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I believe we all go through a certain stage in our life where we had our imaginary friend. It is common to children ages 3-5.

This is so funny, it reminds me when I was a kid having an imaginary friend. Not only did I have one I had a classroom full of imaginary friends lol.

Well, I made mine since high school. I just invented another part of me because at time, I noticed that nobody understood me so I needed someone to cheer me up.

I didn't experienced having an imaginary friend. I think that as children, they will meet imaginary friend but not to the point that they will go crazy because of that.

Imaginary friends are a natural part of any person's lives. Our minds are powerful places so it is nice to support a kid having imaginary friends. This support can oftentimes lead to the nurturing of great future writers and artists. I say nurture a child's imagination. It may benefit the world someday.

I have imaginary friends, two of them, I like them very much. I see absolutely nothing wrong with anyone having any imaginary friends who are good (if they are bad imaginary friends thats not so good) regardless of age. I am an adult and I have had my two imaginary friends for 4 and a half years so far.

I never had one myself, but my daughter did before we had my son. Hers was a boy named max and he was her brother. Two days before my son was born. Max died and another story was he moved to tx. We knew she just needed a sibling.

I used to have an imaginary friend that was a little unconventional. I was two years old lucign with my family in the yukon and my friend didnt have an name that I recall I just referred to him as "my man friend". He was by all accounts a grizzled old prospector and had a bit of a foul mouth. One day all the towles in the hosue disappeared and my mom found then rolled into logs and stacked like firewood in my closet. When she asked me about it I apparently told her that my man friend told me we needed more firewood because it was gonna be a B#tch of a winter.

Wooooooow! That sounds like some Amyville kind of sh*t . I would absolutely freak out if some kid of mine said anything like that and the way you described the imaginary friend cuz that's so uncanny , could be a ghost or something weird like that . Some weird things often happen that turn out dangerous with these imaginary friends . Sounds more like demons and weird stuff to me.

An imaginary friend helps me to be more confident in doing things that I wanna achieve. It cheers me up at times especially during my time of solitude.

I did not experience having one of them and I did not wish to have one either. Sounds creepy to me.

That's what I said. Sounds more like demons and spirits to me, considering that there are some weird things that would happen in that house, that wouldn't sound like something the child would do . Don't like it, sounds like all those horror movies that the kid is talking to something that noone can see and that "friend" does some weird and potentially dangerous things and puts the family at risk. Dolls are alittle less creepy but imaginary friends? * shivers *

I had 4 little brothers by the time I was 8, with the last two being twins and their big brother only 13 months
older so it was more like triplets. The oldest of the boys did try to help a bit, I think he was my "gofer" as I lined up the other 3 in front of the couch for changing time(cloth diapers). And folding diapers, oh that seemed endless. Mom always says I was her right hand, for her to cook or clean she needed my help. I didn't have time for an imaginary friend. I just wanted to be alone, anywhere or any way I could. I might have briefly had an imaginary sister, not sure. But after the last 2 came out as more boys I told mom to hang it up, I didn't want a sister anymore.

Like you, I also didn't have an imaginary friend and being alone was enough for me. I used to play hero by myself, waheehee, knocking out the enemies with my bare hands.

I always kept pretty much to myself as a kid and was a little shy, so I guess maybe I'd be someone you'd expect to have an imaginary friend. I never did, though. I've heard about imaginary friends, of course, but I wonder how common they are. Maybe they're not as common as I think.


I have a nephew who had this friend named Wally. It is an elemental with no defined figure. At first it was a little boy like my nephew but as months passed, it became a giant. That's all according to my nephew.

I was a only child till I was 10 years old and I had a friend named Judy She was so much fun to play with LOL Always played what I wanted to play , agreed with everything and always let me win at all the games we played She was the best imaginary friend ever And my 5 year old has several that she plays with Emma is one and the other is a adult she has made up His name is Uncle Farmer, he is awesome You should hear some of the tales she tells about where her and Uncle Farmer go while we are asleep

really do not think i have ever had an imaginary friend. i have an imagination but i dont remember having one of these. if i did i was very young but thats ok.

I never had an imaginary friend, but I have quite an imagination. I did talk to my dolls and marbles though.

My imaginary friends were my toys, old and broken toys actually because I had no toys of my own except those given by my older brothers.

When I was a child I was a sad shy little thing and I am now 50 and not too shy and not little at all now but I remember my imaginary friend. His name was Jared Murphy. LOL funny to remember something like that after 40 years. Even my sister remembers me talking about "him"

I never had imaginary friends. I suppose I should have, especially since I love making up characters, but I don't remember any.

I never had an imaginary friend. I came to think that people with imaginary friends were actually seeing ghosts, has children could apparently see ghost more easily. What do y'all think about that idea?

No, people with imaginary friends are not seeing ghosts. They just have strong minds to create characters that they think are real.

huh? i believe they are ghosts or something there seeing is very real to them its not fake at all

Wow I had one when I was 8... her name was Nicole like my middle name. Ppl used to think I was crazy lol especially my mom. I think imaginary friends are an important part of childhood

Now may I ask - is that imaginary friend of your just imaginary or is real? My nephew had an imaginary friend that he said was real. There were instances that he was able to prove its existence.

that should prove that this friend was real and not fake alex i believe what they are seeing is real
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