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About High Blood Pressure

Millions of people worldwide have been suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. There are several factors that can trigger this health condition. Many of them are still unaware about some essential details about this. The tendency is that they eventually experience a severe condition which causes death. For this reason, everybody should be knowledge about taking good care of the blood pressure levels at all time.

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I have very low blood pressure, but my mother in law has high blood pressure and has to take medication every morning. It gives her a terrible cough!

I am currently on three medications for high blood pressure. When I was diagnosed I was shocked because I did not have any of the normal symptoms such as water weight gain or the bad feeling that I had when I was pregnant and my bp was high.

Do any of you know if it's safe to eat hot dogs if you have high blood pressure if you boil them? Does boiling them remove the salt significantly to where they are ok to eat? I checked Google but got conflicting answers.

KW, I have high blood pressure, I have not been told not to eat them. I don't eat them to often anyway, I have no idea is salt will get lower if boiling, never herd of that before. Blood pressure meds help greatly to lower blood pressure.

I have had high blood pressure for about 17 years and been taking meds. Almost a year ago I was diagnosed with Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Since then I have been rubbing peppermint oil on the areas that hurt at times and never had an issue with my blood pressure going up or down. However now I am hearing how that if you have HBP you should never use peppermint oil.

Really, I have not heard that , because I do have high blood pressure, and the doctor suggested I drink peppermint tea for other ailments. I don't like tea, so I do not drink it.

I was taking blood pressure meds for about 1 year. They found no medical reason for my blood pressure problems so I decided I had a chance to reverse the situation. I made healthy changes and I am drinking a healthy coffee in the mornings. It helps by offering natural ingredients and I feel great. I have lose weight as well and I do light exercise two times a week. www.imgx.me

What some people do not realize is that excessive caffeine consumption can influence blood pressure. It is best to limit the amount of intake each day.

I have known so many people that has high blood pressure problems., and I have heard this too in the neighborhood. Many really suffers from this

I have had high blood pressure for and 16 years now. I was taking different meds. What I have been taking the past 5 years or so is Lisinprol (spell check) . However I no longer have insurance. For a while I do with out them and I have been drinking Hibiscus tea, which seems to do good. I have no monitor to tell. I rather take care of my ailments naturally anyway.

you really should keep a check on that donna. sometimes you can feel good and your blood pressure can still be up. a lot of pharmacies have a place where you can go to check it

At a young age, my partner has been experiencing high blood pressure and is already taking medicines to regulate it. We check our blood pressure everyday.

I know so many people with high blood pressure including my mum and my mum in law. I try to eat as healthy as I can and take a little exercise to guard against it!

high blood pressure does actually have physical symptoms some times. the first time i was diagnosed with it i was having some really severe back pains. turns out my blood pressure was extremely high

I had a lot of migraines with mine before it was diagnosed. There are signs but people don't associate them with high blood pressure so they don't think that's what it could be. Uncontrollable sighing is one sign.

Wow that is different from my patients. My patients usually just get really dizzy and they would start vomiting. It seems that you have a different symptom.

so thats why i sigh a lot? i thought it was just a response to my hubby being annoying lol. just kidding. i know there are a lot of different signs for high blood pressure. thankfully mine is under control now

High Blood pressure runs in my family but I am not experiencing that right now. i actually suffer from low blood pressure and my doctor said I have the blood pressure of a pediatric patient. I check it every now and then to see if it changes the other way.

My blood pressure is fairly normal and i check it anytime i can, i also avoid stressful situations as much as possible as the one time in past, my pressure was high was due to some personal problems.

High blood pressure runs in my family so I needed to be very careful and I do check it pretty often as well.

you def should keep a check on it if you have a family history of it, i am on meds for high blood pressure but i still get it checked at least once a year

I am on meds too for mine , but it is always high every time they check it. I hate the blood pressure machine the cuff hurts my arm

Yeah those cuffs do get rather tight. Feels like they are trying to squeeze your arms off some times lol. That still doesn't hurt me as bad as the scale does though lol

I had a blood pressure test yesterday and thankfully my dizziness is not due to low or high blood pressure levels.

My family has high blood pressure. ANd they do take meds for it. My high blood pressure is only brought on by the white coat syndrome.

My family has a history of high blood pressure. Mine is generally normal until I have to go to the doctor or to the hospital, then it spikes.

My blood pressure was suddenly very high 2 days ago, Monday the 9th of feb. By very high I mean very high for me, 160's over upper 90's. I looked at the box my monitor came in and on the bottom the manufacture date was stamped: 2008. Did not realize it was that old. Bought a new one, same make, from Amazon and used 2 day shipping so it arrives tomorrow. I stopped by my doctor's office yesterday and my pressure was well under the readings my monitor was giving me.

I quit taking my blood pressure because just thinking about taking it made it go up when I tested. Then I'd be all stressed out and make things worse.

High blood pressure is one of the silent killers. Some things to consider are stress, family history, lack of adequate quality rest, high sodium, lack of proper nutrients, lack of medical help.

I have this when I'm in pain my blood presurre goes up very high and It doesn't come back down even if I'm not hurting
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