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Throughout history, the human appearance was always considered important. There are many makeup techniques to transform the human face.  Learn more...

Any special makeup tips you’d like to share?

I know how to put on foundation, mascara and lip stick. anything else i need serious help with self help is not going to help i need an actually person that can come to my house and do my makeup. How spoiled i would be

I assume you know this but just in case..there are a ton of how to videos on u-tube that give awesome tips.
Used to be department stores did a free make up to try to convince you to buy their products. I don't know if they still do.

I used to go on Youtube for makeup tutorials.. I must say, they helped a lot when I hadn't a clue what to do. Now I just experiment... although not very much since I generally keep to a basic everyday routine but on special occasions I might look up some tutorial and do my own version of it.. it's quite fun really ;)

I don't know if you could class this as a tip or not but I love flicking through catalogues and magazines and looking at the models in it to get makeup ideas. I will rip the pages out to keep and then when I want to put my makeup on I will look at all the pages to see which one I like best for that day. Magazines that sell eye makeup tend to be best as there are always close ups of the eyes so you can see in good detail! :)

I was a beginner to makeup just a couple months ago, now I can't even see myself without it. You just gotta love that sh**.

I love make up. especially as I have fair hair and therefore barely noticeable eyelashes and brows when not made-up. I like to pick up tips from TV shows such as This Morning.

I am a make up junkie! I just love how you can transform into someone completely different with just a few simple steps! There is just so much you can do.

I really wish someone can show me to do my make up.. I just dyed my hair a solid stand out color & I know that if I knew to fix my make up I would look nice.. I wish for someone to give me a make over :)

Doing makeup is an art which everyone cannot learn. But i personally believe that women look more decent and nice when they are without makeup and in their original shape and face.

i love make up. i would spend a little more money and i currently use mary kay ! i love their make up it's outstanding. =)

Beetroot powder is a great, natural blush. I got mine from my local co-op in bulk and it was less than $1!

I got a whole box full off of eBay. It's all Wet N Wild stuff and there's lipsticks, lipglosses, foundations, eye shadows, nail polish, bronzer, glitter and more.

That's awesome! I never see many listings in cosmetics, maybe next time I will try my PC instead of my smartphone.

I usually looks for lots under the makeup section or I just type in a company name and lots. Some of them aren't very good though.

It seems to be so hard to find makeup when you have light skin! I'm pretty pale, and anything I find seems to be too dark for my skin. Even if I'm using the lightest shade, it always seems like I can see a line there. I really liked CoverGirl's Ready, Set, Gorgeous compact powder foundation, but after using it a while, I realized it made my skin almost look dirty; it was just barely too dark for my skin, which is why it looked that way. It feels like I'll never find anything that won't make me feel the need to constantly look in the mirror and wonder if it looks okay. Eyeshadows are hard too, always too dark or too light. Any suggestions on any of this, from any other pale skinned ladies, or anyone who does makeup professionally?

i hate to say it but sometimes more expensive is best for those light shades ie mac .Have you tried everyday minerals?they have a wide selection

Estee Lauder Double Wear has a huge shade range for high end. On the drugstore end the L'Oréal true match has a wide range as well.

Concealer and mascara are the most important things! Blush is really great too. I like the maybelline instant age rewind under eye concealer for dark circles. And I like the maybelline fit me concealer for your blemishes. I also like the benefit They're Real mascara!!

I've yet to find a concealer I really love! I love They're Real mascara, it works great! I have a hard time washing it off, though, lol.

My absolute favorite concealer is by The Balm called time balm concealer. I put this on my eye area to cancel redness and any blemishes. The benefit mascara is hard to wash off and it didn't do much for my lashes. I prefer Younique's 3d fiber lashes mascara. I use ponds cream cleanser to remove my eye makeup.

I think blush really completes a look, and can make you look so much more alive. Just make sure you don't use too much!

I feel like for most people, our first time/years of using makeup were pretty disastrous. I remember 9th grade when I discovered eyeliner's greatness and put a thick line on the top eyelid and all on the waterline everyday. I even did this when my hair was straight but greasy. It was a disaster!!!

So I am fairly new at makeup and eyeliner is probably the toughest thing for me to apply. Any tips?

It all takes getting used to. Also be sure to use pencil first before graduating to liquid, since it is A WHOLE LOT LESS MESSIER than liquid. Another good tip is to use a bit of powder on the top eye-lid before applying. This reduces smudging.

Set the eyeliner ( I prefer pencil over liquid) with an eyeshadow. Use an angled brush and black or brown shadow and go over the liner.

I find using an eyeshadow with an angled brush the easiest to start and it gives you a huge range of colour to choose from

I need help trying to find a good concealer to go with my skintone. I can only find too dark or too light :/

Here is a make up tip: If your lip color is too dark, then put a bit of concealer , before putting on the lip color.

That is a really good tip. I think I have to try that when I want to wear a bright pink lip color. :)

that is a really lips get dark in the winter time so i will be trying this out and see how it works out

I have found that, when I wear make up I use neutrals on my eyes. I favor browns and tans. It makes it look great.

For those with dull looking completions : try a mini makeover for your makeup by adding highlighter.This is a way to brighten up any face, no matter what kind of your skin tone you have. Highlighter products bring shine to your face. it has the ability to define your face's bone structure. Using highlighter is for those that also use matte foundation. Simply add your highlighter to your base foundation and use a large, rounded makeup brush to focus your new color to your forehead, cheeks, and nose. Your face will be glowing.

That sounds like great make up tips. I am going to have to try the highlighter on my face. I like to try new things.

I love using highlighter. It adds a natural looking glow to the face - I usually put it a little above my cheekbones above where I put bronzer.
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