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You can't live your whole life on a minimum wage especially if you're planning to have a family. If you are still in school, study harder than what you are doing now since education is the great equalizer as my previous teacher said. With it, you'll have better job with higher pay which means better future.

Minimum wage is hard to live on. Everything has gotten impossible to keep ahead of The price of groceries is horrible

Minimum wage is very difficult to live on.. I can't imagine what Americans deal with especially the waitresses who get paid below MW

Minimum wage is pretty low and an awful way to start working. In my opinion you should go into the trades and get a job in Alberta.

To anyone who doubts that it's impossible to get by on minimum wage, I recommend an excellent book titled Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich. To research this book, she took minimum-wage jobs and tried to survive. She talked to myriad ordinary people stuck in the minimum-wage basement. It's eye-opening. View link

If you have a family & work full time at minimum wage, you are broke. It is not enough money to live on, scrape by,maybe.Not every job deserves more than min wage but mot do

I think minimum wage is decent for the people that it was meant for, teens getting their first jobs. I don't understand why people complain about it so much.

Except the most people who work on minimum wage in the US are not teens getting their first jobs. Oops. View link

Back in the old days. Minimum wage used to be fifty cents or less, per hour worked. Now it is about ten dollars an hour. Things and times have changed a lot. I beleive if they raise it anymore. Employers won't be able to hire workers, let alone have any customers.

I have been able to live off minimum wage perfectly fine. All it takes is living within your means. Many of the people I see complaining have fancy new phones have never used a coupon before and don't know how to budget.

Just because you can does not mean that everyone can. Just because you can live off it does not mean it is appropriated. Just because someone has a phone does not mean that they are not poor.

A new cell phone means that you have cell service which is not a basic need in my book and you have spent more than needed on said service. And even in expensive cities renting a room in working class neighborhood isn't expensive and you can split the bill on utilities.

We're in 2014. People need to have a way to get reached, for work and such. I know some people who don't have a phone at home, only a cellphone, because it is cheaper. So...

I'm not talking about just a basic phone like I had. I know people who went and bought the new iPhone 6 and then complained that they couldn't make rent that month.

Okay, so since your cousin does that, every poor person does it? Some poor people receive it as a gift, some bought an used one, some bought it as a treat to themselves... there are 345956 reasons for a poor person to have an iPhone or whatever that are not ''they can't handle money''.

I think its perfectly acceptable for a poor person to have a cell phone even a brand spanking new iPhone. However, if you are struggling very badly to pay for rent and food then I think its time to give up that expensive data plan and downgrade to a different phone.

"some bought it as a treat to themselves"

That right there makes a huge difference. If you can't defer gratification then you are going to have a hard time at life. Look up the marshmallow test.

''children who were able to wait longer for the preferred rewards tended to have better life outcomes'' wow, it has nothing to do with it.

Yeah, I know, God forbids that poor people make something nice to themselve like once every five years.

If being not poor is a better life outcome it might have something to do with it.

I didn't bring up God. We live with finite resources, if you don't live within them then it isn't fun, even with a new phone.

You were saying that as if, since some poor people might treat themselves once in a while, they were just like the children who couldn't wait for the treat in the experiment.

Are you kidding or did you really dismiss the fact that ''God forbids'' is an expression?

What point are you even trying to make? Are you even trying to make a point? The listeners wonder. Stay tuned.

Deferred gratification is key. If you want better life outcomes you need to do it. It comes into play with living within your means. It also means investing in education. That is my point.

If you want to say that experiments don't matter that is your choice but I don't think it looks good for you. How do you see them as different?

Okay, your point has nothing to do with what I was saying. Cool cool cool. I was literally just saying that poor people who happen to own a cellphone does not mean that they're morons who can't handle money and you came here with... investing in education?

Minimum wage has been the same for close to 15 years (perhaps longer??) I can't remember. it's been a long time. It hasn't increased with the cost of living. It should at least move up with inflation.

I think that it has only been four or five years since minimum wage has seen an increase? Either way, I know it hasn't been that long.

Mme, you are correct. Some people say things that they don't know... No matter about facts, it's more dramatic to make it up as you go along.

"Since it was last re-set on July 24, 2009, the federal minimum wage in the United States has been $7.25 per hour."
View link

This just goes to show how corporations are in the governments pockets. McDonalds states that their jobs were created for kids but it was just to get away with making the billions in profits and keeping the minimum wage low. This law has been misrepresent by this corporation. As President Rosavelt said when signing it into law "any company that does not pay its people a livable wage does not deserve to be in business". It was meant to be a LIVABLE wage not a kids wage.

