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Frugal living is practiced by those whose aim is to have more money and cut expenses. It’s a way of living smarter and better money management. 

Have you unlocked the world of possibilities with frugal living?

I am very very frugal with my money. I check the account constantly on what we spend and on what we should cut back on. I just try to make sure I can pay all the bills and provide for the family before I spend money on me. It's hard sometimes yes but it's worth it for the most part.

I'm really working on this one. I've been trying to watch things that teach how to use things around the house in ways they were no originally intended. The flip side however is I'm finding there's a fine line between being frugal and hoarding.

I find cheaper eating when I make meal by myself from small amount of vegetables or fruits , when I know what I prepare I feel a little bit calm about my health

making most meals at home is way healthier than eating out, especially when its fast food! And of course, it's much much cheaper!

I wish frugal and healthy living were possible to do at the same time. It only seems like you can have very little money and be healthy or, horde money and, live off of fast food.

I find it cheaper to eat healthy! Making things from scratch is healthier & cheaper if you shop the sales. Aldi's gluten free & organic products help ,make it easier too

I find it more expensive to eat fast food then to cook a healthy meal at home.
Also, a bag of apples cost the same as a bag of chips most times.

I also find it costs more to eat healthy. We rarely eat out because its cheaper to eat at home and we usually cant spare the money for fast food or take out. The big problem for me is that we live more than 20 miles from the nearest grocery store and are low income so we cant afford to make a weekly trip into town for groceries. That makes eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies difficult because they would only go bad before we could get them all ate up. I will buy some fresh things when I go to the store but have to watch what I buy. It really is cheaper to eat a bologna sandwich with a handful of potato chips then it is to make a salad (or something equally healthy) at lunch.

We usually run pretty frugal, however, now that we are really trying to put 7000. dollars together we are giving out money just one more squeeze. Eating what's in the kitchen and doing without. My poor hubby has even given up using pert shampoo, and is using generic. OH MY !!!

It's always hard giving up your favorite things. I officially have given up my coffee's for at home versions, and it hurts, since it's my only vice.

I work in office buildings at night and bring home there stale coffee for me to drink (hubby won't he says' it's to nasty) I also eat there stale doughnuts, there not bad if you put them in the freezer for a little while then nuke them until just warm. He thinks I've gone over to the dark side. I'm just trying to get him to see how bad things could really get if he doesn't quit spending money.

I am going off to college in less than a month so I guess I have to live frugally since I will be on my own.

My sister is in college right now, and she's given herself a $25 food budget (Since she lives off campus) there's actually a blog called the $25 grocery basket that I turned her on to!

It must be nice to be able to seond money without budgeting but I know lots of people soend money they dont have yet in the form of using credit cards. I prefer to use cash instead. At least that way I know if there is no money I dont need it right away or I can wait until the next paycheck.

I use my Credit Card for the rewards (and to help build my credit), but I take the money I spent on it out of checking and into my savings so i can pay it off at the end of the month.

It's really hard in this economy especially when you are on a fixed income I always go to the grocery store early morning to pick up reduced meat it just as good just have to freeze it

When I go to Foodland I always check out their discount bins first thing - sometimes I find some really good stuff in there. The Kroger I shop at sometimes always has a cart with discount bread in it, I look for it every time I stop at Kroger.

One can make a list of needs and wants. Wants are only imaginary needs. So, after spending on the needs, one can go for wants.

If anyone has any advice on that one please let me know because this economy is killing me. I watched a show once where people lived on a tight budget. One guy was able to pay for his child's college by putting change in a jar and later depositing this into a bank account. So cool. Wonder if anyone could do that now.

I think that I'm honestly going to do the frugal living thing lol because I'm spending way much more money than I should lol

dont we all? lol. i know i spend more money than i really should sometimes. i am trying to cut back on all the eating out and shopping right now so i can save up some money

I think that's a problem everyone has. We definitely live in a consumer driven world, and I know I'm very guilty of buying things that I don't need. lol

I am retired but still know how much I can spend and on what. I give myself an allowance and if I spend it then I wait til my next check to buy anything else and I always put some money in the bank for savings.

Absolutely. I make it a point to put a set amount of money into my savings account! I budget it in so I'm not scrimping for money to put into savings - it's already in my budget. When I can, I put extra in, but there's always that one set amount that will go into it regardless.

I guess that this is a good way to live especially with the conditions of our society today. If we can do this, we will be able to also save for the future.

Does anyone have discount grocery stores in their town? We had one where i used to live. They sold all the organic stuff no one bought at the regular grocery store for really cheap.

