Minimum Wage
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We all know that although an employee is receiving it is still not enough to sustain the financial needs of every family here.

According to labor standards enforcement figures of the DOLE as of the first quarter of 2013, minimum wage compliance among unionized establishments in Metro Manila was at 95.8 percent. Some 623 unionized workplaces were surveyed.

The number of minimum wage jobs in many South East Asian countries is exceedingly high. Laborers in many South East Asian countries are paid extremely low wages for a days work.

I really feel for the people who work at least two minimum wage jobs just to keep a roof over their heads and food in their mouths. Living on minimum wage is truly a feat.

The Minimum wage really needs to go up where I am at I people here are barely getting by in my small little town it is sad.

Minimum wage jobs such as cashier at McDonalds or other low paying jobs should never be live off of. Those jobs were the ones kids took in the summer time for summer jobs or SAHM worked while the kids were in school.

Jobs that can offer more, should. Like factory work or management.

well some people do have to do work like that, i have worked restaurants and retail most of my life so its kind of hard for me to do much of anything else

I agree even though the position might say that it is entry level, the people that are hiring really want you to have experience in the same industry and there is always someone that does so will not get the position.

Minimum wage is not enough to cover most people's regular living expenses, let alone the most basic needs. It makes me really sad that many people have to work 2, 3 jobs just to make ends meet.

i agree it really is a shame that people have to work so hard just to make ends meet these days, me and my hubby are both looking for work right now. if i didnt have my mom i dont know what i would have done

To be fair, minimum wage and full time hours provide between 800 and 1200 dollars a month after taxes at the bare minimum. It's livable, but it is not luxurious.

it wouldnt be too bad if everything was full time but so many places now want to just hire people for part time so they dont have to offer any benefits

I I have also seen people being hired as casual. I no that casual workers are not offered any benefits at all not even paid time off. part time working with partial benefits is still better than casual working.

If there were no minimum wage standards what would employers pay the people who do the work day in and day out? Even less.

E. Lee Smith, You are probably right. If employees could get away with paying almost nothing then that's what they would do .Pay like a child's allowance when I was a kid in the 1960's.

Even though most employer got the minimum wage still not enough to cover all the expenses in the house. I think it is time to raise the salary of those workers.

I do not know how anyone could live out on their own if all they get is the minimum. They would have to have a place to live according to their income and food stamps.

that's exactly how I feel especially because I and others I know are in the same situation but then the real issues come when the affordable living program tells you you make too much to qualify but your barely making rent

I only made minimum wage for a couple of months part time, and it was pretty tough. $7.25 an hour would make me just about $50 every day that I worked, and after taxes I was bringing back about 300 dollars a month. I got a raise soon after, and then I got a different job.

how are things looking for you know bs? glad you got a raise and then a new job, im looking for a new job myself hope I find one soon

I have left college now and I make more than minimum, but still not as much as I should. I need to use all of my training.

In Ontario Minimum wage is $11.00 an hour. It's not bad but, then the cost of living kind of takes it away. As minimum wage rises so does the cost of living, always.

That is right. When the minimum wage increases, you have to increase wages for the supervisors, managers, etc. So in the end, everyone gets pay raise.

Exactly Chelsea, here in the US they are clammering for the minimum to be set to $15 but if that happens then those of us on fixed incomes will have it even harder, we only get an economic increase at the beginning of the year.

Exactly, it is just so twisted. If prices went back to the way they were years ago then we could absolutely live off of even $10/hr. Prices are getting higher and people just don't have enough money to live anymore especially on fixed incomes.

I know that years have passed and things have changed but when I was 12 (50 years ago) my Dad left us and my Mom took care of us girls(3) on $125 a week I would go to the grocery store and buy our food and I fed a family of 4 on $15 a week I can't do it now that's for sure My hubby and I are on SSDISABILITY and we have 3 kids that would have been in the system if we had not taken them to raise We get no child support and no help from the state They said we draw to much SSDISABILITY for food stamps even just for the kids but they pay Foster parents to take kids in Some things just don't make sense too me It seems like they try to keep people poor

They do! If a person had a billion dollars they wouldn't pay half the taxes that we do. It's like reverse robin hood, take from the poor and give to the rich. And yes you see really rich people giving money away but, they're giving it to organizations, I'd be surprised if they didn't get more than half of their donations back from their tax receipts. It's ridiculous, if I was that rich I would be more likely to give to individuals, the only organization I would help is animal rescues.

Yeah, I'm guessing that when you're rich enough you can qualify for all those tax deductions that most of us never see due to low income status. I'd rather help animal rescues as well.

Well I know I will not be rich unless I hit the lottery but if I was I would look for families that are really trying and I would share with them I know how it is to do all you can and not be able to have enough to go around

It's amazing, if even 5 billionaires got together and worked it out, I bet they could afford to give every person in the world $100 000 dollars and it would set so many people up for success. They'd still be stinking rich but they would have made a huge difference in the world

There are 7 billion people in the world. 12 billion dollars would be a dollar and forty cents each. Even 100 billion dollars would be 14dollars or so.

In the state of Virginia minimum wage is $7.25 an hour which is not much at all ifyou look at the housing prices in the northern Virginia area. Plus the cost of utilities, gas, insurance, clothes, food and whatever else you need.

That sounds low but believe me, the minute they raise minimum wages so will the price of everything else. The solution would be best served if we could go back to a partial barter system to offset costs.


I remember the wway t was for me when I worked for that wage.

I was making more money per hour selling trash than I did off of work.

