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Frugal living is practiced by those whose aim is to have more money and cut expenses. It’s a way of living smarter and better money management. 

Have you unlocked the world of possibilities with frugal living?

Life continues to throw these little wrenches into our lives that cost us a financial beating. Its always good to know to live frugally.

I'm trying to live pretty frugal right about now. We are in saving money mode and I'm not buying anything I don't need. I'm also working hard online to make a few bucks.

I have to be really frugal right now. I have literally 8 dollars to my name and am trying hard to earn some more online, but i ahd to close my bank account becaus eof so many false charges that I was being penalized every few days for somehting i did not do. I am living off of my friends/family until i find a job and can start earning some real money.

How do you get the most out of swagbucks? I have been on there for about a week, and I've only made about 100 points... I don't want to just keep giving out my email everywhere.

Surveys and search are the easiest way also tasking and encrave are easy as well . The best way is to get referrals .

If you have a smartphone, you can download the mobile tv app and this is an easy way to earn points. I also make sure to do the daily to do list everyday that is on the left hand side of the SB page.

I am trying to get a smart phone in order to use the mobile apps, when I had one before I made anywhere form 40-100 points through mobile alone. there are so mayn apps for SB

I love that frugal living is now normal. It used to be if you used coupons you were "cheap" and looked down on. Now everyone and their brother uses coupons.

I use coke reward points to get all the magazine subscriptions I want. My boyfriend's grandmother gives us coupons from the paper whenever we see her. Once we get our printer hooked up I'll start printing coupons, since you can find them online for everything. I use swagbucks daily and get 2-3 paypal giftcards a month that I use for groceries and my medications. Plus I can print coupons from there, which gives me points per coupon. Then our grocery store gives us gas points for every paper coupon redeemed.

So far, since may, with our store card we've saved almost $800 on groceries.

Every little bit helps. Oh being poor college kids.

I am on swagbucks as well and have been able to cash out for Paypal every 10 days. I am close to being able to cash out again. I am saving up for Christmas.

I wish I could get more than one paypal a month, i am lucky to even get one. It is so ahrd for me to earn on Sb without my phone

All the squash, turnips, potatoes, onions, carrots and rutabagas I have put into my semi (root cellar) will save me money and provide good food all winter long.

I love the thrill saving money gives me . I have store loyalty card and have gotten so many free groceries. Now if only Canada had coupons like the U.S.A the I I would be able to get everything even cheaper. Lol.

Does Canada not have coupons in their newspaper? Can you print coupons from the internet and use them in stores?

You can print coupons from the internet and we have some coupons they usually come with the flyers but they have an expiration date and most news paper. The problem is that we don't have grocery coupons it mostly cleaners and such and you have to buy two or three to get 1.00 off. None of our stores double coupons either. And a lot of time you can't use another coupon with another promotional offer.

Oh, no food coupons! That is a really bad deal, I don't use a lot of food coupons but when I do find a coupon for a food item that I normally buy or have been wanting to try then I take full advantage of it.

I'm considered to be frugal and get a sort of high out of it as I won't spend money on anything without a coupon and it usually has to be on sale on top of that. I spend about three hours a day search for samples and other programs to save money and usually rush to the mailbox to see what samples I get during that day. Just got a free dog toy and a body wash lol

I have no choice but to live frugal and I am a happy camper with it. Yes, I miss things I would love to have but I can live without them. I garage sale and can get a lot of great deals and use coupons to shop loss leader sales.

I'm not sure if my family can be classified as frugal but we don't buy anything that we don't need. We buy comfortable clothes instead of the really expensive branded ones. We only have 4 pairs of shoes, leather, sports, sneakers and sandals. We only buy when a pair is broken. I rarely buy bags unless the one I am using is broken beyond repair and if there is a really sturdy yet cute bag that I see.

I try to live as frugally as possible, but when I want to treat myself, I keep a stash of gift cards on hand. There are several things I do on line to earn gift cards to places like Starbucks., I keep those around for when I want to go out for a latte, or something. I also have a stash of amazon cards that I've earned, and I'm saving those to buy Christmas gifts.

I love the idea of having a way to reward yourself. Always being frugal can get a little frustrating and sometimes you just want to splurge a little. I keep a stash of gift cards also but I tend to use them to but Christmas presents.

I love that idea as I usually look for ways to save money and get free first month box subscriptions, samples and amazon cards to reward myself. That's always one of the most important

I just don't spend basically. It;s not that I don't want to, everyone likes to have nice material items, I also use coupons, earn gift cards and use them and only purchase when items are on sale

i havent been able to start trying to do this way of living yet i will try fairly soonish! i hope that it will help improve mine and my hubbys life.

I love doing the coupons etc as I look at it as a way to save money and stretch my dollar to do something else that otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford to do. I even got a job working at a store I normally shop at to get employee discount in addition to useing coupons

A great place I find craft supplies is at tag sales (yard/garage sales). I buy necklaces of pretty beads to use for making earrings or rewiring into bracelets or key chains. It's the old Vintage look that is easy to capture via resold items that I love!

I was raised by very frugal parents and have tried to continue to live frugally to this day. My husband is much less frugal than I am but we make it work because I do my best to save all that I can. I work hard to find discounts, coupons, not splurge or shop for things I don't need, etc. I have found a lot of great ways to live well below our means and in turn I think we have a much happier life.

Nikki, I am the one who takes care of our household budget because if I allowed my husband to keep track of our expenses we would never have any money. I am frugal and try to save as much money as possible.

I myself am very frugal also. I absolutely don't like to spend on things I don't need. I just like to save up all that I can because you never know what will happen.

If you are a Big Lots Rewards member, you can get 20% off this Saturday. Sunday too if you have the coupon they sent in the emails.

I think I was born frugal. I remember being given allowance and not wanting ice cream off the truck. I would wait for the truck like all my friends and then while they paid high prices. I would go to the corner and buy a rootbeer ice pop for 10 pennies. I loved that pop.

I think I was too. I remember as a child when I got an allowance I never spent it on anything I saved it up in a savings account.

I consider myself frugal. I make my own laundry detergent. I also cut back in so many ways that sometimes it could be funny but anything that works to cut back on spending. I recycle my leftovers so many ways that it's amazing.

Big lots is a favorite of mine for crafts especially jewelery crafts dollar tree is great too but the one in my area is one of the ones you just have to cross your fingers and hope they have something anything when you go because they get sold out of stuff quickly.

Mostly use coupons shop for bargains and sales and really don't spend money on much of anything other than the absolute necessities
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