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tons of places dont even pay minimum wage. and i really hated it when i worked minimum wage for that year while i was in school. you cant really do anything with your money. and if you get paid bi -weekly you can forget about having any bills to pay PERIOD

Well minimum wage went up a few weeks ago. The second raise I have had in five years. Still making less money than I did a few years ago. (I had other income then)

Making minimum wage sinks big time. It is so hard for a lot of people to make a living on minimum wage, especially if they have families. As far as I can remember, I've only made minimum wage at one job for a short period of time. I don't know how people feed themselves, clothe themselves, and keep a roof over their head while making minimum wage.

I'm glad I don't have minimum wage. A lot of people have told me what they earn and it's ridiculous! They get ripped off.

wage is very core more so to the working class and its time a line is cut to have all the wages pocket friendly and fair to the concerned partied

I was thinking about doing an apprenticeship to become nursery teacher but the wage is so low for the full time hours. It is something like £2.00 an hour! which is something like $4 an hour.

Young people in Slovenia coming out of University are forced to work for free for several months just in order to get their final approval from the authorities. That is modern age slavery I think. Nobody shouldn't work for a wages so low that don't even cover the expences of coming to work. Not to mention food costs and paying bills. What is this world turning into?

Marko. Hello and welcome. Does the government pay for your tuition? I wonder what the rationale for the free labor is. Are you at least allowed to have a second job to pay your bills during this time?

Of course you are allowed to have the second job. That is...theoretically. In fact, they use so called apprenticeship to such extended level that those poor youngsters are not even in chance to think about second job. Fortunatelly for em I'm of middle-age and that was not the case when i was 20 something. My daughter will soon finish her study for being a teacher though. Such slavery is the thing she will experience I'm afraid.

While, that really isn't fair. It's part of the culture. Sad as it is. I think mininum wage in the state I live in right now is eight bucks. Which is way lower than where I lived previously. There it is over ten.

$4 an hour is a good offer that mean if you do 5 hours in a day you have $20 which to me is a good amount to get me going i wish i was in a position to take such an offer

I live in Ontario, Canada where the minimum wage is now about $11 an hour. I find that to be a fair amount. $4 is crazy!

I believe if the minimum wage is eight dollars a hour. in one state then ten an hour in a another state that state pays more because their daily living expenses are higher so it balances out. It might look like you are being paid less but your cost of living there should be lower than the other place was.

I think that minimum wage should be at least fifteen or sixteen dollars in each state. Even though that is still not enough, that would help more than under ten dollars. People who make minimum wage are struggling to take care of their families.

I don't know how to say this but a company can not afford to pay a untrained worker that much and still make a profit This is one of the reasons we have lost so many jobs to other countries They will work cheaper and they live different We need to change our way of living so we can do with less I was 52 when I became disabled and I was making almost $18 a hour but I had done the same job for almost 18 years I live on a fixed income now and I had to change the way I lived I wish it were different but reality is good jobs are hard to find and good workers are also hard to find

there are people here who make as low as $100 dollars in am month which is really low considering the rise in the cost of living

Oh, my, can't you just see it now. A McDonald's employee making $15.00 an hour. How long will McDonald's stay in business? The dollar menu would be come the 5 dollar menu. No customers no money no job. ;-(

Florence. McDonald's pays their employees a lot more in other countries than they do here and they still make a huge profit. McDonald's could easily stay in business and pay a living wage to their employees. Profits of some of these corporations are insane and they could easily cut their profits in half and still have more money than you could spend in a lifetime. However, McDonald's is losing customers lately and if they don't do something soon they may not have to worry about it.

The small fast food places in my town may only have a few employees, but they pay more than twice what McDonald's pays and they still turn a profit. Business is good and more and more of these places are popping up.

I think Seattle Washington just raised their minimum wage to sixteen dollars an hour. Now that is something that Congress should be trying to pass. Minimum wage need to be enough where a person can take care of their family without struggling so bad.

Does anyone know what the minimum wage is now in the U.S/.? I have an awesome job, but if I wanted a part time job going for minimum wage, I don't know what it is.

I believe it still carries by state. Last I checked in New York it's $8.00 an hour. It was $7.25 an hour a year ago.

Okay. I live in Florida. does anyone know of a website that would tell us this information?? I really need to find out this info. I think will give you the information you need. You should be able to search by state on that site.