The government wants you to pay taxes on anything you receive in the barter system too Even on things people sell at the flea markets have changed I know someone that did that to help their income and they were told if they came more than 2 times a month they would have to get a business license It is almost impossible to raise a family on minimum wage

I remember just doing general odd jobs I could make 80 dollars a week, or if I sold a good amount of trash 250 dollars in a day.

That is way more than I could have made working for minimum wage for 8 hours.

I was lucky to get paid 300 a month after taxes between my low hours and my low wages from my minimum wage job, if I wasn't living on student loans I would have needed to quit school because it was too expensive.

I made about $5000 from work that year before taxes, and I paid $8,000 for room and board.

The minimum wage is different from state to state. I don't know what it even is in Florida anymore. I know wages stay the same as everything goes up.

I honestly feel like everything is going up except for the minimum wage! I think it's a joke to make so little when everything is expensive.

No matter how much they raise minimum wage, it is still minimum wage, and everyone will make more than those workers. Bosses will increase prices to pay for the increment.

Well, minimum wage was raised and now all the prices have been raised as well. Once again it did not work. 4-1-2015

Problem as I see it is when the minimum goes up the other wages fairly close to minimum have to go up too..seems that would be tough on the economy?

Not just the wages close to the minimum. All employees at all wage level will expect an increment. In the end, prices will have to go up to pay for all the increment.

Of course all other wages levels would have to be raised, all those people with college degrees wouldn't want minimum wage to creep up on them now would they.

minimum wage will never be enough for anyone too live or much less save an dollar aweek,biweekly,monthly pay earnings. back in 1978 min wage was only just over $3 perhr here it is 2015 now just over $7. dont belevie this will be raised or even honored by small employers they,ll just cut even more on parttime and fulltime hours. the shear rising of the economy keeps going higher making it more tougher nobody can live in semi comfy fashion

ML, a college degree doesn't separate you too far from the minimum. I have two degrees, and I'm still not making six figures or even high five figures.

It's not enough to be educated, you need connections to go far.

higher educated or not w/ just a high school dip or less. there.s other people who are saddled w/ the label slow learners threw out their school life placed in specail ed will never stand a chance to betters themselfs are offen misslabeled over looked for any chance of a raise in these minimum wage jobs. in fact i know afew people who still to date only earn less then $7. after tax and ect is removed froced to sleep in their car or on the street

It can be really tough to get by and have anything like a normal life on minimum wage. To make it you have to sacrifice something that costs money, like a car or tv service or restaurants.

its more then tough when having to make sacrifice on day 1 on all low paying only earning less then $7. perhr. the person i know doesnt even get stateaid help for housing and ect. the guild lines for this says he makes too much money get any sort of help at minimum wage at fulltime should be able to afford, acording to the state. most apartments in michigan are over $580. plus. depens how these employers pay weekly,biweekly, monthly the paycheck at minimum wage is less then $530. after tax and ect is removed.

Total pay is not allowed to go below minimum wage while working. In this case the person is likely getting cash tips. He should just keep the tips.

no tips just the straigtht $7. perhr an single job for this person i know. after taxes are removed his paycheck is less about a $190. to live on. he did try dirt cheap apartment rent which was full of bugs and rats/mice for $350. mtg does nothing to contorl an total unhealthly housing

Minimum wage here in Canada is currently 11 dollars. What is it where you live/? Wish it would go up higher than that

Here in the United states I believe it is $7.25. Even $11 an hour would not let a person afford an apartment by him or her's self.

I am pretty sure that the minimum wage is varied from state to state. I know a few years back we were in Alabama and they were still making very low wages..the minimum was quite a bit less then ours.

minimum wage def needs to go up soon, its ridiculous how hard people have to work just to make ends meet

Did you notice that every time min wages go up that all prices in general do too? When I started working in 1970 I made $300 a month ... paid $99 for rent, $65 for car payment, $50 a month for car insurance, $20 a month for phone and gas was $1.50 a gallon, if you do the math its about the same as todays minimum wage. Clothes, laundermat and food I did not calculate.

Yeah its rather ironic isn't it?. It's like they obviously know that. I wish that wasn't the way it is but sadly it is.

I totally agree with you Sarah. We did have a raise here by 50 cents not long ago but definitely not enough

That's generally because if the employers suddenly have to pay employees more, that money has to come from somewhere, so it's passed down to the consumers. Raising minimum wage isn't always a positive thing for the whole economy.

& I have to say that food is really gotten expensive. i go to buy meats and it's like OMG. I almost want to become a vegetarian..but veggies are expensive too. I really need to grow my own since wages stay down and prices go up!

Minimum wage does not need to go up. If government decreases income tax and VAT, everyone will have more money to spend.

If the minimum wage goes up everything else will go higher We need to stop buying so much stuff and go back to growing our own food Things have to go down when nobody buys it We plant a BIG garden and I have not bought very many vegetables since 2008 I can our food ( about 350 quarts a year) and I hope I can learn to do meat also My son raised 2 hogs and got them butchered and gave one of them to us because his daughter lives with us This has helped out a lot

I think that the minimum wage should be increase. All of the prices are going up and everything gets more expensive and we still make the same amount of money.

I agree with you Melissa, if they continue raising the prices then why shouldn't we be making more to afford things

I think minimum wage is way too low and should be much higher so people can live comfortably without worrying about bills and groceries.

I agree Leo. Some people work so hard and only earn minimum which is not enough. Things are super expensive to afford

Minimum wage is a joke. and when you hear of some companies employing cheap labour and paying people even lower because they have no other option, it's just shocking!

Its awful isn't it :( I wish they would pay a lot higher. With all the expensive prices now a days people can't afford anything
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