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I like the paranormal stuff, but I have not heard of this show. I may have to watch it to see if I would get interested in the findings.

don't really believe in ghosts and spirits but this show is good. I love the history of the region and the coal miners are funny. I love "Papa Smurf".

I came across some sad news concerning this show its be cancelled and wwon't be on next season ohh no I loved this show

Awe, I have never seen this show but it looks very interesting. Hopefully it will go to Netflicks and I can watch it.

Its on YouTube I hope so to so more people can enjoy theses shows the locations are fastinating and very detailed

Perfect! Thank you very much for letting me know! I will check it out sometime soon. It does look fascinating.

Ur very welcome have a great holidays and a great new years and have a great life and thanks for responding

watched this show a few times some episodes drag on other's are a little bit more interesting. Over all i guess it's cool what they do I guess but really dangerous.

I think this is a worth to watch show and has a particular environment that rarely happen to the others show

This looks like an interesting show I will have to see if i can find it if it is still on TV. I would like to read the history behind this.

Hi Marcy I have bad news this show was canceled about a week ago and it was interesting the history behind the mines is mind blowing

That's sad it was canceled. It was a pretty cool show. I like the concept of it but, it always felt a bit scripted to me.

I thought it had been canceled. I could be wrong. I loved the idea of filming an on going investigation in a place like that. I wish one of the more "credible" groupd would do a show like that. It would be cool. I never even saw the second season. The first was pretty good. How was the second?

It has been canceled Ijust looked it up and no plans to bring it back so they did really gotrid of the show its a shame

Thought this was going to be boring very cool show its interesting how they find out the history of the place:-)

I love this show!!! I hope they have a new season, because it is addicting to watch and I love the people on it :)

The show was cancelled, which is too bad. I really liked it. I thought it was different than other ghost shows.

don't really believe in ghosts and spirits but this show is good. I love the history of the region and the coal miners are funny. I love "Papa Smurf".

history and ghost hunting all in one

Have not seen this show yet, but will look it up. Enjoyed the documentary from Spike called COAL.

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed this show ...some really cool information reagarding the mines from years ago..I could never be underground too scary! I hope it continues
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