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The debate goes on: Does raising the minimum wage only raise prices with no real economic benefit? Or should it be raised to meet inflated prices already in place?

I don't know how anyone can expect us to live on minimum wage with the costs of everything going up so much. I have heard arguments about how the minimum wage goes up in an area when the cost of things goes up, but in our area the cost of groceries have gotten ridiculous and it has been awhile since the minimum wage has gone up.

It would be hard to live on minimum wage, regardless if you are looking for another job while in that one it is tough. I don't think the job market is that great right now. I have not really seen it improve much. The price of food is crazy.

The price of food has went up about 200% over the last 2 years is what I read somewhere It is hard for everyone How about the senior citizens and those on fixed incomes I don't know what people are supposed to do We plant a garden every year to help on our grocery bill My husband also hunts I pinch pennies like you wouldn't believe We do lots of things that don't cost a lot of money or we do nothing

A lot of fast food jobs and minimum wage jobs are available and many people take them it is a job but can they survive.
Now my next door neighbor is 72, she can hardly survive, she didn't have hot water for several months, she needed a new water heater and didn't have the money. She can't work now she had an aneurysm, had to learn to walk and talk again.

That is so sad June I have come to realize that there are a lot of people in this world that does not have family that can help them I guess because we have family I was assuming that everyone does and this is not true

Faye, this woman has two daughters one son, the daughters are with the spouses, they each pay something for her, cable, or most of her mortage,the son is on drugs really bad, she had to put him out as he was stealing her stuff to sell for drugs. The daughters told her they can't help that much every month, so not sure how she is going to be able to stay there and worry bout utilities and mortgage. I don't think she can work much because she is getting very forgetful.

I only earn minimum wage as of now. Its still okay for me since I do not have children nor a wife. B ut for those with families, they will really have a hard time having this kind of low wage. It is only enough for 1-2 meals a day if there are electricity and other utility bills.

I don't even know what the minimum wage is here. It's better known here as the "Basic Wage" and I think that tells you that it is intended to reflect the amount an individual needs to provide basic needs if they work 38 hours a week.
My country has it's problems but as a nation we are not poor, no-one here should be asked to work for an amount that will provide less than a reasonable living.
If my burger costs an extra buck then "so what !" I'd prefer that to allowing some poor "wage slave" to be exploited by a big corporation.

In Singapore, we do not have the basic wage law or minimum wage law. It is literally a free market. You can choose to work or not to work or for whatever amount you are offered.

I think the minimum wage talk in the United States right now is ridiculous and people need to seriously consider what it is they are asking for. Raising minimum wage is only going to cause the cost of doing business to go up and will therefore cause prices to go up to compensate. The best way to deal with the wage gap issue and the poverty issue is through the lowering of costs.

I agree, but I don't know how costs are going to be lowered. Where does one start? The minimum wage won't help, that's for sure.

Jobs that have low pay are meant for kids that live at home. They weren't meant for people to live off of. When we lost manufacturing jobs it put hard working people into a gap that was filled with fast food workers. They had no choice but to take lower paying jobs. That's the reason you see older people working there now. Prices aren't going to go down, more people are going to be unemployed and machines will take there place. Unless the United States stops becoming a service country again. We don't even make our own shoes here anymore.

i know it is ridiculous that we depend on so many other countries for things that could be made here. the businesses are so buy saving money by getting things made cheaper that they have forgotten about the people

The cost is already lower since the oil price is so low now. The problem with people is that they keep asking for more and more so that they can spend more and more. No matter how high the salary increment is, in the end, nothing is saved.

Not all the companies doing that i mean some of the compaines treating their employees very well, in my openion

There are a lot of very nice bosses around, and companies with very good cultures. Sometimes it is better to work for a company that pays little but you are very happy there.

Not sure, if its raised to high people may loose their jobs, Some companies cannot afford to pay more. Businesses may close or cut hours.

