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Mary-Elizabeth Bandow
I may not agree with what Phil said, but I defend his right to say it. A&E learned nothing from The Dog firing a few years ago, did they? Phil was being interviewed by a totally difference media medium and had every right to answer the questions honestly. On the show, he doesn't orate on certain beliefs in respect to his contract. I love the show and am proud to see that the Robertson family is standing united behind the patriarch. And as for GLAAD, aren't you over reacting just a tad? You know how a good portion of the populace of the USA feel, you should have grown a thick skin by now. Phil, at least from what I've read and seen, doesn't shy away from LGBT community and doesn't discriminate against them. Religion is a strong family base, and unfortunately has let down the LGBT community. But as you have asked for acceptance and understanding, shouldn't you also practice the same?
Robert Schumacher
this is realy well said
Mike Ruth
I thought GLAADs comments to this were ridiculous.
April Carter
I agree Mary-Elizabeth, I too love the show & feel that Phil has the right to his opinion, if you take a look at the actual interview tho his comment wasnt exactly what everyone made it out to be, the interviewer asked what he considered a sin, he answered, I think we all have our own idea of what sin is and isnt and if asked we share it. Personally I support gay rights and have many gay friends who I love, I am a Christian, and love the show.
Chantel Shoemaker
I agree with you April, it is his right to say what he feels, especially since they asked him his opinion on it in the first place. It isnt like he was walking around just bad mouthing homosexuals, he was asked him thoughts on it and he said how he felt. There is no wrong in that. But I do see wrong in suspending someone from their tv show for saying how they feel and what they believe.
April Carter
I do too Chantel, it would be different if he said something like that on the show or at an A&E sponsored event. The questions before and after the "big one" that started all this drama had nothing to do with the show either. I dont think he intended to discriminate. The interviewer asked him what he considered to be a sin & he answered homosexuality along with many other things he considered sin. If he had said lying or stealing would all the liars & thieves be in an uproar? I think not. I dont even agree that homosexuality is a sin, but thats my opinion & I have my right to it just like Phil. Discrimination is never okay, but in the interview Phil went on to say he loved everyone and believed that everyone should be treated equally and fairly with love. You can find the interview in its entirety online.
Chantel Shoemaker
I watched/read the interview and I saw nothing wrong with what he said. I myself have no problem with homosexuals either, to each their own. But I do believe it is not our place to judge anyone or their lifestyles, if they love each other then who cares, let them love each other! Lol this whole crazy uproar makes no sense to me at all, its ridiculous. He wasnt discriminating, he was simply sharing his beliefs like he was asked to.
Robert Schumacher
i think its awfull that a and e should try to tell phill what to think, hes an american has a rite to his opinion and id fight to my deathe for his rite to his opinion weather i agreed or not with that opinion
Rhonda Hawkins
Did everyone forget our Freedom of Speech?
Mme H
I can understand the fact that some people don't watch Duck Dynasty because they aren't into hunting, but why bash a family with great morals and a love for God?
Chantel Shoemaker
I have been wondering the same thing, I do not understand why they bash the family....they have strong work ethic; built their industry from the ground up. Very close family, morals, and strong religion. I think its amazing.
Debbie Goodwin
His family was not being bashed for a having a love for God. Phil was being bashed for his hateful ignorant remarks. He also recommends marrying girls before they turn 16 because all they do then is take your money. He compared homosexuality to **** and pedophillia which is simple ignorance. He insulted blacks who have fought so hard to be accepted with saying "they were all happy, happy, happy picking cotton before handouts". He had his right to voice his opinion and A&F had a right to suspend him as his employer. As far as I am concerned he is no better than the quacks from Westboro Baptist Church.
Debbie Goodwin
The bible says nothing about pedopilla. Jesus never said anything about homosexuality.
Chantel Shoemaker
I am not against homosexuality but I will argue with that all day....
1 Corinthians 7:2
But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband.

Leviticus 20:13
If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them

And a few seem to be a big fan of Google so try looking that up instead of just what you want to see.
