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One of the last European regions to be Christianised in the 12th century, it’s been an independent country since 1918. The most famous person in the world, Santa Clause, has chosen Finland as his home and resides in the province of Lapland, near the town of Rovaniemi. The capital of Finland is Helsinki, Finish and Swedish are official languages and the currency is the Euro. It has 1.8 million saunas; it’s the only country in the world broadcasting news in Latin; it’s where the company Nokia was founded; a great place to enjoy the Northern Lights in winter and the Midnight 

Sun in summer. Is it possible that Finland has over 188,000 lakes with 98,000 islands? View more

it seem to be a great region, i wish i could visite it someday. maybe in the futur i will ^^

I would love to visit Finland. I would love even more to move there. It is one of the best countries in the world in terms of quality of life issues.

I love Finland, I would like to know this place, because the landscape is amazing and perfect. My favorite metal bands are from Finland, other great reason to know this country.

We really have many great metal bands here in Finland. Lucky me when I live here. This is beautiful country too, but dark most time of the year, maybe that is the reason why we have that many great metal bands.
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