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Any special makeup tips you’d like to share?

i need a lot of make up tips because i have no idea on how to apply make up. although i love how make up looks i never know what i am doing.

I don't wear a lot of make up just enough to cover my skin with foundation and a little bit of eyeliner. Somedays I will wear a little more but only if I need to.

i like how makeup looks but i cannot put it on. i do not know how to put makeup on so the most i wear is foundation and mascara.

I would so much wish to share some tips but lol i do not apply any,it is totally not in me despite being a lady

I love wearing make up. I always watch make up tutorials on youtube to get some tips. My personal favorite is Michelle Phan. She really has a lot of things to share.

Most woman don't need much makeup jut a little eyeshadow and some lip gloss to enhance the eyes and lips. But most of the women i see over indulge in makeup and no one needs that much.

It's all about proper technique and a light hand. Also the rule is if lips are dark eyes should be light if eyes are dark lips should be light.

I have never been one to use a lot of make-up. I generally don't know how to use a lot of the new make-up tools today and I don't like complicated things. I stick to mascara, eye shadow, and a little lip gloss.

See now thats what I like whats your Name Beautiful lol :) hehe how old are ya? Im sure you look nice with it too ;)

to me GIRLS in General look good without makeup, I can accept a girl with makeup.. is just that they wear to much of it!!! ya know? wll yeah a little bit will not hurt..

tahaha. That's sweet of you to say, but some girls will hear that and still put on loads of make up. You may think she looks great without it, but to her she looks like she just rolled out of bed

Oh really, thatn thats just madness! Girls now a days try too hard and end up putting a whole lot of that stuff you know ;) ?

Yeah I know what you mean, but all girls just like to look beautiful. It's a plus that you like the all natural look. Girls appreciate that.

I love to do my own makeup and also for others. Soon im planning to take a course to become a makeup professional..

I wish I could say the same I know how to do basic makeup but that is about it. I really enjoy putting it on and buying it.

Good luck to you in your journey! I am sure you are very good at what you do and that you enjoy every bit of it!

I always find it hard to find the right colour pencil for my eyebrows, any ideas or tips? please help

You should try the YSL eyebrow pencil, it has a brush, I use it all the time
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you should definitely try it ;)

Also taupe is a great colour for eyebrows- not too red or fake looking and it basically suits all hair types too!

I always need help with my makeup and thanks for that Never thought about going to the sites that you suggested I will check it out

If you feel as though you fail at doing your make up like I do, all you need to do is go onto youtube and type in make up tutorials, you can find a large amount of people/women talking about which foundation is best for which skin types, how to do the perfect contouring and even tutorials on exotic, colourful or natural/smokey eyeshadow... the limits are endless!

You are so right I would have never guess to use milk of magnesium on my face for a primer I saw someone on yt do it.

The one thing that I fail when it comes to make-up amongst all the other make-up tricks I fail at include the lip liner. I always get either the wrong shade or it looks weird on me. I have bright lips so I don't know what color lip liner to use.

If you want to get rid of blemishes, don't try to cover it up! Foundation makes it worse and causes breakouts. When applying eyeliner, do not apply fully under the bottom of the eyes. This makes eyes appear smaller. Youtube has great tutorials!

Thank you for the tips. I use bare minerals on my face as a foundation I guess you can call it, but it looks more natural than anything.

I know how to put on foundation, mascara and lip stick. anything else i need serious help with self help is not going to help i need an actually person that can come to my house and do my makeup. How spoiled i would be

I assume you know this but just in case..there are a ton of how to videos on u-tube that give awesome tips.
Used to be department stores did a free make up to try to convince you to buy their products. I don't know if they still do.

I have out several of the online make up tutorials (a lot through youtube) and still find that I fail. Its difficult if you don't have the proper types of make up, brushes, and know-how!

I used to go on Youtube for makeup tutorials.. I must say, they helped a lot when I hadn't a clue what to do. Now I just experiment... although not very much since I generally keep to a basic everyday routine but on special occasions I might look up some tutorial and do my own version of it.. it's quite fun really ;)

I don't know if you could class this as a tip or not but I love flicking through catalogues and magazines and looking at the models in it to get makeup ideas. I will rip the pages out to keep and then when I want to put my makeup on I will look at all the pages to see which one I like best for that day. Magazines that sell eye makeup tend to be best as there are always close ups of the eyes so you can see in good detail! :)

I was a beginner to makeup just a couple months ago, now I can't even see myself without it. You just gotta love that sh**.

Yes I do love makeup it is so easy to become a makeup fanatic I just love it, especially when the outcome look and feel beautiful inside and out.

I love make up. especially as I have fair hair and therefore barely noticeable eyelashes and brows when not made-up. I like to pick up tips from TV shows such as This Morning.

I am a make up junkie! I just love how you can transform into someone completely different with just a few simple steps! There is just so much you can do.
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