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Throughout history, the human appearance was always considered important. There are many makeup techniques to transform the human face.  Learn more...

Any special makeup tips you’d like to share?

Less is better!!! Better for your skin and much more natural looking. No matter how much makeup you wear, do not forget to remove your makeup before retiring to bed. Keep a clean face!

I want to learn to put good make up on my face, I don't put make up everyday but when we have events at work we are forced to have make up on ourselves.

If you have good skin, you won't need much makeup. Just a little tinted moisturiser or BB cream and a little powder to set it, a little mascara, eyeliner and some lippie and you're good to go :)

Makeup is art but I don't wear makeup. I'm fine with moisturizer and facial day cream that turns into a powder.

After yesterday, I really need to stop buying makeup. I have a lot of lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and lip glosses.

Hehe Tanya, I have the same problem; I can never stop buying these things! It's like I'm stock piling. Maybe it's a good thing that I can't afford to keep buying more at the moment!

I buy cheap brands, but it still adds up. I keep seeing new colors that I like so of course I have to try them. I just threw some out last week.

I love my LA girl pro concealer with a tip of olive oil cover blamish and give a flawless finish and give me confident

foundation makes me break out so I dont use it I hardly wear nor need make up so I only use mascara and eye liner once in awhile

You can try a powder mineral foundation if the liquid breaks you out. Some people just don't need make up and naturally just look good. Not me, I need some help. lol

I am currently on the hunt for dark circle removals. I drink plenty of water and have a good sleeping schedule but that doesn't work.

Try a concealer. Just try dabbing a bit under your eyes and it should help somewhat. Some people just naturally have dark circles. I am getting older and my problem, along with many others are the fine lines and small wrinkles starting to appear. Getting older isn't fun. lol

I love makeup but like to keep it fresh and understated, barely there. I mainly use tinted moisturiser, powder, some lippie, mascara and eyeliner and I'm good to go :)

That is one product I HATE! I just do not like and of the BB creams at all. I don't like the look I get. I also don't usually wear eyeliner either. I do however LOVE eye shadow. That is just my absolute favorite beauty product. I think it is because there are just so many colors to play with.

Sometimes it is weird to see someone you always see with makeup on not wear any. Some people are unrecognizable.

Yes, i've seen that and it's pretty scary LOL But kudos to them for being able to transform themselves. It takes a lot of skill!

So true! I think most people look better with a little bit on. I think however, if you are going to wear some, you need at least the basic blush mascara and lip stick or gloss. I however figure if I am bothering to wear make up, I have to first have foundation. Then the others I mentioned. If time permits, of course ,eye shadow.

I used to wear make up every day. I have been disabled for about 6 years and rarely wear it. I like to do my face up for special times, like holidays with family and the occasional date night with my hubby.

I really like to learn makeup for myself. But my mother doesn't want me to put makeup on myself. I like to watch makeup videos on youtube.

How old are you? I know I started liking and wearing make up when I was in jr. high. I think it is fine to start out wearing a few things at that age. Ask your mom if maybe you can start out with a lip gloss and a little blush.

I'm always watching makeup videos on Youtube. I want to learn how to put makeup on so bad but they make it look so easy lol and its not.

I watch a lot of the videos too. I adore make up and learned you don't have to use a ton of different things. Sometimes all the different trends don't work for every one, and especially trying all of them at once. For me, the smoky eye look always makes me looked so drained, so I don't try to do a look just because it is popular or new. Experiment with things and keep practicing. How do you think all these bloggers get it to look so easy...practicing!

I don't wear a lot of makeup when I go out, I use only eyeliner and eye shadows. I don't even do lip gloss or blush.

I love the nude by nature mineral powder, bronzer, and finishing veil! it is amazing and has only just recently one an award for being so good.

edit: "won" should be before "one". I am sorry for the spelling mistake, everyone. I really hate when I do that. I taught English so I die inside a little bit.

