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About Meningitis

Meningitis is just one of the common health problems suffered by many people across the globe. There have been several reports about this condition but some are still not so familiar with it. If you are one of these people who have acquired meningitis, then you have to feed your knowledge with the necessary information about it.

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I remember when the world was at it's scare for Meningitis. Actually, my Junior year of high school, a girl had died from Meningitis. No one knew that she had it. She was playing basketball the night prior to her death. There are no signs of change with Meningitis. It always just happens which is scary. Always get your shots and get checked, everyone!

This is a seriously destructive disease, it can be fatal within a day and kills many children every year.
The vaccines against meningitis causing bugs are effective.

Vaccines are not a?always effective against these kindathings iI don't get any kinda vaccines a all and I haven't gotten any kinda of sthis stuff

Meningitis can be hard on a person to get this illness. I never had it but I have read about it and it can be a bad illness if you get it.

Thisi s a very scary diesease or illness that is very common in shared areas like dorm rooms in collegge. always get the immunization shot to protect yourself

I had this when I was a new born and it was very scary for my parents. It can be very fatal and I was lucky to survive it.

From what i have heard, people usually die from the bacterial meningitis, not the viral meningitis. I feel badly for anyone who has ever had either one. It sounds soooo painful, and the recovery time from viral meningitis is a long time.

Hi, I am now on my 3rd week in bed. I have been to hospital 3 times. My first symptons started with severe head ache. But still manageable, I didnt know why. Then the rash appeared. By this time I thought I had German Measles. Over the next few days, sleeping feeling semi- unconsceous most the time. The painful rash felt like millions of needles in my body. It spread so bad I looked completely sunburnt. My face swelled up and then my wrists and fingers swelled up. So unbelievably painfull. All I could do is lie in bed with tears down my face. Then the rash subsided and so did the swelling, but then the horrendous head ache developed. By this stage I was now vomiting. I now was taken to Gp. I could not open my eyes, they had been burning sore for 10 days already, but the head ache was now too much. I got sent straight to hospital for a Lumbar Puncture. At last, the diagnosis is Viral Meningitis. I thought I was dying at one point. Slept for days and in so much pain. Doctors have put me to home rest for 2 more weeks now. My head is still very sore and giddy. My shoulders are sore and neck. What a terrible experience, but I am happy to be alive. It would have been a month now before I can start to have a normal life again.

HI, Asa safety pracititioner, i have been advised yesterday (saturday) that one of out employees have contracted meningitis, however there are no more details surrounding the sick employee. When I get back to work on Monday, I am expected to have answers as to how tro deal with the matter going forward wrt the rest of our staff, any ideas.

i alo have menengitis,,headach,,vomitting,no power,no appetite i thought i was dying on that dae,,it was 25 of may 2013 when my doctor transferred me to the medical clinic nd diagonised wth menengitis,,m still scared of the headach,bt nw i am on treatment nd i am taking care of myself m also going bck to school nx week

I am like Paranoid TERRIFIED of Meningitis ever since I got it about 15 yrs ago when I was about 30. It was shocking how suddenly and extremely severe it develops. The day before I was 100% normal and fine and felt healthy, then that night I got a headache which I did frequently anyway so thought that is all it was. The next morning I woke up so sick I was thinking of going to dr even though I only did if absolutely HAD to bc we were poor, by noon I was in so much pain I was sobbing and we went to dr Dr sent me immediately to hospital emergency room for spinal tap bc he suspected meningitus and it was confirmed, they admitted me into hospital and BEFORE 5pm I no longer remember from that point on for the next few days and people who were at the hosptial with me said I was lethargic and didnt really talk at all and if I did try to talk it was garbled nonsense not even real words. I didnt know who anyone was and was pretty much unrespnsovive. And I only had the lesser of the two kinds mine was viral which can still be deadly but the bacterial kind is even worse. When I do remember being more concious again in the hospital days into it that was almost worse bc the pain in my neck and head was so severe I was sobbing and literally SCREAMING and the nurses would rush in and all they could do to stop the pain was medicate me heavily enough to knock me into a deep sleep bc anytime I was awake even on strong painkilleers the pain was unbearble. I am lucky to have lived thru it and all I could think is God forbid any of my 5 kids ever get that!

that's terrible that you had to go through that. thank goodness you are ok. my mother died from it, but it took the hospital 3 months to find out what she died from. by the time she got to the hospital her organs were already shutting down. she hated doctors and never got sick. her symptoms were flu-like so she just rested and slept at home until her boyfriend took her in when she wasn't responsive. it only took 14 hours from her first symptom for her to pass. We were all so paranoid for so long, especially when we didn't know what had killed her. I got the shot from my doctor soon after we found out, because we will never know how she contracted it. It just gave me a piece of mind. Terrible thing.

Am one of those who had just recoverd from this diease,likely my doctor spotted this vuries early and i stayed in hospital for a month and am still on medication possible till next year jan.
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