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Miley Cyrus
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Amanda P
I love Miley Cyrus! I am listening to a song that she is on, with some other artists! I love bad girls, lol, so she is alright with me!

Suzanne Marble
She used to have such good music and now i feel she is playing good music but she is rude, stuck up snob who wants the attention all on her.
Tara Teed
I'm addicted to her music haha. I wish I could have seen her live when she was here. I give her a lot of credit for not givng two sh**s about what others think!
Suzanne Marble
i like her music do not get me wrong but i feel like she only acted out to get peoples attention drawn to her new music as an adult and not that disney star everyone knows her for.
Bryan B
It's unfortunate that she's had to go to such lengths to grab headlines to promote her music/celebrity. Ideally, her music ought to have been able to speak for itself. Now if you say the name "Miley Cyrus" I really don't think music is the first thing that comes to people's minds.
Suzanne Marble
I think of her spitting om her fans at concerts. i would be utterly grossed out. noone wants to be spit on.
Nancy Cooley
People don't like to see their Disney stars grow up because then they have to realize that they're only human and are subjected to and might succumb to some of the same pressures that a lot of the other people their age get into. A lot of people don't seem to understand that Miley Cyrus was just playing a character when she was doing the Hannah Montana show. And she's probably still just playing a character by acting the way she's acting now just so she can get attention and for marketing purposes, but even if she's not , then people need to realize that she was probably a troubled girl long before she gained any kind of fame.
Melanie Nelson
I have to admit that I think Miley gets a lot more **** than she deserves. Using black women as props is definitely not okay. I'm sure we can all agree on that, however, how she dresses is quite normal in Hollywood and among her celebrity peers. ****-shaming her is not going to change the way she dresses, and you certainly don't see people complaining about the way Britney or Madonna dress. If I remember correctly, Britney has been showing skin ever since she debuted. She was under eighteen when she stepped into the limelight. Miley only really started showing skin when she finally got away from Disney. You can't get angry with someone for simply growing up and moving on.
Steven Cetta
I don't know why everyone is picking on Miley. Look, she was a Disney star on a little kid show. Everyone had to figure that she was going to grow up and grow out of that kiddie stuff. She is only being a normal young woman. Let her have her day in the sun. Who cares what she does or how she dresses. If I'm not mistaken, Madonna did all that in the 80's and now it is common place.

Rebecca Guzman
I think that everybody should leave Miley alone. She is not and attention seeking ****, everybody is saying how you should express yourself by clothes and music. She was going to grow up sometime. Everybody does. Should millions of people give you **** on how you changed your clothes, or how you changed your taste in music? Nobody gives rappers **** on how their music is too inappropriate, so why should she get ****. She doesn't work for Disney people, she can do whatever she wants. She's 21 for crying out loud people.
Candina Szabo
i used to like miley cyrus but i can not stand her now i think the things she does for attention is so annoying and not cute at all
Leanna M
I agree. I watched all of Hannah Montana. I followed her when she branched into the movie scene. I lasted until she cut her hair and her new "Bangerz" record and tour. She posts ridiculous and inappropriate things on Facebook. Age isn't even considerable here. She shows herself trashy these days, unfortunately.
Donna mills-summers
Tonight they were talking about Miley Cyrus who was going to be in concert in Kansas city and due to taking some antibiotics that were prescribed she had an allergic reaction and has been put into the hospital and then on bed rest til all better.
Allison Young
Yet another person that I am tired of seeing and hearing about. She needs to put some clothes on and let her music speak for itself
B Love
I also want to hand that bag of bones a sandwich! You have to actually have a butt to twerk.
Jennifer Drake
I lost all respect for her when she tried to twerk on stage. Getting richer by acting like a moron is not only annoying but also a waste of talent.
Lindsey M
The good in her is somewhere deep inside and it's just hard when people feel the need to do what they normally wouldn't just to fit in or to stand out/be seen
Sharmaine Stewart
I actually like Miley Cyrus from a business perspective she has business smarts and knows how to built her brand but she is like most spoiled Disney kids that are accustomed to attention.
Lindsey M
At least not all Disney kids end up spoiled. Hilary Duff is a model example of that and she's probably my favorite out of all of them. Much respect for her.
Kitty S
Miley is crazy, but she's rich and she wants more attention to become more rich. Isn't that how it works? I say just let her do her own thing.
Alaska Y
Miley is a sad subject. She's going through a rough time and is obviously confused. I feel bad for her parents and I don't know about her whole life. I'm not in to celebrities and their life stories and things like that. But some things are hard to ignore especially when you have all these young kids gossiping all the time. Hopefully this will be something that passes and soon. She just needs the help. Everyone does from time to time. And hopefully she's willing to do the right thing.
Tina Day
Everything that Miley Cyrus does is for publicity she wants to get the people talking and it seems to be working
Monika Po
What can you expect? A non-existent childhood, people telling her that the only way to be successful is to do more and more sinful stuff from a very young age. Sigh! God help you, Miley.
Suzanne Marble
I Love Miley's songs but I hate how she is acting. I know she says it all to get rid of Hannah Montana, but come on. Girls look up to her and she was a great role model with amazing songs, The songs still hold true but the rest cant be kept.
Neely M
I don't really know a lot of her music but what was wrong with her Hannah Montana gig? I know the Disney kids have to grow up but they can do so without creating such a negative public image for themselves. That's just an opinion of course.
Suzanne Marble
She didn't want anyone to think of her as Hannah Montana. She wanted people to see her as herself and as a "grown up" but that isn't how she should be acting. Most Disney stars end up making a bigger bam than the last one.
Andrea Juede
I honestly Like Miley Cyrus. I've always been a fan, ever since Hannah Montana. She has great music, great style. Yes she did go over board in some of her performances. But I think she was just at a breaking point. But I still think Miley Cyrus is Great
Punky Brewster
Miley illuminiti virus needs to just go away. The younger generation growing up and watching her are going to be so mussed up and think its ok to shake you ass in people's face and be disgusting ect because hey " it's fun" don't have to be raunchy to have fun.....
Candina Szabo
wow what to say about miley cyruss.........uhm she went a little crazy i think she wants so much attention she is willing to do literally anything to get it its such a shame too im sure kids looked up to her on disney
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