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I like that she's so comfortable and confident, but I feel like she doesn't respect her young fans. She does whatever she wants without considering the influence it might have on young impressionable fans. Not a fan of Miley's.

Miley Cyrus used to be a really likeable actress and star but lately, probably because of her break up (and other issues I'm sure) she's completely turned into a person who obviously couldn't care less about anyone or anything.. which is fine but does she really have to go to the extent of being almost nude, rude, and extremely provocative? I don't really think all of that is necessary.

I like her because she simply tells who she is and never mind those bashers and haters. her picture here is very cute and very different from her new image now. Good luck Miley!

I envy Miley. She is so comfortable in her own skin and doesn't care what anyone thinks. She has such a supportive family and her fan base is so supportive that her haters are kind of irrelevant at this point. I will always be a fan of her and her music regardless of what she does or what other people think about her.

I like her. She's cute and has some fun movies. I have some movies with her in them and she's pretty good. Barb

She has definitely changed is use to remember her when she was on disney Chanel all innocent and stuff lol well she aint now

The image she projected once was squeaky clean. Not anymore. Usually, she comes across as a very intelligent artist. In a lot of her pics though I've noticed she sticks her tongue out.

I just watched her on utube because honestly I had no clue who she was previous her twerking with that guy Thicke and she was doing a duo and really liked that, she just seemed more at ease than she does now, I don't judge either way it's just a feeling I get and who knows it could be an act

i actually love miley cyrus lol. shes crazy but in a good way. i dont like her outfits but her songs are great. although i did love her acting as well.

She's obviously talented and you are right I think anyway that her songs are great and her vocals strong, wish I could sing like her

She has influence on millions of young people. This is really sad. I cannot believe that was once that innocent disney person.

It's sad that she feels comfortable enough in her own skin and is confident enough not to care about what others think of her? I envy her!

On a TV Interview she said People should try Molly because its a happy drug... That drugs killed many teenagers and she promotes it on TV and promoted it on the lyric of her song.

It makes me wonder how a girl like this could even get chosen to act the part for disney. Its a reality check though. She is a real person people just think all celebrities live a perfect life.

It is sad that people like this become role models for our kids... they look up to stars and strive to become like them - whether good or bad..

It is really disgusting that majority of her fans are children and teens. I saw a 7 year old singing wrecking ball loudly inside the elevator few hours ago. I dont know why her parents let her listen to Miley's music.

She changed sooooo much.. I still remember the shows Hannah Montana she was beautiful inside & out I still watch her shows lol

She's still beautiful inside and out! She has so much more confidence now and just because some of the things she does aren't conventional, doesn't mean she's a bad person or that she isn't beautiful.

She has become an out of control young person,from twerking to getting numerous tattoos that have little or no meaning to them;I am embarrassed for her.Smoking pot when kids look up to her,she is setting a bad example for the future.

Out of control? She is doing what every young adults is doing: having fun and doing what she wants. She never asked to be a model for kids. If parents can't raise their own children, it's not her fault. She has every right to do what she's doing.

I'm just gonna be honest. I love Miley, and I'm not ashamed to admit that either.
She is an adult, and if she would've NEVER played "Hannah Montana" no one would be criticizing her. She has stated and I quote, "When I worked for Disney I was under a contract. I couldn't change my hair, my make-up or anything that I wanted so when I turned 18 and was released from that contract I just went all out and did the things I wanted." Every time a young celebrity grows up social media acts like it's a crime, when it's not. Some of the things she's doing is a bit crude but at least she's being herself and not phony with her fans or society. People make up so many disgusting rumors about this girl, what if people were doing that to you? No matter if she's famous or not she is still a human being. I give her props for having the strength to stay true to who she is.

It's ok to like someone that no one else likes Anna. At least you're being honest and not going along with the crowd. I don't particularly like her but I do like Russell Brand and loads of people find him awful! It takes all sorts to make a world.

I'm so glad to finally see a comment that is not so judgemental! I think it is way better for her (as it would be for anyone) to have the right to do whatever she wants with her body, unlike what Disney told her to do. She is growing up and acting like most young adults do.

She has changed so much or maybe she was always like this only we never saw this side of her or didn't want to.

I used to like her when she was Hannah Montana but since then she has become such a crazy woman. She acts like a tart. Hate her attitude. Hate her hair.

I actually liked her when she was a good example for the young girls of today when she was Hannah Montana. Before you know it, we lost another, I couldn't believe what I was seeing with her provocative dance moves and her style changing to leaving her almost bare. Don't get me wrong, she is a pretty talented singer but I wish young girls can have more role models that respects their bodies and can say " I can make money and use my talent without having to grind on someone or be half naked." This is my opinion, though.

Yes I like her here, not that appearances mean a lot yet I remember how she was more conservative in her actual behavior and demeanor during that time

Really if you are in their world I guess it would be though but if you can make a buck that is whartyou do

I used to love Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana but then she got married and ruined all the great things she had for her and a lot of fans.
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