Barbara, this minimum wage link might be helpful to you. This is the latest as far as I know but there are talks about minimum wage increasing soon. Hope this was helpful. View link

Okay thank you guys. I will look into that to find out that information that I want. I just want to see if it would be worth it to get a part time.

$8 dollars an hour wow that would be a dream come true if it was done here in my country that would make me rich in a few months

Patrick. You must have a much lower cost of living than we have in the states. In many areas here, $8/hour wouldn't even pay for a studio apartment. You could maybe get a room in someone's house; but then you still have to eat and pay to get to work and buy clothing for work and buy insurance etc, etc. It sure doesn't go far here. It's okay for high school kids who have no expenses, but that's about it.

I work from home so that I don't have to rely on minimum wage. It's sad to say that I can make around the same amount of money just sitting on the couch as I would at a fast food joint or at a retail job.

I have been working from home for the last 6 months on different sites. I am finding it difficult to find one thing that will give me the income I need and I work quite hard at home. I do enjoy being here when my husband gets home from work and getting to see my boys more often because I was working a job where I was gone 55 to 60 hours a week.

It's definitely hard to find one thing. I like to spread my day out over several different sites. I find that it makes it much easier to earn that way.

That is how I do it. I actually keep a book so that each site gets some of my time each week. There are a few sites that I go to that I will make sure to spend time on every day. There are a lot of sites out there that really do pay you. Its just finding the time to work on them all.

And having people who can help you find them. I had help find Chat from a friend. Then Swag, and from Swag, Perk. I also had a friend tell me about the survey site I am on. That one is slow, but only have to visit it once a day to get the survey and do it. That one takes two mins or so.

Would you care to trade some sites? Maybe we both have a few that the other hasn't tried yet. I'm always looking to add new ones to my list and I love sharing the ones I have with people.

That would be great. I wouldn't mind sharing sites with anyone that was interested in the ones I have that truly make money. Its always a help to find ones that someone else has been paid by and not having to waste the time to get the to the minimum just to find out that you aren't going to get paid for all the time you put in.

I have a bunch too, if you guys wanna all trade and see what websites we use that the other's might not.

I really think that the minimum wage in the US is sad. There are so many one income families trying to make a living and there is no way that is possible with how little this minimum is.

i bet many view it as low because of the rise in the cost of living the offer in the USA is quite high compared to my country i would love to see it implemented here

I don't have a wage here in Japan, I have a salary. When broken down though, I make more than minimum wage. But that doesn't stop me from going online and earning a bit of side-money. Every little bit helps.

I like using a variety of methods to make money. I do like having a day job as well as it tends to provide the more steady income source.

i would love to have a full time job and also have a part-time job as well as a reliable online job this would be much better for me and make life better

I had jobs earning minimum wage and I didn't like it. I did have a job that earned more than that but I didn't last long on that either. I like working at home.

minimum wage with enough hours or other employment opportunities allow a basic lifestyle and standard of living and those with families will receive assitance

many talk in terms of hours but in my country its rated in terms of days some even earn less than a dollar in a day so we have a big way to go

I never actually worked minimum wage. Even my first job paid over that, and I was in a very low skill position as an 18 year old.

Getting by on minimum wage would be extremely challenging. I read a book once where the author documented their lives trying to live off of minimum wage. I also think Morgan Spurlok did a documentary on the same concept

having a side job as well as having a parallel income source different from the full time job is the best idea to curb minimum wage issues

when ever they raise the wage every thing else goes up so you never can get ahead and that sucks

I read in the paper recently that quite a few states are planning to raise minimum wage to $10 and up over the next four years.

that is great and i believe in a decade or two decades to come we should have the same trickle down in my country to stem the rise in the cost of living

Unfortunately minimum wage is a sad situation. There are people working two and three minimum wage jobs just to pay their rent.

My husband and I both work. We are very frugal and do without a lot of things other people take for granted. I don't see how people live on minimum wage. It's hard to find a full time job to, so your working two minimum wage jobs. We make just enough that we can't get any help. Jobs that pay minimum wage weren't meant for people to use as a long term living wage. I know that most people don't live in an area that have decent jobs. My boss has let me know that there won't ever be any raises. I'm going to have to find a part time job, even if its low paying it will help out.
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