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I still love Miley Cyrus and I honestly think that I am always going to be a fan of hers, as long as she doesn't go and do something seriously illegal.

You know I enjoyed Hannah Montana. My daughter and I used to watch it together. After her show she kinda went wild. I guess that's what you get growing up in show business. I'm still trying to understand the twerking.

I liked Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana. At the time, I did not admit that I liked her as much, but I truly did like the show.

It was unbelievable how a period of time can change a person. I love her in the past but she is just really wrecked now.

so apparently shes dead lol im laughing because these blogs are just really silly and have too much time on their hands its just sad

Is she really pregnant? I saw a magazine cover tonight saying she was pregnant and headed to rehab?.. If she was born into fame and became what she is today, what do you think her child would grow up to be like if she is pregnant? Especially if it were a little girl?

I have heard that she is pregnant but I don't know for sure if it is true. I saw something on the internet the other day where it said she had been smoking pot on state while performing. I certainly hope she would not do that if she were pregnant. I guess we will have to just wait to see if it true or not.

It kille me that her pretns sy she is just growing up nd is tht age. I would not wnt to see my kids actin the way Miley has t time.

this poor girl honestly I think being that she was so under her parents control when she was doing the Disney when she turned 18 she realized shes is basically free and can do as she pleases I just wish she would go back to regular miley

I love Miley Cyrus... BEFORE. I love her inspiring songs, they're actually one of my favorites. I was really shocked when she transformed and when she started doing crazy things. But I still admire her for being strong. Strong enough to show to the world who she really is.

That's really a no-no. I followed her in Facebook before but I unfollowed her because I can't withstand her posts.

I think she has begun to tone it down again though. Especially now that she is in this new relationship. In her recent appearances she seemed to be going back to a more neutral state

Oh, yeah! I heard about the guy. Maybe she's just conscious in her new relationship. I don't think she will ever go back to her old self.

I love Miley always have and always will. She was such a big part of my childhood and as long as she isnt hurting anyone I will always support her.

I don't really think her negative transformation is entirely her fault... its also the fault of those people who started giving her more attention just cause she started stripping..... People are known to do crazy things for attention.... she just turned into one such brat.....

She was fun to watch as Hannah Montana, but when she decided to shake that persona and turn into a sketchy pop princess, she was no longer entertaining. She's just like so many others who feel like being outrageous is the only way to stay on top. It's a shame, she has a nice voice, but I won't listen to anything until she gets her stuff together and stops acting like such a train wreck.

I think one thing we all forget is though these stars make bad choices most of the stuff we see is a reaction to what they are going through. The industry sets these kids up when young, and we see cute kids when really behind the kids they have to do crazy stuff for their fame. Then to stay famous you have to sleep around, pose nude, or do something else crazy so I just feel sorry for miley. She probably never dreamed of being this way!

I am so dissapionted in Miley Cyrus now.
She used to be one of my role-models,and I uesed to love watching Hannah Montana.
But now, she has to prove to everybody she's all grown up, by doing really outrageous things, like being almost naked, twerking, and just being a true disgrace.
You dont have to display your body, to let people know your so-called grown up.

I'm disappointed with her as well. . She truly is talented, but it's hard to focus on the talent when she is acting out and looking for negative attention.

I lost respect for her. I thought that she was a good kid until she went all crazy and doing messed up stuff. It is hard to explain to little kids that really liked her what she is now and why.

Who doesn't know who Miley Cyrus is. She all grown up now and still making hits for the adults now. Pick up her latest music now and have fun.

If you haven't taken the time to listen to her cover of Jolene originally by Dolly Parton, I highly suggest you do. Even if you're not a fan of hers, it's a beautiful cover!

It is an amazing cover of that song. I love it! Yes she has done some crazy things but most people do. She just has the misfortune of being in the public eye where everyone sees everything she does wrong.

I actually really liked and still do like her father Billy Ray. We saw him in concert back in the "Achy Breaky Heart" day. Then they both were in the show "Hannah Montana" on the Disney Channel. Then I really liked that too. But Miley grew up to be a real weirdo! I am sure that her bio mom is rolling over in her grave!

I like Miley Cyrus the songwriter not Miley Cyrus the performer. To me, there's that big difference. I used to watch Hannah Montana with my kids. She's really changed a lot.

It's kind of sad. peer pressure is more likely a big factor. My daughter used to love her but now it is someone she can't watch because who she is now is not someone you want influencing younger children. She has her own life to live, as she should but it's a shame she can no longer be an idol to so many younger viewers who loved her over the years.

I personally think that Miley Cyrus is trying to find her own route in life, for example sure she was a disney girl on her own show but of course, Hannah Montanna wasn't Miley Cyrus, they were two different people and whomever it was on that show isn't coming back, obviously she made her choice, and for right now the choice she made is the life she wants to live, maybe once she's done new things, tried something new, she just might settle down.
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