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I never had an imaginary friend as a child. Unless you count believing that my stuffed animals actually had feelings and could understand me when I talked to them. I never thought they could talk back though.

Imaginary friends are a symbolic theme in J D Salinger's short story "Uncle Wiggley in Connecticut." Both the mother in the story, and her daughter, Ramona, live in imaginary ways to escape their loneliness. The story was included in the story collection titled Nine Stories.

I think my children always have these imaginary friends, whether they can really see them or they just have them in their mind. I am fine with them, and happy to hear the stories they talk about their imaginary friends.

I don't have any imagery friend but I believe on them, because may be it can be a good idea to share our secret and support to have an imaginary friend.

The concept of imaginary friend seems funny to me. I never had any experience in my child hood with imaginary friend nor did I seen any of my friends with such habits.

I do believe in them , had a couple of my own as a child. I also saw spirits so I was not sure which was which to be honest . I see nothing wrong with this at all you have no idea if it is real for the individual it is real. I went along with my oldest son and his and acted like I could see him , and I will do the same with my toddler if he has one.

I dont actually remember but from alla ccounts I had several invisibel friends growing up. We used to live way up north in the yukon and one of the friends I had was an old prospector I referred to as my man friend. When we moved there was a little girl slightly older then me and her little brother.

i never had an imaginary friend growing up, but my real friends did. and i never understood it, because it's either like they had a very active imagination and were tired of being alone, or they really thought that imaginary friend existed and it was actually a spirit?! i'm not sure but would be cool to find out why kids actually have them.

I had an imaginary friend who was a fairy when I was a child. My two eldest children didn't have imaginary friends but my youngest child says he has 'hundreds' of imaginary friends :)

I used to have one of these when I was a kid and I think it is quite normal to have one as a kid. It is kind of cute.

my parents use to think i was crazy because i was an only child, they didnt allowe me to play with other kids out of fear the kid would get hurt and their parents would sue, i was very shy in early years of school so i had an imaginary friend, they would hear me talking to my self and make a big deal out of it and sent me to a dr and everything. they both had siblings so they have no idea how lonely i was

I believe we all go through a certain stage in our life where we had our imaginary friend. It is common to children ages 3-5.

This is so funny, it reminds me when I was a kid having an imaginary friend. Not only did I have one I had a classroom full of imaginary friends lol.

Well, I made mine since high school. I just invented another part of me because at time, I noticed that nobody understood me so I needed someone to cheer me up.

I didn't experienced having an imaginary friend. I think that as children, they will meet imaginary friend but not to the point that they will go crazy because of that.

Imaginary friends are a natural part of any person's lives. Our minds are powerful places so it is nice to support a kid having imaginary friends. This support can oftentimes lead to the nurturing of great future writers and artists. I say nurture a child's imagination. It may benefit the world someday.

I have imaginary friends, two of them, I like them very much. I see absolutely nothing wrong with anyone having any imaginary friends who are good (if they are bad imaginary friends thats not so good) regardless of age. I am an adult and I have had my two imaginary friends for 4 and a half years so far.

I never had one myself, but my daughter did before we had my son. Hers was a boy named max and he was her brother. Two days before my son was born. Max died and another story was he moved to tx. We knew she just needed a sibling.

I used to have an imaginary friend that was a little unconventional. I was two years old lucign with my family in the yukon and my friend didnt have an name that I recall I just referred to him as "my man friend". He was by all accounts a grizzled old prospector and had a bit of a foul mouth. One day all the towles in the hosue disappeared and my mom found then rolled into logs and stacked like firewood in my closet. When she asked me about it I apparently told her that my man friend told me we needed more firewood because it was gonna be a B#tch of a winter.

An imaginary friend helps me to be more confident in doing things that I wanna achieve. It cheers me up at times especially during my time of solitude.
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