Many people do not seem to realize that we are competing with the world for jobs. A worker from India, China, Vietnam or other countries is willing to do the same work for less than $2 an hour.

Minimum wage is very low and I think the people deserve to get paid more than that for there hard work.

minimum wage is def lower than it should be. i know there is a lot of issues with raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour but the wages now are very low for the work that most companies expect you to do

No matter how high the minimum wage is, it will always be the lowest. There is no need to increase because those on minimum wage can improve on their skills and get higher paid job.

I must disagree on raising the minimum wage. It will only drive the price of products up and we will be in the same boat. The people that are now working for the minimum wage will not accomplish anything by a raise. It is a vicious circle, nothing will improve. What to do? I don't know. It is so sad. Another thing that will come about is the cutting of working hours and you would be making the same amount as before.

There are a lot of things the workers on minimum wage can do. For one thing, they can give up their evenings to attend training on skills that are in demand, such as plumbing and wiring skills.

I wish the minimum wage was higher! People deserve to have a better income because everything is going up except the income.

I agree with you completely its not fair to the workers they have to work hard with bad pay. All they want to do is work you hard with little pay as the living is so expensive.

Minimum wage I think should be raised to $10 to fit inflation. In other areas, LA, Orlando, NYC, places with higher cost of living, I think it should be more.

The minimum wage in our place is very low that you can only buy a sardines as a viand if you still have other things to do especially some children in school

When I first arrived in England, I was on minimum wage jobs while I built my work portfolio. I could survive on it, if I was careful with the money. The minimum wage in Botswana is beyond a joke, I just don't know who could come up with such a figure and be happy with someone living on that. I can't even be bothered to discuss it, it makes my blood boil.

For some areas, the minimum wage is way to low for the cost of living. It should be increased every year to caught up with the annual depletion.

The minimum wage in the town where I currently stay is so low and I think it is not enough to sustain the basic needs for a family. This is also the reason why I chose to work online.

I was recently laid off from my job. I was making above minimum wage and still barely making ends meet. The price of living is that high. Our whole department was outsourced because it was cheaper than maintaining us, and the jobs offered to us from the outsource company would pay us barely minimum wage! Raise minimum wage, and employees will do whatever they can to cut corners including eliminating jobs. I don't believe min wage will ever be raised enough to meet the cost of living.

While minimum wage can help in some circumstances, there's also the concern that increasing the wage floor will simply increase the cost of living. I'd like to see gross income caps on senior executives tied to the income of their lowest paid employee (adjusted if necessary to reflect the low wage earners income working at full time hours)

I am very happy to see that the minimum wage is starting to rise again from state to state. Actually, who can really live on $7.25 per hour.

got that so very right on any amount under $7. or less at any minimun wage job workin less then 40 hrs or 15 to 20 hrs per wk being paid weekly,biweekly or monthly can not live or much less mtg pay ( rent/ house payment) food cost, gas car insurance, light,heat,phone/net. all this cost rough about $1.000. or more per month plus any unknown school loans for yrs of collage in the feild job never land.

I am now getting paid a little bit higher than minimum wage, but my family are still not being able to live comfortably. Most of our hard earned money are going thru all of our bills especially the rent money. Most of our money are going to rent for our apartment and the wages that both my wife and I have barely save us much to buy ourselves a house. A little bit higher than minimum wage still does not help you much. We live very frugally. I shop at Good Will and we only buy things when I can no longer fix it.

Minimum wage where I'm from is $5600 and our dollar is virtually worthless so that is nothing really and it's sad. People where I'm from are starting to feel the pressure

minimum wage here where i stay is 7.25. i'm not sure how anyone can live comfortably with that. especially since the prices of everyday items always go up

no one can. minimum wage can not pay for rent anywhere in the United States. This is why there is the new trend of roommates in adulthood. It's ridiculous. People who work 40 hour weeks should not be living in poverty.
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