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Interesting Fact: The first coupon was created in 1887 by Asa Candler, a businessman from Atlanta, whose hand-written tickets offered consumers a free glass of Coca-Cola. Candler’s idea transformed Coca-Cola from an insignificant tonic into a market-dominating drink. The coupon usage really increased during the Great Depression. 

Today, coupons are widely distributed through magazines, coupon envelopes, newspapers, mail, directly from the retailer and the internet.

I was able to get a 10 free cans of Sheba cat food and a free pack of Hillshire Farms chicken dippers the other day by using coupons.

I printed some coupons via swagbucks tonight, but just three. I might got back to print all the different cereal ones, but I was rushing.

I loaded the new coupons onto my Giant card. There's one for a free reusable bag in honor of Earth Day. I'll pick that up after work.

I got a free pouch of Justin's Organic honey peanut butter yesterday, but forgot the Suddenly Salad coupons, so I'll be using those today.

I have a couple of coupons that I will be using today. They're for Suddenly Salad and cereal. I should be able to get 2 free Suddenly Salads and the cereal should be $1 each.

I used a couple of coupons while shopping last night and printed some new ones from Swagbucks when I got home. There weren't many good ones, but they had a "$1 off 1 Gardein item" coupon.

I love using coupons because that means I can save on things I like and buy more of the item to stock up .. On when running low.. I'm a few of my only family members that use them but it a gain for me and lost for them..

I have had good luck with coupons this week. I got two boxes of cereal for $0.25, two free bags of candy and only paid $0.23 for cat treats.

I wish coupons were for more healthier items in the grocery store, instead of highly processed foods. I come across veggie, and fruit coupons very rarely...

I see them for rice, organic brands (Horizon, Annie's) and vegetarian brands (Morningstar, Boca, Gardein)sometimes, but it would be nice if they were in the paper more often.

I try to use coupons. But then when I am at the store I forget about them. I don not forget Michael through.

Sometimes I wish I could get into coupon clipping but I don't buy enough things to do it. I don't get out enough to be able to go anywhere except the stores in my immediate area, and they don't really accept coupons.

I have been trying to coupon but i just cant get it down! I need help. Not sure how people get soo many items. . All my coupons say 1 item or coupon per person

I love Target Cartwheel where I can use their coupons (printed or on my phone) along with manufacturer coupons on top of them! I only wish Walmart would create something like this, too!!!

Proctor and Gamble coupon site has a new $5 off three Gain products making for a good price when the laundry detergent and/or dryer sheets are on sale

My new booklet of Giant Eagle coupons arrived in the mail over the weekend. Today I used a $1 off fresh berries, $1 off Birdseye frozen vegetables, a Free Giant Eagle brand yogurt cup (strawberry was my pick) and a Free Giant eagle brand king size white bread which I give away.

I wish that there were more coupons available through the mail and that you didn't need a printer in order to save more money

i know what you mean, it doesnt really save money if you have to keep buying paper and ink to save fifty cent off pasta or whatever lol

Paper at Staples is 1 cent for 500 sheets of multi purpose paper about once a month with a coupon you can print from the Staples website and after the Stapels rewards applies. The coupon / rebate combo offer is always together.
As far as ink, Staples often has special pricing and / or % off on name brand inks if you are signed up with them for emails. Then Staples gift cards are available from a number of earn sites. I primarily use My Coke Rewards when they put Staples cards on sale - on sale in terms of fewer reward points required

Isn't that just at Target? I do not have one near enough to make anything worth my while. I do not buy many things that have coupons, either.

I love Cartwheel! There's always so many good coupons on there that I use, and I use my Target debit card with the Cartwheel stuff and normally it saves me quite a bit of money. Love Target!

the good part of Cartwheel is you can select any number of offers and print one bar code that includes all selected items, no multiple prints of different ones

Is Cartwheel a mobile app or something you can sign up for on Target's website? I've seen people mention it, but I don't really know how it works.

Cartwheel offers coupons that change regularly. You can use it as a mobile app and send store coupons to your smartphone which you use in store, the coupons scan at the register from your phone. You can also go the Target website and select which offers you want and print a barcode that you take to the store and have the register scan the barcode. I use the print out method myself.
As I said before, you can select multiple coupons and all of them will be on the one barcode you print. And like any store coupons you can stack them with manufacturer coupons.
You can sign up for email notification of new Cartwheel offers. I do this.
I get a few Cartwheel coupons on fresh meat, frozen meat and fish, fresh produce, and other grocery types. I recently posted on the 50% off Cartwheel on eggs. I is very simple once you get the Cartwheel part of the website

I'll look into it. I would shop there more often if I had more coupons for there. I don't have a smartphone, so I'll have to do the print out method too. That's a good egg deal.

Target has a new Cartwheel offer out you can send to your phone or print out for half off their Market Pantry brand eggs which I already pointed out on the Target Topic are sale priced at just 99 cents a dozen thru tomorrow

My housemate just gave me his coupon inserts from this Sunday's paper. I'll go through them when I get home.
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