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Frugal living is practiced by those whose aim is to have more money and cut expenses. It’s a way of living smarter and better money management. 

Have you unlocked the world of possibilities with frugal living?

I have been super frustrated lately. My fiance and I moved and he now has a much better paying job but now he is spending so much more money. I really don't know how to get him to quite the spending.

I wish I could get my husband to watch what he spends he works at Walmart it is to easy for him just to pick something up for a snack. I make him dinners he takes in containers, other people are jealous of the amount of food he brings but, still he won't stop. It drives me crazy.

I now have the boyfriend taking drinks with him when he goes to work rather than paying the high prices they charge there. It took a while, but it finally happened.

I do the same Heather. The vending machine costs are outrageous. Hubby also has a big thermos for his daily coffee and in case he gets tired of soda he has a gallon igloo dispenser that I put tea/koolaid or water in.

Saw my boss again today, ever one else was getting a soda 1.25. I got a glass of ice water. We are all at the break room table. He proceeded to tell everyone I was a tightwad. Made so embarrassed for a minute, I ask him if I had ever had to borrow money from him, of course he said "no" (I know several people had) Well, there you go then, and left the table. Everyone has been whining this week wanting there paychecks ahead of time for the holidays, or there car is broke. I think he gets more **** because he has nothing to hold over me, when he needs you to do an extra job. I always volunteer anyway (more pay).

Wow Cathy your boss sounds like a real trick (replace the t with a p) to work for. Kudo's to you for standing up to him.

I hope I could live this way. I love to go shopping and spend all my money. I am getting older so I really need to save money.

Wow, how do you do that? Just don't end up on extreme cheapskatery. lol. But really how do you make laundry detergent.

Follow my link in the post below. It gives details on how to do it. There are also a lot of different recipes on Pinterest. I like mind a lot though the clothes come out really clean and smell amazing.

Ok thank you I have a pinterest account I will check it out. I didn't know they give recipes to different stuff on pinterest. I have to check it out more often. Thank you once again.

Bought a jogging outfit to sleep in this winter, so, I can keep the heat down. We stopped using the dryer and now hang out our clothes to dry saved 10.00 on our electric bill. All lights are off, you know you can walk through the house in the dark. You don't need to turn in on in the bathroom either, by now you should no where things are. All the ceiling fans with lights in them only get one bulb, do you really need three? I've cut back until it's getting stupid. I have eased up on somethings. But, a recent roof leak is going to cause me to double my efforts.

It sounds like you are really cracking down. I hope your efforts pay off and you find the money to fix your roof.

I don't think I could imagine not using my dryer any more. However, I am definitely trying to do a lot better about not turning all the lights all the time.

Cathy, just think of where you would be if you hadn't been cutting costs. Roof leaks and other things happen either way, but you're better prepared because of your frugality.

I am constantly trying to find more ways to live frugally, its been hard as of late however. :/ I wish things were easier

I know what you mean, Ashley. Are there any particular areas in which you're trying to save? I know, probably every area, right? ;) Just wondering if we might have some suggestions.

More or less everything at, I have so many bills that are starting up now and idk what to do, I have 195 dollars a month for food and I need to somehow smog my car ASAP and finish registration. Idk how i will be able to afford everyhting

Have you tried making your own laundry detergent? I have made my own and it is great and I could do 5 times the amount of laundry as with a detergent that was store bought, and that was just with one batch the ingredients make 2 batches. It's a small thing but it helps. I wrote a post about it on Bubblews. View link

Sadly i don't think that I can use it, I have a HE front load washer and it does strange things lol. I also dont but laundry soap currently so it wouldn't save me money

How do you save on your electric bill when it comes to lighting your house? We recently found out that our outdoor floodlights use up more electricity than anything else. I'm trying to see if we can get LED bulbs that will fit in them instead.

Kelli, LED bulbs are expensive but they use so little electricity comparatively, that they're worth it. One of my "secrets" to saving electricity is to put everything that I can on power strips and turn them off when nothing is in use. TVs, computers and even microwaves "leak" electricity unless they're unplugged.

I want to do that, but the rest of the adults in the house balk at it because the microwave and such all need to be reset when they have the power back on again. I'm working on convincing them to make this small change. Or, maybe I'll just flip off the power strips from time to time. ;)

We definitely don't use any of the old fashioned light bulbs in our house and that has led to a significant savings. Plus, an added bonus for us is that we don't have to buy the CFL bulbs either as our electric company sends a couple four times a year for free.

