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It is said that dogs are a man’s best friend. They are loving animals kept in the household for companionship. Dogs can be trained to do many things among which is guiding the blind. 

Do you think dogs are good companions?

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Dogs are so cute! The one in the picture looks amazing! And I do think that they are the best companion!

Dogs are great companions. Our girl will be 14 this spring but she is still very healthy. She is a mixed breed and they tend to live longer than purebred dogs.

This particular online videos of a dog is one of my favorites. I remember seeing it and thinking if I had not known it was not my dog I would have thought it was my dog. This dog looks and acted exactly like my dog. We had to put my dog down last November due to advanced kidney disease. I like to watch this video because it is like looking at her even though I know it is not her. View link

I love dogs so much that they are like my children since I was not blessed with any. I have a total of nine right now ranging from two 4 year old black lab and chow mixes, One 1 1/2 year old pit and shepherd mix(he's a big baby), one 2 1/2 year old dalmation lab chow mix, one small chihuahua terrier mix, one chihuahua beagle mix, and three 9 week old dalmation husky chow mix.These are my kids and dogs always make great companions. I love them so much!! :)

My dog is about 4 or 5 years old. I rescued him arou d this time last year. Since then I have been working hard on training him to make everyones life easier. I know dogs need structure so I have been providing that for him. He is still a puppy, so full of energy. I love him with all my heart and would do anything to keep hi safe

Good for you for rescuing a dog. It would be nice if more people would do that. I am happy to hear how much you love him and that he now has a good home. I love dogs very much myself.

I have two dogs, Pomeranian's, and they are so loving and adorable! If you are thinking about getting one, they are quite clever and have wonderful personalities. They enrich my life no end.

My next door neighbor has two Pomeranians. They are really sweet and really cute. The one was 15 and I have not seen them over the winter. I have not heard her out barking in some time. I am really worried she may no longer be with us. I see the dogs a lot in the summer time but not in the winter time. I hope she is OK,, but 15 years old is pretty old for a dog.

It's so sad the way some people treat animals. Just check out a shelter, if you don't believe it. I have 2 shelter dogs and when I get ready for another one, I definitely will visit the shelters. There are so many dogs that need a good home. They are treated like family at my house.
I always feel so bad that I can't adopt them all!

I have a shelter dog too, some people like my neighbor has too many and she doesn't take care of them, or feed them enough

my dogs are like my friends and my children. I have a brindle olde english bulldog and a black scottish terrier. Love them

my Chihuahua is getting in the terrible twos she is so testing me, she wants to scratch at the door but not come in, or she will run away

I have never had a dog, always cats. However, I think my next pet will be a dog, as the man I intend to marry is allergic to cats.

I don't have a dog because I know we don't have time for a dog. One of my nieces has a Doberman and the other one has a poodle. I don't like small dogs.

I think it is wise not Dogs need a lot of attention and really are sad when they don't get enough attention.

This is what I realized long time ago and dogs deserve the owners' full attention and I know we won't be able to give him/her that.

Okay, I have a question for all you dog smarties. if i get my male dogs neutered, will it help stop them from wanting to hump each other? The ages are 1 1/2 and 2 yrs old. One is an English Mastiff, the other is a Chug. Usually they are missing and doing the air because the size difference.

It depends on the individual dog. My one male dog stopped completely and he did it alot before the surgery. But I think he was the only dog I had that stopped completely. I think they might have the urge less often.

My female dog, on the other hand, will hump anything in sight at least once a day. She was already fixed when we adopted her, so I don't know how she was before. I was worried as I never saw a girl do it before; but I guess it's normal. As long as they're neutered and they only do it to each other, I stay out of it. Let them get whatever pleasure they can get out of it :)

Lol, I am going to try the neutering thing after the first of the year and see if it helps. I plan on doing on dog at a time. probably my Chug first. To see if that helps. I know my English mastiff gets mad when the Chug tries to do that. he wants no part of it.

Some male dogs will still hump even after being neutered and others will stop. Have no idea why this is but it is true.

It should help to make them less agressive over all. Some dogs are just humpers there is not much that can be done about that. Over all though it does usually work.

dogs are so cute. they are so much cuter when they are young though and are still cute when they areolder

i think small dogs are cute and a mans bestfriend.Any other big dogs i see make me scared haha i just dont know why

big dogs are often way more gentle then the little ones as they dont have to worry about being hurt themselves

Too bad you couldn't meet my very large (over 100 pounds) mixed breed dog. He is the most gentle creature I ever saw. We adopted him as a senior and he has arthritis in his back legs, so he cannot move very fast. There's less to be afraid of as after one step, it's obvious he could never catch you. I think he would make you less afraid of larger dogs.

I have a English massive. I was scared of big dogs but wanted one to deter people from breaking in my home. He is such a big baby. So very gentle. That I have no issues having him around my 6 month old son. Not all big dogs are scary anymore. I am sorry you are scared fo big dogs.

I really think dogs are the best! They always make your day better!i have 2 labs and they are great.

I love my dogs I have 3 Chihuahua's. Today 2 of them was being hilarious. I had turned my desk lamp on and they seen their shadows on the wall and went absolutely crazy trying to attack the shadow and whining. I love them!!

My poor dog was so funny today. We had a new roof put on - that was so loud. The poor dog thought we were under attack. She kept walking the perimeter of the house, crouching as she went along. She was so scared, but so brave. She saw one of the guys out the window and she ran and hid. She came out with her cow print blanket on and then continued on her sentry duty - in disguise, of course. They weren't going to get her. They left an hour ago. I know she really needs to go outside, but she won't. We get out the door, she hears a noise and she high tails it back in. Doesn't help that it is windy outside. The poor thing.

Dogs are the best companions, i always want to have one. I have always had one and couldn't imagine my childhood without one.

I love dogs! However I don't have any pet because when I was in highschool my dog died and it was literally so traumatizing so I promised myself not to have another dog so I wouldn't suffer.

That is silly. Look at all that you are missing by not having one not to mention all the dogs in shelters just waiting for someone to love them,

I want to make my Shaggy a therapy dog. He is so gentle with everyone, even the little babies. I wish my Lily was the same way, but she is too hyper.
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