They say there are different types of makeup for every occasion. Like dark make up are meant for evening occasions or parties.

i agree with that. i like the more natural look for the day and a darker look for parties and events

Same here ladies. But my makeup stays the same for nights out, which is why I really want to learn how to apply eye shadow and blusher. I used to think Black women couldn't wear blusher, but I was dead wrong!

I agree. I don't think a dark lip stick or dark smoky eye are really good for the daytime. I think black women have such beautiful complexions! ( you look like you do from your pic) They always look so smooth and flawless. A blush would just look GREAT for a person of color. I think you would look good with a mauve toned blush. One color I just can't wear are pinky colors in blush. YUCK. They just seem to make me look like I am sick. I also used to think pink lipstick looked bad on me too, but I tried a few and I was amazingly surprised it actually looked good. I guess we need to try everything and see how they really do look before we judge them. Mpho, go to You Tube and watch a few videos. Just type in "basic make up", or whatever you want to watch. They will help you with eye shadow and blush application. Sometimes I think some bloggers over due a lot of the make up. Some will put on 4-5 shades of eye shadow and blend them to death to get a look you can get with 3 instead.

I learned that if you run out of make-up remover baby oil works very well and is gentle on your skin as well

I love using baby oil as makeup remover, it's just as effective and it's one of the few things that really works to hydrate my skin, even in the winter

I have greasy skin, and I try to avoid using anything on it that may make it worse. Do you ladies know how baby oil works on oily skin? Just curious.

I think baby oil is too much for oily skin. You can try Nivea, the original one in the blue tin. You can also try makeup remover wipes but be sure to still wash with your regular facial wash when you have the time. Makeup remover wipes can be drying.

One thing I have learned is to always wash off your make up before bedtime. Even though I might be tired, I always make sure it comes off. I don't want my eyes glued shut when I wake up and a broken out face.

Oh gosh yes, I never sleep in my makeup....that's just gross LOL I sometimes use wet wipes, then I wash my face with the help of my Clarisonic Mia face brush. The brush is effective in removing all makeup and grime from your skin. I finish off with a toner and moisturiser.

The couple times I have taken a nap with make up on, I woke up with my eye lashes all stuck together and couldn't see good. My vision was blurry and it makes my eyes puffy.

I do not wear makeup but I would like to. I just have never been good at putting it on and deciding what looks right. If I ever do, I turn orange LOL. I will definitely be reading some of the comments of this topic.

If you're looking for a match in cover up or concealer, you can go into a drug store and ask one of the workers in the beauty section, they'll match your skin tone with the right cover up. I don't use it often but when I do it's very light and I use a bit of paper towel to blend it more. You can get the sponges to blend too but, paper towel is cheaper lol

That's a really good tip. recently I saw a pharmacy near me offers doing your make-up for 10$, I think it'd be interesting to see how someone else goes about it, since makeups such a personal thing!

Sometimes when I'm at my friends we do each other's make-up and it is interesting, I find that I do other's make-up better than I do my own lol. She does mine similar to the way I do it but uses more color and slightly different techniques.

Makeup should be about enhancing your beauty not covering it up so no one can see it, unless you're in a circus I guess

My best makeup tip: keeps your tools and products clean! Wash your brushes regularly and use a spray cleaner between washes. NEVER stick your fingers into any kind of product (you're leaving all kinds of bacteria). Pay attention to expiry dates - anything with SPF has a limited shelf life, and stuff like mascara is a breeding ground for bacteria.

I have to say creams and lotions in a pot/jar just straight away put me off buying them because I see them as a breeding ground for germs, @Bettie!

I hate pots/jars but so many skin care products I like are in thos containers. I have a small metal spatula I use to remove product from those containers.

I love washing my makeup brushes because it's always shocking to see how much old makeup was in there that you could hardly see. my blush brush always looks like murder!

Like the others, i watch make up tutorial online and do it to myself. Well, i think i learned a bit. Lol!
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