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Any special makeup tips you’d like to share?
Heather M
It seems to be so hard to find makeup when you have light skin! I'm pretty pale, and anything I find seems to be too dark for my skin. Even if I'm using the lightest shade, it always seems like I can see a line there. I really liked CoverGirl's Ready, Set, Gorgeous compact powder foundation, but after using it a while, I realized it made my skin almost look dirty; it was just barely too dark for my skin, which is why it looked that way. It feels like I'll never find anything that won't make me feel the need to constantly look in the mirror and wonder if it looks okay. Eyeshadows are hard too, always too dark or too light. Any suggestions on any of this, from any other pale skinned ladies, or anyone who does makeup professionally?
Erica Dann
Concealer and mascara are the most important things! Blush is really great too. I like the maybelline instant age rewind under eye concealer for dark circles. And I like the maybelline fit me concealer for your blemishes. I also like the benefit They're Real mascara!!
Heather M
I've yet to find a concealer I really love! I love They're Real mascara, it works great! I have a hard time washing it off, though, lol.
I think blush really completes a look, and can make you look so much more alive. Just make sure you don't use too much!
Zoe Wiltz
I feel like for most people, our first time/years of using makeup were pretty disastrous. I remember 9th grade when I discovered eyeliner's greatness and put a thick line on the top eyelid and all on the waterline everyday. I even did this when my hair was straight but greasy. It was a disaster!!!
Alannah Blanco
So I am fairly new at makeup and eyeliner is probably the toughest thing for me to apply. Any tips?
Zoe Wiltz
It all takes getting used to. Also be sure to use pencil first before graduating to liquid, since it is A WHOLE LOT LESS MESSIER than liquid. Another good tip is to use a bit of powder on the top eye-lid before applying. This reduces smudging.
Shaniqua Barron
I need help trying to find a good concealer to go with my skintone. I can only find too dark or too light :/
Susan Jordan
Here is a make up tip: If your lip color is too dark, then put a bit of concealer , before putting on the lip color.
Shaniqua Barron
That is a really good tip. I think I have to try that when I want to wear a bright pink lip color. :)
Susan Jordan
I have found that, when I wear make up I use neutrals on my eyes. I favor browns and tans. It makes it look great.
Sandy Segur (aka rusty2rusty)
For those with dull looking completions : try a mini makeover for your makeup by adding highlighter.This is a way to brighten up any face, no matter what kind of your skin tone you have. Highlighter products bring shine to your face. it has the ability to define your face's bone structure. Using highlighter is for those that also use matte foundation. Simply add your highlighter to your base foundation and use a large, rounded makeup brush to focus your new color to your forehead, cheeks, and nose. Your face will be glowing.
Susan Jordan
That sounds like great make up tips. I am going to have to try the highlighter on my face. I like to try new things.
Katharine Danae
I love using highlighter. It adds a natural looking glow to the face - I usually put it a little above my cheekbones above where I put bronzer.
Ashley Pulrang
I used to have to put make-up on everyday to go out of the house, but now I'm more confident with my natural look that I barely wear it anymore.
Susan Jordan
I used to wear it a lot, also. Lately it seems that I do not have much, since I have 2 teenagers and a preteen. They like to take my make up.
Elena Qian
Tight lining your eyes with eye liner is a more subtle more natural alternative to liquid liner or even drawing on with a liner pen.
Susan Jordan
I have always liked the pen type of eye liners. The pencil ones always need to be sharpened and they do not get a straight line.
Morgan Watkins
Does it bother anyone else whenever some girls don't do their eyebrows? It kills me! If you're going to do your eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner, you've got to do something with your brows! You don't have to paint them on, but at least brush them with a spooly brush or add some pigment to the sparse spots!
Katharine Danae
I totally agree with this!!! To me it looks awkward if the eyebrows aren't at least brushed up, or groomed at least a little bit.
Chynne Dixon
Yes I also agree!!i it is a insult to those who actually are makeup artist like myself to see random beautiful women on the street and they have a face full of makeup and there eye brows look a hot mess. Sometimes I honestly want to go up to some of them and offer a tip or two on how they can fix there eye brows them selfs..