All of our bulbs are CFLs with the exception of those outdoor floodlights. Apparently our recent electric bill was down by half of our usual amount -- hallelujah! Making sure we're turning those lights off more often is making a difference!

When kitchen towels get holes in them I patch the towel with triangles cut from unmatched socks. I recycle two things in one! 'Why throw away when it only takes 5 minutes to have a good as new towel again?

I don't do this, but I don't throw them away either. Instead, worn out towels become cleaning rags at my house. It saves us on paper toweling.

Both of those are great ideas. If the towel has a good spot in the middle, I cut that out and hem it (or zigzag around it on the machine) and use it for a dishcloth.

Those are great ideas. I love to sew so I usually make my own cloth napkins. They make great gifts. I do love the ideas of using them for dust rags and dish cloth

We save worn out stuff for grease rags. They really come in handy when something big needs fixed - for example my husband will soon rebuild the engine in our truck and will be happy I saved him a trash bag full of old sheets to use as grease rags.

I save things for grease rags, too, or for anything that's too nasty to wash out. I make rags from absorbent material and hem them, but towels are usually saved for better things like dish cloths and wash cloths.

Unmatched socks also make great dust rags. Just slide one on your hand and dust every wear easily. I would love more ideas for mis matched socks. We have so many of them.

Yes, they do, Rae. I also just slit them down the bottom and cut the toe off. It makes a good rag for a lot of things, including dusting. You could make sock puppets or cut the toe off and sew several together, stuffing them with something like rice, and make a draft stopper or fill one with rice and sew or tie it closed. Heat it in the microwave a couple of minutes and you have a heating pad you don't have to plug in!

Between Perk TV, Shopkicks and Christmas is just about paid for. You can not get more frugal than that!

Shopkick hasn't worked as well for me lately, or at least not as well as it did last year. It seems to work better if you're actually shopping in the stores instead of popping in to get your walk-in points. I guess that's for a different topic though.

What is Shopkick is it like Checkpoints? Where you go and scan bar codes for certain items and get points when you do so.

Even though the weather has gotten cold we still have a few fruit flies hanging around. I looked at fly traps which were about $15 each. Then I went on the internet to EHow and got directions for homemade traps. Take a container (bowl or jar), pour some apple cider vinegar in. Take a sandwich bag and cut a couple of holes in it. Place it over the bowl or jar with the holes over the vinegar. The little buggers can't resist the vinegar, go in and can't get out. Works like a charm, probably cost about 10 cents.

If I might add a tip that will make this work even better -- add just one drop of dish soap to the vinegar. This breaks the surface tension of the liquid so the fruit flies can't "sit" on top of the vinegar and fly out again!

It is better to use plastic wrap then a baggie because you can get it really tight. Then seal it down with a rubber band. Then use a toothpick to poke a few holes. They can get in but they can't get back out. It won't get all of them though you have to make sure you get rid of everything they can lay eggs in. Skip the bananas until they fruit flies are gone. Don't leave anything in the garbage they can lay eggs in like vegetable scraps or fruit rinds. Also don't leave wet towels or any kind of wet cloth lying around. Also before going to bed at night pour a small amount of bleach in all of the drains so they can't lay eggs in the moist drains. If they can't find anything wet or moist to lay their eggs in they will also go for bread so lock that up tight at night as well.

I used to go out every Saturday for lunch with my friend and spend about $50 but now I invite her over to my house and save a fortune however today she even brought pizzas so I even ate for completely free yet had a great day. Win win.

fifty dollars is a pretty expensive lunch date, that is nice of her to bring over some pizzas so you dont have to fix something every time, glad to hear you had a great day

It's pretty shocking how much lunch for 2 can cost these days! Your alternative certainly saves a bundle, and you still get to spend time with your friend.

Just read a new ebook on Amazon - Our frugal summer in Charante by Sarah Jane Butfield. It's like a journal of the family living in France, some handy tips and hints..worth a read for a few bucks..

Kroger has there turkey's on sale .98 a pound bought 3 for the freezer. I can get 8 meals out of one turkey. We saved our change and bought a small freezer it's come in really handy. We're heating the house with the pilot light of the furnace. Putting plastic and cardboard on windows. Sometimes I get really tired of having to pinch pennies. Then I remember we are doing better than a lot of other people. At least I had the money to buy the turkey's.

Pinching pennies can get tiresome. One way to deal with it is to make it a game to see how much you can save in a given area. I am always amazed at the ways there are to save when I put my mind to it Congrats on heating with the pilot light!

I will have to find a way to save on the gas bill and this sounds like a great way to do so. I wish I had a bigger freezer so I can buy more than one turkey.

