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Throughout history, the human appearance was always considered important. There are many makeup techniques to transform the human face.  Learn more...

Any special makeup tips you’d like to share?

I have always said that I was going to get a professional to do my make up for my birthday. Well each birthday has gone and come, I never got it done. I have a birthday coming up on the 11th of June and I probably will not get it done then either. Sounds like a procrastinator to me.

Random makeup tip - make lipstick last longer by applying foundation on the lips first as a base and let it set & dry. Then apply lipstick over it. Also great for nude lipstick shades.

Make up Tips, I am not good at make-up at all If someone can give me some tips on hair styles for long hairs. I'll be so grateful.

Almost every type of makeup has a decent version at the drugstore, what you should spend money on is foundations, concealers, and skin care stuff.

I like makeup however I'm not good at giving makeup tips. I do think that women need makeup to look better but without exagerating.

I love to try learning to put on make up by myself, even at least for some important occassions but then seems like I don't have the talent for it. I wonder where I can learn some basics.

There are some women who need to understand that less is good. Some women think that the more make up that they put on the better that they look which is incorrect. When you look made up you do not look real.

I love make up and i use it pretty much every day. I think that you can express yourself with make up.

I read that wearing makeup helps with protecting your skin from the sun, especially if it says "SPF ..." So that's one reason I wear make up

Makeup is pretty cool if done right. It can take a plain looking person and really accentuate features and make them appear much more attractive!

I only watch YouTube makeup tutorial that is why I am learning from the people who have tutorials there. I try to find some makeup the same makeup their using and I love to do it with myself.

i really dont wear make up very often but i have always been told that less is more, usually i just wear eyeliner, mascara and lipstick

One makeup tip that I have is to use primer before applying your eye shadow. It makes it last longer, which is great if you'll be out all day, especially in the summer when it's humid.

Before I do not know how to apply makeup until such time that my classmate teaches me how to put make-up my face. Thanks to my classmate anyway.

I really do not know how to make up, and I rarely make up too. The most I do is just to use the lipstick. Now, as a stay-at-home mom, I don't even have a lipstick.

My advice is to avoid bronzer. It never looks natural and it get all over towels. Unless you want to have a tanned face in contrast to your body and soak all your wash cloths in oxyclean before putting them through the wash.

The only tip I have is to not go all crazy with it. I didn't know how to use makeup but i found a lot of not crazy make up tutorials on youtube.

When I was young I wore lots of makeyp to the point that it was very time consuming and not very pretty. I am more easy care now, but I am enjoying a baked blush. A little makeup goes a long way.

I try to follow makeup tips but have to say that I don't often get the look i am trying to achieve. I guess the more I try then hopefully one day it will all come together.

Makeup tips can be good for those who are just starting out with makeup or just exploring the idea of using it.
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