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It is said that dogs are a man’s best friend. They are loving animals kept in the household for companionship. Dogs can be trained to do many things among which is guiding the blind. 

Do you think dogs are good companions?

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Dogs can be wonderful companions. The only one I ever truly connected with was my husbands Chow Mufasa though. He was a gorgeous red Chow Chow and such a sweetheart. He passed away in 20011 though :(

Go dogs woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo

I agree that dogs are wonderful animals! At the same time, do you think that at certain times , they are placed on a higher plane than that of humans?

There are many (scary) people out there who believe ALL animals, not just dogs, are as important if not more important, than humans.

I love my dogs with every fiber of my being. But, I am aware that they are dogs, and not little furry humans that deserve rights such as freedom to do what they want, and other such absurdities.

Dogs are the most loyal animal species. I had surgery recenlty and mine hasn't left my side longer than to go out.

I love dogs. One day I hope to get a husky and i think they are loyal animals. I LOVE THEM

I love dogs and I love my dog so much I don't know what I would do without her she is good to me she listens she does it all shes great

Dogs are awesome I am housesitting for a dear friend of mine this weekend and taking care of her two dogs. They are sitting on my lap They are so precious

Dogs are awesome. I never had a dog growing up and now I am blessed to have two. I have a seven year old and a puppy and the love that is felt from them is amazing.

They are totally man's best friend. We all want a friend who is loyal, has our backs, don't judge when we cry or do anything dumb, don't hold grudges, makes us happy... Everything a dog is!

Dogs are not your pet they are your best freinds. They accept you.... as you are. I have a female labrador dog and I love her.....

Of course they are good companions! I have one dog aged 2 (in December) and I consider it almost like a "brother"! He's so lively and I can't stop kissing him on his cheek when he sleeps so tenderly!

I hear dogs are very very loyal to their owners which is cute. & yes they are good companions they like being pet and they're loyal.

Look, I can see that some of you guys like dogs. It is okay. Nobody is perfect and we all have flaws to work on.


You know what I love most about my dogs? They are pretty straight forward about things, and if they don't like something, they let you know it without making passive aggressive insults on the internet.

I think "bark" is the only word my dog knows. In our conversations, he'll use it as a verb, adjective, proper noun, preposition, or what have you. I'm thinking my dog is just some sort of furry Hodor, only with a slightly smaller pickle and less patience for the handicapped.

My dog only understands roo language, but he can't speak it. He is more of the ruff dialect with a slight woof accent.

I love seeing cute dogs, and yes you can train dog and can be friend. They will make you smile and they are sweet.

I have two puppies. Boy and a girl. I love them so muuuuuch. They're my stress reliever, my solace, my love and my bestfriend. ♡

Where can I can I start, I am madly in love with dogs. They are just super cute. I just want to cuddle with these fury animals 24/7. My fave pups are Pomeranians.

wow... cute little puppy... I really want to have puppy like them. My son will surely love to hug them...

Yes they are really cute Floribel. Your son will instantly fall in love. These pups are really fun and loving. They almost look like a fox.

Nice and cute Puppy is Called SNOOPY. This is look like a big cat. My Daughter is called White Cat

I have 2 dogs. The first is a male 9 year old chihuahua and the other is a 2 year old female puggle. Our dogs are like children and we love them like children.
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