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Frugal living is practiced by those whose aim is to have more money and cut expenses. It’s a way of living smarter and better money management. 

Have you unlocked the world of possibilities with frugal living?

I try to live by this, but it is quite hard as I do not have that much expenses to cut in...

It is not too hard to do if you budget and have an average salary.Saving for a large purchase at the end of this year, I have budgeted my life to the extreme. I have a budget on how much groceries I need, I put away money for clothes (if I really need them), I shop for specials and buy in bulk when specials are on. I don't buy things unless I really need them, I don't buy lunches and do food preparation so I am not tempted to buy food when I am out. A little discipline means lots of savings.

I do budget money, but sometimes it can be hard to do when you have a tight budget. Our only source of income is my husband's disability and sadly it does not pay much. I do get food stamps and that is helpful. I usually go without clothes and shoes. I use these sites to make extra money for sewing and quilting classes so I can get more skills to start my own online business.

Like Darlene my family also has a very small income to work with and its tough. I find that if I watch my spending and make a few cuts here and there we are able to pay our basics without much hassle and even keep up with our directv bill. The electric bill is sometimes a hassle as our usage can vary from month to month and the electric company frequently raises the rates. Im always worried about our electric bills because they can really mess up our budget this time of year when its hot and we need the a/c. I recently bought myself some new summer shoes - I ran into a buy one get one sale! I splurged on a new pair of pants and a few tshirts because mine were looking pretty ratty - I got a new customer offer and nearly $100 worth of clothes only cost me $50, its not something I will be able to shell out for again anytime soon.

i try not to buy what i dont need but i love to shop lol. i try to just use my survey money for stuff that i want though and save the paychecks for necessities and savings

It's not difficult. Start by not buying what you don't need then think about ways of buying stuff you do need at a cheaper price. For instance, do you really need a £5k car when a £1k car will do. (A £1k car will probably last a year unless you're really unlucky. Buy another in a year's time.)

I am on a fixed income. The rent keeps going up and I still have a car payment. To save money, I do not run the AC but use fans. I buy specials in Walmart and get a lot of things at Dollar Tree.

I use as many coupons and online coupon programs as possible. It is a really easy way to save money, try new products, and live a more frugal lifestyle.

I use coupons all the time but only for products I normally purchase. Also use Checkout 51 - again for products we use and just recently redeemed $100. Shop sales, check out garage sales, use the library for books rather than buying them. Cook from scratch instead of buying premade mixes - at least you know what is in the food you are eating.

Frugal living is a tough way of living in my opinion. I've personally yet to unlock the huge amount of opportunities that comes with Frugal Living. But I should try it though!

I try to live as frugally as i can. I use coupons when i can and try to shop at the dollar store. I have also been learning to make my own laundry detergent and cleaning products.

Saving money is hard to do. It is extremely hard if you cannot control your spending. You have to have self-control.

I like my sites. One of them I get a check and the two others I cash out regularly I get gift cards. This helps us out. I love going to CVS using their sales, coupons, and ECB's.

I started saving one dollar bills again. Almost every time I get one I put it in my cookie tin. Every month I go in and count how many I have. I paper clip them together in ten's. After three months I now have 61.00 ! I'm so happy ! Unusually something happens when I reach thirty dollars and I have to pull them out. My hours have been cut at work so I stopped grocery shopping as much, we are eating what food I have stored up. Except for really good sales. Around August is when we should really start feeling the pinch. That's when the pantry should start being empty. Saving now for a potential downturn. Hopeful though that I get my hours back or pick up something extra on the side.

i do buy a lot of store brands as well. most of the time the store brands are just as good if not better than some brands i have had, the only stuff i am kinda picky about is peanut butter and ranch dressing lol

I buy a lot of store brands, too, even the peanut butter! I don't care for name brand peanut butter because they always put sugar in it. I do buy name brand mayonnaise, though.

I'll only buy the dry mix ranch dressing. I found the store brand of mac and cheese is way superior to Kraft. The Kraft brand the cheese sauce is like water.

That's what I've been doing too. Store brands are not bad at all. Often times they are just as good as the "branded" brands and they're a lot cheaper.

I like being frugal. Idk why. I was spoiled as a child and for some reason I became a frugal person when I read the book called the frugal gazette. Maybe because I like to craft and repurpose? To me being frugal is fun and helps me get more stuff I want rather than going without.

Frugal living has its place. Money is hard to come by but it goes so easily. With the price of food and everything else going higher it is a good idea to pinch pennies.

I would say my mom...or just my family is on frugal living.
we have a fixed income, so things are pretty tight, and we really have to budget things out.

I'm on a disability, its low fixed income and you are not frugal by your own choice. It is very difficult trying to look after yourself self & stay on top of day to day living. "If its not on sale I don't buy it.

Especially in this economy, Richard. Costs have gone up so much! I am thankful that I live near some really good thrift stores.

I keep learning everyday how to be frugal, every time that prices goes up, you have to think how to make it work better with as little money as i have. I have no choice for now until I have more money to work with.

I know what you mean, Francine. It feels like the prices of everything goes up a lot faster than income does. It's getting to the point that buying food is hard.

I can do it whenever I have to and try to live frugally but every once and awhile you need to break out and enjoy yourself-with eating out or a movie!

I agree with you completely. I feel like we all need to have the opportunity from time to time to break loose and just have a good time.

I read on this site one of the ways to save money quickly is to put one dollar away today,then 2 dollars tomorrow then 3 then next then 4 the next and so and so on.By the end of the month you had over 1300 dollars.

That would work only if you had 1300 dollars coming in after you paid all your necessary bills. But yes it sure would be a way to save quickly. You'd have enough for a car if you repeated this every month for a year.

It would be really nice if that was something that I would be able to do but considering that my monthly income is less than that I know that it wouldn't be possible for me.

I saw that too Carole.
My daughter is trying it out so she can have Christmas money at the end of the year.
Hope she can do it!
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