Miley Cyrus
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Laurel Cecil
This picture is how I think of her looking. would not have recognized her the way she looked in a recent concert on tv.
Erik Harris
Miley, Miley, Miley. She used to be so sweet, cut and country. Now she is trying to grow up, and I guess in the spotlight you act out worse. LOL.
Josh Adebayo
I remember watching her show back in the day. She looks so older here in this picture.. like a movie star o.o
Ashley Huffman
She needs to calm down and grow up,she is so classless & gross. She is the complete opposite of how a lady should act.
Jae'La Grip
I think she let the fame get to her head a little to much. I was kinda shocked to see some of the stuff she was doing.
Josh Adebayo
It's whatever. She is going through a phase i guess. She will eventually realize what she's done but the money is just a comforter..
Melissa Clason
She needs to calm down and realize that what she's doing doesn't make her look grown up, it's actually pretty darn childish :/
Jasmin O
I don't like her hair, fashion sense, music, or her dances. In one of her music videos she's practically masturbating. She was gorgeous when her hair was still brown and long. Loved her in The Last Song and hannah montana c:
Laurel Cecil
The tv was still on last night when her special concert came on. It was a bit too weird for me. But I was most surprised by her deep voice.
Billie Mcwilliams
My daughter who is now age 10 use to love watching Hannah Montana. Luckily she doesnt pay much attention to Miley Cyrus anymore. I would hate for her to know the things she has done.
Daisy Connor
I do know that everyone's views on Miley are controversial but I've been looking up to her for years now. I'm glad she's expressing herself away from Disney but I do agree that it can be a bit overboard sometimes. I did go to Bangerz Tour and it was wonderful - she really put her heart and soul into the show
Donna mills-summers
I do not like her new doo and the color is unbecoming to her skin, she has become a nuisance to the kids of this world i liked her movie
Jemma Hurley
She worries me lately. My daughter used to love watching Hannah Montana and all her movies but now I think she's lost her way a little. She's not the best role model for kids.
Sandy Segur
The more I hear about Miley Cyrus the more I am beginning to think she has some mental issues going on. Sure the girl can sing. But that's all I can credit her for.
Viola Thornell
I was a fan of hers when she was younger and I always liked to hear her father's songs. I do not like the way she acts now and I may be old fashioned but she should not be a role model any more.
Billie Mcwilliams
I loved watching Hannah Montana with my little girl, it was always so funny. I had no idea Miley would turn out the way she has.
Ashlee H
I believe she's doing what she wants, and while I don't agree with her style now, I believe she's being true to herself. Even if plenty of people don't like it.

I can't love her as much anymore, especially the recent date rape joke she came out with.
Billie Mcwilliams
This is true, I guess we tend to judge celebrities a little more than the average person. After all They are our children's role models.
Claire Olsher
I think that this picture of Miley Cyrus should be updated to something of today. It's sad that she doesn't look like this anymore. She was such a good role model. Now, she's going crazy and it's not entirely her. It's her manager and other people that work for her that's trying to make her remember-able. What better than to make someone acting crazy to get not just some fans, but to be noticed?
Gabby F.
I will always like Miley Cyrus. I think she is just going through some hard things right now which is why she is acting the way she is.
Mary Kirkland
A while back I heard that Miley Cyrus was on the **** Clark countdown with a full length white mink coat that was so long it was like a wedding dress train. I don't give a damn about what she did with her twerking episode but not caring about animals that were skinned alive for that fur, that outrageous. I don't know how anyone can wear fur these days.
Galaxistar Douglas
Oh Miley what is wrong with you? Haha you've been?becoming so crazy lately. Love the hair btw. This girl in my class has a similar cut
Ashley Hutto
I love Miley and always will. I know she is going down kind of a strange path and I dont really approve but I know who she is and she brought me so much joy as a kid. She is still spreading a message to love yourself and thats what really matters.
Emily Jansen
Its a shame that this talented young girl feels she has to stoop to such low tactics to get publicity. Another one on a slippery slope
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