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Throughout history, the human appearance was always considered important. There are many makeup techniques to transform the human face.  Learn more...

Any special makeup tips you’d like to share?

Make up? haha its just funny to me because i dont know to make up my self just put lip gloss and thats it .but i want to be a professional hairstylish hehe :))

Makeup tip: do not wear make up so old men can get rich on your insecurities! Save time and money! Yay!

I don't wear makeup. I just don't like wearing it unless I absolutely have to. I hate the texture and feel of it and lipstick makes my teeth stand out more.

Funny you should say that about lipstick making your teeth stand out, @Crystal! I find that it does that with mine too, but in a good way. I'm told I have white teeth, but lipstick makes them appear even whiter :) I love it!

As a woman, applying make up is one of my recent interests. There's one tip that I wanna share. When applying a simple make up, make sure you applied moisturizer first, then sunscreen and finally your foundation/cream. My skin remains pimple and blemish free after trying this tip.

I agree with you, Lovely. You absolutely have to moisturise your skin and wear sunscreen before applying your makeup. Primer is very good as a makeup base as it refines pores, skin texture and helps makeup look flawless and STAY PUT!

I love all the youtube videos on make up. I am no good at it. I didn't have anyone to teach me growing up so I had to learn on my own, and I am still learning.

I am 52 and I absolutely love watching make up videos. You can always seem to learn a new trick for something by watching them. Always know, less is more. Do not over do things. Not everyone needs to contour their face or wear a smoky eye look. Find something that looks good on you and go with that. I remember when I was in 7th grade, a girl told me she liked how well I did my make up. Boy was that a long time ago. lol My favorite thing is eye shadow. There are soooo many colors to play with. Younger girls can get away with a lot more than someone my age can. As you get older, I doubt a bright yellow or orange would look good on me, but it could be OK for an 18-20 year old to wear. Look through magazines and continue to watch different videos. I am sure you will do great and look great after a while.

Undoubtedly make up enrich our external look or beauty and the make up should be in the right way, beauty experts can recommend the best Makeup Tips

My number one tip when it comes about make up would definitely be BLENDING! You can look really good if you blend all the make up in a proper way!

Makeup is my hobby and addiction, makeup tip: if you have thing lips your best bet to make them fuller is to outline them then fill them in with the same color as the lip liner in a matte lipstick (it wont work if it's not matte) your lips will appear bigger.

Take off all you make up before going to sleep. It's really helpful believe me. IT doesn't damage your sick and keeps it safe.

You're absolutely right, Alysa. I NEVER ever sleep with my makeup on. I don't care how late it is, how tired I am, that makeup has to come off.

I am interested in getting my eyeliner tattooed on my eyes. I have had nothing but bad luck trying to find the right look---I would love not to think about this on a daily basis.

Makeup is not my top priority because my skin is too sensitive i prefer a smile on my face more than the make up, its enrich our out look

Did you know If you have a cool undertone, stick to nail polish shades like nude, punchy fushia, deep burgundy, blue-based red, lavender, and soft ink with a hint of shimmer.

I have never been able to determine what my undertone is; warm, cool or whatever! I do know that I have yellow undertones in my skin, so yellow based foundation works better for me :)

I love makeup, although my main thing is LESS IS MORE! I wear light foundation to even out my skin tone, and it's all about BLENDING. I also wear a bit of shimmer, mascara and lipstick. I wish I could get into eyeshadow and blusher. I love how it looks on people, but can't really apply either on myself.

My mantra: NEVER sleep in your makeup, no matter how exhausted, no matter the situation!

I agree with you on that one, Mpho Ashworth! Blending is the key! It really is they way you blend what makes your make up to look good!

You are exactly right. Take it from and old lady. (52)lol Blend especially your foundation so it doesn't look like you have a mask on. Nobody want to look at a person and see a clown! Mpho Ashworth, just apply with a light hand eye shadow and blush. Watch some You Tube videos and you will get the hang of putting on blush and eye shadow too. You got it right by already knowing less is more. Also a thing I learned, men like woman who don't wear a lot of make up too! Ask any of your male friends and see what they tell you. Good luck girls.

I also hate the "caked on" look. I have a friend who loves it and she looks like she's wearing a mask LOL

Thanks, Lori; I'll watch those YouTube videos so as to learn the technique because I'd like to be able to wear both blusher and eyeshadow, but very nicely applied of course. I don't want to end up looking like a clown or Christmas tree LOL I like the glam, but understated look :)

I don't really put much make up on before work mainly because I am lazy and second because I have sensitive skin and it can irritate my skin.

I love make-up but I don't think I have any special tips or tricks. I suppose I could stress the importance of using the right brush for the job and making sure to wash them well and regularly!

I don't wear much makeup and prefer the natural look more often than not. Unless I am going to a wedding or a party then I will wear makeup.

I thinks makeup acts as a special protecting shield. Your confidence is boosted by the way you look... for me it is a ceremony every morning.. I just feel so girly and loved

Make up tips is just the last thing i can end up checking on the net or anywhere lol. I love it when people wear them but not me

I usually just go for a simple make up look. I just use normal liquid foundation, some lipstick and some concealer. No eye make up (unless it was for an extra special occasion).

You are even better. Once i put on what i do apply on my face lol i am good to go,nothing else just make sure hte hair is good and off i go

I don't wear makeup unless I'm going out then I'll throw on some lipstick. A lot of reasons I have for not wearing make up either. I love my fresh face. 2nd when I was in my early 20s I started to wear make up and I laugh so much and so hard that my tears would make the foundation run. As for make up tips sometimes I'll watch only because I'm interested in watching people use paint and brush to transform their face, without a knife or needle

I have no make up tips to share because i do not apply make up myself lol don't be surprised that i don't apply and yet am a lady lol

I have never be3een a fan of make up. I do use it when I go shopping of to church. Then I cant wait to take it off , it feels unnatural to me.
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