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It is said that dogs are a man’s best friend. They are loving animals kept in the household for companionship. Dogs can be trained to do many things among which is guiding the blind. 

Do you think dogs are good companions?

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I love dogs. They can be so cuddly and sweet. All breeds matter to me. I have 3 of them and they are a joy to have around. Dogs are amazing.

To put it simply, dogs are awesome. Whether they’re begging for your food, barking at their leash to convince you to take them on a walk, or simply greeting you when you get home, dogs do all of the little things that put smiles on faces around the world. What are some of the more endearing reasons why dogs are and always will be man’s best friend? Read on…

Dogs make great companions - they certainly care more about you than cats do. I'd love to have a Siberian husky with blue eyes one day. Those are beautiful dogs.

dogs are not a pet in my thinking they are your friend. they play with you and also they can keep you busy.

I can not wait to make my Sunday afternoon outing with my dog! I want him to have fun while I relax for a walk!

I have a 13 year old German Shepherd Chow Chow mix named Shea. He is the cutest thing in the entire world!

I am a dog person, and used to have a few, but I haven't owned any since the last one passed away several years ago. Some might regard that as eligible for losing one's dog person card. Whatever. I like cats too. In some ways I prefer them, even.

I am a dog person! I recently got a new puppy. He's a beagle. He's really cute but a handful. I love him though

I am a dog lover. Grew up with two dogs and after they passed we got two more. Also considered the dog sitter of the family. Right now we're pet sitting my brother's dog.

I love my rescue dog! She's four years old and the most well behaved dog I've ever seen. Don't shop adopt!

I love dogs so much. I favor dogs more then cats. They are so loyal. I think puppies are the cutest. I want to be surrounded by puppies forever!!!

Yes, I love dogs so much. I think Having a dog is somehow a stress reliever. Its like having a furry baby who doesn't talk and will never learn how to talk but can communicate with you in a different manner. I really find them interesting and very loving. If you have a pet, He will make you his everything.

I do not know what I would do without my dogs. I live alone and they are always there for me. No matter what. I love them dearly.

I enjoy cats but they don't give the same kind of companionship or show so much affection as a dog does. Maybe cats are just so independent, they don't need to. Or maybe dogs prefer a pack structure with give and take.

I'm a cat person.....felines are misunderstood, I believe people expect their pets to show affection whenever they need it. While cats can be aloof, moody and independent, they can be awesome loving companions. No walking, make time for play with kitty, can be left alone, just keep the litter box cleaned and food out.

I love dogs and have always been a dog person. Now I have a Bengal cat and I just became a cat person lol. She's the coolest animal I've ever had

Dogs are great companions. Some are very playful and affectionate. Others are even smart. They are part of our extended family and sometimes we even treat them like humans. But it's not always a dog friendly world out there.

dogs dogs dogs they are part of so many peoples families but some of us dont think of them as dogs but children

i absolutely love my dog, i have a one year old puppy named zero. he is a black pitbull. he is just the sweetest little thing.

Have a spoiled rotten fox terrier/chihuahua mix in black. She's so cute! Taking care of her just got harder thanks to meds.
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