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Daisy Duke
I had a lot of imaginary friends when I was little. I had about 20 of them. Lol. But yeah they are cool.
Kim Harmon
I never had an imaginary friend growing up, just an imaginary pet alligator. My twin brother had an imaginary pet also, but I don't remember what his was, or what we called them.
Jessica Paton
I had all sorts of imaginary friends growing up. I still do, but they're at least in my novels that I might eventually force on the world so that everyone can see them.

Sometimes I wonder if imaginary friends aren't so imaginary. It's been said that young kids especially are more open to the paranormal and seeing spirits. Just a thought.
Ocean Tiara
When I was in a very bad situation, I made up an imaginary friend. I would close the bedroom door and talk to them. lol
Tammy Burcham
My granddaughter, has imaginary friends--so far she knows that they aren't real. I feel sorry for her at times. She is the only child and there aren't kids around here for her to play with to often.
Christi Harris
How old is your granddaughter? Ask her questions about her "imaginary" friend. Sometimes "imaginary" friends aren't so "imaginary" like we think. Sometimes children can see things that we can't see.
Tammy Burcham
@ Christi, my granddaughter is 6. She tells me they aren't real. I do believe that kids can see things we don't. Most of the time she has named her stuffed animals and when she doesn't have one of them with her she acts like it is. Or she will plan something and say which ever one will like this. She is confused about how relatives work, for along time she called her cousins her brothers and sisters. It's sometimes the same with the stuffed toys.
Kim Strother Niewiadomski
When I was in high school there was a girl in my choir and math class that has an imaginary friend. She really did talk to him.
Emily Jansen
I have come to wonder if some Imaginary friend are just that or if they are spirits that kids can see.
Heather Durm
I had imaginary friends. I had a LOT of them, even after my brother was born. My most prominent imaginary friend was Tinkerbell. I *loved* Tink so much. She would help me with my physical therapy and everything. Do I still have imaginary friends? I don't call them that anymore, but I guess in a way my spirit guides could be considered that to those who don't understand how the metaphysical world works.
Kate Sander
I'm pretty sure I didn't have one, I had a sister to play with so I didn't need one. Do we invent them or are they ghosts? Apparently kids can see ghosts.
Sa Bils
I don't remember having imaginary friends but a family story goes that when Mom and I got on the bus I would save one seat for ??? and if someone tried to sit down there I would announce, "No, you'll sit on the kids."
Shawnielle Franklin
I don't think I ever had an imaginary friend. I'm trying to remember but i can't....hmm...if I did....I don't know!! Lol
Lisa W
I didnt have imaginary friends, but I was lucky enough to have dogs, cats and ponies, horses when I was growing up from 4-18, then was more interested in boys lol
Punky Brewster
I grew up as an only child and yes I did have an imaginary friend. We would play dolls and color and ride bikes lol
Renee R
My mom says that I had an imaginary hippopotamus and alligator that lived under my bed. I don't remember it at all. Only one of my children had imaginary friends - my oldest before her siblings were born. They were Big Bob and Little Bob. It was cute. When her brother was born, she wanted to name him Bob.
Tanya Phillip
I had a number of imaginary friends when I was younger, but they were mainly characters from my favourite tv cartoons. I think it does help young children build their learning skills as they get to express themsleves confidently in private and this reflects when they get to read and learn more about fictional characters and stories.
Sharyn B
I never had an imaginary friend, I had a sister. I did see a very funny movie about one called. Drop Dead Fred.
Heather Durm
Oh my god! I LOVE Drop Dead Fred. It's one of my favorite movies!! I thought I was the only who knew about that movie. I try to share it with others, and everyone else thinks I'm insane when I tell them how much I laugh at it even now as a 33year old!
Douglas Rascoe
I could never make up my mind when it came to a friend. One day he was superman the next week it was aquaman, The cycle continued until I just forgot about it. (I know im horrible to my imaginary friend.
Lydia Glad
I have never really had an imaginary friend. I strangely always wanted one but i could never make it happen.
Kine Fall
My imaginary friend kelly was awesome she had pigtails and wore a shirt with a sunflower on it and shorts... I loved her so much i think of her a lot lately.
Katie K
Imaginary friends are an important part of development. I believe that they have just as an important part in our childhood as real friends. It is the one time in your life you can truly have a companion who you can feel totally safe with and never worry about betrayal...
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