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It is said that dogs are a man’s best friend. They are loving animals kept in the household for companionship. Dogs can be trained to do many things among which is guiding the blind. 

Do you think dogs are good companions?

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I really dislike dogs and have a terrible phobia of them. I used to go walking quite regularly, but I don't any more because the idea that I might have to walk passed one just makes me feel ill. I also often can't visit people I want to if they have a dog. It definitely messes with my life sometimes.

Dogs are not only playful but they are consistent dependable, and predictable. More so than cats. Dogs make a good friend.

Howling with the furkids, its so much fun to watch my eldest pup do his best to get that last howl in and eventually I end up laughing like there's no tomorrow.

My dog wants to run like a race horse. She always pulls on the leash. So this morning I took her out to run loose in the back yard. I hope that makes her calmer for the walk.

I just play a game of chase with mine, she will run like a greyhound and I pretend I am chasing her ... yeah, like I'm going to run after a fast dog HA!! LOL

Dogs make the very best pets and friends. I started my like with a large Shepard. My father owned her when he and mother married. And I have always loved dogs.

I love dogs. I got my dog 4 years ago and it was the best decision of my life. She is part of the family now and so loving

Our dog is also part of our family. We actually have three but one stays outside and the other stays with my father in law most of the time. He seems content there.

I have three dogs; a black Lab/Chow mix, a yellow Lab/Chow mix, and a Jack Russell Terrier/Pekingese mix. They are the best companions anybody could ask for. They're always doing something to put a smile on my face and I love to sit and talk to them.

Ultimately, all dogs are family-friendly, if they're trained to be gentle, housebroken as best-able, and given proper outdoor exposure to help them burn off canine adrenaline. The larger dogs are great for herding children and the tinier dogs are good as comfort animals.

Exactly, Kegan! I have a pitbull/Presa Canario mix, which has a bad reputation in the media for being horribly violent dogs that attack people. I think that has a lot to do with people not understanding the needs of the breed.

i love dogs, i have a cute little pit bull myself lol. hes a puppy so yes he is still cute, he has the most beautiful eyes in the world :)

I like cute little puppies more than the big dogs, The dogs,specially the pet dogs need to have enough care and good food

I like dogs, but quite only big dogs; the small dogs like chihuahua seems to me like small monsters, they are so ugly!

Hello Ilaria, wow, another Italian here :-) Well, I have a little dog but it's not a chihuahua! Anyway, I do prefer little dogs, but I know, big dogs are wonderful, too!

dogs are wonderful companions. In all honesty, I prefer dogs and cats to a lot of people! You never get any judgment or hate from an animal. Just love.

Hello Kate! You know what I think? You're right, I often think that, too! :-) Besides, I don't like people who don't love animals like cats or dogs in their house!

Uhm, okay, dogs can be cool I guess, in some particular cases and all. But have you ever heard of cats?

I love dogs. I never had one growing up but I always wanted one. This puppy is really really cute

I have a dog that just wants to run and run some more. We live right on a pretty busy street though and the house is close to it. It's not a highway or anything but it's still busy. I have a semi fenced back yard and I can let her run around as long as she's supervised. There are dogs on either side and they can put their heads through the fence, so I have to make sure they aren't out. I'd hate for her to get bit! I just took her out for a little run and man did she enjoy it. She ran in circles! I was a bit nervous because we are still cleaning the place up and I didn't want her to get hurt.

My neighbor has three dogs and then is fostering 2 more. She was going to keep one of the fosters but then he was getting into fights with one of her dogs. So she had to put him up for adoption again. Anyway one of her dogs is a bit wonky and had issues. She kept it when it wasn't really adoptable. Well yesterday they left for a few mintues and left the oldest boy who's about 15 to watch the younger too. One of the younger kids let a dog out and it got into a fight with another of their dogs. The older kid tried breaking it up and got bit in the leg. It was very scary. I was just getting out of the shower when my mom told me what happened. I ran over and cleaned the kid up and waited with him till the parents got back. They are putting the dog down today. It's got too many issues and can't be trusted anymore. It's sad but sometimes a dog that was abused can never come back from that. The other dog hopefully will be okay too. The kid needed 3 stitches in that leg. Thank God it wasn't worse. You have to be really careful if you have a wonky dog. Someone could have gotten hurt. Never break up a dog fight. You can literally lose a finger or your own life!

When I was 11 I thing I got attacked by a large Sheppard dog. She, Bella, the dog of my school friend, knew me, but suddenly she attacked me from behind. Since then I'm always on guard with dogs (except they are very small).

I have never been a dog person, I love cats too much and I had a horrible encounter with a German Shepherd when I was a kid. But with the help of my girlfriend and our dog now I seem to have taken a liking to step at a time.

I was actually also attacked by a large German shepherd when I was 12. I was very afraid of them for the longest time. When met my husband he had a German Shepherd and I was actually afraid to go to his house for the first time but she was the sweetest dog you could have ever imagined but yet very protective of the family. We ended up getting a German Shepherd mix as our first dog and she was the best dog ever. Our last dog was also a German Shepherd who loved people but hated other dogs. When it comes to German Shepherds it is all in how they are raised. They are extremely loyal dogs to their owners and are protective, but they can also be very sweet. If however they are raised to be guard dogs and not family dogs they can be pretty dangerous to others outside of their family. Just like any dog really it depends on how they were raised. Pit bulls for instance can be very dangerous but if they are raised the right way they can be the sweetest dogs ever. My sister dog sits a pit bull from time to time and that dog is so sweet it just wants to love and cuddle all the time.

this little guy in the picture is sooo cute. i love puppies so much they are so playful and energetic!

Dogs are so cute! The one in the picture looks amazing! And I do think that they are the best companion!

Nothing gives unconditional love like a dog. The whole rest of the world can be mad at you but the minute you walk in the door your dog will be so happy to see you, like you are the most important person in the world and make you feel loved.
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