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It is said that dogs are a man’s best friend. They are loving animals kept in the household for companionship. Dogs can be trained to do many things among which is guiding the blind. 

Do you think dogs are good companions?

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i am a big dog lover. i always loved dogs since i was little and i still have lots of love to provide for my two dogs at home now.

I love dogs. I have a miniature poodle that is my family’s dog, but in the future I want to get bigger dogs. Right now, I have 2 kittens so they would have to like cats.

Dogs are Ok, but I prefer cats. The two things bout dogs that drive me nuts are when they jump on me unexpectedly (this bugs me because of my poor balance) and when they bark unexpectedly, like in the echoing lobby of my apartment building. I get that they are just being themselves, and this is why I have a cat. Much quieter! :)

I am a dog lover. We have 3 dogs staying inside the house and 2 of them are sleeping with us in our bedroom. Our dogs are our joy.

Well today tuesday the doggie will have no late night walk. It is cold and windy with a little rain here and there.

Our dogs wouldn't go out of the house when it is raining or when the ground is wet. What we do is bring them inside the garage and roll out old newspapers to be their emergency toilet.

That's interesting. When I was a kid we had a small dog, and she would go out rain or shine. Of course when it was raining she took less time to do her business, but rain, shine, or snow, she always went outside.

My doggie is patielnty waiting for his evening walk. But i do not think there will be a walk this evening. I will h ave him run around in the back yard

Our dog is like that, expecting a joyride every weekend. So when we are at home, our dogs know that it is a weekend and after lunch we should be taking a car ride.

I am more of a cat person but I love watching this dog named Mishka on Youtube:

She a husky who is able to talk just like a trained parrot of myna bird.

My girl Zoe is like my shadow and everybody in my family calls her that. Even when I'm standing in the kitchen doing dishes she is leaning herself against my legs.

That's very sweet of your dog to accompany you in the kitchen. Our smallest dog, Barbie, accompanies me in the kitchen too but for the morsels only, waheehee.

My doggie enjoyed his late night walk today. He does not even walk all he does is smell the grass. but he enjoys it.

I love dogs so much. I want to get a new dog. I wish I could have hundreds, but I will settle for one lol. A big St. Bernard :)

A big dog? It is difficult to take care of a big dog especially if it is affectionate. It can smother you to death. Waheehee, just a joke.

Good morning, after 2 days of no doggie walk he really enjoyed his walk this morning. No rain, great little walk.

my pup feels the same way its been really rainy here and shes been really down about not being able to go out but today she was in all of her glory outside

My doggie is so funny. Sometimes all he wants is to run around the garage, sits and runs around again. And then nap time. Too much exercise I guess.

Our garage is the substitute toilet for our dogs when it is raining. But they won't do their thing unless there are newspapers on the floor.

My doggie is not liking this rainy weather. He had not gone out for a walk since yesterday. It has been too cold to go outside.

i just love dogs, one day i will get a small dog, something fluffy too, maybe one of those pomerians too cute!

and yes i think they are great companions for people, i want one for that very reason they are very loving and friendly to others

Dogs are cute. Dogs are cool. I like dogs. Wow dogs. Sometimes I wish I had more dogs. One time I got a dog.

I love all dogs, they are just so cute and loyal. In my opinion , dogs are one of the best companions . When I grow up, I will rescue as much dogs as possible

i have four fur babies and i love them so much. we can learn do much from them. they dont care your color of your sin if you are rich are poor etc.. also when you are down and you need a friend they are right there.

I agree that we can learn much from dogs. They are like people who can understand our emotions and sometimes they can feel what we feel.

I love all dogs. I wish I could have one or two of my very own but unfortunately my family member I live with is allergic.

Oh, an allergy to fur is the spoiler. My nephew is allergic to fur but they still have 4 dogs inside the house. He had learned to live with the dogs although sometimes he gets allergy attacks.

ohhh gosh i love dogs.... so sweet, adorable, cute, nice, fluffy soft, sometimes stinky :P but i still love them ehehhehehh

i love my dogs i have four and they are my life i always ask people what do you get when you spell dog backwards god
they taught me so much they love you unconditional they love you for who you are they are so happy to be with you

We have 3 dogs but small ones because we cannot afford to care for big dogs due to space considerations.... and food expenses too, waheehee.

I hate big dogs -.- Small dogs are immensely better due to them seeming more intelligent than those dumb dogs

Awww that's not fair. I have met and had some very smart, very sweet, and very cute dogs who were big dogs. I had a German Shepherd Greyhound mix about 10 years ago she was very smart. She was around 55 pounds. I have yet to see any dog smarter than her. Little dogs just seem smarter because they can get away with more. I love all dogs though no matter the size.

I also love small dogs but I don't hate big dogs. For me, any dog is a dog no matter the breed or size. But I really prefer small dogs that I can cuddle.
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