Minimum wage here in our city is very unfair because the price of cost living is very high and the price of food shelter and medicine is high too

I find the minimum wage here unfair. I've been working for more than four years now here in our company and I am still at a minimum wage.

That is not minimum wage being unfair that is your company not being fair or valuing your work enough to give you a raise.

Minimum wage sucks. I make only 50 cent above that, and it stinks. Luckily I love my job and I also know I will be getting a raise in 2 months...but still!

I have been working at my same dead end job for 6 years now. It's nothing of great quality but is a job. I wished I finished college to get a better job but didn't. I just now make $10 hr.

I agree that $10 per hour isn't enough to live on but just think of those working for the federal minimum wage of $7.25. If that were increased you'd get a much deserved raise as well, or you should.

My sons partner has a degree form the U of M and can't find a decent paying job. Its really tough out there now days a degree doesn't guarantee you a good paying job anymore. Its basically who you know.

I feel the same way. I wish I would've stayed in college so that I could earn more money and learn.

Also there are lots of free online courses which can get you skills to get a better job. Check out jobs and see what they want and build up your skills to that.

i definitely think minimum wage needs raised at least to $9-10 an hour, but I also think food stamp laws and public aid laws need more adjustments

example: I got a sister has 2 kids lives w/their dad her boyfriend of 14 years. He works part time but uses his $ for beer and marijuana their 13 year old son gets an SSI check he is deaf that pays THEIR house sister gets a job and quits after 1-2 days well she made it 3 days once yet she knows she can always get foodstamps cut these lazy people if a child's disability check pays for a home it should be the child's home when they are 18 not the parents!

That is sad that your sister is taking advantage of the system and that her boyfriend works part time just so he can drink and use drugs (I am not sure if the boyfriend is on food stamps, but one the questions does ask if you are on drugs and if you answer yes one is not eligible). I am sorry that your nephew is on SSI and that your sister uses the money for their house payment. My friend has been on SSI since she was little and her mother started a savings account where her SSI money went into. Now that my friend is an adult she has access to the money and it was her decision to have her mom give her an allowance so it will not be gone fast. My friend lives with her parents until she finishes college (she has one more year for her Bachelor's degree and then wants to go to graduate school).

I agree with reforming our welfare system and the minimum wage being increased to at least $9/hr. On a forum once, I mentioned that we would be paying employees ~$12/hr. minimum wage today if wages kept up with inflation since the 1950's. Interesting thought.

David's right, if the minimum wage had kept up with inflation it would be much higher than $7.25. EVERY TIME it's proposed to increase the minimum the right screams that it will cost jobs and wreck the economy and that has NEVER turned out to be the case. It only makes perfect common sense, if you put more money into the hands of low wage workers they're going to spend it, thus stimulating the economy and everyone benefits.

So many cry if you raise the minimum wage everything will go up in price. It has been anyway ever since the last raise so I'm not buying it. Thats just hype that is spread so the big corporations can keep raking in the big profits off the sweat of others. The proof is in the profits people.

Case in point, food and energy prices. They've gone up but pay has not. And in my case, it's not so much minimum wage pay, but everyone's pay in general that isn't an entrepreneur unable to keep up with inflation. That is a recipe for disaster.

For me, Minimum wage is decent however should be raised for a fair bit to support bigger families or people who work hard. People can become greedy at the end of things, and if you end up getting a job with minimum wage, and your not happy, try and do something about it :)

I'm not sure how you could think $7.25/hour is decent. Maybe for a teenager living at home and just after some spending money but for someone trying to run a household and raise kids it majorly sucks. I'm sure most people stuck in these jobs have tried and are trying to do something about it but if they have no college or technical education or special skills that's much easier said than done.

Its not easy to live off minimum wage. Minimum wage does not always mean minimum skills (which is the argument used by many to justify the low minimum wage). My husband is a trained mechanic and trained to operate a list of heavy machinery and guess what - where we live many of those jobs are minimum wage.

I thought we needed more immigration to do the work that citizens won't do. The "reform" Obama has in store after the election will suppy more workers for the jobs the people here will not do.

George, did you accidentally but this comment in the wrong spot because it makes no sense in relation to Kristin's post?

Anne, it is related to me because illegal immigration stagnates wages which might be why the wages in that area are so low.

