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Interesting Fact: The first coupon was created in 1887 by Asa Candler, a businessman from Atlanta, whose hand-written tickets offered consumers a free glass of Coca-Cola. Candler’s idea transformed Coca-Cola from an insignificant tonic into a market-dominating drink. The coupon usage really increased during the Great Depression. 

Today, coupons are widely distributed through magazines, coupon envelopes, newspapers, mail, directly from the retailer and the internet.

I have to go through some coupon books tomorrow. I got my monthly Giant coupons in the mail today and they sent me really good ones.

Hi Tanya, how do you get the giant coupons in the mail. I find it really hard to get coupons in the mail can you please share the info, thanks:)

If you sign up for their store card and put your address on the form, they'll send you a sheet of coupons each month.

yes, coupon can be the weapon of the marketing of product, for the consumer having coupon is mean a bonus to get the product, and for the business , coupon strategy can increase the sell of product

I love using coupons, especially digital coupons. I upload them onto my loyalty programs and on my phone. It really reduces costs.

I love digital coupons as well, I wish they all would be digital less mess easy and convient saves money, time, paper and ink.

I used to always get the Sunday news paper in order to get the middle section in the plastic bag to get the coupons. And I saved them in an envelope and started getting card divider sheets and putting them in a notebook which made them more organized. Then thru the years I have gotten too busy to do that and sometimes I will come across coupons and use them. I wish that I had the time to do them again because they are a great savings on the budget.

Arby's emailed me another coupon, this one for FREE classic roast beef sandwich with purchase of small or larger drink because it my anniversary of joining Arby's Insider Email List. I'll get a small chocolate shake for the drink.
In the past 6 weeks I have rec'd emailed coupons for a Free Crispy Chicken sandwich, a free slider with purchase of a regular sandwich, for a free small chocolate shake with no other purchase required, and now a free RB sandwich.
I also updated my profile which the email asked me to do and was able to join their Survey Panel which I hope will offer further coupons or rewards of some kind.

arbys is pretty good about giving out coupons, i usually try to go whenever i get some in the mail but it is kind of out of the way from where i live but their roast beef is the only kind i will eat lol

Last week I was able to get 3 cans of soup and 2 pouches of mashed potatoes for free with coupons. This week, I only have one coupon that matches a sale.

I have 5 books of coupons to go through today. I got them yesterday. I'll be using some printable ones that I have at Giant tomorrow.

I had an internet printed coupon for $1 off any Original Werthers product. Family Dollar is next to my bank so I went there today and the 2.22 oz Werthers Caramels were exactly $1. When the cashier rang it up he called his boss over and said can he sell them at $0.00. The boss said yes,but not with an internet print. First I have heard of it. Target and Dollar General have accepted the coupon on small size Werthers before. Guess I'll just stop at one of those next time I am going by.

That's weird. Dollar Tree takes print ones and they always have Werthers stuff. Were you able to get some at one of the other stores?

We get a free newspaper every Sunday, they used to have coupons in the free paper, but in the last 6 weeks there have been none. I always forget to check online for coupons too.

I have been doing really well with coupons lately. I have been able to get free items at Giant and Dollar Tree and I will be using some tonight and tomorrow.

I finally found a way to use the $1.00 any Werthers soft caramels. I found the 2.22 oz size bag at Dollar General, smallest size made is not available at most stores, and DG had it for $1.00 so it was free after coupon. Target also stocks the 2,22 oz size

I didn't see your comment on this (I haven't been getting my notifications again), but I'm happy that you were able to get some free caramels.

im not really much of a coupon person. most of the time i would just rather shop for the best sales or shop at the stores that always have good prices on stuff that i always buy

I love collecting discount coupons. Even if I do not have enough money to buy what was in the coupon, it seems like it’s very important for me to collect those.

I love the coupons that can be loaded onto loyalty cards or cell phones. I try to remember my paper coupons, but at least I can never forget the electronic ones.

I used a coupon at Dollar Tree today and got my coupons ready for my shopping trip tomorrow. Today I got stuff for the house, but tomorrow is a grocery trip.

Digital coupon available to be clipped to your Walgreens card if you are a balance rewards member. $10 off three Pantene shampoos conditioners or stylers expires Sept 30, 2015. Combine with some manufacturer coupons and a sale price if one comes up in the next 2 weeks and it will low cost per bottle price or even a money maker.
View link

The September P&G coupon insert from the Sunday papers had a $5 off three Pantenes manufacturer coupon that can used with the Walgreens store coupon described above.

I love couponing or getting a great deal My family hates it tho because I spend so much time at the grocery store.I wish our coupons were like the states coupons...double...triple but here in Canada it sucks we gt very little coupons and they don't double or anything :(

My ccoupons for Swagbucks has always being paypal. I never intend to get any other. Nothing beats the money coupons...!!

I printed coupons today from Swagbucks and I plan to use some of them at the Dollar Tree tomorrow. I have to cut them out before I go to bed.

I keep forgetting about those Swagbucks coupons! I need to figure out how I can print them from this Chromebook.

I haven't printed from there in months and I kept missing out on great coupons. I hope you can print them from your chromebook.

I saved $6.09 with coupons at Giant today and I was able to get a free Snickers bar and a free bag of M&Ms;.

I really need to clip coupons tomorrow. I have 10 books to get through. I got 6 new Red Plum ones today.

I have two books I need to go through. I also need to print some from Swagbucks and MyPoints. I just got black printer ink yesterday.

I need to print them from Swagbucks too. I haven't done that in months and I know I've missed some good ones.
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