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Felicia Scott
I know minimum wage can't hardly support a family of two, much less if you have kids. And like always, when minimum wage goes up, so do prices
Crystal Russell
I think everyone should have the right to earn enough money to support there selves without having to work 2 and 3 jobs. And the people that say they should get an education just remember you wouldn't be able to get your mc donalds and starbucks without them. So quit acting like your so much better than everyone else.
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Amanda Grace
What about small businesses? It would hurt them to pay more. And then, who is to determine what is enough? Minumum wage here is $7.25 per hour and it isnt enough to do nothing
George Johnson
Amanda, the market is there to determine prices. These jobs are not forced on anyone.

Politicians are there to raise the minimum wage in order to give raises without having to pay anything themselves. Meanwhile costs rise and jobs go away...
Jason Richards
Why stop at $15? Why not $25 ... why not $50? Why not go ahead and raise the minimum wage to $100/hr? If these workers don't like the wage they're offered (and many took as an act of their own free will), then they're welcome to work elsewhere that will honor the immense value a fry cook or a burrito assembler brings to a fast food restaurant. They're so difficult to find ...
Mar Nab
even if minimum wage is increased, the cost of living will go up. Therefore, we can never get ahead. Even with working multiple jobs.
Lewis Medeiros
Cost of living is based on supply and demand, not on wages. In fact if the minimum wage is increased in a balanced way the money going back into the economy could increase supply even as the increased amount of money people have to spend increases demand for certain things. There would likely be a rocky period as the wage increases where the economy would need time to "catch up" which is why I think it's important to make it a gradual increase rather than an all-at-once increase. As it is, cost of living goes up with inflation anyway, so keeping the wage as-is doesn't really do much good either.
Adrienne L.
I would like to see some kind of tiered minimum wage system. A teen living at home and working on the weekends really doesn't need to make 10 dollars and hour but people with limited ability to get education (weather due to time, physical, financial, or intellectual limitations) deserve to be able to support themselves.
Susan Turner
Every one that can do the job whether teen or other wise should get $10.00 an hour if it is offered . Just because they live at home or not.Every one should be treated equal regardless of age or handicap.
Adrienne L.
It's not about job performance, it's about finding a way to allow employers to make ends meet while paying people what they need to survive. And also about finding a way to do it that doesn't just cause more inflation and issues (as any economist will tell you raising the minimum wage outright will surely do) I'm not saying my proposal is a sure-fire winner or anything lol. I just don't want to give the impression that I'm bagging on teen workers, I was one and I worked very very hard!
Susan Turner
Oh okay I understand kinda your point now but I have an 18 year old and a handicapped husband so I was a little defensive at the time.
Peg Asus
That's an interesting thought, but that could just open up a whole mess of worms. I am not sure if you mean minimum wage itself or differing pay for the same job. If it's the former, I can sort of see that maybe working, but then I don't think a teen would be as motivated if they weren't getting the same pay. If it's the latter that is where things get sticky to have 2 people doing the same job, but paying one more because they're older or live on their own or something.
Adrienne L.
I can see how that hit a nerve Susan. I'm sorry for your troubles and I know a lot of teens are in a situation where they do actually need the money! Some to support their families and some because they have children of their own, and some (like me) are already out on their own and in college when they are 17 :-) I meant no offense.
Adrienne L.
I know it might be a logistic nightmare to implement. People do get paid different wages to do the same job all the time though, granted, it's usually due to experience at that specific job (or other credentials such as certification or a degree) not years of age :-) There are a lot of constraints when you employ teens as it is (hours they are allowed to work in a week or in a row times they can't work past etc.) So it actually might motivate companies to employ more teens...which might not be a good thing either lol.
Peg Asus
That's very very true, but I think that making it a system vs a 'behind closed doors and discretion' kind of thing would make it the nightmare. I think there would have to be more thought on this, but you do bring up a good point. Although for me that wouldn't have been great as I was out of the house pretty young too
Adrienne L.
For about 2 years it wouldn't have mattered for me because I lived at home and worked, and for a year or so between moving out and turning 18 it would have been a total bummer lol. Maybe an exception could be made for emancipated minors and university/trade school students or something :-) I guess I'm not quite ready to bring this plan before the legislature lol.
Lewis Medeiros
Those teens that "don't need" $10 an hour are typically the ones trying to save for college, an apartment, et cetera and so forth. I'd say $10 an hour is fair unless you want them to live with their parents for an inordinate amount of time. Everyone pressures kids to get a job and move out as soon as they're able, but that's not exactly compatible with the idea of restricting their pay.
Kristi Anglen
I think it's an interesting thought, but it would backfire for those people who truly do need to support themselves. What would stop an employer from simply hiring teenagers and not adults out on their own paying their own rent and mortgages. I see what you were getting at though.
Sandy Segur
I understand why we need a minimum wage. Those are the jobs are youth are suppose to start out to get experience before moving on to more profitable careers. or for those who only want to work part time jobs. The sad part there seems to be an abundance of these type of jobs. But not enough for people to gain skills to move forward like their use to be without a college education. It is in a way to keep the rick, rich and the poor, poorer.
Amalthea Darling
I hate the minimum wage in my state. I hated it at my last job where they paid me only ten cents over minimum wage, and then gave so few hours.
M. Keogh
I think the cost of living is too high for those earning only the minimum wage. I also understand also that for employers it means a lot of money already and with the new laws on paid leave... and other obligations, it becomes difficult to keep your doors open by keeping yourself afloat. You have to fire some employees or find new ways to make money. It's hard out there for everyone. I don't understand how some big companies give themselves big bonuses while the "little man" working in the same company can barely pay his bills. Without the "little man" they would not have been successful. You don't get to the top alone, you need or used others. It is up to you to show your gratitude, share the benefits, give training, offer free classes or daycare... That is also how you keep good employees and become like a family where people enjoy working for you towards the same goal.
Vjval McM
It's different now, I used to work several minimum wage jobs and was able to have a new car and a decent apartment, although that's without having any dependents, many though can work here and get government assistance and they have homes and cars plus electronics, so they just have to hope they don't get some kind of disability
L. H.
Minimum wage is not suppose to be a living wage. It's a foot in the door job that allows unskilled workers the chance to earn experience. If people want to make more money they should gain the experience and skills they need and find a higher paying job. Even better yet go to school (if they haven't already) or join the military. Entry level fast food workers and other unskilled employees should not be expecting 15 dollars an hour.

