where they are from!

I get mine from the local papers and from the Sunday paper. One of my housemates gives me his coupons too.

I just went through three weeks worth of coupon inserts. My housemate gives me the ones from his Sunday paper and I get them from free papers.
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