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this is my new favorite show my favorite person is Si

My cousins son works there with them. He is suppose to be in tomorrow night episode. His name is Andrew. And he is tall and I think bald right now.

This is one of the funniest new shows that anyone can watch

I agree Carla. My husband and I watched it for the first time last night. So very funny.

This is one reality TV show that I really enjoy watching (none of the others) I feel like they have good morals and that they are a close family. I love all of the things that they get in to as well.

I love this show, even though I know it's not totally real. They follow a guideline of what to talk about and do, but they really are funny guys.

hub and i enjoy watchin duck dynasty too. their back woods ideas and ect are intrusting. hope the show stays in place

Does anyone here watch this? This company is up north Louisiana the state I am from. They are hilarious!!!

I love the guys ,the best show on we cant wait

Si rocks. They are all hilarious. When I saw the previews, I would have never thought it would be my kind of show but I watched it once and got addicted!

I laugh every time I watch this show, and they are christians

I absolutely love this show! It's nice to see a family that still holds on to their values, even with great success. I think the best part of the show, besides Uncle Si, is always the end scene where they gather for dinner as a family. Their children are very fortunate to grow up in that setting :)

this show makes me smile real people and money hasnt changed them a bit

This is a great show for the whole family. It is funny and sweet.

I love to watch this show it is so funny!!

This is truely a refreshing, and funny show that you can watch with ANYONE without the fear of any inappropriate content. HEY! Especially Si!!

Definitely a feel good show. Makes me laugh out loud. Love the Robertson family!

love the show, honest and open and pure country

This is Si-intistic stuff!

new favorite show... put off watching it..because well..I thought it would be another dumb reality show.. it turns out I love it!!!

The beards are back, baby!!! =D =D

These guys are going to be here in November for a book signing and meet and greet. I can't wait. The only problem I have is picking which one to attend.

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