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Interesting Fact: The first coupon was created in 1887 by Asa Candler, a businessman from Atlanta, whose hand-written tickets offered consumers a free glass of Coca-Cola. Candler’s idea transformed Coca-Cola from an insignificant tonic into a market-dominating drink. The coupon usage really increased during the Great Depression. 

Today, coupons are widely distributed through magazines, coupon envelopes, newspapers, mail, directly from the retailer and the internet.

I love coupons I am actually a sucker for sale items and extra savings! I believe that it truly stretch my budget and give me extra savings which I can alot for other things

My housemate gave me the coupons from this Sunday's paper so I'm going to go through them later. I should be able to get 2 free jars of Ragu since there are two "$1.25 off 2 jars" coupons and they're 4/$5 this week. I love when that happens!

I used to use coupons. I haven't really focused on them lately. I have to keep my eye out for these as they can help you save money.

I have three bundles of coupons that I need to go through and cut out. I am out of ink for my printer or I would also print some from Swagbucks.

I used some coupons at Giant today and I was able to get a free can of Sheba cat food and a free Lunchable.

I got some coupons from the free paper last night, but it was mostly coupons for shampoo and stuff that I can't use. Oh well. I was thinking about getting some on eBay. Has anybody tried that before?

I have never tried getting coupons online that you have to pay for. I see lots of people talking about buying or swapping them in the couponing forums though.

I used some coupons today at Giant, Dunkin Donuts and CVS. The CVS one gave me $1.50 off of a pencil sharpener, making it $0.49 and the Dunkin one made my medium ice coffee only $0.99.

I added coupons to my Giant card today, got some from my housemate and used on on tuna for my mom.

I got some coupons from the machine at CVS today and got a couple from work. I really need to print some before my next big shopping trip.

I just added some coupons to my Giant card and I got some in the mail from them too. They really help. I wish I had some regular coupons, but the free paper hasn't been being delivered to the box at work.

i just got a new laptop and its been so long since ive been able to print that im still forgetting to go to coupon sites before going shopping. i use to use them all the time though. i miss how i use to be able to buy coupons for free items off listia and ebay

I tried to get some coupons today, but the paper box was empty. I'm not sure if they didn't deliver any or if other people got them.

I got some coupons from the free paper and I'll be going through them today. I was able to take $7.50 off of my bill with some yesterday.

I rarely use coupons, I don't buy name brands most of the time. I wish fresh veggies and fruit had coupons. I tend to buy store brands and cook from scratch.

that would be nice if stores actually put out coupons for fruits and veggies. maybe if they did more people could afford to eat a little healthier

It really would, I haven't bought fresh anything in a while. I did give in this weekend and bought a watermelon and cantaloupe, it's been my dinner for two days now.

Sometimes when I have found coupons for things there has been a link to click if you don't have a printer and they will send you the coupon in the post.

I rarely use coupons now as I can not seem to find any to use. They are not in the papers any more and I do not have a printer to print off coupons.

I used some coupons tonight and was able to get 5 free cans of Sheba cat food, a free tub of Helluva Good dip, a free cup of Yoplait yogurt and I saved $1 on my Hot Pocket bites.

Yeaaa Tanya, that sounds great. Five cans of Sheba cat food! My cats would love that deal. LOL Sounds like you made out great. I love days like that. I just got s a few sb's for coupon's I used a while back. Love when it all comes together

There's usually a coupon in the Sunday paper for the Sheba food once a month. It was "Buy 5 cans get 5 free" so I got 10 cans for $2.50. Guardian's a happy kitty. :)

Coupons are widely used in other countries, but it is rare here in the Philippines, you can only see it online or some fast foods give them away. How I wish It is also available here so we can save a lot of money.

I cut out some coupons yesterday and used one at Giant today for some Kraft cheese singles. If you spent $25 (which I did) you could get a 12oz pack for $0.99.

I have a whole stack of coupons for people in the USA. I am ready to send to you for free. All you have to do is let me know.
These coupons or for Shick Hydro Silk Razors and some other products. $4 and $1 saving on each!
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