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Interesting Fact: The first coupon was created in 1887 by Asa Candler, a businessman from Atlanta, whose hand-written tickets offered consumers a free glass of Coca-Cola. Candler’s idea transformed Coca-Cola from an insignificant tonic into a market-dominating drink. The coupon usage really increased during the Great Depression. 

Today, coupons are widely distributed through magazines, coupon envelopes, newspapers, mail, directly from the retailer and the internet.

I just went through three weeks worth of coupon inserts. My housemate gives me the ones from his Sunday paper and I get them from free papers.

I used a coupon today for 50 cents off of a Bailey's coffee creamer and got 2 books of Redplum coupons from the free paper.

I wish we had coupons over here in Australia. I mean, we have the odd few but we don't get as many as any other countries! Honestly, if I had coupons it would help me so much more in my life, and I wouldn't have to work as often as I did.

I have to cut coupons today. I'm a little bummed that there weren't any in the local paper this week. I was able to get a free Jamba Juice smoothie kit with the coupon from one of my Influenster VoxBoxes. For some reason, my netbook won't connect to our new printer so I can't print them.

2/12/15 If it's no longer ok to stack the buy such and such and get such and such free coupons, why do they print them in the paper next to each other?
I started couponing in 1982 and that was the thing to do. If you had coupons for the items you were buying to get something else free, you used them as well as the get free coupon.
Specifically I'm referring to the coupon for free Right Guard Body wash when you buy 2 Right Guard anti-antiperspirant. Right there next to it the coupon for $2 off 2 Right Guard Anti-antiperspirants.
Coupons state limit one coupon per specified product and not valid with other coupons for the same product.
In my eyes, the $2 off is for the anti-antiperspirant and the other one is for the body wash so it would be fine to use them in combination.

Coupon companies just don't want to pay the stores, especially after the Extreme Couponing show, so they've been adding more and more restrictions. Otherwise, it would be fine to use both of the coupons together.

Today I used coupons at Dunkin Donuts and CVS and then added some to my Giant card. They had one for $1 off f coffee creamer.

I used coupons at Giant and Dunkin Donuts today. There are Dunkin coupons on the back of the Giant receipts, so I used one of those for my bagel. I had two $1 off a Glade candle coupons, a $1.25 off 2 candles coupon and a $2 off of 2 Glade products coupons, so I was able to get 5 candles and a room spray for $4.74. Awesome!

I think coupons are great. In Canada they fell out for quite a long time but due to popular American television it is coming back. Right now I prefer sites that I can shop first then collect my coupon rewards after. This is not the most efficient but I am not great at couponing yet. Tips are always appreciated.

I got some coupons in the mail from my local Giant store. I love when they send me coupons because I can pair them with manufacturer's coupons.

I need to get back to couponing. I used to save a lot of money doing that. It's been a while since I used coupons though.

I have been using online Kroger grocery store coupons and it has been helping out to lower my shopping bill a lot. I would like to learn more about using coupons to grocery shop though.

couponing can be a wonderful way to lower your shopping bill a lot. On Wednesday Kroger grocer store would double them. do they still make that offer.

I'm new to the coupon game, groupon is the best discovery I've made too bad I haven't had a chance to use it as often as I could. Coupons are one of the best inventions ever, especially online with ebates.

I miss using coupons. It's not really a thing here. Coupons helped me save so much money back when I used it.

"It's not really a thing here?" Are ya kidding me? unless you are on an island without any stores, Coupons is a thing "everywhere" I have a hard time buying anything unless it's on sale and has a

No, coupons is not a thing "everywhere". You're lucky you live in a place where coupons are widely used. Some people don't have that option.

Really? wow, I'm sorry about that then. I guess, I was thinking more of being in the US. I can't think of any state in the US that would not have coupons to use.

Yea, the U.S. is great for couponing. I always shopped with coupons when I lived in the U.S. But in Japan, coupons are almost non-existant.

I can't think of a place in the USA that would not use coupons. Dollar general and Dollar Tree use them. Shoe,clothing, restaurants etc. use News Paper coupons. Unless you live way up a mountain or really far out in the back country.

