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Throughout history, the human appearance was always considered important. There are many makeup techniques to transform the human face.  Learn more...

Any special makeup tips you’d like to share?

I love makeup but not having so much makeup to the point where it changes how you look. I just like how it looks when you what to enhance a feature you like about yourself.

I never really got taught how to wear makeup. I just kind of guessed based on watching other people and the occasional YouTube video.

I never really learned how to use makeup properly. In the 70's when I was in high school, girls who wore makeup were teased. So at a time when I would be learning about makeup and sharing tips with friends, I wore none.

Makeup Tip : When contouring your cheek bones, highlight underneath your contour to give your cheek bone an extra lift. It makes a difference when doing a regular face

I Love Makeup! I do it all the time. I even wear it going to the supermarket or just to a deli. Its life to me. lol. I don't use it to hide flaws.

I used to wear make up all the time when i thought i was ugly, now that i am older, i look better without eyeliner and eyeshadow and stuff

How to apply conclear flawless and not look like a clown while doing it and how to apply eye makeup the flawless and blend it out the right way?

A bit of talc or face powder on your eyelashes before you apply mascara will make your eye lashes look much much longer and thicker and it's really cheap too!

using eyelid primer or even white eyeliner smudged across your lid will help your eye shadow stay longer, stop it from creasing and it will intensify the color

I dont always apply too much makeups on my face..I hate it when i see ladies looking really ugly just because they messed with their makeups

I never really wear makeup, I just don't care to. I even talked my sister out of stopping. Women should appreciate their natural beauty.

wear make ups as it will make your skin to age prematurely. But I am so amazed what make ups can do. It can make you pretty in an instant!

I guess I can see it making skin age prematurely. With everything caked on the skin can't breath. I guess that's another plus of not wearing it, lol.

I've recently just started using bareMinerals and I have to say, I'm really impressed! You can't tell I'm wearing makeup and I have even had a stranger compliment me on my pretty skin.

I have dark circles and big eye bags. Do you have any tips for me to conceal or hide them? I tried using several BB creams and concealers but still can't hide what needs to be hidden totally.

Okay for starters, you NEED to make sure you are wearing sunscreen around your eye area (but don't get it in your eyes) and drink more water. And applying concealer in an upside down triangle, rather than dots across your eye bag will hide them better.

My biggest tip for dark-eyebrowed girls is: try a greyer, ashier, taupier tones eyebrow powder / gel / pencil, because that is going to look more natural to fill your brows in. The ones in your exact hair color might seem overdrawn.

I use olive oil to remove my eye makeup all the time. It doesn't ever make me breakout (I have oily skin) or irritate my contacts. I just use a dab and it takes everything off!

I've learned the art of blending makeup at a very young age. I used to see my aunt doing it all the time and that really got my attention. I think it's also a gift and maybe it's for the same reason that I easily learned to paint, self-taught, even if I'm already in my late 30's.

That's really a talent. I don't use make up so when I have to, I just know some tricks but it's just the basic application mostly.

I been watching for some make up tutorial on youtube, it is amazing how people apply make up fast and flawlessly on their face.

I want to learn how to apply make up on eyes to make it a little bit bigger, I was watching some tips on youtube.

I really don't know how to apply make up exactly on my face but I can do it much better on some others face.

I'm not great at applying makeup, and for some reason youtube videos don't help me at all. I won't be wearing makeup in public anytime soon. I tried that a few times, and I just got a few weird looks.
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