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About High Blood Pressure

Millions of people worldwide have been suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. There are several factors that can trigger this health condition. Many of them are still unaware about some essential details about this. The tendency is that they eventually experience a severe condition which causes death. For this reason, everybody should be knowledge about taking good care of the blood pressure levels at all time.

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Stacy J
My blood pressure seems to go hand & hand with my stress level. So, I take my meds & try to keep as much of a stress free environment around myself.
Peg Asus
I had high blood pressure when I was heavier and less active. I started getting more active, eating better, stressing less, and lost weight and the day my blood pressure hit a NORMAL level I was so happy - it was a funny thing to be happy about, but it was a sign that I was on the right track
Marcy Machen
I had high blood pressure and was taking lisprinol to control it. Now I have low blood pressure, go figure...and now taking a lower dose of lisprinol. The thing to watch for that doctors don't tell you is that this medication can cause kidney problems.
Donna Follin
Mary, That's what I take, lisprinol. I wish mine would go down so I get off these stupid pills and run to the doctor every three months! This is crazy! 07/07/2014 2:55 PM
Marcy Machen
Well those pills caused me to have a kidney problem so now I am seeing a Specialist for that and he has prescribed me another medication along with the lisprinol. Yeah it is Crazy
Donna Follin
I have High Blood Pressure. It runs in my family. I was diagnosed with it about fourteen years ago. And am now taking 30 MG of Lisprinol. I am not much of a pill person so I wish I could naturally find a way to over come it.
Christi Harris
I take propranolol 80 MG for my high blood pressure/migraines/ anxiety all in one. I have to take it twice a day. I don't use any salt in my food, I seldom cook anything fried but I do love spicy foods. I love hot sauce.
Joy N
I have a friend who has high blood pressure. They put him on pills for it about a week or so ago by doubling the dosage when they saw a pattern of around 150/85 or so... How long does it take for the meds to really take effect as he is really not seeing much of a difference?
Jennifer Singleton
I have had low blood pressure most of my life until yesterday. My bp is normally 100/60 and yesterday it was 144/92 and I noticed I have severe swelling in my right foot. I am quite concerned about this but with 5 teens (most in college) I have no money or insurance. Looks like I might have to go to the ER
Karen Beck
I've been on med for high blood pressure for several years. I know if I could lose weight it would help lower it.
Susan Turner
That is what I was always told but I lost 30 lbs and my blood pressure is still high.But I do take a pill every day and will continue to.
Nona Owens
Many people do not realize how much stress plays in high blood pressure. When the body is tense from stress the blood vessels that affect blood pressure are also involved.
Amber Brown
My blood pressure is ALWAYS high everytime i go to the doctors office. haha I think its because I dont want to be there.
Laurel Cecil
My doctor factors that office anxiety into his decisions . When mine seemed high, he had me have my blood pressure taken at different times of day and away from his office.
Sharon Levinson
Cindy i have the same thing as you. the first time they take it, its a little high, then after waiting 10 or 15 minutes its lower.
Vicki Brown
Eating differently and making changes allowed me to lose the blood pressure pills and lose weight. Here is where I started. Learn what to eat and when to eat it. All natural changes that help you for a lifetime. No mailed meals (high in sodium) no permanent programs. Just learning the basics and how your body works . link
Carol DustinsMom
Some do not realize how foods effect our blood pressure. Of course what doesn't effect it, right? Stress, life in general it seems.
Vicki Brown
Some pharmacies offer free blood pressure and antibiotic meds for FREE. I know people out there don't have the extra money or maybe don't have insurance to pay for these and this page is worth checking out. Even if you do have the money why pay if you don't have to. link
Theresa Dreyer
I have high blood pressure t00!! My doctor has me on what is called the DASH diet. I have been overweight all of my life and I thought "Here we go again diet"! But I have been on it for about a month now and it really works! I did my research and last week I received a Booklet from The Dept. of Human services.You can order a free one from NIH Publication No. 06-4083 I hope it helps you too!!!
Edward Mason
I have had high blood pressure since age 19. Am now 67. It deferred me from the Viet-Nam era Selective Service draft so having it has not been all bad. I have "labile" hypertension so it varies dramatically on a daily basis even on meds.
Ray Wu
Edward, do you ever experience symptoms of dizziness or headache from your labile hypertension? I have never met anyone with labile hypertension before so I am curious about it
Edward Mason
Never headache, but I frequently experience symptoms of hypotension when standing from a seated position for example. Aerobic exercise can make me feel faint, even like I am blacking out. If I take med before running, I have to be careful to slow down to the finish point. I never know if dilating my arteries will take my BP too low,
Ray Wu
Given that you have these complications, do you use beta blockers as your medication or do you use another type of medication?
Edward Mason
No on betas as I am asthmatic, I take periodic low dose ACE Inhibitor and calcium channel blocker. Been on them a long time and they prevent going too high pretty well. I had also been on a simple diuretic but they cut that out some time ago.
Sarah Moore
I have had high blood pressure on and off since I was in high school. The med I am on now seems to be keeping it down. They had to take me off the first meds I was on cause it was messing with my potassium levels
Sharon Levinson
you gotta stay low on salt intake and hot spicey foods, that can jump your blood pressure sky high
Sarah Moore
i usually avoid spicy foods most of the time anyway because of my ulcers. when i had gallbladder surgery last year they said i did have a few ulcers and some of my stomach lining is missing so it is very rare that i eat anything hot. i do try to watch my salt intake though, i only eat chips every once in a while and i do not use salt in my cooking. i just let my hubby and mom add salt to their own food. my mom fusses at me cause i rinse all the salt off the canned veggies lol
Vicki Brown
Sarah Moore I made these changes and it helped me get off the meds. Learning what to eat and what to be careful of made a big difference for me. I didn't want to be stuck on a program for life that when I quit everything would go back to normal. I wanted to be taught what to do and how to continue to do it. link
Mary Caldwell
I have a blood pressure monitor but I hate to use it because if it is a little higher I worry and it goes up more
Sharon Levinson
i know, it fluctuates all day long. and those arm monitors can really squeeze the juice out of your arm! sometimes it gets soo painful, i think my blood pressure rises only because of that!
Ray Wu
That is called white coat syndrome. Doctors always raise their patients blood pressure!
Angel Sharum
I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure for almost four years now. Before that, my BP would go up and down. Turns out I have several heart conditions, some of which I was born with, that was causing the problem.