Debbie Goodwin
But those are not words that Jesus said. The bible is written by man and has been translated to many times to count. People are constantly using it and twisting verses and books to say what they want it to say.
Debbie Goodwin
Words that condemn and separate rather than love and accept do not a happy society make. Judgement should be left to God. And my God would never make a person gay and then condemn them to hell. My God has one rule and that is to love one another. But there seem to be a lot of people out there who think it is their job to judge people who are different from them and keep them from having the few rights that we have left. If we could just get these people to go after congress for the laws they break our nation might survive. But they seem to be too worried about who loves who to worry about the fact that they are losing all of their freedoms
Chantel Shoemaker
Best part about your comment "There seem to be a lot of people out there who think it is their job to judge people" Is that really coming from the same person that has done nothing but bash this man throughout this entire thread? Seriously?
Marcela A.
I saw on some celebrity news show that some kid gave an interview and said the name of the celebrities that had introduced him to marihuana, the hosts aplauded his decision to tell the world about that, they said he was so brave and cool, they talked about it was good for kids to be brave and tell the truth and do whatever they wanted specially when they were in the transition from being teenagers to young adults...I was really shocked, that was not a good thing and he gets to be the cool brave kid for being a drug addict? Now, this man (being totally ambushed by the reporter btw) entitled to his own beliefs and christian values says what he thinks with a solid and clear based on the Bible and he gets all this negative comments and harassing from the media and haters? I guess we really live in a world that there is no good or bad, only the good that will sell news and destroy lives and the bad that is "cool", shame on A&E.
Robert Schumacher
i think youve got it
April Carter
great post Marcela! I totally agree with you
Chantel Shoemaker
Couldnt have said it better myself, I completely agree.
Debbie Goodwin
They are total frauds. All of the boys were want to be yuppies prior to the show. Phil is a former English teacher that hold s an associates degree in physical education and a masters degree in education. Yet they very simply sold out for cash. Not due to any "Christian" beliefs but in spite of. In stating that pre civil rights all of the blacks where happy hoeing in the fields and comparing homosexuality to **** and murderers he only showed his ignorance. Extreme. Christians are no better than extreme Muslims.
April Carter
Debbie, where did you get your information? I would like to check it out for myself.
Debbie Goodwin
Which comment is that KennethMelissa Cody? Comparing extreme Christians to extreme Muslims?
Debbie Goodwin
I found out with a little research on the internet. Phil went to college and played football. After college he taught 10th grade English in Arkansas for several years during which he was drinking and partying all the time. He left the school system and managed a bar and had a big problem with drinking and partying all the time. Even though he was married and had 3 boys at home. He accused his wife of cheating and she left him and took the boys after 3 months she introduced him to a pastor and he found religion.
Chantel Shoemaker
Ok he has admitted to having a drinking problem before and that he wasnt the best of dads and that it took Kay leaving to make him realize his life was falling apart and he found God.....a man turned his life around and found religion, please explain how that is a bad thing. Everyone makes mistakes, he did everything he could to fix his wrongs.
April Carter
If you are holding the fact that he made mistakes against him then we can assume that you yourself are perfect and never made a mistake? Sometimes it takes great error in life to force us which path we want to walk & personally I applaud Phil for choosing the right path, no matter how he traveled to get there. & As a Christian I also know that no one is free from sin. As for him going to college, why are you surprised? Because he is from the South? Is a redneck? Hunts? Is not always grammatically correct? Wears camouflage? Has a beard? Or is it because he founded a company that has became a huge success? I am confused! I can say that the majority of those things are true in my life, I am from the South, have my redneck moments, own a few camouflage items, not always grammatically correct, & often serve wild game at my dinner table. And guess what?? I have 2 degrees & currently working on my masters!
Debbie Goodwin
Oh know the fact that he made mistakes and is now "forgiven" is not my problem with him. My problem is with the fact that they put themselves forth as these backwoods rednecks who are true to who they are when in fact they are nothing but money hungry folks who put on the redneck image and sold out. Go check out before and after pictures of them all. All of the boys were wanna be yuppies. Phil preachers about you shouldn't marry a girl after she is 20, you need to get them when they are 16 or younger. He is no better than the lunatics from Westboro Baptist Church..