I think we do but I have never been there. I'll have to try going there. I wish that things would get better here and we could get a break. I feel bad for the future of the next generation also. I guess they will have to figure something out just like this generation is having to do.

I live on a disability income, but spend too much money on shopping at thrift stores. I often spend my food money on thrifting and ask my mom to give me money for groceries. Now I have returned to online shopping. I would like to take violin and ballet lessons in September. How can I still have money for shopping???

You need to separate your money into different piles. Thrift store, utilities, groceries and so on. I have the problem with the allowance I give myself. I now separate it in half so it last for the two weeks. Gas money the same way that way I know what I can spend.

I definitely should look for some of these on Pinterest! I am quite poor and they really do help for that.

Pinterest has a ton of tips! I've learned a lot of tricks there that have helped us save some money. It's also a great resource for recipes if you have items you want to use up/repurpose.

I look on Pinterest for decorating ideas. I would also like to get some money saving tips as well....I have a shopping addiction.

Awesome and I love pinterest. I will definitely check out the money saving tips. I love going on there and finding interesting crafting ideas.

I am currently living a frugal lifestyle since I got laid off from my job. I am searching for a better job while I am freelance writing through my blog and gig websites.

im sorry to hear you got laid off. i know the job market is a hard thing to try to get back into these days. good for you for trying to keep doing something in the mean time though. i love to write as well but it is hard to find a good site to work through sometimes

Sorry to hear you got laid off. I hope things turn around for you. It's good to know that you have alternate options, even though it's probably less income than before, at least it's an option.

Thanks, both of you. I write through and I am doing a decent job maintaining my financial needs.

Good thing you are very talented! At least you can use that in order for you to survive until you get another job. But living frugal should continue even if you are already earning more so you can save more.

True, I was never a reckless spender to be honest. Fortunately I completed an interview yesterday and I am waiting for my results for the rest of today and tomorrow. I am still working on my next article on GhostBloggers.

When we told people we were moving to New York everyone said we were stupid because it's so expensive to live here etc. People clearly didn't give us enough credit, since we take that into consideration before we make a huge decision. It's actually significantly cheaper to live in this part of NY then rural New Hampshire. So much, that we can afford to have me be a stay at home mom.

i dont really know much about new hampshire but my mother in law lives in new york and it seems to be quite affordable. there also seems to be a lot more government assistance there than some of the other states.

I'm not sure about NY gov't assistance programs, since we aren't on them. But I will say that NH was awful. When my husband left the service, we struggled a little and our case worker made him feel like slim for asking for assistance. I was very happy when we could remove ourselves from the program. They also removed my son and I from the WIC program because I wouldn't/couldn't drive in a snow storm to make an appointment- despite having called them in advance.

that is ridiculous, they expected you to drive in a snow storm just for an app that could have been rescheduled? thats really horrible. my mother in law is on assistance cause she has bad neuropathy and is also bi polar

Wow, good for you Nadine and it's wonderful that you can be home with your little one. I was thankful that I was able to do that with some of my children. When I had my first child I did have to work outside of the home and that was difficult even though I had the best babysitter, my Mom.

I try to live by this, but it is quite hard as I do not have that much expenses to cut in...

It does get hard when you feel like you have already cut all that you can cut! It's not a fun feeling. When we have that, we go through a "purge". One no spend month can help turn things around.

It is not too hard to do if you budget and have an average salary.Saving for a large purchase at the end of this year, I have budgeted my life to the extreme. I have a budget on how much groceries I need, I put away money for clothes (if I really need them), I shop for specials and buy in bulk when specials are on. I don't buy things unless I really need them, I don't buy lunches and do food preparation so I am not tempted to buy food when I am out. A little discipline means lots of savings.

I do budget money, but sometimes it can be hard to do when you have a tight budget. Our only source of income is my husband's disability and sadly it does not pay much. I do get food stamps and that is helpful. I usually go without clothes and shoes. I use these sites to make extra money for sewing and quilting classes so I can get more skills to start my own online business.

Like Darlene my family also has a very small income to work with and its tough. I find that if I watch my spending and make a few cuts here and there we are able to pay our basics without much hassle and even keep up with our directv bill. The electric bill is sometimes a hassle as our usage can vary from month to month and the electric company frequently raises the rates. Im always worried about our electric bills because they can really mess up our budget this time of year when its hot and we need the a/c. I recently bought myself some new summer shoes - I ran into a buy one get one sale! I splurged on a new pair of pants and a few tshirts because mine were looking pretty ratty - I got a new customer offer and nearly $100 worth of clothes only cost me $50, its not something I will be able to shell out for again anytime soon.
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