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Makeup Tips
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Throughout history, the human appearance was always considered important. There are many makeup techniques to transform the human face.  Learn more...

Any special makeup tips you’d like to share?
Heather Anderson
Does anyone have any suggestions for a good concealer that works for them? I feel like I just can't get it right. I try everything and it almost makes under my eyes worst.
Punky Brewster
I like to see a yellow based conceiler or illuminor sticks work well too. I think its physisans formula they have a bunch of sticks some are green, lavender, and yellow play with them, and I like I revel on illuminator wand its like $12 I have to pick up some more soon because I ran out a while ago
Eliza Ter
My favorite concealer has been the lancome effacernes- it goes on very natural, stays matte, and is waterproof. It brightens up my under eye area and conceals all the darkness. A little goes a long way and its worth the price. If you have a sephora or lancome counter near you, you can get a sample to try it out. I have tried drugstore concealers but the color didn't match me correctly.
Deanna Irby
The more natural looking the better, in my opinion at least. But hey, don't let anyone stop you from expressing yourself how ever you want.
Cindy Cooper
I agree that the most attractive look is using makeup to enhance but not over power you. I stick with mascara, a little powder and blush and a little lip gloss. A little more drama around the eyes for a night out.
Alaska Y
Wearing make up looks like such a hassle. The foundation, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick.. and such a waste of money. It's too bad make up couldn't become less expensive for the ones that wear it.
Diamond Ola
Actually it is inexpensive... for me anyway. i don't spend much on it and i still look fab. lol. dollar tree has nice inexpensive staple items like liquid liner, mascara, blush, etc.
Alaska Y
I guess it depends on where you buy. Some girls only want the really expensive stuff and are picky about where they shop. I know I wouldn't be if I bought. If it works just as well, then why not get something more inexpensive.
Deanna Irby
When I do wear make-up, which is rare, only when I happen to going out or something, it is kinda expensive. since I wear so little it goes along way. I'm picky with mine because I demand cruelty free.
Punky Brewster
Ya I hardy every do a full face. I like. Good moisturizer, tented ones are awesome, andnbb creams a cool too. Then something with my eyes mascara maybe a little shimmer or liner.then lip balm
Teresa Johnston
Stila is rated the top waterproof eyeliner, so I bought one for $15. I don't like it at all, so still on the hunt for a really good eyeliner in brown/black that won't smudge easily. I am a natural blonde with blonde lashes, I need my upper lid line to last.
Eliza Ter
You should try bobby brown long wear gel eyeliner. It goes on very smoothly and looks beautiful. It doesn't smudge or flake, it stays put til you wash it off.
Jada Dayle
elf makeup is so cheap and it is amazing. i love the eyeliner. i put it on almost every day
Candina Szabo
i recently bought an elf bronzer i was always sceptical because elf was so cheap but i actually like it a lot it works pretty well
Maggie Reichert
my fav type of makeup for a rush but wanting to look like you took a long time is get a roll on eyeshadow it takes about 30 seconds to put on
Leah Mckenna
My new favorite makeup tip is to use a white eyeliner pencil on my waterline and inner corners. It provides a brightening effect to wake up sleepy morning eyes!
Cindy Cooper
That's interesting. I mentioned I never did eyeliner but I'm rethinking this. I might toy around with it but I would not have thought of white.
Candina Szabo
i have heard that i have not tried it yet i am thinking about buying a nyx jumbo milk pencil too see if it works for me
Morgan Cha
The best makeup tips are on youtube. I would say never cake on your makeup, it looks bad.
Candina Szabo
i agree i love youtube videos they really help a lot i have learned a lot from watching make up tutorial videos
Candina Szabo
I love make up i been watching youtube make up tutorials they have a lot of helpful tips on there
Amber Brown
I really need to go buy all new makeup! I have such a hard time matching my skin tone so i think i might visit a makeup counter.
Punky Brewster
im looking for a really nice shimmer shadow that show up good in pics. I don't want to look like disco fever or anything. I have green eyes, so im looking for a champagne color, or a light gold, or light bronze. I have the covergirl palled for green eyes and its nice just looking for some good shimmer. thanks
Candina Szabo
i have green eye as well i think the naked 1 palette works great for making green eyes pop they have a variety of browns and you can do so much with them
Tessa Chapman
I'm not the best at makeup... the hardest part about it for me is doing my eyebrows. Plucking them is a pain, and whenever I try to fill them in it looks ridiculous to me.
Candina Szabo
same here i always mess up my eyebrows i hate it lol i always think they look so dumb when im done i end up just starting over lol
Leslie Bustamante
throw it out you ladies are beautiful without it!

and if that dont work just dont over do it we notice when you are trying to hard
Jasmine Ware
Does anyone have any tips I could use for a moisturizer that helps with dry skin?
Mayres Chavez
I have been using Clinique moisturizer which has helped with my dry skin. The gel or lotion works real well.
Lisa Michelle
I use clinique as well and I absolutely love it! I think it really helps with my dry skin and it doesn't make me too oily.
Jasmine Ware
PERRRRFECTT!!! I am about to head to Walmart in a sec to get some. Thank you ladies!
Hadia Wyne
You can find clinique at macy's from what I know
Mayres Chavez
Also Dillard's
Jasmine Ware
Makeup is definitely supposed to be used to enhance a woman's beauty and not change your overall look. These days there are so many woman that I feel over-use makeup. Some don't even feel comfortable going to the grocery store without putting make up on. Ever woman loves to play in make-up and look even more beautiful sometimes by wearing makeup, but ladies lets really try and love ourselves without and know that we are beautiful either way.
Mike Miller
What's with women and makeup now days? Go to any social event and you feel like you're talking with a mannequin. Unobtainable beauty is exactly what it is. That photo has probably been digitally edited on top of the pound of makeup she already has on. Ladies, we like your natural look, ease up on your self esteem.
Janiah Lewis
Love the smokey eye!
Jasmine Ware
YESSS!! Smokey eye is def my go-to look any day..
Candina Szabo
i love the smokey eye as well i think it looks good on almost everyone i have gotten pretty good at doing a smokey eye
Donna Kainec
I find I am very sensitive to a lot of different types of eye makeup. Every time I take off my makeup, I have to put Visine in my eyes to keep the redness down.
Kirk Pattinson
Try to avoid facial cleansers with harsh detergents like sodium laureth sulfate.
Tammy Fox
I need to find a good makeup line for Muslims, which means it can't be tested on animals, it cant contain anything but all natural, all organically grown materials, and no chemicals included, but I need it within a low cost budget. Does anyone know of any good brands?
Jasmine Ware
have you tried bare minerals? I don't know too much ab the company, but i do know they have some natural make-up
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