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Some people like to make their own dog food, some give their dogs a raw food diet, and some feed their dogs with ready-made purchased food specifically intended for consumption by dogs. 

Which kind of dog food do you find works best for your dog?

There are so many varieties of dog food out there. It's not just brands, but types. There's dog food for puppies, seniors, active dogs, dogs trying to lose weight, allergies, health conscious owners. It is crazy looking at it all.

If you are going to feed your dog the wet or dry dog food, you need to keep doing it. Giving you pet human food will lead to a very picky animal.

My doggie us getting really picky on what he likes. He prefers chicken than lamb. He did not care for it much.

We used to give our dog eat the dog food from Eukanuba, lamb and rice flavor. The vet told us this brand is good, and it's good to avoid chicken flavor for Labrador.

I'm about to switch my dog from commercial food to organic dog food. I did a littler online research and didn't like what I found. Cheaper commercial brands of dog food are over-processed and bland. They don’t provide all the nutrients a dog needs for a healthy system and strong bones. Most commercial brands are full of by-products and fillers with some sort of carbohydrates-usually corn-as a first ingredient. Corn is not very nutritious and you don’t even want to know what’s in by-products! Would you put that on your dinner plate?

Natural is just better in so many ways. Organic means no antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, by-products, artificial colors or flavors. The first ingredient should always be meat or fish.

I usually get one in which the first ingredient is a major protein source like lamb, beef or chicken, not a filler food like corn.

I feed prey model raw, meaning 80% muscle meat, 10% bone, and 10% offal.

My babies have never been healthier. Shiny coats, white teeth, a calm and focused energy.

I've had to go back to kibble (top shelf kibble such as Taste of the Wild or Canidae) due to finances, but the difference is so extreme that as soon as I was able to afford the meat again, I immediately went back.

Kind of funny. An entire standup freezer full of meat. And none of it for me. :P

i order my pet food from i like going to pet supplies plus too. i feed my dog taste of the wild buffalo now. she picked it out lol is a great place to order food. Taste of the Wild is a good food as well. Glad your girl likes it. :)

i rather not make my own dog food sometimes my left overs are my what i feed on my dog and it seems okay. nothing bad happens with my dog

thank god for Walmart I can just go and buy a huge back for like 23 bucks and my pups are good for a month or so.

Unfortunately that won't work for my dog. He needs a fairly high protein, low grain diet. Currently he's eating Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food.

awww what kind of dog is it? my dogs enjoy beneful original and have been eating that their whole life, its crazy because they smell the blue buffalo and wont eat it lol

Darien, you might want to look into the recent issues with Beneful. Pretty bad. There was even a pretty high profile lawsuit over it all.

Blue buffalo isn't necessarily the best out there (the Wilderness is a bit better in terms of protein though), but it's not bad. And the reason your dogs might not want to eat it is because they're used to the canine equivalent of potato chips. ;) If you ate nothing but potato chips and candy, would you find a salad and grilled chicken appetizing?

Strangely, the dogs were more interested in the cats food for a while (and it's not the potato chip thing, because the cats also have a grain free food), but then we switched to the salmon version of Blue Buffalo Wilderness. They liked the fishy smell of the cat food, so the fishy dog food lured them back to their own bowls.

Cat food does have a stronger smell and because of that is generally more appetizing to dogs.

I use top shelf cat kibble as training treats for that reason. :p

my dog isnt really picky about what he eats but he does obviously like certain foods more than others. there are some moist bites that he def loves more than his usual crunchies

Our 3 dogs were raised in table food - what we eat, they eat. Now the vet prescribed dog food to hinder the onset of health problems like kidney stone. Our dogs wouldn't eat the dog food.

There are a lot of great foods out there that can help with the "moist" aspect. One you might want to look into is freeze dried raw. You add water to it. It is preserved and takes up less space than kibble or canned, and most dogs absolutely love it.

One of the cheaper brands of it is I and Love and You, which some stores like Sprouts and Kroger carry.

We always end up giving my puppy a little bit of table food. So hard not to cave when she looks at you with her cute face

We call it sample - giving scraps of table food to our dogs. They liked it so much but the vet is against that so we are trying to shift them to dog food.

There's nothing wrong with giving a dog a treat of something every now and then, but there are certain foods to avoid. Such as grapes/raisins, things with a lot of spices, garlic, onions, etc.

I need advice. I have a rescue dog (have had her about a year) that still has serious food issues. I got her from the pound. They were going to put her down because they couldn't get her to eat (there was no physical reason for this that the vet could find). You could see her ribs. She weighed 12 pounds when she have been around 20 (they said).

Anyway, I brought her home and fixed her some food. I have always made my own dog food, so that wasn't a problem. She wouldn't eat unless I hand fed her. I'm fixing her grass-fed beef, chicken and pork from a local farmer - same stuff we eat - and she just wouldn't eat unless I sat there and hand-fed her.