Susan Jordan
I do not like drawn or painted on eyebrows. They just shave the brows and draw them on. It looks kind of creepy if you ask me.
Yani Ramirez
I agree! But sometimes girls over do it! Overly done eyebrows look bad. I do prefer the more natural eyebrow look!
Morgan Watkins
I can't stress enough how important it is to buy high quality makeup. My sister has hooded eyes, so she's always complaining about how her eyeliner and eyeshadow always end up looking like a hot mess in just a few hours. I ask her if she uses primers and setters (which I highly recommend lol) and she says yes. I looked through her makeup bag and found nothing but drugstore makeup. There's nothing wrong with buying drugstore products; I have tons of it. But some of it isn't high quality! Especially eyeshadows and liners! I know that makeup can be expensive, but trust me, spending $20 on a good eyeliner will benefit you in the long run!
Chynne Dixon
Me personally I love the combination of both high end and drugstore makeup products. Being a makeup artist you have to always have the best of the best products when working on your clients but when it comes to my own little collection I dip and dap and both,.i think it depends on the company itself and finding what works for you. Like for instance i love me some mac eye shadows, there so pigmented and I never have problems with my makeup coming off throughout the day. But also I have my select few drugstore brands such as Nyx who carry nice pigments eye shadows as well.. Its kinda a when loose situation to be honest when it comes to drugstore products. But yes I do agree you defiantly need a nice collection of the higher end brands because they last much longer.
Susan Jordan
Revlon has good make up, but very expensive. I usually buy Mark Kay for my cosmetics. It expensive, but feels very light and non-irritant.
Yani Ramirez
Some drugstore products are equally as good as the high end! Of course some high end products can't be compared to some drugstore makeup. c: I think she should do some research on some drugstore items and see which ones she likes best
Morgan Watkins
If you're new to makeup and are reading this, I highly suggest going onto Youtube. There are hundreds of thousands of beauty gurus out there that give great tips and advice! They'll let you know what products are the best, whether it be drugstore makeup or high end, (which is really important. You've got to have great quality makeup in order to create beautiful, long lasting looks.) as well as how to use it. My favorites are Bethany Mota, Weylie, and Wayne Goss. There are more, but those are the ones I watch the most.
Susan Jordan
I love going on Youtube for make up tips. They have some that give hints on the celebrity look that I would like to try sometime.
Shaniqua Barron
Youtube has helped me learned some new things about makeup. Im just still not good at finding the right foundation for my skintone.
Marie Sweetly
The most important tool I have is a box of q-tips! I use them for everything - smearing eyeliner, cleaning up spots when I mess up my mascara...
Katharine Danae
I don't spend much money on makeup brushes. I really like the brands Real Techniques and EcoTools. Good quality brushes for reasonable prices. I also make sure to use a foundation primer because the humidity in TX ruins my skin and makeup :|
Morgan Watkins
Real Techniques are the best! The brushes are so soft and for the price are excellent! Also love that they apply the perfect amount of product.
Katharine Danae
My favorite brush is the stippling/buffing brush :) It works so well with all the foundations I've used, no need for me to buy a $30 brush!
Brass Knucks Barb
My random makeup tip for today! Everyone swears by expensive brushes, BULL! I have a few nice sets yes, but I mainly use my knock off MAC brushes with hello kitty on them that I got for 3 bucks off ebay. All you really need in a brush is a soft bristle!
Peg Asus
I love wearing makeup, but I never really learned any big tips or tricks. I like to play around and watch videos on how to do makeup though. Doesn't always work out for me but it's fun
Elena Qian
Make up is a strong passion of mine and I love wearing it. It's like truly painting my face. It takes practice and is meant to make you feel as good as you do on the outside as you do on the inside.
Kelly Dang
Tip : When doing your eyebrows do slow strokes. When applying foundation don't press onto the skin or else it'll go deep into your pore. Just apply lightly.
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