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Interesting Fact: The first coupon was created in 1887 by Asa Candler, a businessman from Atlanta, whose hand-written tickets offered consumers a free glass of Coca-Cola. Candler’s idea transformed Coca-Cola from an insignificant tonic into a market-dominating drink. The coupon usage really increased during the Great Depression. 

Today, coupons are widely distributed through magazines, coupon envelopes, newspapers, mail, directly from the retailer and the internet.

Coupons I like me everyone love free coupons, I am right or not. I wish I can win lots of coupons and buy my favorite stuff daily at discounted price.

I wish here in Canada we had a lot of coupons like the USA do. I have seen extreme couponing on TLC and they save a ton of money on groceries with their coupons.

I got the new coupons from Giant in the mail yesterday and loaded some new ones to my card. I'll pick up a few things on Wednesday.

It's so hard to keep up with cupons for me I always forget to grab them or I end up throwing them away to get rid of the clutter. The prices are too high to begin with I'm not going to drive myself crazy clipping cupons to make things slightly fairer

My housemate gave me the coupons from his Sunday paper, so I went through those today. There weren't many that I can use, but I found some for my mom.

I will be using two coupons today. One is for Kettle potato chips and the other is for chicken, which is pretty rare.

That is wonderful you found a coupon for chicken. I have never find any great deals on meat. It is hard to find coupons and when I get the paper I never seem to find any coupons that I can use.

I saved $13.71 with coupons today. I was able to get five free items, which is always nice. I saved $59.30 altogether.

I printed some coupons from Swagbucks tonight and I'll be using them on my next shopping trip. I used a coupon at Dunkin Donuts and got an egg & cheese sandwich for $0.99.

I used a couple of coupons today and saved $2. I got one in the mail from CVS and there were some in the Family Circle magazine.

When I first retired I had a lot of time on my hands & so to fill up the time I did the coupon thing. I found it interesting. No, I never got into it big time like some people do. I was more or less a casual about it & spent probably a couple of hours (if that) a week doing them. We cut our grocery bill by between 10 & 14 percent, which wasn't bad considering the small amount of time I spent. Also I found that because of the coupons I would try new things that I wouldn't have tried on my own.

im really not much for clipping coupons but i do use digital coupons a good bit, targets cartwheel always has a lot of good coupons on it

I like coupons. I rarely use them to buy food, unless it's something I'd buy anyway. Coupons for clothing are my favourite. Sometimes when I can't decide if I should buy shoes in shop A or shop B, it makes it easier when I have a coupon.

I don't get why some people see coupons as "stealing" or "cheating". It's not, the companies themselves are offering the coupons...hello!

I agree with you. I think it is just because they just don't know better. They assume that people are cheating the system by using coupons.

the companies issuing the coupons reimburse the stores that redeem them, and the stores are also paid a handling fee which is a percentage of the coupon's value for the extra work on the store's part.
I was once told my couponing at CVS was no different than "shoplifting." CVS gets the same money, actually more money with the handling fee, if I use coupons as it would if I paid cash

That is horrible, Edward! Like I said people just don't know better and they just talk. People can be foolish at times.

I do not use coupons that much i might every once in a while. I would love for someone to show or tell me how the extreme couponing works so i can start doing this.

I have never been a person that have been into cutting, saving, and using them. I would try and safe them but always forget to use them when I was out so I just stopped it all together. My mother was into it really big. She kept her coupon book organized and in her van at all times.

I get all kinds of coupons every week, and I use maybe 3 or 4 of them. I just can't seem to find the ones I need/want. I may have to start getting the sunday paper again.

I was able to get some cheap cat treats at Giant the other day using coupons. Meow Mix treats were on sale 3/$4 or $1.33 each. I had two "$0.55 off one" coupons that double to $1.10 and only paid $0.23 each. Guardian really likes those.

I was able to get a 10 free cans of Sheba cat food and a free pack of Hillshire Farms chicken dippers the other day by using coupons.

I printed some coupons via swagbucks tonight, but just three. I might got back to print all the different cereal ones, but I was rushing.

I loaded the new coupons onto my Giant card. There's one for a free reusable bag in honor of Earth Day. I'll pick that up after work.
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