Jurassic Park
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Kayla Corriher
really love this movie and the ride in universal studies based on it. action packed and lovely done. great movie
Peg Asus
My husband and I went to see this several times when we first started dating. I don't know why we couldn't get enough of this movie, but I seem to have 5 ticket stubs in a box for this movie lol
Leo MacDonald
I remember watching this movie the 1st one it was cool and awesome I remember watching it in school it was a fun time.
Clark Gray
It's the best film concerning dinosaurs by far. The CGI is surprisingly good considering the film is over 20 years old now. It's a true special effects film too as many of the dinosaurs were physically made for the shoot.
Punky Brewster
I just read a story on eon line yesterday, someone posted a press photo of Spielberg sitting with a fake dinosaur and people were freaking out....because they thought it was real lmao
Nikki Tarleton
I saw that all over Twitter, people thought he had killed it and were going on huge rants about how you shouldn't hunt rare animals.
Punky Brewster
Apparently these people must have missed a day out two of history class. It would be nice if they were still around, it they died a few million years ago
Mary A.
I grew up in the 90s so I remember this movie being everywhere but I never saw it. I was just not really interested I guess.
Jack Armstrong
Well now that we're in 2014 and in summer vacations, why not seeing it? It's not a masterpiece of a movie but it still has one of the most popular movie references.
Stacy J
I've seen this movie so many times. The 1st one was definately the best one. The classic scene with the water rippling is unforgetable. great movie
Ashley Altendorf
Must...go...faster! :-) Its my favorite movie and I can't wait to see number 4 although I'm sure it won't even come close.
Mary Kirkland
The first one was the best one. The ones that came after just weren't good at all. I like this movie but I wouldn't watch it twice.
Another movie with a chick who won't stop screaming. Yes, the dinosaur is dead, yes it's probably going to eat you. Screaming is only going to let it know EXACTLY where you. This is why I've got to stop watching movies like this lol
Janet Elder
I enjoy watching this movie so much but for a different reason. I had a parakeet named Lovebug and she could say thousands of words. When we watched this movie she would laugh uncontrollably when the T-Rex ate someone. Her favorite part was when the guy on the toilet was eaten. No one else would be laughing and next thing you know you hear her busting up!
Wes Smith
Oh yeah, the good ol' days when movies were actually worth watching. What happened? It's hard for me to get excited about watching anything in the last few years. Bring back some awesome movies!
Candina Szabo
i like all the jurassic park movie i think they were very well made hopefully soon they will make a new one that would be pretty cool
Randall Mccollum
such a fun movie, but it is fiction no matter what the grand kids think ;)
Donald Broadway
Simply the coolest movie ever. I am really excited for the reboot Jurrasic World.
Martha Gorski
One of my favourite movies ever. I remember watching it when I was growing up. Then I started reading the book and I must say that the book is definitely better.
Rick Gill
I thought this was an excellent movie, the original one I mean, but as is nearly always the case, the book was much better.
Brooke M
The first one was the best. Was a really big movie when I was growing up. Especially when the dinosaurs get so close, or when they get so close to the dinosaurs.
Kaitlyn B
I loved this movie. I actually hadn't seen until it was in theaters and my boyfriend insisted that I needed to see it. I wonder how Jurassic World will be.
Donna mills-summers
This is a really gud movie when first came out scared my son to death, well not really my favorite of all Jurrasic movie and love the scream in it from girl.
Donna Pulliam
I loved this movie as a kid but I always had issues with it...

My issue was mainly the owner of the park... He kept on and on about how he "spared no expense" yet he only hired one guy to code his whole park...

It takes a whole team to code a simple online game and they don't even have to worry about what happens if their creations get loose...

Yet in Jurassic Park here is this one guy who is always complaining about needing money... Has full access to the entire parks systems... If one system fails due to an error (or in the case of the movie the programmer being a {insert word of your choosing here} ) then their creations are loose and killing everything that moves...

Anyone else see an issue with the owner's logic? Even as a child I thought the owner was a bit of an idiot when it came to park security.
Ashley Altendorf
Of course John Hammond made mistakes! That's the whole premise of the movie and what made is so exciting. Just like Ian Malcolm said, "you were so busy thinking about how you could do it that you didn't stop to think if you SHOULD!"
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