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Throughout history, the human appearance was always considered important. There are many makeup techniques to transform the human face.  Learn more...

Any special makeup tips you’d like to share?

wear make ups as it will make your skin to age prematurely. But I am so amazed what make ups can do. It can make you pretty in an instant!

I've recently just started using bareMinerals and I have to say, I'm really impressed! You can't tell I'm wearing makeup and I have even had a stranger compliment me on my pretty skin.

I have dark circles and big eye bags. Do you have any tips for me to conceal or hide them? I tried using several BB creams and concealers but still can't hide what needs to be hidden totally.

Okay for starters, you NEED to make sure you are wearing sunscreen around your eye area (but don't get it in your eyes) and drink more water. And applying concealer in an upside down triangle, rather than dots across your eye bag will hide them better.

My biggest tip for dark-eyebrowed girls is: try a greyer, ashier, taupier tones eyebrow powder / gel / pencil, because that is going to look more natural to fill your brows in. The ones in your exact hair color might seem overdrawn.

I use olive oil to remove my eye makeup all the time. It doesn't ever make me breakout (I have oily skin) or irritate my contacts. I just use a dab and it takes everything off!

I've learned the art of blending makeup at a very young age. I used to see my aunt doing it all the time and that really got my attention. I think it's also a gift and maybe it's for the same reason that I easily learned to paint, self-taught, even if I'm already in my late 30's.

That's really a talent. I don't use make up so when I have to, I just know some tricks but it's just the basic application mostly.

I been watching for some make up tutorial on youtube, it is amazing how people apply make up fast and flawlessly on their face.

I want to learn how to apply make up on eyes to make it a little bit bigger, I was watching some tips on youtube.

I really don't know how to apply make up exactly on my face but I can do it much better on some others face.

I'm not great at applying makeup, and for some reason youtube videos don't help me at all. I won't be wearing makeup in public anytime soon. I tried that a few times, and I just got a few weird looks.

I am not sure why everytime I click on makeup it brings up makeup tips. Anyways I ordered for the very first time from Bare Mineral makeup off line, I am really hoping that it is good and worth every penny that I just spent.

I just started using this brand of makeup and people have been giving me a lot of compliments. People can't really tell that I'm wearing makeup at all and it makes me feel good. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Less is better!!! Better for your skin and much more natural looking. No matter how much makeup you wear, do not forget to remove your makeup before retiring to bed. Keep a clean face!

I want to learn to put good make up on my face, I don't put make up everyday but when we have events at work we are forced to have make up on ourselves.

If you have good skin, you won't need much makeup. Just a little tinted moisturiser or BB cream and a little powder to set it, a little mascara, eyeliner and some lippie and you're good to go :)

Makeup is art but I don't wear makeup. I'm fine with moisturizer and facial day cream that turns into a powder.

After yesterday, I really need to stop buying makeup. I have a lot of lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and lip glosses.

Hehe Tanya, I have the same problem; I can never stop buying these things! It's like I'm stock piling. Maybe it's a good thing that I can't afford to keep buying more at the moment!

I buy cheap brands, but it still adds up. I keep seeing new colors that I like so of course I have to try them. I just threw some out last week.

I love my LA girl pro concealer with a tip of olive oil cover blamish and give a flawless finish and give me confident

foundation makes me break out so I dont use it I hardly wear nor need make up so I only use mascara and eye liner once in awhile

You can try a powder mineral foundation if the liquid breaks you out. Some people just don't need make up and naturally just look good. Not me, I need some help. lol

I am currently on the hunt for dark circle removals. I drink plenty of water and have a good sleeping schedule but that doesn't work.

Try a concealer. Just try dabbing a bit under your eyes and it should help somewhat. Some people just naturally have dark circles. I am getting older and my problem, along with many others are the fine lines and small wrinkles starting to appear. Getting older isn't fun. lol

I love makeup but like to keep it fresh and understated, barely there. I mainly use tinted moisturiser, powder, some lippie, mascara and eyeliner and I'm good to go :)

That is one product I HATE! I just do not like and of the BB creams at all. I don't like the look I get. I also don't usually wear eyeliner either. I do however LOVE eye shadow. That is just my absolute favorite beauty product. I think it is because there are just so many colors to play with.

Sometimes it is weird to see someone you always see with makeup on not wear any. Some people are unrecognizable.

Yes, i've seen that and it's pretty scary LOL But kudos to them for being able to transform themselves. It takes a lot of skill!

So true! I think most people look better with a little bit on. I think however, if you are going to wear some, you need at least the basic blush mascara and lip stick or gloss. I however figure if I am bothering to wear make up, I have to first have foundation. Then the others I mentioned. If time permits, of course ,eye shadow.

I used to wear make up every day. I have been disabled for about 6 years and rarely wear it. I like to do my face up for special times, like holidays with family and the occasional date night with my hubby.
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