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Some people like to make their own dog food, some give their dogs a raw food diet, and some feed their dogs with ready-made purchased food specifically intended for consumption by dogs. 

Which kind of dog food do you find works best for your dog?

I make my own dog food as my dogs will not eat any types of dog food One is 14 years old and little and just never would eat it and my 2 1/2 year old will not eat it as she was very sick when she was a puppy and had to be fed what ever I could get down her. So now she will not eat ANY dog food from the store and I have tried many......from Blue to alpo. beniful, Iams. Hills. Ukanuba. and what ever else you can imagine. I even tried the old fashion bad for them dog food and they would not eat it. So instead of the head aches of trying anymore and wasting more money it is easier for me just to make it and they are both now very healthy and all their blood test are normal. they are not over weight and they are happy little campers......

I love deals, especially when it means I'll be saving on the price of the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free formulas I feed my pets. I'm constantly looking for specials at sites like,, and but this time has them beat. I got a 24lb bag of their food for $48 plus some pennies and tax, compared with the over $55 per 24lb bag at all those other sites. Oh, that would be the chicken flavor.

We buy a type of dog food call From. It's supposed to be pretty good for them although I hate that I can only get it from the local feed store.

Is it Fromm? what formula does your dog eat? my dogs had a samples of the game bird recipe and they loved it, you can also order it online, has great prices

My dogs are not picky they eat any thing only one we have to watch because he gets gas and even the other dogs think he should have a special food.

We did make the switch to Canidae and it seems to be working well. My dog was having problems on Iams, which I find crazy because my Golden was able to thrive on Iams.

tried the cheapest. tried the most grain .. too much grain ...brand names ... smaller-store brands, et cetera. what did i find was the results from the youngens reactions, amount of energy and weight fluctuation? they are more likely to barely taste the store brands, ate the most from the middle-of-line brands (particularly the cheaper alpo) and had to bribe them to eat the expensive (no grains) stuff. outcome = the treats at dollar TRee store CAN be the most nutritional (avid label reader), the mainstay dogfood is the alpo, buying discounted meat (which is the key to this diet) and throwing in things like white rice for weight stability and homemade breads just because they allllll have an affinity for this delicacy. we all come out - winning!!

I feed my dogs Blue dog food. I am wondering if anyone else feeds their dogs the same or maybe something better? I also wonder sometimes if our fur babies get tiered of eating the same thing all the time.

what is the cheapest grain free dog food on the market? the lowest I have found is called authority at petsmart.

How much does the Authority cost? i saw that yesterday when I was there, but since it wasn't what I was looking for I didn't look at the price. They didn't have the canidae I was looking for so I had to go to Petco later and it was expensive :( I bought a small bag which probably wasn't cost effective, but it's what we had and then I ordered off of Amazon because it was 14 bucks cheaper!

if you have a costco membership they sell a Kirkland brand of dog food that is grain free and excellent price. it beat the competition on a per pound price for us. my lab likes it

you can get a 25 lb bag of Merrick Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Chicken & Turkey Recipe Dry Dog Food for $39.99 at link

Right now we use a brand called Nature's Variety because our dog needed to put on some weight. We were told that we could transition her to Canidae once she reached an ideal weight. I am looking forward to that because Canidae costs half of what Nature's Variety does

Below is a link for free Cesar dog food sample called, Tray it Forward. Just insert your name and email address and send to your friend for your friend to order a free sample of their dog food.Or, just send the invite to yourself via another email
Email will arrive in inbox or spam folder and only need to include address to have it mailed.


i have a senior chi and all she likes is Cesar the senior formula, she used to be able to eat the other flavors but it doesn't agree with her, so this is all she eats.

I was advised to give my dog Rotweiler/Newfoundland mix a dog food called Canidae and she is absolutely thriving on it and loves it.

My dog is allergic to corn so he is limited to three brands and they are not cheap in the slightest, so we tend to stick to the cheapest one called 4health.

When I had my dogs I fed them chicken and chuck steak and they thrived. There was a pan of high quality dry dog food available to them at all times but they rarely touched it. I could not afford to do this today.

Dogs and cats are carnivores which means that if they were living on their own without humans to provide for them they would be eating ONLY meat probably they'd be eating mice, rats, birds and anything else it could kill. Sooo, who had the bright idea that grains or veggies would make good dog food?

giggle, giggle - you are so right. any executive or decision maker comes up goofy ideas like that and because of their hierarchy it bcomes something the "jonses" want to have !! if that theory does not sit well with anyone then i would also add - how in the world did the manufacturers slip junk dogfood by us as complete nutrition ? junk junk junk

Many of us fell for the Purina trick, advertising that they sold the best pet foods. The worst part is that many of us didn't have the money to buy the better dog foods, they were so very expensive ... still are. Thank goodness I get extra dollars via the internet because now I can afford a better dog food for the furbabies.

I feed my old baby girl gravy train as she needs something soft but I am thinking of trying the soft Iams on her and see if she likes it okay.

Our dogs likes Purina Dog Food. They are kind of picky about what they eat. Some dog food even makes their stomach upset all the time.

I always buy different kinds of dog food. We don't like to eat the same foods all the time so why should they. I think verity is good for them. I always read the labels on the food.

We switch around also. Most of the time they get grain-free food, but right now they are getting Blue Buffalo chicken and rice. I also feed them raw meals quite often.

Have you tried Hill's Ideal balance dog food? It's grain free! I was able to try the cat food for free and my cats loved it. I plan on trying the dog food for my dog to see if he likes it. He is very picky about his dog food.

I rotate my dogs food. I feed my dogs canned food and dry food mixed together, only natural brands like Merrick and Fromm or fresh pet which is refrigerated dog food

Pedigree dog food killed one of my dogs and made my labrador really sick. He still has really bad stomach issues. I am testing out different foods to see what he tolerates best.

what brands have you tried, i RECOMMEND blue buffalo, Merrick, nature's variety, organix, or Fromm. Hope your dog feels better soon and sorry to hear about your other dog.

It also never hurts to go grain-free with a dog. They weren't meant to eat grains, and some dogs have intolerances to them that vets incorrectly say is fleas or allergies. Some dogs do tolerate grains and that's fine for them-but I prefer my dogs to get mostly grain-free foods.

@kristi Anglen what brand of food does your dog eat? Do your dogs eat dry food or wet food? I try to feed mostly grain free and always avoid buying foods with corn and wheat

I switched to grain free Blue Buffalo Chicken for the pups and the kitty also gets BB grain free ... since dogs and cats are carnivores its not natural for them to eat a whole lotta veggies, some can even kill dogs.

Here is a educational production by a US made dog food treat company over concerns that dog treats are tainted in China arriving here in the USA

In China, over 80% of people worry about food safety. Excessive pesticide use, illegal additives, diseased livestock, and "gutter oil" are their primary concerns. If one billion people are scared of their country's human food supply, then US pet parents should be alarmed about the pet food (and it's constituent ingredients) the US is importing from China.

From pesticides, feed additives, heavy metals, coal tar, and other toxins, this video looks at the environmental conditions in China that are poisoning China's people and their pet food exports.

This educational video is sponsored by Goodness Gracious ( US maker of healthy USA sourced, 100% human-grade pet treats.

I've been feeding mine Blue Buffalo for over 4 years now which is expensive but the vet bills could be a whole lot higher. I'm glad I don't live in China
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