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It is said that dogs are a man’s best friend. They are loving animals kept in the household for companionship. Dogs can be trained to do many things among which is guiding the blind. 

Do you think dogs are good companions?

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I love dogs. I guess you can say it is my best friend. I love playing with my dog when he does not have fleas LOL they are taking me away and we cant get rid of them.

I love dogs! They are definitely a man's best friend. They're so cute and cuddly and they even protect you from the bad guys.

You are right there Fred. I use to have a dog that would not let me into my own house if I come home early from work at night until I talked to him for 5 or 10 minutes.

I love my dogs I lost one last week due to old age and it was the worse week ever. We got her when she was 2 and had her 8 years but at least she died in her sleep no pain.

we have no dog pets we have a cat and a rabbit but i love small little pappy dogs that is really a cute dog in my point of view

I had a boxer named Carly for 4 years, she was the best and smartest dog I ever had. She could memorize places we had been like if we went to the park I would tell her lets go to the park and she would lead the way. My grandmother was very sick and fell alot, if she fell Carly would bark until someone came. It's been almost two years and I still miss her, I still have her dog bowls and toys. My son has been wanting another dog but I just can't bring myself to get one right now

that is very sad to here to miss your boxer every people so much love on his pets most of the people have pets are dogs

I love my dogs. I would not know what to do if I did not have them in my life. They are my family and my children.

i have 3 dogs and i love them all. they are all pomeranians. They are like my children. i spend more money on them than i do myself.

I love my dog. he was hurt by another dog this morning so now he is hanging on for dear life. Just hope he pulls through for the night. he is a yorkie

I am so sorry to hear this Shannon. I sure do hope and pray that your pup pulls through. I can not believe that someone else's dog hurt yours.

I tried my collar today. I look cute with it, the color fits my hair and I am really happy of this gift. :-)

dogs take a lot of time and care. in between the feeding and the playing they do need and deserve a lot of care and attention

Do you have a dog? We used to have a dog. They are really hard to take care of especially when they are sick because they can't say what they are feeling.

Yeah, dogs could probably become good companions. I've read a lot of stories involving dogs as a true friend, helper and companion.

Dos are really amazing! I wish I had one and I would name her Coco or Chanel, but I wouldn't have the time to take care of her.

I love dogs. I have two and they are very protective of me. But right now they are in time out. Caught them eating out of the garbage.

So Barbara, is that mean you love me as well?
'Woof, woof'
I love dogs as well, used to have one but it died of old age long time ago.

Same here Barbara, I love dogs. I have four that I consider my babies as well. It is hard because you need to take care of them, feed them, give them a bath, but it is rewarding when they play with you and they are protective of you, that won't let anyone enters your house.

lol thats a def no no. i had to put mine in time out for a bit yest, he bit my hubby, not real hard but i dont want him thinking that that is ok

I really dislike dogs and have a terrible phobia of them. I used to go walking quite regularly, but I don't any more because the idea that I might have to walk passed one just makes me feel ill. I also often can't visit people I want to if they have a dog. It definitely messes with my life sometimes.

I have a friend just like you. She has a phobia of dogs because of the fur, she said she is allergic. Surely, she is missing a lot because dog lovers like us know the affection of dogs for humans.

Dogs are not only playful but they are consistent dependable, and predictable. More so than cats. Dogs make a good friend.

Howling with the furkids, its so much fun to watch my eldest pup do his best to get that last howl in and eventually I end up laughing like there's no tomorrow.

My dog wants to run like a race horse. She always pulls on the leash. So this morning I took her out to run loose in the back yard. I hope that makes her calmer for the walk.

I just play a game of chase with mine, she will run like a greyhound and I pretend I am chasing her ... yeah, like I'm going to run after a fast dog HA!! LOL

We have a dog named Pipoy, a hyperactive pug who runs when taken off the leash. He would roam the garden and the entire yard for maybe 10 laps or until he loses his energy, whichever comes first.

Sounds like my girl Alex Socorro, she just runs and runs but I've noticed she isn't running as much as she did when she was younger.

Dogs make the very best pets and friends. I started my like with a large Shepard. My father owned her when he and mother married. And I have always loved dogs.

I love dogs. I got my dog 4 years ago and it was the best decision of my life. She is part of the family now and so loving

Our dog is also part of our family. We actually have three but one stays outside and the other stays with my father in law most of the time. He seems content there.

We started caring for dog in 1996 when my sister gave me a female puppy that we named Jedi. She is a ruffian who hates cats and mice and rats.

I have three dogs; a black Lab/Chow mix, a yellow Lab/Chow mix, and a Jack Russell Terrier/Pekingese mix. They are the best companions anybody could ask for. They're always doing something to put a smile on my face and I love to sit and talk to them.
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