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The debate goes on: Does raising the minimum wage only raise prices with no real economic benefit? Or should it be raised to meet inflated prices already in place?

In my opinion it really depends on the level of inflation in the country. If the inflation is huge then is a waste of time and money doing some changes in the minimum wage.

in our country there is no minimum wages if that depends up on how many hour you are worked in a company that depends

I think that minimum wage should at least be $8.00 an hour. I worked somewhere for 3 years and worked my butt off working 6 days a week, only called out two times, and I would come in whenever they needed me. When I quit I was only making $8.00 an hour after that many years. It was horrible! With most things going up in price, it would help people better support their families even to get just a little bit extra an hour!

I honestly hate the fact that everything is going up but the minimun wage. It's not possible to live a decent life with it.

minimum wage is better than no wage :) delivering papers dosent earn minimum wage but soon soon btw 15 dollars an hour for mnimm wage is sweet

My major city just approved for minimum wage to go up to $15 by 2020. I'm afraid I'll still be working minumum wage by then. It's at $9 and that's what I make doing my regular job (unless I cashier, where I am $10).

I believe that by increasing the minimum wage it's going to have more than one effects, but was wondering going to talk about is the result in loss of jobs. There's going to be an immediate we talked to Lee Shin of what is nice and profitable in business and business owners are going to make the decisions that are right for then we're probably going to me either less hours for everyone or fewer people to get hours too. Furthermore it's going to be ratherdifficult to retain jobs in industries that can be easily relocated, so I predict an increase in outsourcing.

Yep, when employers can't afford to pay their staff they end up laying people off then moving out, that's what happened in the 80s and now look at us.

I agree. I was talking about this with a business owner in Washington State, she runs a restaurant and she was trying to decide whether to cut hours or cut staff.

I hope she can find a way to keep her staff, but it is not easy to run a business with the demands for higher wages, people just don't get that without good profits you can't pay well.

Some people might ask why she just wouldn't raise prices to meet the new demands of the market, but that usually comes with a reduction in new customers and an attrition of returning customers.

It is honestly ridiculous to raise the minimum wage so that it forces the cost of everything we buy for our day to day lives to be more expensive as well. I know what it's like to struggle. I also know what it takes to go to school and make something of your life so that you don't have to struggle as much. There are many programs and grants in place that will help fund higher education to the people who believe fast food workers need to make $15+ an hour. Fast food jobs are not meant to be careers, but rather stepping stones. I, too, have worked fast food in my younger years. And decided very quickly that myself and my child, with another to follow a few years later, could not live the life I wanted for us on that salary. So I chose to do something about that. And that choice was to go to nursing school while still working a full time job to support myself and my kids. Yes, I will be paying off student loans for years to come but it was very well worth it in the long run. It was never easy, but, to the people who want it bad enough, it can be accomplished. And then we wouldn't worry so much about raising the minimum wage.

well the thing of it is not everyone is interested in working hard and going to school in order to make a higher wage, some people just one higher with his cousin they deserve them in their own minds and for no other reason. that's the idea of a minimum wage everyone deserves to make at least that much.

im up for increasing the Minimum wages and helping the lower classed citizens like me i think that with the wages increased the prices should go up but not to that extent that no one will be able to buy anything just a little.

I heard that 1% of the population own about 90% of the world's wealth so of course we need to raise the minimum wage. Over the past decade the rich just keep on getting richer. We are living now in an elitist society.

The minimum wage will ONLY increase state by state. Obama knows that the congress will do nothing to help the average Americans, so it's up to the states now.

I hope the increase in minimum wage is a decent number. The economy will surfer will if the number is to high

I think that the economy is suffering now and it's going to suffer further especially if people increase minimum wages. I think that when you look around you're likely to see a lot fewer workers working in places where the minimum wage is higher

I find it ridiculous for multi million and billion dollar corporations to say they it would hurt their business and they cant afford to pay a decent wage, while the ceo's make in an hour what the average worker makes in a year, plus their multi million dollar bonuses, there should be some kind of salary cap or maximum wage of some sort also. Minimum wage should be tied to company profits in some way maybe. If minimum wage followed with inflation it would be $20 something dollars an hour right now. I can see how for a small business or start up that could be devastating but for huge mega companies its nothing.