I like this quote " Don't like minimum wage? If you have minimum skills, minimum education, show minimum motivation, provide a minimum contribution to the workplace, why the hell should someone be forced to pay you more?"
Pat Veretto
Very well said! If these people want fifteen dollars an hour, they should go get a fifteen dollar an hour job. If they don't qualify? That's what it's all about, for heaven's sake!
You can usually move up the pay scale without too much trouble. If you are limited in that, you need to consider self employment or use of an agency
Ashley Pulrang
Yes, that is very true. However I've know people that had worked very hard to not get paid just minimum wage and they just get fired from their company. Then they have to deal with getting paid minimum wage. I don't want the government to raise minimum wage, but unseen events can set people off.
Amalthea Darling
It's hard to leave minimum wage when it's all you get; you can't afford school on minimum wage, so how are you supposed to get the skills to get out of it?

It sounds like you're saying that laborers don't deserve to survive. Not everyone with a minimum wage job is a teenager living with their parents.

I support a basic income for all citizens.
Ashley Pulrang
Very well put Amalthea! For some people it's impossible to get the skills they need to get a better job. It's sad to see people trying to feed their family and pay bills off of a minimum wage job because it just can't be done.
I think that there are many things that can be done for more than minimum wage. Minimum is for grinding out and making a base to branch off of, you should not get comfortable making minimum wage.
That being said, you can live off of it if single and frugal.
L. H.
There are student loans, grants, and scholarships to pay for school. They could also join the military and have it completely paid. These types of excuses are exactly why people never motivate themselves to do anything better.

I am not saying they don't deserve to survive. What I am saying is raising the minimum wage is not the best option. It would cost the businesses more meaning they would probably lay off workers or find ones that are of a higher skill level.
Kris P. Bacon
Usually student aid won't pay for your living expenses, just tuition and fees. There's the Pell Grant, but that's only a couple thousand dollars per semester. Also you need to pay for textbooks and school supplies yourself.

So even if people can hustle up the money for school, they'd still have to work full-time DURING school to actually survive. Some people can do that without their grades struggling, but it's the exception.
L. H.
Kris, your entire paragraph is filled with more excuses. People don't need more excuses they need solutions.Raising the minimum wage, in my opinion, is not the solution.

Student loans will and do pay for your living expenses. I would know considering I took some out while I was attending college. What is the problem with working hard and achieving something great? I am not saying its going to be easy but its certainly worth the time and effort.
Amalthea Darling
L.H., you act like minimum wage jobs aren't "hard work." Labor is labor. It is hard to get a position wherein you can get "skills" to begin with.

Kris is right, it is not normative to be able to hold down a full-time job and be full-time enrolled in school.
L. H.
I never stated they don't work hard. Some do and some don't depending on the person. However, they shouldn't expect huge amounts of money for entry level work.