Chantel Shoemaker
Money hungry? Phil started that industry and they built it from the ground up and worked their butts off getting where they are today, they deserve the money they worked so hard for. I think you read a lot on the internet and not everything you read on the internet is true. And the "redneck" appearance is who they are, its not fake, they are 100% country folks who went from nothing to something. So they werent born with beards, that makes them fake? Lol! The beards are fun, it is something they came up with and went with. I know a lot of people who didnt have beards in high school but as they grew up they grew them..I dont think that makes them fake. And comparing them to WBC...I dont even have a comment to that bc I dont see how you can even compare the two.
Courtney Shoemaker
Sorry Debbie but I cant help read your comment and compare it to Phil's. Just like him, you ( to pharaphrase) "have every right to voice your opinion and ignorance is ignorance".. I come from a long line of both educated and uneducated rednecks. Beards, firearms, camo wearing, rednecks WHO have made it well in this world. They are outspoken and unaplogic in thier beliefs they say what they believe and just because they say it they are not hateful, just honest. Mr Robertson did not say that he hates these people, that they should be wiped off the face of the earth, locked up for life, He just stated that his belief on the subjects. Im not sure if you have actually read the whole "interview" or just saying what you have "seen/heard" about what others saying. I will insert a link to the actual "interview" but to me I dont see someone saying anything but his beliefs (in this country) is wrong. I find that the interviewer, in this case, made way too many personal comments and observation to make it a worth while newsworthy or note worthy read. It looked to me more llike someone not trying to give insightful information but someone trying to make someone look as badly as they could. Here is the link as promised..... link
Maria Garcia
This is my favorite show! They have such good values and morals... they are 100% real and are good people
April Carter
I agree with you completely, they are good people with great morals & values, there should be more shows on the air that emphasize these traits
Tosha Lynn
Ducky Dynasty will always remain in my house.. i love the show its one of the few i watch... my husband agrees :)
Rhonda Hawkins
We will always watch it here
Sue Bushey Shaw
We love this show, what other show has a family that prays at the end of it? It has wonderful Christian values and I appreciate what they stand for.
Mme H
IKR and I also appreciate the fact that Phil doesn't shy away from his sinful past, giving God the glory.
Ed Jarosz
Duck Dynasty is one of the few decent family shows on tv.
Derek Lagos
this is my new favorite show my favorite person is Si
Bonnie Cole
My cousins son works there with them. He is suppose to be in tomorrow night episode. His name is Andrew. And he is tall and I think bald right now.
Carla Hight
This is one of the funniest new shows that anyone can watch
Laura Riley
I agree Carla. My husband and I watched it for the first time last night. So very funny.
Kim Bennett
this show makes me smile real people and money hasnt changed them a bit
Shannan Robeton
I can't believe Holly Wood hasn't completely changed these people yet.It show's that you can be a star of a show and still be normal and live an honest wholesome life.I love how they have stayed the same despite their star status.
Kelley Ablett DeBettencourt
This is a great show for the whole family. It is funny and sweet.
Shannan Robeton
I agree with that,I think this is such a charming show.They are good role models more people on t.v. should take their lead and start making more wholesome show's like this.
Stephanie Toler-Tice
This is truely a refreshing, and funny show that you can watch with ANYONE without the fear of any inappropriate content. HEY! Especially Si!!
Shannan Robeton
I love watching this show with my family.It's awesome to watch a family show for a change on t.v. instead of telling the kids they need to go in the other room because something is bad for them to watch.
Belinda Clute
Definitely a feel good show. Makes me laugh out loud. Love the Robertson family!
Shannan Robeton
Me too! That's a rare thing for me,because there is not a lot of show's on t.v. that I care for.
Sandra Moore
love the show, honest and open and pure country
Joe Hall
This is Si-intistic stuff!
Michele Perry
new favorite show... put off watching it..because well..I thought it would be another dumb reality show.. it turns out I love it!!!
Danielle Mercy
The beards are back, baby!!! =D =D
Mary Butler
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