I think minimum wage should be a living wage. A single mom working a minimum wage job wouldn't have the means to support herself without help from the government. Same goes for a single father. If we increase the wage then that will decrease the number of people who need assistance.

Minimum wage varies depending on where you live. It is suppose to have gone up here in Ohio but for those who work certain jobs, they deserve more than just minimum wage.

I think that certain jobs really don't deserve more than minimum wage and probably minimum wage is a little bit too much for them. People will pay you to do a lot of things that probably aren't worth minimum wage.

Minimum wage is not applicable to me because I am a freelance worker, but it seems my salary is minimum wage.

It is very hard to get by on Min. Wage. Luckily I have not had to do this but there is a whole book dedicated to this topic

I agree with you Victor. I really think that in our economy that the minimum wage should be raised. In the area I live there are so many people looking for jobs that are willing to work for the minimum that it is very hard to get anything that really amounts to much around here.

I think vs raising min wage, employers should be forced to properly implement it, and not keep people at min wage full time forever and a day, or start someone with experience at min wage because they are new to a company.
Min wage isn't the liveable wage, its the "just starting out not on your own yet wage" employers and greed have poisioned that philosophy.

Humm, minimum wages go up, exec wages go up too and rent, groceries and utilities also goes up. Its been that way since 1970.

That would be a great idea Mandi but if the employers are only forced to pay that amount then they will only pay it for as long as they can. So many business owners care more about how much they are putting in their wallets then taking care of those that work for them.

If you owned a business would you want to make a profit? If not then why bother owning a business.

Believe it or not, some people are okay with making less profit or even not a lot of profit if it means their employees can pay their bills.

Well, that does prove my point Kathleen Simard everyone who owns a busness does it to make a profit. I think people need to do a little research on previous minimum wage hikes, they'll find it didn't change a thing.

...No, it does not prove your point? I said the contrary of what you claimed, but whatever. I said that some people are okay with paying their employees a decent wage, even if they will have less profit.

LOL, ok, if you say so. Let the minimum wage go up so that their bosses will also get a pay raise and then the owners of the business will also get more profits, of course the prices of goods and services will go up as well.

''If you say so'' well, sorry, but not everyone is some capitalist greedy pigs.
I do not think that raising the minimum wage for a few cents will necessary call for a rise of everyone's salaries.

I disagree I don't think that the minimum wage is going to increase salaries for anyone much above minimum wage,

Yep, exactly. Just because they increase the minimum wage (because it is not livable) does not mean that everyone else deserves more...

It really has nothing to do with deserve, its that those people who have college degrees will want a pay raise as well. Have you read what happened in the 80s when minimum wages went up and employers started laying people off because they couldn't afford to pay their employees?

They can want it all they want, the minimum wage needs to be raised because it is not livable wage. If they have it above that, there is no reason to raise it.

I know exactly what it's like to have a college degree and make peanuts.

It's how you feel when you've been unemployed for a whole year and you need a job, and the only one that calls you back offers less than what the janitors in the building make.

i hate that minimum wage is so low in our state. the way employers now cut everyone down to part time it makes it really hard just to try to take care of your family

Minimum wage is so low in the United States, I can not believe this... We are at 10.55 in Canada and I have a hard time paying bills.

intrusting enough since 1978 i worked for min.wage that was less then just below $3.50 per hr here it is 2015 its now just at $7. or $8. per hr after tax and ect is removed its less to live on, for any hard working adult who has bills kids and ect to mtg. its fat chance in a gopherhill to get any sort of raise. the small mom&pop; store and ect wont change but keep it low

I can not believe how people with kids make it.. I live alone and I struggly every month to meet ends, it is crazy.

the avg hard working adult having to work for less then $8. or even less cant live in semi much less for a real rainy day

this kind of payment works well with some employees but not with everyone There are too many people working with low minimum wage and everyone including me is like sick of it folks cannot survive off from low payment
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