Enough Said
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When I saw this at the movies the lady next to me kept crying because it was James Gandolfini's last movie.

I watched this movie Enough Said and I would say it was Ok at the best, but because of James death in Italy we will not see him again. Very sad.

I watched this movie a while back. It wasnt great but it wasnt bad either. It was a decent way to kill a little time if nothing else.

I saw previews of it, thought it looked interesting, but just never got around to seeing it, which is too bad, and I haven't heard anyone really talking about it

I didn't see it, but my wife like this movie. To me it just seemed like a boring drama. I like action flicks best.

This movie ends too abruptly for me.

I enjoyed this movie. It's full of awkward humour and would really appeal to the over 40's market. It's not soo slow and you do feel for the characters in it.
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