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Interesting Fact: The first coupon was created in 1887 by Asa Candler, a businessman from Atlanta, whose hand-written tickets offered consumers a free glass of Coca-Cola. Candler’s idea transformed Coca-Cola from an insignificant tonic into a market-dominating drink. The coupon usage really increased during the Great Depression. 

Today, coupons are widely distributed through magazines, coupon envelopes, newspapers, mail, directly from the retailer and the internet.

I save them sometimes, but not like I used to because of my living situation I am in now I do not need to shop as much as I used to

I love coupons! I was able to save a lot of money at Giant today thanks to my coupons. I even got three free things: a pumpkin muffin, a bag of ravioli and a DiGiorno pizza.

Sounds like a good shopping trip, I always think of coupons as money and have no problem spending the time to collect them. The pizza sounds like a really good deal.

best type of sale is when it's a buy 1 get 1 free and you have a buy 1 get 1 free coupon and you get the item for free

I used a "$1 off any Bic stationary product" coupon at Dollar Tree today and was able to get a free pack of pens.

I am so happy they take coupons now. I need to start using coupons at their store to help me get some stuff free to extremely cheap.

That's a great deal! I didn't realize the Dollar Tree took coupons. That's nice that you got them for free.

Are they picky about using coupons that were printed from the Internet, or do they treat them just like they would coupons from the paper?

@Wendy I am too. I love when they have $1 off 2 coupons in the paper that I can use there.

@Joanelle I think they started taking them last year.

@Kelli They're not really picky about them, but they only allow you to use 2 printed coupons per day.

I added a couple more coupons to my store card and I need to print the ones for my various birthday freebies.

I love coupons but I don't get then that often and I can't find any good websites online that give you free ones. Does anyone know of any that work in the UK?

I love getting coupons for razors, body washes, and shampoo from the Sunday papers. I look for them every other sunday mainly for my boyfriend.

coupons for razors def come in handy. i try to find coupons for the razor with the soap around it, i forget the name of it but it makes shaving a lot easier lol

I haven't been able to get any mfr coupons recently since they haven't been in the free paper. I got to add some coupons to my store card which I'll use tomorrow.

I saved $19.75 with coupons today at Meijer. $13.00 was a reward from mperks for spending a certain amount of money at Meijer last I would have spent anyway, so why not be rewarded for it? $6.00 was from coupons I clipped from the Sunday newspaper, and 75 cents was from a catalina (coupon that printed from the register on a past shopping trip). None of these things took much time.

i know a lot of people really live to go through the coupons each week but i am not one of them, i would much rather just shop the sales than try to remember what i have coupons for

How could any one NOT love coupons?! They only exist to save us money! I don't coupon nearly as much as I should, but I do save a bunch of money when I do!

I use Coupons from Flip kart and Amazon and it really nice to shop using coupons. I have shopped so many times now redeeming my coupon amount

I used a couple of coupons yesterday. I would have had more, but Swag bucks just would not cooperate. It had an error or something.

I have four coupon inserts to get through today. I hope I get some good ones! Sometimes there's only one or 2 coupons that I'll use.

In my country, coupons are really not worth it, because they just give x percent off of highly overpriced things. I wish they were like American ones.

I just got my coupons ready for my shopping trip tomorrow. I have two Redplum inserts that I want to go through before bed.

I like the idea of getting coupons sent to my smartphone. Especially if they cater to my spending habits. I think paperless is the future of coupons.

I like when companies send a coupon with the sample they are sending you. I got coupons for a free Monster Java energy drink and $1 off a bag of Friskies 7 cat food.

Today at Meijer I save almost $90 with coupons. I know some of you are not for clipping but I promise you that if it is done correctly and you watch ads you can save ALOT!!

I used to spend time collecting the Sunday ads, printing out coupons online, and more just to save (if they matched up to something I needed) but I discovered shopping at Aldi. I was spending between 600 and 800 a month on groceries and now that I have a plan for my money I am spending 400 a month. There are times it is less than that but this is what I allow. And we are eating better.
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