When diagnosed my blood pressure was 160/110. The doc said I was a stroke waiting to happen. I have been on numerous medications and we've finally found a combo that works. I take metoprolol, 2 in the morning and one in the evening, and HCTZ one in the morning. So far it is controlling things.

I have also reduced the added salt in my diet and try to exercise more.
Ray Wu
That is awesome that they were able to get it under control. I'm surprised that they started you on metoprolol so quickly. Did they give you a ACE inhibitor first?
Angel Sharum
They started me on Ziac to begin with but I had side effects from it. Then I went through several others before we started metoprolol. Unfortunately, my BP has started going up recently and they upped the med. I hope I don't have to go see the heart doc again, but i figure I will.
Ray Wu
Did you ask them about calcium channel blockers and ACE Inhibitors? Metoprolol slows down the heart so there are complications associated with it.
Angel Sharum
I need my heart rate slowed. I have premature atrial and premature ventricle contractions. That's why they put me on that kind. Without it, my heart rate stays around 110 or higher.
Ray Wu
Wow, that's good that they started you on the metaprolol right away. Your doctor is a good one!
Angel Sharum
LOL, not really, but he gets lucky every now and then. He can't even keep straight all that is wrong with me. I have to remind him all the time so he doesn't do something for one thing that will hurt something else.
Ray Wu
lol. He must have a lot of patients then or is just forgetful
Becky Davis
I have high blood pressure and take medicine every day. So far, my readings have been good, with the med
Ian Saringan
Let's make sure our blood pressure is normal through closely monitoring.
Elizabeth Mills
My father's monitors his blood pressure everyday and takes medication to keep it down. This morning his blood pressure was 118/100. Is this something that we should be worried about? Any comments welcome.
Nikki Russell
Elizabeth, that's a bit high but I wouldn't worry too much about 1 high reading. If it remains elevated the next few times he checks his blood pressure, he should schedule an appointment with his doctor. He may need to have his medication adjusted.
Anna Troichuk
The bottom number is too high, it should be around 80. the 118 part is good.
Angel Sharum
If he keeps getting high readings on the bottom he should see the doctor about it. There are different medications that can control that part better.
Vicki Brown
I made changes and lowered it enough that I came off the meds. Here is how I did it.
Ray Wu
The elevated diastolic blood pressure is higher than it should be. I would retake his blood pressure again and if it is still elevated, find a primary care physician. It is not a hypertensive emergency though so no need to go to the ER
Nathaniel Johnson
ya haha. i used to have high blood pressure. but now it is down where it is supposed to be.
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