Darlene, you can roast the turkeys as soon as you get home and package the cooked meat for the freezer. It will take up less room that way. I did that one year when I was given an unexpected turkey.

I invested 12.99 in a heavy duty plastic window kit that said it would cover 3 windows. Our windows are smaller so I have enough left over to do another window. We replaced a lot of windows in our house but don't have money to do all of them. I'm hoping covering these 3 windows that we never open anyway will save enough heating expense to pay for the window kit.

I don't buy the window kit, I just buy the heavy plastic and some duck tape it does all the windows. The windows we don't use a lot or let in to much cold (I have old windows with the draw string weights in them) we put cardboard on them. More air comes in through around the window than the actual glass. I also bought a small bag of quilt batting you can push the quilt batting in between the windows where they don't fit together.

We use bubble wrap to insulate our windows. I use a spray bottle and mist the window with water, then put the bubble wrap on the glass, bubble side down.

I use bubble wrap on some windows, too, that I don't ever open. I have window air conditioners and can't take them out in the fall, so I use bubble wrap taped over them, then covered with curtains, all winter.

Never buy anything unless it is on sale. Know your top 10 grocery item prices and only buy when on sale. Maximize coupons and instant offers. I could go on and on. (Y)

Never buy anything unless it is on sale. Know your top 10 grocery item prices and only buy when on sale. Maximize coupons and instant offers. I could go on and on.

Lisa, I'm always taking notes... so please do go on and on! (Besides, you'll get points for it, so why not!)

For my area, the best place for me to go grocery shopping doesn't take coupons, but it's a grocery salvage store. I never know what's going to be in stock and the prices vary, but I can find some pretty amazing prices on food. Look up "food salvage store" or "food outlet" on a search engine to see what's in your area.

I wish we had a food salvage store in my area but the nearest one is 2 nearly 3 hours away. My husband knows exactly where its at but its a little far to travel just to give it a try and see what its like.

Kelli - here's a couple more - watch the total net content of a package. Who needs individuallly packaged little lunch box size packets of cookies when you can buy the whole package and throw them in a baggie yourself. Another one- don't buy fruit or veg unless it's on sale. Frozen is as healthy and cheaper in the winter. (never buy canned veg - too much salt and no nutrients left).

I like to buy the fresh veggies when they're on sale, chop them up and freeze them for future use. I figure that way, I can stock up and they won't go bad. Sometimes I do it with fruit too. I've got some cherries in the freezer right now. Still good.

I have found that Pinterest has so many awesome frugal living links. And most of the blogs have so much to offer! I'm trying a lot of the advice I have read about from there!

Thank you for the help Michelle. I will have to look for these links so I can start saving money. Money is tight and need to save as much as I can so my husband and I can move in a year.

I've found a lot of useful and thrifty blogs on Pinterest too! I also highly recommend The Dollar Stretcher website. I learned a lot of frugal information from it when I was a new parent.

I have never heard of The Dollar Stretcher. It sounds great! Thanks for sharing, I'll have to check it out!

It's been around since 1998 or so (or at least I discovered it then... maybe it's a bit older!). There are lots of articles on the website, plus some community forums and blog areas. Some of the articles are a little bit dated, but you can still glean good information from them.

I think Dollar Stretcher has been online since 1996, getting close to 20 years now! A lot of the articles really are outdated, but there are thousands of them.

I want to make it a plan to move to somewhere in mexico in 1 year with my girlfriend, what do i have to do ? what do i need to know? Expenses while there? Im looking for any advice really :)

I do what I can but it's not easy in Canada. Stores don't double coupons and there aren't a lot of them for basic needs like food. I mostly look around for sales when I can but things go so quick I can't always count on it.

Ashley, I can relate. Even though I live in the States, I live in an area that doesn't double coupons. It's also one of the most costly areas in the country, so we also don't get a lot of the sales that I see people posting about in their blogs.

I know what you mean in the UK our idea of coupons are nothing like most of America I usually try to find all of the best deals and shop late frequently to pick up an evenings dinner ingredients for a fraction of the cost before it goes out of date. I got a pork joint for 89p last Sunday.

Stores around here in southeastern Kentucky don't double coupons either and we don't get the coupon inserts in our local paper. I can get digital coupons for one of our grocery chains but it's usually for things I don't buy. I do best when I shop the sales and stock up when something is on sale so I don't have to buy at regular price later.

Lately I'm trying to put off going to the grocery store for as long as I can, shopping only once or twice a month. It's forcing us to stay within our grocery budget (can't overspend if I'm not in the store!) and to use up what we have on hand.
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