Fast forward to today. She is a healthy 22 pounds (well, she could prob. lose a pound or two); but she still has severe food issues. Some days she will feed herself; but I have found that she's a bit particular. Her food cannot touch. She only eats about as much as a toddler, so I put her each food in a separate saucer. I have to cut her food up into tiny pieces and spread them out as much as possible on the saucer. The saucers then have to be placed in a particular order (meat, then veggies, then cream) or she won't eat.

Some days she won't eat chicken; most days she won't eat pork; she never eats ground beef. If she doesn't want to eat, I let her go a few days without eating before I hand-feed her (3 days w/o food is my limit and then I cave); but she always wins. I don't know what to do. I have run out of ideas.

Any ideas? My vet suggested a pet psychologist. I don't know about that.

Wow, this is quite interesting. So very nice of you to rescue her! Made me happy. I have never heard of a dog being so picky to be honest. I think a pet psychologist would be a great idea

I've never heard of such a picky dog either. I just put her food down, so she is hiding under the end table. She will eventually come out to see if she want what I made for her or not. She mainly is served what I eat - though I usually don't eat meat.

I'd look into the pet psychologist option. Your dog went through some trauma, which is why she was a rescue dog. She may have been previously trained to not eat food without a command.

Look into a behaviorist without a doubt. She may be just a really picky eater and lacks confidence without you there. Possibly due to trauma either from a human or another animal being overly protective/aggressive around their food. While there are certain methods I know of that may work and help, definitely contact a qualified canine behaviorist (not just a random trainer) to come evaluate her in person.

sy loves benniful wet food. I can't get her to eat carrots or any veggies unless its been cooked like benniful.

Our vet also prescribed boiled carrots but our dogs wouldn't even touch it. So what I did was put some sugar but still no go, waheehee.

Definitely look into switching foods. Beneful has had a LOT of issues lately with their food, resulting in a lawsuit even.

Don't worry about carrots or veggies. The only thing those are for a dog is just filler. They don't offer any nutritional benefit as a dog's digestive system cannot break down the cellulose in the cell walls.

Unless your dog is obese and is not satisfied with smaller amounts, don't worry about the veggies.

Our dog has high protein needs, so we've been feeding him the Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food. It's also a grain free formula.

That's supposed to be a really good brand, but expensive, right? I have read some good reviews on it. Does your dog like it? What type of dog do you have?

Blue Buffalo Wilderness is a decent brand.

A good place for reviews for foods is

Best to stick with 4 star and above.

Have you guys ever tried treats for dogs? I have and they taste really good lol I have to admit that they do some really good food for dogs ol

Both of my kids and also all three of my nieces used to like to get a hold of the dog food when they were little but I don't think I've ever myself eaten a dog treat.

No, I have never eaten one myself. The only time was when it was homemade and just peanut butter lol, but never a real dog treat

I used to work at a vet clinic, and yes. We tried all the prescription canned foods and some of the treats that people left for their animals. :p

I feed my dogs mainly dry food. Once a week wet food mixed with dry..

When I met my partner, his 3 dogs were already age 6+... He said he just feeds them dry food and only wet food occasionally. I just followed with the routine.

After searching online, I've decided to increase their wet food intake. It seems to be working fine.

Our dog food is the wet type that we buy by the can. KD is for kidney problem so that's their meal for now. No more table food for at least 1 year. And more water too.

dog food use to be something i didnt really think much about but now i have a new little puppy to feed. found him some good food at the dollar tree this week

I have never thought of looking for food at the dollar tree. I actually do buy casear pup for really cheap but thats about it

Dog food is always anathema to our dogs. It takes one day before they eat the dog food. At first, just half of the dose and it takes a week before they eat the full load.

I would never feed any food found at the dollar tree. Not if you want a healthy and happy dog that is.

Go to to look at brand reviews.

4 stars and above.

If you can't afford any more than dollar tree dog food... maybe you shouldn't have a dog.

It's like raising a child on nothing but potato chips and mcdonald's burgers.

I cook for my dogs. 100% of their diet comes from my kitchen. I've researched and I know what they shouldn't eat. I am as careful about their diet as I am about anyone else in the family. They seem to like it.

My largest dog (over 100 lbs) eats anything and everything you put in front of him. He is no problem at all to feed.

The smaller dog (around 20 lbs) is very picky, even with grass-fed meat. She is a rescue dog and was very skinny when I first got her. You could see her ribs. The pound was going to put her down as she would not eat for them. I had to hand-feed her for months. She slowly started gaining weight, but man I have never in my life seen a pickier dog. She refuses to eat left-overs. Her food cannot touch, which means that stews are out for her. She loves cheese, but you cannot put it on the same plate as her meat. I could go on. I have tried to mend her ways (I've had her a little over a year), but she will simply stop eating until I give in.


I been giving my dogs grain free for a long time. I want to give them the best. been reading a lot about homemade dog food. I was wondering if anyone does do this.
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