Female Genital Mutilation
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Also referred to as female circumcision, female genital mutilation refers to procedures involving intentional partial or total removal of the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. It is completely unnecessary, it is an illegal practice causing significant physical, mental and emotional harm. 

Why do you think this is still done in some cultures?
Marcy Machen
I have read some about this in backward countries it has been a practice there for so many centuries and is still practiced as to why I don't recall.
Amalthea Darling
Female Genital Mutilation is a crime against humanity. Some of these victims will never be able to experience sexual pleasure or normal genital functioning again...
Mary Schenewerk
This topic make me very angry. There is no reason to mutilate anyone's genitalia. Those who do such unhumanly acts deserve to be jailed. I think some cultures do it to show the woman who is in charge.
Payton Aquino
I had no idea this existed! How is this even possible? Why would someone do such a thing? I feel when someone is born they should be left the way they are, it should be their choice and nobody else's.
Rachel B.
Um, I didn't know this existed. I thought it was only boys with the circumcising. The hospital I had my sons at told me reasons why a baby boys gets circumcised which had to do with cleanliness and some cultures believe in it. But female circumcision is new to me.
Francine Heykoop
I think there is a big time lack of knowledge on the subject for those people that does mutilation. They think that they do those women a favor I guess, but what a bunch of nuts.
Colene Pefley
This makes me just want to throw up! I don't know how any culture can embrace this as part of their heritage! Harming girls like that should be punishable by death!
Morgan Barker
Female Genital Mutilation is more severe than Male Circumcision, I can agree there. But the point still stands: should we allow male circumcision just because it's less damaging?

They're both horrible things. Neither of them deserve to be around, and I hate that they are.
Mary Schenewerk
Neither is acceptable. I was told that circumcision for boys was to stop diseases. I didn't circumcise my son. He never had an issue and he's 30 years old.
Lewis Medeiros
That was somewhat true in old times when hygiene standards weren't as high, but in modern times circumcision doesn't do much that regular bathing won't also do.
In many traditional societies where circumcision is practiced, it is not limited to a single gender. It is considered a rite of passage, a signal to the society that a boy has become a man and a girl has become a woman.
During recovery from circumcision the child or young adult is taken from their family home and housed separately, and from then on will be educated in the matters of adulthood
Kayla Gregory
This is a terrible thing. I remember reading a book where it talked about African girls (that were taken during the wars and made into prostitutes) and this happening to them. FGM really messes everything up and makes intercourse anything but pleasant. The people this has happened to!!
Janet Elder
Wow, I must live under a rock because I have never heard of this before today. A female circumcision? What are people thinking? How can they do this to any woman or girl? I have no clue as to why someone would choose to do this to another human being, it is so wrong on all accounts!
Kate Sander
I've read all the comments/view points and found them all interesting, I myself do think that this is wrong. Having said that, male mutilation/circumcision is wrong too in my opinion.
Sandra Lord
In various cultures, it is done to prevent women from cheating and so that they will not enjoy sex. I personally believe that female genital mutilation is wrong. It is like a torture. A woman has to live the rest of her life like that.
I feel that male circumcision is a different story. It should be done while at the hospital, soon after birth. This ensures that the male will not have a difficult time in personal hygiene.
I would advocate the use of some kind of local anesthetic
when it is performed on a baby.
Brass Knucks Barb
These women that go though this have my heart. They are often held down and have this done to them and its heartbreaking. Any age is a victim where this goes on too. I hope there can be a stop to this.
Sydney Olivarez
Sooo, it's illegal to cut off a females genitals but not a males? what's the difference? News flash people.. There isn't one and this isn't the 1800's anymore stop circumcising your babies.
Amy Ayn
I agree, I think both are horrible and a violation of children's basic human rights when its done. If someone chooses as an adult to undergo such a painful procedure, then that is their choice. Cutting off parts of infant girls AND boys bodies is a crime!
Debra Meilahn
I have seen programs about this and what the girls go through is horrible. I can not believe in this day in age that it is still around.
Mary Kirkland
This is so disgusting and sometimes I cannot believe that this still goes on. I have a problem with male circumcision as well which is why I talked my daughter out of having her son circumcised.
Sherry Clary
I didn't want my son circumcised but my husband insisted. His reasoning was that his son wasn't going to stand out in the school bathroom.
Morgan Barker
I'm confused as to why everyone thinks this is a horrible, disgusting thing (Don't get me wrong, it is), but think that male genital mutilation isn't...
Lauren Andrews
There needs to be stronger protections for american citizens taken abroad to their home countries for the procedure.

Middle eastern and African descent teenagers who currently live in or are CITIZENS of the Unites States are taken out of the country by their families for "vacation" and while there, are 'operated' on.

That's what **** me off more than anything.
Sandra Lord
That is sooo horrible that is done to the teens like that. They think that they are going on a vacation and then are mutilated there. Citizens of the united states, too. The horror and pain that they have to go through...i cannot even imagine.
Colene Pefley
I HATE that extremists compare female circumcision to male circumcision. I don't think either should be socially acceptable, but cutting off a piece of foreskin is different than cutting OFF a ****, ****, and in some cases, sewing the **** shut. It is horrible, and makes it impossible to ever enjoy sex. Makes me cry just thinking about it. Why does anyone think it is ok to mutilate a human being's genitalia in the first place?
Colene Pefley
I don't understand why there is a subject called "female genital mutilation" and you can't even use the proper, medical terms for body parts. Those words aren't dirty, they are scientific!
Morgan Barker
Perhaps male circumcision is of a lesser severity but other than that how do they differ? They're both genital mutilation, there's no denying that.
Could you possibly expand on your feelings, I would love to hear more about how you feel about this topic.
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