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It is said that dogs are a man’s best friend. They are loving animals kept in the household for companionship. Dogs can be trained to do many things among which is guiding the blind. 

Do you think dogs are good companions?

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I hate big dogs -.- Small dogs are immensely better due to them seeming more intelligent than those dumb dogs

Awww that's not fair. I have met and had some very smart, very sweet, and very cute dogs who were big dogs. I had a German Shepherd Greyhound mix about 10 years ago she was very smart. She was around 55 pounds. I have yet to see any dog smarter than her. Little dogs just seem smarter because they can get away with more. I love all dogs though no matter the size.

I like... more like prefer small puppies to other types of dogs. However husky dogs are quit and fluffy too! Most dogs are nice and fluffy. I actually like dogs, as they stick by your side unlike cats. Even though i do not own a dog.

I have 2,they keep me going! I have a 85 labby,and a 4 lb Chi.Lilo is my Chi,and she is definitely the boss. Shadow is so good natured,typical labby,he just puts up with her bossiness.

I'm missing my dog so much today! Honestly seeing her is one of the only reasons why I want to go home for Thanksgiving this week!

I just watched the viral video on the little dog who chased off a potential burglar and it reminded me of something my dog did. My dog a German Shepherd and I had had been out taking a walk. We have a large 6 foot privacy fence to keep people out and our dog in. When the guys come to check the meters they need to knock on the door so we can unlock the gate. We also have a Beware of Dog sign back there so that people don't just walk back there. I am not saying our dog is mean but she is a German Shepherd and will protect her home and family. It is just instinct for them. Anyways this meter reader decided that nobody is home because he knocked on the door and nobody answered. He was right we were not home but were obviously close by. He must have been back there longer than he should have been because I did not see him go back there when we were walking back to our house. So we go in the house and my dog runs to the back door which leads to the back yard. I figured she had to go to the bathroom so I opened the back door and she flew out. Then I heard the growling and someone screaming, "Hey!" My dog did not attack the guy thank goodness but she did have him standing against the house unable to move as she stood there growling at him. He was lucky I heard him yell or I think she would have held them there all day. I came out and saw his credentials and told my dog it was OK and she backed off. I was so proud of her for protecting without harming. I told the guy that Beware of Dog signs were there for a reason and unless he had an owners OK to go back there he probably shouldn't. He was lucky she just held him and didn't attack him.

I absolutely love dogs. We've always had at least one as a member of our family and right now in my weird living situation there is a total of six of them. I call them our furry kids.

dog's are the best pet you can own in my opion.i own 2 and they are my best freinds.i also like dogs that are good around kids like mine are.

All of our dogs are great around kids. My daughter and my son both have one of their own that they got when they were five years old and their dogs really are their best friends.

I think dogs are just vicious man-eaters. I dont see how anybody could like dogs. I will never like dogs.

Lol are you thinking about Wolves are the dog off that Stephen King movie? Anybody remember the name of that movie?

Ha ha you think your so funny don't you. I'm not joking or smiling what I said is true. And I don't want you making fun of me about.

We have a Shitzu dog and she was given by the owner of the company I'm working on. She is very cute and cuddly!

Love dogs especially Golden retrievers that truly are mans(and woman's haha) best friends! Never had a cat and dont plan too!

Dogs are so cute. They are just so sweet and lovable. They just love seeing their owners come home after a long day of work

I love my dogs, I have 4. 2 Doxies, a pit bull, and a Malinois.
My pals and I are thinking of starting a dog breeding business, you guys think its a good idea?

Wow...I just love dogs. They are not just man's best friend they are ladies best friends I will never forget when I was working and a lady called my desk and asked if I knew anyone wanted a doberman...without thinking I said "I Do". I was driving a little subaru at the time and I was told the dog was still a puppy. So I am thinking that would be cool to have a puppy doberman. Yeah right, when she brought me the dog...I was scared to death because I use to hear how bad Dobermans were....This dog was huge...and her name was Shasta...Everytime the dog would open her mouth...I just knew while I was driving this dog was going to bite me...anyway got the dog home and I was able to train her....She was my best friend....

I am a person who really hate dogs. I am afraid of them. I dont want to see dogs around our house.

I am a dog lover and think mine are wonderful companions. It's always nice to come home and have somebody so excited to see you they are wagging and jumping all over. My black lab just turned 12 and we are hoping he is with us for a few more years, it will break my heart to lose him.

I hope you have more years with him as well. We had a dog that lived to be 15 although the last 6 months were pretty rough. Unfortunately our last dog developed end stage kidney disease and we had to put her down she was only 5 it was heartbreaking. We still don't know why she got sick like that. She had her annual exam that August and everything was good by November her kidneys were failing beyond the point of treatment. I love dogs too but that was so painful I don't know if we can handle something like that again. Sorry I didn't mean to bring the mood down.

I used to have a dog then he got away and never was able to find him I searched and searched I went to the humane society and contacted all the shelters around and never was able to find him Hope he is with a happy home Breaks my heart

That is sad. Probably someone did steal him from you. I hope that he did get a good and happy home also. It's hard not knowing. A similar thing happened to me a long time ago.

I love my dogs so much! I have an Australian Shepherd which such a furry back I always have to trim it so he stays clean, haha. But he's such a cute dog, I still consider him to be my puppy even though he's gonna be 3 soon.

Australian shepherds are great dogs! My uncle has one and I used to dogsit for my neighbor who had an Aussie. They are sweet and loving and smart!

Took my afternoon walk earlier today. The doggie needed a walk before we left the house. he always enjoys his walks like always.

Dogs can be wonderful companions. The only one I ever truly connected with was my husbands Chow Mufasa though. He was a gorgeous red Chow Chow and such a sweetheart. He passed away in 20011 though :(

Go dogs woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo
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