Kenya Mall Attack
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Authorities in Kenya appeared close to ending the deadly siege early Monday at an upscale Nairobi mall, where attackers have killed at least 68 people, injured 175. It said that "most of the hostages have been rescued and security forces have taken control of most parts of the building." link

That was a very terrible tragedy no need for anyone to be killed how terrible this world is.

sure it was my cousin died in the attack while he was going through his business and this was really a sad experience to happen here and all the time we regret it always

There has been another attack in Kenya by the same suspects who carried out the mall attacks, I wonder when this horrible evil will end?

God will protect my country and make sure that the culprits are brought to the book and that no such and incident happens again i life

This was one the attacks that brought Kenyans together and we are now united more than ever. We realized that the terrorists cant take our energy as Kenyans and we are ready ti rebuild our country going forward.

Taking another person life is something that is take a lot of courage to do. This man has to deal with the fact he has taken somebodies mother, father, and child life.

its really sad and i feel that this terrorists dont deserve life also after taking the lives of this innocent people all the tie

It is sad that this event took place. There would be so many people just having a good time shopping and not knowing that some sick person would come there to terrorize them.

sure and its sad to see how many people were killed both high ranking as well as low ranking in the community

Its sad that this mall attack left many dead yet the suspect have never been caught close to 2 years down the line

its so sad that the suspects enjoy and move freely . i think even the investigation is no more going on but God is watching they will pay one day

I didn't know that the suspects have never been caught. I hope they are haunted by the spirit of those people who they killed. It's really painful to hear news about killings such as the school killing.

Terrible, I hate hearing things like this, I hope they do catch the suspect, but chances could be slim for that to happen.

I didn't hear anything about this online or on the news so what exactly happened you would think this story would have been covered more

This was all over the news. Maybe where I live at least, but I remember hearing people talk about this and it being in the news reports for weeks. Doing a web search for Kenya mall attack will bring up plenty of online articles about this.

As for the attack on the Kenyan mall, why would it have been faked? Who stands to benefit from such an attack? Do you HONESTLY think Kenya, of all places, is capable of staging something like this that would also fool the world's media? Or do you think the media (yes, all of it!) is "in on it" too?
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