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I grew up watching Miley when i was younger, so i always have a soft spot for her. I think she is amazing in everything she does. I respect her so much for being able to be herself even though people may look down on her.

Maybe she really thought things over and decided it was time to grow up and act her age; especially if she wants to keep Liam this time..

Well I guess Miley has calmed down a bit, shes certainly not doing what she did in the year 2013 (the whole "we cant stop" era) but shes not quite "old Miley" yet. She's someplace in the middle, and I love that

I miss the old Miley Cyrus to be honest with you. The one now is so different from the old Miley Cyrus.

I liked Hannah Montana when I was younger. It was a guilty pleasure. Not a big fan of Miley anymore though.

She is so weird, I feel bad for her. No woman show have to dumb themselves down, or be half naked to get recognition. I liked her just fine before but sex sells now and its so sad

She's a person that makes mistakes and is doing her best to live as her authentic self. She's doing charity work, making music a lot of people love and enjoy, and is still part of an old Disney icon that a lot of kids looked up to.

Seeing her VMA performance didn't sit well with me, but that's just my opinion. Blurred Lines is a really creepy and gross song, and seeing Miley dance on a much older guy was a bit unsettling. I didn't think the outfit was flattering, but she's grown and can chose what she puts on.

However, using black people as props in her performance(s?) and stealing from black culture and acting like she created it was and is not okay.

Overall, I think she's alright, but she's out of touch (i.e. racist) like a lot of rich people/celebrities.

Personally I think she just tries to hard. She has made her point that she is not "Hanna Montanna." Ok good we get it. She doesn't have to act so trashy. I am impressed by her contribution to the aids foundation and her "Happy Hippi" program she has started. I just wish she wouldn't be so open with her pot smoking and drug use. Young girls still see her as a role model even if she is an adult. You don't have to be a Disney star just to grow up acting crazy.

Just MHO

Miley seems so different now, I like most of her songs, I was shock what she did on stage before that hit the media. She's a good singer though.

I think she puts on a show in the media, and on stage. But, in real life she seems like a really great person.

I liked when Miley Cyrus had long hair but she stills look good with her short hair. I don't know why people are choosing not to like her because she's being herself

I actually went to see Miley Cyrus live a while ago now and she was fabulous, I still really enjoy her songs they are good

Weather long are short hair I still love her music,she is young an vibrant, she is just being her self an having fun at the big fan,she's just enjoying life.She is awesome ☺

I use to like Miley. And yes I know that she is just doing what she feels like she should do to express her self. But when you are on Disney channel and all the children love you and look up to you then you need to watch what you say, do and what you wear. I will not let my little girl watch her any more because I do not want her thinking that those things are ok.

I agree with you 100% - I loved Miley as Hannah Montana I would watch every episode and actually owned some of her CDs! Now that she is the "new" Miley I am not impressed. I know it is okay to be who you want to be but your right after so long on Disney Channel people looked up to her. I will not let my kids watch her either no matter how much they want to. We still watch the Movie where she told her home town she was Miley and I still hear her music from time to time but it will not change my mind about how I think about her after the transfermation.

personally, i liked the old Miley, when she had her long brown hair and was still a part of Hannah Montana.

Long I absolutely adored the long haired brunette Miley I don't know how I feel about short haired blonde Miley she's a bit too wild for my liking

She is favorite celebrity I back in 2007 I enjoyed her show on Disney channel now I truly love as a adult she just does her own thing I like that in people
people who stay true to themselves

I love Miley Cyrus. She's young and having fun. She can do what she wants. Think about what you did when you were her age? Maybe it wasn't done in the public eye, but guess what, she makes way more than you do and has no shame about any of it.

She has turned into such a train wreck. She is going to need to hire a PR manager later in life to try and clean up her career. If she has a PR manager now they should be fired.

I still love Miley Cyrus and I honestly think that I am always going to be a fan of hers, as long as she doesn't go and do something seriously illegal.
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