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It is said that dogs are a man’s best friend. They are loving animals kept in the household for companionship. Dogs can be trained to do many things among which is guiding the blind. 

Do you think dogs are good companions?

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I love looking after little dogs, but I dont like big dogs very much. I like for example the white dog of the image.

i do miss my big dog being little sometimes but he is still a wonderful little lovable dog, my pitbull is only a year old but he is getting so big

I like all dogs. I don't care if they are big or little as long as they are friendly I have only owned big dogs the smallest being 55 pounds and I loved them all. I don't have anything against small dogs though.

the last time i took my dog to the vet he was at sixty pounds, and hes only a year old lol. we have already had to buy him a bigger cage lol

dogs are man's best friends, it's very loyal animal. and most children adore dogs because they play with them and be their best friend.i am one of the people who adore dogs even more then people

most dogs are def much more loyal and caring than some people i have met. my dog is always so happy to see me when i come back home

Yep that is a fact. When ever the wife was mad at me or the kids were just indifferent or just not around, my dog was always happy to see me.

Dogs are such special animals, so understanding and kind. I have always had a dog for as long as I can remember.

my dogs. We have a 10-year-old Corgi, named Gator and an 8-year-old​ Chocolate Lab named Morgan. They keep my house messy, but I wouldn't know what to do without them.

dogs are kind of like living with a messy toddler lol. i know i am always picking up behind mine, between him dragging his toys out and tracking leaves through my house every time he comes in from a walk lol

I have always had a dog. My parents had a shepard befor I was born. Hubby and I are just now getting over the lose of our last dog. I'm not sure I want another dog.

im so sorry to hear about that. losing a dog is just like losing your child. i dont know what i would do if anything happened to my little baby

Dogs were created and designed to act according to their famous title: "man's best friend". Having a pet dog minimizes stress, besides they're a loyal buddy.

Dogs are amazing companions they have unconditional love for their owners and are always there when you need them. My dog Precious was amazing it was a really heart breaking moment when she passed.

i love dogs just to bad my dum apartments wont allow me to have one i might move in a year anyway

My little doggie is driving me crazy. He has forgotten where his pamper is and is pooping next to the pamper. Don't know what to do.

I am terrified of big dogs. I've been attacked by two big German shepherds while I was growing up. One was when I was 5, the owner was lifting me over their fence to put me into their backyard and their dog didn't like that so he jumped up and ripped me from the guys arms and started attacking me, bit a big chunk out of my leg.. Then when I was 11 I was rollerblading around the park by my house and a young girl had her dog, her dog charged at me an she let go of the leash, dog jumped me from behind and ripped apart my back and then flipped me over and bit my face. I know not all dogs are like this so I do hope to one day get a dog. My fiance really wants to get a dog.

We have two dogs (brother and sister Australian Shepherd) and they are smart, faster than greased lightning and super affectionate animals. They are also beloved. One disturbing trend that I am noticing, is the growing amount of people who either abuse or neglect animals, That is terribly sad!

I felt so bad for the dogs that were barking for such a long time. Many people called the police but everyone felt very bad for the dogs. We were annoyed with the noise but also very concerned for the dogs.

I didn't get too much done of ChatAbout yesterday. One reason? One of my neighbors had two barking dogs. These dogs never shut up. I live in a highly populated area. I went outside to see where the barking was coming was the 3rd floor of my apartment building. The dogs barked and cried for at least 3 hours. Poor babies. Two people called the police at various times. Tomorrow, the building manager will hear about this....

I love dogs. Although I used to have a dog long time ago, but died of old age I never intend to get another one due to its short life.

I know what you mean. I have had several do. It killed my dogs in my life that I have loved and los and each time it killed my heart each and every time. Part of me wants anther dog, but I just don't know if my husband and I can take that kind of pain again. Our last dog developed advanced kidney failure at 5 years old and we still have no idea why. We had to put her down because she was in great pain. It hurt all of us really badly. Still breaks my heart just thinking about it.

I fully believe your dog would want you to get another dog, rescue one from a shelter and give it the love you would have given him. I understand how hard it is though. I've lost several dogs, most to old age and one to cancer. My Jack, who is 9, is currently suffering from bone cancer. Soon he'll have to be put down, but we're going to do our best to make the best of the time we have with him. We have three other dogs, which I'm thankful for. I couldn't imagine my house without a dog.

Dogs are amazing creatures. They are so cute and friendly. I had several dogs and became really attached to them. When they fall sick or die I have such a difficult time moving on.

Ray, We are in the same delima you are in. I think we are older with some health issues. We love DOGS, but how unfair for the dog. I'm so afraid one of us will be hospitalized or pass ourselves and leave our dog an orphan.

Dogs can be cute when they want to be but yet sometimes they can be vicious also depends on how their owners treat them. I love the heck out of my sisters dogs because they are friendly especially if they know the person

Many dogs are simply protective of their families so if you are a stranger always ask your friend to introduce you to their dog. This isn't a sign of viciousness, just protectiveness, it's what I expect my dogs to do.

i agree dogs are def very protective, i know mine is, my grandparents live next door and sometimes they come in without knocking, he starts growling and barking at him

I love my doggie to death!! He keeps my family and I very entertained. Dogs truly bring happiness to this wold!!

we have 2 pitbulls, one is our dog that weve had since she was 8 months old, the other is my mother in laws. shes also a pitbull, shes 3 . shes staying here for a few months. they are onderful dogs, very hyper though lol love to play

Yes my dog Frenzal is definitely my best friend. Of course he doesn't realise that he is a dog. I have a dog door so he comes and goes as he likes. I love him so much.

I absolutely love my lab. His name is Sundance, and he means the world to me. He shows more love than most humans I know.

dogs are man's bestfriend and it shows love to us even in their way. i like dogs with very shiny and a smooth fur which i most likely to hug.
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