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Frugal living is practiced by those whose aim is to have more money and cut expenses. It’s a way of living smarter and better money management. 

Have you unlocked the world of possibilities with frugal living?

So last night after i pisted here snd the chatabout forum i went on hunt for receipt to cash apps. You know scan receipts earn points or cash. At one point I had 7. I am down to 4. All that are stable and eork with where i shop and what i buy. If anyone is interested in getting back money try ibotta, receipt hog, checkout51, snap. Others are ReceiptPal, mobisave, and a few others. Google receipt to cas apps for a listing on Google play. Aside from buying frugal why not reap the benefit if a piece of paper.

I've had an awful time with Snap, I gave up. Every time I'd see a rebate, I'd go to the store buy it and ti was gone before I was able to submit it. Ibotta and Checkout 51 are great. I also recommend SavingStar and Cartwheel if you shop at Target.

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I am more frugal than hubby and daughter. If they have money in their pocket they have to spend it. I on yhe other hand dont. Whats frustrating is i get blamed fir spending. I dont leave the house except to get groceries once or twice a month. I don't buy clothes excrot when i need them. I dont buy crafting supplies or makeup. I became this way because i get blamed for spending money. So how can i spend when i dont go out dont have internet and have no access to funds. I just stay at home and craft. Then what little i do make freelance writing couponing refundung etc all of a sudden we need to pay bills. Talk about frugal

I need to start living more frugally and saving more money. It's hard when my weekly salary isn't high, but I need to get better about doing it.

Having a small salary is the perfect reason to start living frugal. That is the whole point of it. Set a budget, meal plan and know how much things cost in your store. I don't use coupons in our local stores, because it doesn't help. Our stores aren't the best to coupon at and I end up spending more money buying name brand with coupons than I do to buy generic. I hit up clearance sales. I really like Target for the best sales. It is easier for me to coupon here and at Walgreens when I go into either store and if it is for products I actually use and need. I am not going to just buy something to have it.

I'm lucky in that I don't have to pay for food and housing, as I'm an au pair and have that paid for by my employers/the family I take care of. But I do need to save money for a plane ride either from Australia to back home, in the US, or to wherever I decide to live next.

I need to start living frugally. I spend too much money on things that aren't a necessity. I am now trying to save big time but have left things to the last minute.

My number one rule is: paying bills comes before anything else. I actually enjoy the challenge of living on a budget. I do get to kick up my heels once in awhile, but only after the essentials are out of the way.

Although I try to stick to a budget I am often tempted to splurge. There are many many websites that will pay you in gift cards or free samples. There are too many to mention here but they do exist. Some sites aren't worth the time and energy but I've earned lots of free stuff from these sites.

I am very very frugal with my money. I check the account constantly on what we spend and on what we should cut back on. I just try to make sure I can pay all the bills and provide for the family before I spend money on me. It's hard sometimes yes but it's worth it for the most part.

I find cheaper eating when I make meal by myself from small amount of vegetables or fruits , when I know what I prepare I feel a little bit calm about my health

I wish frugal and healthy living were possible to do at the same time. It only seems like you can have very little money and be healthy or, horde money and, live off of fast food.

I find it more expensive to eat fast food then to cook a healthy meal at home.
Also, a bag of apples cost the same as a bag of chips most times.

I also find it costs more to eat healthy. We rarely eat out because its cheaper to eat at home and we usually cant spare the money for fast food or take out. The big problem for me is that we live more than 20 miles from the nearest grocery store and are low income so we cant afford to make a weekly trip into town for groceries. That makes eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies difficult because they would only go bad before we could get them all ate up. I will buy some fresh things when I go to the store but have to watch what I buy. It really is cheaper to eat a bologna sandwich with a handful of potato chips then it is to make a salad (or something equally healthy) at lunch.

We usually run pretty frugal, however, now that we are really trying to put 7000. dollars together we are giving out money just one more squeeze. Eating what's in the kitchen and doing without. My poor hubby has even given up using pert shampoo, and is using generic. OH MY !!!

I work in office buildings at night and bring home there stale coffee for me to drink (hubby won't he says' it's to nasty) I also eat there stale doughnuts, there not bad if you put them in the freezer for a little while then nuke them until just warm. He thinks I've gone over to the dark side. I'm just trying to get him to see how bad things could really get if he doesn't quit spending money.

I am going off to college in less than a month so I guess I have to live frugally since I will be on my own.

It must be nice to be able to seond money without budgeting but I know lots of people soend money they dont have yet in the form of using credit cards. I prefer to use cash instead. At least that way I know if there is no money I dont need it right away or I can wait until the next paycheck.

It's really hard in this economy especially when you are on a fixed income I always go to the grocery store early morning to pick up reduced meat it just as good just have to freeze it

When I go to Foodland I always check out their discount bins first thing - sometimes I find some really good stuff in there. The Kroger I shop at sometimes always has a cart with discount bread in it, I look for it every time I stop at Kroger.

If anyone has any advice on that one please let me know because this economy is killing me. I watched a show once where people lived on a tight budget. One guy was able to pay for his child's college by putting change in a jar and later depositing this into a bank account. So cool. Wonder if anyone could do that now.

I think that I'm honestly going to do the frugal living thing lol because I'm spending way much more money than I should lol

dont we all? lol. i know i spend more money than i really should sometimes. i am trying to cut back on all the eating out and shopping right now so i can save up some money

I am retired but still know how much I can spend and on what. I give myself an allowance and if I spend it then I wait til my next check to buy anything else and I always put some money in the bank for savings.

Absolutely. I make it a point to put a set amount of money into my savings account! I budget it in so I'm not scrimping for money to put into savings - it's already in my budget. When I can, I put extra in, but there's always that one set amount that will go into it regardless.

Does anyone have discount grocery stores in their town? We had one where i used to live. They sold all the organic stuff no one bought at the regular grocery store for really cheap.

I think we do but I have never been there. I'll have to try going there. I wish that things would get better here and we could get a break. I feel bad for the future of the next generation also. I guess they will have to figure something out just like this generation is having to do.

W have a discount store in our town where I get a lot of my canned goods and packaged items like pastas and snack items for my daughter.. Unfortunately they don't have produce there, because I would love to buy that there as well.

I live on a disability income, but spend too much money on shopping at thrift stores. I often spend my food money on thrifting and ask my mom to give me money for groceries. Now I have returned to online shopping. I would like to take violin and ballet lessons in September. How can I still have money for shopping???

You need to separate your money into different piles. Thrift store, utilities, groceries and so on. I have the problem with the allowance I give myself. I now separate it in half so it last for the two weeks. Gas money the same way that way I know what I can spend.

I am currently living a frugal lifestyle since I got laid off from my job. I am searching for a better job while I am freelance writing through my blog and gig websites.

im sorry to hear you got laid off. i know the job market is a hard thing to try to get back into these days. good for you for trying to keep doing something in the mean time though. i love to write as well but it is hard to find a good site to work through sometimes

Thanks, both of you. I write through and I am doing a decent job maintaining my financial needs.

True, I was never a reckless spender to be honest. Fortunately I completed an interview yesterday and I am waiting for my results for the rest of today and tomorrow. I am still working on my next article on GhostBloggers.

Good luck to you on the job hunt! It's good that you are continuing with your freelance writing while you are looking for a job and not getting as discouraged as you could be :)

Thanks for the support, I need it. I recently have a part time job at a local warehouse so I can earn more money for my living essentials as well as maintaining a blog.
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