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It is said that dogs are a man’s best friend. They are loving animals kept in the household for companionship. Dogs can be trained to do many things among which is guiding the blind. 

Do you think dogs are good companions?

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Sandy Segur
I so miss my dogs being on vacation. My puppy sleeps with me. I love how he cuddles. I did get to meet his momma.
Jimmy Nguyen
I love dogs. They are so kind and loyal to you. I love how they are so happy and cheerful. I love how they understand how you feel and reflect that emotion back to you. And I love how they are so helpful.
Emma Hope
my doggie does not like his bed, it is to hot to sleep with a blanket. he has been lying under the table, it is cool there i gueass
Sandy Segur
08/09/2014 Time to share another photo of my dogs. I take so many photo's of them. That I could share a photo a day for a very long time.

Debra Meilahn
That is how I am, I have a small camera that i carry in my pocket when I go outside. you just never know when they are going to do something cute and my Beagle is such a Ham when she is outside. My hubby just said to me the other day that is all you do is take pictures of the dogs. YES I DO!!!!
Sandy Segur
I can never get cuteness over load when sharing or looking at puppy pictures. I thought this might lighten someone else's day besides mine. It is Rascal on the prowl out in the backyard.

Barbara Burley
I have two dogs and three puppies. I want to find homes for those three puppies but I am scared because of the fact that some people would use them as bait dogs.
Jennifer Neilson
I just had to take my dog to the vet because he kep scratching and was losing fur in places. Turns out he has allergies and all his scratching cause a skin infection. Now he has to taken antibiotics and benedryl and I have to wipe his paws with special wipes.
Ruth Gyman
I grew up with dogs and I so so miss not having one. My dog could always know when I needed him and I so much enjoyed having a dog all my childhood life now that I grown I so want a dog but my husband says no he not a animal lover like me not that he hates them he just doesn't want one. Maybe, one day he will change his mind.
Theresa Dreyer
When I was growing up I had Dogs in my home all my life!! Back then it was just ..Feed the dog, Walk the dog. Get shots for the dog..Now it is that my dogs are Family!! You take on that responsibility to love the dog as your family as well it should be!!I even have pet insurance to defray part of the cost of Vet bills! It really does help! With all insurance you have to shop around!! When the time comes to end of the road for my dog(s), I have it planned with my Vet, I will do the best I can to make her comfortable (Sorry for chatting so long) These are things to think about for your dog!!
M. L. Monroe
I know that when we take in strays we sometimes do it out of love and don't realize the expense that comes with them needing not just food, water and shelter but also shots and surgeries, specifically spaying and neutering. I found that the credit card called Care Credit would allow me to make payments on such bills so that I would not have to pay the lump sum out of 1 paycheck, what a relief
M. L. Monroe
I will never understand this current need that so many idiot people have to breed for cuteness, it is stupid especially since there are already so many homeless pups out there. Stop contributing to the needless homelessness that befalls so many of the "cute" puppies your dogs have.
Daniel Broxton
Dogs are the best. I really loved my dogs. I hated giving my small one away. She was always with me for everything and became my best friend.
M. L. Monroe
Looks like you weren't much of a friend to her if you could so easily give her away, I could never do that to any of mine.
M. L. Monroe
I think I would be a very miserable human without my dogs ... and cats for that matter ... they give me unconditional love and understanding and sometimes I don't think I deserve it.
Ashley Pulrang
I love dogs! I currently have the sweetest pit bull ever. She loves to kiss faces and kids faces even more because they are at her level.
Nola Jungeberg
I used to be a cat person (still am) but since having our lab, Miles, he changed our entire life for the better! I cannot say enough about having a dog as your best friend and companion! They are TRUE BLESSINGS from GOD to us!
Mrs. Wilson
This is my dog Zeus. I was taking pictures of my daughter in a new dress she had gotten and decided to throw this tie on him. the pictures of them together are super cute. He's a great companion and loves my daughter so much. We've had him his whole life and he'll be 8 soon.

Donna mills-summers
I love to be around puppies and as mine is not she minds reallly good as she is older now and goes outside with me to water plants
Elena Qian
I love both dogs and cats so I wouldn't say I am either type of person but instead, both. They have such great qualities and can be so adorable they're irresistible!
Ashley H
Can you still teach an old dog new tricks or lessons? I taught my dog some tricks when she was 8 months old and she still can do them except she can only roll over one way now for some reason. She's become very loud now when she hears a noise of any kind and barks for a long it possible to break her of that habit and a few others she has acquired?
M. L. Monroe
Ask yourself if you can teach an old person new things, the answer would be the same, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if old dogs learn better than old people. LOL
Ashley H
Well I don't know...old people can be very stubborn lol jk That's a good point though . Thanks. I assume it will just take a little longer to teach her a few things the older she gets
Kenneth Cody
This is our newest addition Roxy. She is now just about 10 weeks old. She is a pure bred GSD. She is such a sweetheart.

Marcy Machen
She is a Beauty and looks so happy laying in the grass. I bet you play with her a lot-does she like to catch fresbees?
M. L. Monroe
Awesome, beautiful ears, moms shepherd didn't have ears like that until she was over 3 months old. Her vet told her never to mess with her ears or they won't stand like they should.
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