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Throughout history, the human appearance was always considered important. There are many makeup techniques to transform the human face.  Learn more...

Any special makeup tips you’d like to share?

I don't wear much makeup and prefer the natural look more often than not. Unless I am going to a wedding or a party then I will wear makeup.

I thinks makeup acts as a special protecting shield. Your confidence is boosted by the way you look... for me it is a ceremony every morning.. I just feel so girly and loved

Make up tips is just the last thing i can end up checking on the net or anywhere lol. I love it when people wear them but not me

I usually just go for a simple make up look. I just use normal liquid foundation, some lipstick and some concealer. No eye make up (unless it was for an extra special occasion).

You are even better. Once i put on what i do apply on my face lol i am good to go,nothing else just make sure hte hair is good and off i go

I don't wear makeup unless I'm going out then I'll throw on some lipstick. A lot of reasons I have for not wearing make up either. I love my fresh face. 2nd when I was in my early 20s I started to wear make up and I laugh so much and so hard that my tears would make the foundation run. As for make up tips sometimes I'll watch only because I'm interested in watching people use paint and brush to transform their face, without a knife or needle

I have no make up tips to share because i do not apply make up myself lol don't be surprised that i don't apply and yet am a lady lol

I have never be3een a fan of make up. I do use it when I go shopping of to church. Then I cant wait to take it off , it feels unnatural to me.

I rarely wear make up and only wear it if I am going to a party or very light make up to work. I prefer the natural look lol

I love it pure natural i am just too lazy to buy them or apply them he hee i just do it natural but i do put on weaves because my natural hair is not too good

I need to remove my eye makeup before going to bed. I don't wear foundation or mascara but still I need to have a clean face as leaving any makeup on the face overnight isn't a great idea.

I love make up so much! If you are looking for some tips and tutorials I would advice you to check "Jaclyn Hill" on youtube! She is the queen!

Thanx for the tip. I will check her out. I love wearing make up myself every day. For the evening I put more, of course. But I wear make up even at home.

i was always really into makeup, but i just recently started learning how to really apply it and get the most out of wearing make up.

I am 51 and do not know what has gotten into me. A couple years ago, I cleaned out and got rid of all of my old make up. I started buying a few new things here and there and now I am totally addicted to buying make up! Every time I go to a store, I am looking at the make up and usually buying something. I have more make up than I will ever use. I probably have enough to supply all of ChatAbout. lol (true though) My main thing I love buying is eye shadow. There are just so many shades and brands to use. One tip I have is to make sure your foundation is blended well so it doesn't look like you have a mask on. I hate seeing a woman who look like a clown. They are the ones who have the bright colored blush and then the mask on. lol there are so many tips online that nobody should have any problems with make up. I love watching the YouTube videos about make up looks and also items.

I have my own fashion blog, and I give a couple of makeup tips.
I'm not a total expert, but I share What I know.
I mainly do fashion on my blog though.

Where do I find your block, Arianna? I like your picture and your hairstyle and the strong colors. It suits you! :-)

believe less is more all i need is a good lip stick and lip gloss and i am great, it amazes everyone how little make up i wear

I also believe less is more on most people. I think some women can pull off a lot of makeup, but for me, I look best with just some concealer, mascara, and eyeliner.

I love learning about makeup and I'm doing so all the time. It does give me confidence and it's a great way to enhance your great features.

I like make up but having healthy skin is important as well. Make up is fun to play around with and you can learn a ton of tricks on youtube

I totally agree! It took me so long before I actually found a concealer that didn't make my skin break out or leave my skin dry. I just switched to a new one, and I can't wait to go back to my old one.

i need a lot of make up tips because i have no idea on how to apply make up. although i love how make up looks i never know what i am doing.

Go to YouTube and watch videos. There are so many bloggers who show you how to apply it and what different brands you can buy at the store or online. Most all have great tips. I enjoy watching them.

I don't wear a lot of make up just enough to cover my skin with foundation and a little bit of eyeliner. Somedays I will wear a little more but only if I need to.

You are so lucky that you do not need to wear mascara! My eyelashes are blonde so if I just wear eyeliner it looks weird!

i like how makeup looks but i cannot put it on. i do not know how to put makeup on so the most i wear is foundation and mascara.

I would so much wish to share some tips but lol i do not apply any,it is totally not in me despite being a lady

I love wearing make up. I always watch make up tutorials on youtube to get some tips. My personal favorite is Michelle Phan. She really has a lot of things to share.

Me too! I love watching a lot of them. Another I like to watch is Emily Noel and Lauren Curtis. I am older but I enjoy watching young and old doing make up. So many great ideas and tips.
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