I know minimum wage can't hardly support a family of two, much less if you have kids. And like always, when minimum wage goes up, so do prices

But why? Are we that selfish of a culture that we can't let the people on the bottom rung earn a livable income and have a chance to catch up to us? The whole fight for a minimum wage increase is so people can afford to live without struggling. They aren't fighting for an increase in wages to be paralleled with price increases. That nullifies the whole reason for the wage increase. Sometimes I lose my faith in humanity.

I think the minimum wage debate hits deeper than just monetary benefits. Obviously the minimum wage has not been adjusted for inflation and the cost of living increase. But this debate goes further as if it were a worthiness issue. Wage theft from fast food restaurants is in the billion dollar range where they would have the employees work off the clock and would not pay overtime. They would even clock them off without their knowledge. Fast food employees don't get paid sick days or holidays and usually have more than one job. They work incredibly hard, usually harder than some white collar employees. If you have ever watched "Undercover Ceo", they can hardly perform the tasks of their low wage employees. Everyone who works hard is worthy of a livable income. The average age of a fast food employee is 29. Whatever circumstances led them to a minimum wage job, they are worthy of a livable income and a chance to advance in life.

I personally think that instead of the arguments about minimum wage and pushing for a higher minimum wage we should be pushing for lower cost of living. Why does gas, groceries, electric, housing, and all other basics have to cost so much? They dont, but in order to get the costs down it has to be a trickle effect and everything needs to go down. Gas costs cant do down if oil costs dont go down first. Groceries cant get cheaper if gas doesnt get cheaper.. and so forth.

I am on the same page with you, Kristin. A person earning minimum wage should be able to to pay for the necessities of life from income. The law that created the Federal Reserve in 1913 stipulated the Fed's role was to ensure "stable prices." Stable does not mean the Fed sets an acceptable rate of inflation, it means STABLE. Yet look at inflation since 1913. And the Fed allows inflation through credit creation by the banks. The same law that created the Fed said the fed must allow credit to grow in proportion to the growth in the economy. Instead credit growth has far exceeded economic growth since the 1980's, meaning money supply increased faster than production. More money chasing goods and services = higher prices.

Kristin, that may sound good but you're never going to convince the greed guts business owners that they should lower their prices and with them their millions or billions in profits.

Seriously why do they need all that money, they will never spend it all. Its ridiculous. Even cutting back on some profits will help the economy in some way. Thank God the price of gas has gone down a bit but the heating bills will be killing some of us with a harsh winter that is to come.

I think everyone should have the right to earn enough money to support there selves without having to work 2 and 3 jobs. And the people that say they should get an education just remember you wouldn't be able to get your mc donalds and starbucks without them. So quit acting like your so much better than everyone else.

Soon that will not be true.

Prepare for the age of the robot.

Check out this burger robot that makes the patties, cooks them, cuts the toppings fresh, assembles and bags 360 to 400 hamburgers per hour. Doesn't get sick and doesn't need to sleep:
View link

What about small businesses? It would hurt them to pay more. And then, who is to determine what is enough? Minumum wage here is $7.25 per hour and it isnt enough to do nothing

Amanda, the market is there to determine prices. These jobs are not forced on anyone.

Politicians are there to raise the minimum wage in order to give raises without having to pay anything themselves. Meanwhile costs rise and jobs go away...

Sometimes minimum wage jobs are forced on people. There are a lot of people who can't afford a higher education and they have to go to entry level jobs.

my husband is 63 drew a real paycheck since he was 10 he has epilepsy, a stroke and heart attack, 15 back surgeries now early alzheimers is starting he is allowed to make $656 a month w/his disabiity he does w/a part time job plus i am working 3 jobs and yet we still are poor yes poor under poverty

You don't need to go to college to have great skills. A lot of classes are free online and accessible from the library. I know of people who are VERY successful without any college exposure.

George, in today's economy where can someone get a job that will make them VERY successful without college or some kind of technical training? Those jobs are few and far between. There was a time when there were tons of manufacturing plants all across the country where "uneducated" workers could make a decent living, but they've been gone for decades and they're not coming back no matter who's in the White House or Congress. You know it's true, they've been outsourced or the jobs are now being done by robots. What once took maybe a dozen workers to do now might take one or two.

You can self learn any number of technical skills. Those jobs are not few and sometimes can be done anywhere in the world. Check out places like odesk.

It might not be easy to train but people do it all the time.

It is true that some low skill jobs are being replaced by robots. And higher wages will accelerate that. But to gain skills just can take time and effort not money.
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