Or maybe I don't live in the U.S., lol? I just recently moved to another country and here, coupons are not used.

Well, that makes since. LOL a lot of Countries don't use coupons. I have been over seas 3 times and didn't use coupons once when shopping on local economy. Just interested, Why does it say United States when I hover over your name?

I had a feeling you meant you lived in another country after your last
I didn't use coupons growing up and so wish I had because it would have saved me from having to go without for my kids. :( But now I do and I usually get paid to leave Walmart ;)

Because I lived in the U.S. when I joined this site. Then I moved afterwards. My account is technically still a U.S. account though because I get paid in USD.

Ah! Florence, I learned something new I didn't think of the hovering over the names. That's pretty cool ;)

My mom and I do couponing, and we have scored some awesome deals! One of our favorite stores to shop at is Target believe it or not. Their gift card deals are awesome but make sure you use coupons! We practically make money back on our transactions when we have the right coupons. We earned $20 in gift cards yesterday and spent $49 and saved $51

O-M-G. Me too.. LOVE Target deals. I save all of my gift cards to use for presents, instead of rolling them. I use my TG Red Card for the extra 5% savings and $.05 per bag for using my own bags. Love Love Love Target and the cashier's are so much nicer than Walmart cashier's

Yes, the cashiers are nicer, and the store personal are more helpful. At Wal-Mart they don't know where some items are. If your lucky to find a helpful person at all. Target people won't leave you hanging they will help or find someone who can.

I agree. At Target, I have "never" encountered a rude or avoiding employee. I love ours. I take them coupons each week. I have been sick this week, but on Friday, I'm taking them my home made fudge :) and homemade Mrs. Fields recipe cookies. As for Walmart? huh! yeah, I got that bag of coal right here for *evil laugh*

You guys are lucky that the Targets near you have nice employees. The one in the mall that I work at aren't nice at all. They walk away instead of helping you and the price scanner machines are always broken.

I used to get coupons from the Sunday paper, but stopped subscribing. Now I just get them from Swagbucks. I'm new to Chatabout... do they also have coupons here?

Yes, Melissa, Chatabout has coupons you can print under the Bonus Section. Swagbucks pays you 10 Sb's per coupon printed and used, Chat pays you 20 points which equals 20 cents, very worth doing.

Thank you. It's something I have been meaning to check out, and will. You're right, coupons are a better deal here.

Yay! I love coupons! I am so glad I stumbled on this website! I cant wait to explore more on this site.

I have been trying a lot harder lately to use more coupons and combine them with sales and my savings apps.

I suggest that you join facebook groups for couponers. Watch what they are doing and do those deals. look on coupon websites for weekly store matchups. I never pay full price unless I absolutely need something a.s.a.p. and no coupon/sale. I almost faint too if that But you can do it. Just research and read.

@Sheila, what a great idea! There are a lot of good tips here and other topic. I am going to read each and every post!

we love coupons. We have saved lots of money using coupons. I'm getting family and friends to use coupons to and they are loving it

Love Them…Im really into saving when ever I can. I usually go to what ever company website I shopping at and look for coupons.

I watch the television show Extreme Couponing also and I know these shoppers save a lot of money. Where do they store also grocerys and do they go out of date?

I wonder how do they get all those coupons too work out for them like that, it seems like they triple there coupons on a lot of items plus more and where I live stores barely want to double the coupons.

That show is ONLY a motivation. It got me to start couponing, when I finally realized It's fake as all get up. lol as I mentioned in another reply above.
I suggest that you join facebook groups for couponers. Watch what they are doing and do those deals. look on coupon websites for weekly store matchups. I never pay full price unless I absolutely need something a.s.a.p. and no coupon/sale. I almost faint too if that But you can do it. Just research and read

I love coupons, they save my family a ton of money on all our basic needs and wants. There are so many different places and shopping centers that offer so many coupons that will save all of our family a ton of money each year.

i couldn't live without my coupons. Expecially the great coupon deals that they have had on the computer this Christmas.
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