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I am so dissapionted in Miley Cyrus now.
She used to be one of my role-models,and I uesed to love watching Hannah Montana.
But now, she has to prove to everybody she's all grown up, by doing really outrageous things, like being almost naked, twerking, and just being a true disgrace.
You dont have to display your body, to let people know your so-called grown up.

I'm disappointed with her as well. . She truly is talented, but it's hard to focus on the talent when she is acting out and looking for negative attention.

Who doesn't know who Miley Cyrus is. She all grown up now and still making hits for the adults now. Pick up her latest music now and have fun.

If you haven't taken the time to listen to her cover of Jolene originally by Dolly Parton, I highly suggest you do. Even if you're not a fan of hers, it's a beautiful cover!

I actually really liked and still do like her father Billy Ray. We saw him in concert back in the "Achy Breaky Heart" day. Then they both were in the show "Hannah Montana" on the Disney Channel. Then I really liked that too. But Miley grew up to be a real weirdo! I am sure that her bio mom is rolling over in her grave!

I like Miley Cyrus the songwriter not Miley Cyrus the performer. To me, there's that big difference. I used to watch Hannah Montana with my kids. She's really changed a lot.

It's kind of sad. peer pressure is more likely a big factor. My daughter used to love her but now it is someone she can't watch because who she is now is not someone you want influencing younger children. She has her own life to live, as she should but it's a shame she can no longer be an idol to so many younger viewers who loved her over the years.

I personally think that Miley Cyrus is trying to find her own route in life, for example sure she was a disney girl on her own show but of course, Hannah Montanna wasn't Miley Cyrus, they were two different people and whomever it was on that show isn't coming back, obviously she made her choice, and for right now the choice she made is the life she wants to live, maybe once she's done new things, tried something new, she just might settle down.

You have to admit that she has talent, but I think she's going too far trying to get people to drop the whole 'Hannah Montana' 'Disney Girl' thing.

I agree with you 10000% Emma. She's taking things too far with this wanting people to stop thinking of her as Hannah Montana and associating her with Disney. She's gone to the extreme and needs to take a step back. She's got talent and influence over a lot of young people and needs to take that into consideration.

I think Miley is incredibly talented. Maybe she's gone a bit crazier than I would have liked, but she isn't doing anything illegal or incredibly horrible. I'll always be a fan!

I used to be a really big fan of Miley years ago but I am not that much of a fan of hers anymore. I like some of her songs but that is few and far between. To an extent I feel bad for her because to me she is having a war with no one but herself. She wanted people to stop thinking of her as Hannah Montana so she started doing crazy stuff. A lot of people had already accepted that she was no longer Hannah Montana but she couldn't see that so she went crazy. To the people who say they still love her and support her...good for you. But I hope that she gets straight before she wrecks her life.

She's gorgeous & very,very sexy. Hard to believe she's related to Billie Ray!!! Not a big fan of her music but she's fit!!!

ive never like miley im more into metal but she has gone super down hill like she makes me sick idk what she did at the vmas and i dont want to know but ive seen stuff online and shes going down

Dont like this new miley Cyrus the old look was in so many aspects much, much better. The women beneth i hope didnt lose integredy at least her voice still as good as ever.

The old Miley Cyrus is as controversial as the new one. She offended Asian people:

She also did a sexy photo shoot with her own dad:

She seems like she's trying way to hard to make it big lately. It's drawing a lot of negative attention.

I liked it more as it was before what is now the point where it is not now a sweet and tender girl was left in a mad

I like that she's so comfortable and confident, but I feel like she doesn't respect her young fans. She does whatever she wants without considering the influence it might have on young impressionable fans. Not a fan of Miley's.
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I like that she's so comfortable and confident, but I feel like she doesn't respect her young fans. She does whatever she wants without considering the influence it might have on young impressionable fans. Not a fan of Miley's.

I really find it disturbing that she is very popular to children and that children loves singing her songs and once of her songs promotes the use of an illegal drug.

The only reason she is popular with kids is because she got her start with Disney. She does not consider child fans because she is an adult and therefore wants adult fans. This is exactly why I told my daughter to stay away from the Disney Industry or any other children's networks because of the ridiculous standards they will be held to for the rest of their lives. It is not her duty to make sure your kids aren't singing with her music. Its yours.

Her shows are not aired in my country but she was still popular for kids because damn variety shows play her songs in song numbers and radio stations play her songs. This is why i support Indie music.

Miley Cyrus used to be a really likeable actress and star but lately, probably because of her break up (and other issues I'm sure) she's completely turned into a person who obviously couldn't care less about anyone or anything.. which is fine but does she really have to go to the extent of being almost nude, rude, and extremely provocative? I don't really think all of that is necessary.

I like her because she simply tells who she is and never mind those bashers and haters. her picture here is very cute and very different from her new image now. Good luck Miley!

She is promoting an Illegal drug Molly to her fans. she said people should use it. Molly have killed a lot of teenagers. What is likable about that

she said it in a talk show. she said people should try weed and Molly because they were happy drugs and social drugs. Oh yeah also used it for the lyrics of her song,.

I envy Miley. She is so comfortable in her own skin and doesn't care what anyone thinks. She has such a supportive family and her fan base is so supportive that her haters are kind of irrelevant at this point. I will always be a fan of her and her music regardless of what she does or what other people think about her.

I like her. She's cute and has some fun movies. I have some movies with her in them and she's pretty good. Barb
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