There are plenty of people that hold down full time jobs and go to school. However, that is not the only way to advance. They could go to school part time, online, or go to night school while working. There are options out there but some people choose to keep making excuses instead of putting in the work to make the money that they so desperately want.
Lei D.
Minimum wage sucks. It is basically only enough to barley get by and that's if you are good at being financially responsible (that means no shopping every week). I can get by with minimum wage but it would suck.
Anna McCoy
I have been working for minimum wage the last six months, despite transferring to a department that is supposed to pay more. I have a husband who is disabled and two young children who outgrow their clothes and shoes in twenty minutes. You can't do it on minimum wage. Even at forty hours a week, we barely have enough to cover our rent and utilities. Thankfully I start a much higher paying job next month. Living on minimum wage is almost impossible, especially if you have kids.
Tiffany Cummings
Hope your new job goes well! It's not easy living off of min, wage, and you are right it's barley possible to have a good living with it.
Julie Michael
I don't understand how I survived on minimum wage several years ago when my oldest 3 children were little. And now, all of my kids are older and my income has tripled and it seems like there STILL isn't enough to go around, even with only 4 of my kids living with me fulltime.
Laurie Tam
Anna, it gotta be harder to live off of minimum wage. Where I am, the bare minimum is $9.32 an hour and it's still not enough. Congrats on getting a much higher paying job. You deserve it too.
Laurie Tam
Julie, it's why it's important to utilize everything that you can so you could still have some money left to do what you needed to do. I don't think I could raise my kids on my own if anything bad happened to my hon. Our rent is high and we will later on move elsewhere once I find a cheaper place to live. We have 10 more months to go on staying here. We signed a contract and we will be able to save up some money before June comes around.
Lei D.
I am so sorry that you were working so hard to make basically nothing. Here in Michigan minimum wage is $6/hour. I agree, you can not make a living here. Congrats on getting a better job.
You really can't get by with al of life's expenses working minimum wage full time.
You need to transition into higher pay, or a new job, ASAP.
Jenny Wilson
I completely agree with you! I have worked several minimum wage jobs and always had to keep my budget really super tight just to get by.
Katharine Danae
I worked several minimum wage jobs in the past, and it was really hard. I was struggling to live paycheck to paycheck and I did not even have enough to put aside for emergency funds.
Laurie Tam
It's funny how our government decides what the minimum wage should be in each state. They seem to not get that it's IMPOSSIBLE to live off of it while raising a family. It might be alright if you're single and don't have a family to take care of.
Mary Kirkland
Trying to live on minimum wage is a joke, because it's not a liveable wage and people don't seem to understand that. Everything in life has increased in price except for the wages we make.
Katharine Danae
When I worked a minimum wage job most of money would be stretched thin to cover bills, food, oh and the gas to GET to the job. I was pretty much living paycheck to paycheck.
Nadia Abdul
One economy teacher in high school said that if minimum wage was increased, then people wouldn't be able to qualify as easily for government assistance. And most people on government assistance still NEED this help. So, in a way, it's a catch-22 because people will have to cut back hours or something because if they go over the allocated income, then they can't receive aid.
Peg Asus
I thought that I read that minimum wage was going to be $9/hour? I am of the age where I remember minimum wage being $5.15 so $9 seems like a huge amount lol. I know it's not though.
Tiffany Cummings
I make 8.50 which is barley over minimum wage. I work at a store and i've been here for over a year. I can't get more than 30 hours here but I have been going to school and I'm with a temp agency for dental assisting. I got 15 dollars an hour at my first dental office. That's almost double. I'm happy i'm in the right direction, being a single mother and all.
Katharine Danae
$15 an hour is pretty good! I'm glad things are turning up for you Tiffany :) My friend just finished dental assistant school and she really likes it, and she's excited to start making more money.
I remember my first job, I made less than 8 dollars an hour.
You can't live well on that, but you can eke out a living.
It is easier if you are single without kids, and you can have roommates
Elena Qian
Where I am from at least, it really is not enough to survive off of. I know way to many people struggling just to get by when legally, min wage has to be able to support a person!
Kristi Anglen
I'm guessing if I figured out my actual hourly wage working from home, it would be minimum wage or some weeks less than that. It's okay though since I don't spend any gas money or have to buy certain clothes to work from home. I don't know how people who have to commute though can live on the current minimum wage.
Ocean Tiara
This company overseas of course is giving people above and beyond the minimum wage. They are based in Northern Ireland. Not much good to us here however but kudos to them
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