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Unfortunately minimum wage is a sad situation. There are people working two and three minimum wage jobs just to pay their rent.

My husband and I both work. We are very frugal and do without a lot of things other people take for granted. I don't see how people live on minimum wage. It's hard to find a full time job to, so your working two minimum wage jobs. We make just enough that we can't get any help. Jobs that pay minimum wage weren't meant for people to use as a long term living wage. I know that most people don't live in an area that have decent jobs. My boss has let me know that there won't ever be any raises. I'm going to have to find a part time job, even if its low paying it will help out.

I think it should be understood in this discussion that minimum wage at one time could support a family of four. When I was a child my family survived on one income with a two bedroom apartment, food on the table, a car and the basic necessities. That was one forty hour workweek paying for it all at minimum wage. Today, minimum wage will not afford even a two bedroom apartment, much less everything else. Our country is getting worse for the middle class and unless something happens soon I see a poverty becoming the norm for the masses.

Yes, I think minimum wage is below the recommended living resources for the UK. If you agree with me, please respond back, thank you very much for this time

i feel like me jobs should be paid more then minimum wage. i feel like the job i do deserves more then minimum wage too.

I'm sure you feel like you deserve more (and maybe you really do work hard enough to merit it but your work goes unnoticed). But trying to pull everyone up or down to the same level is catastrophically counterproductive. There have been economic experiments in which all jobs, regardless of skill or education or effort required, were all paid exactly or nearly the same, there were no raises, no bonuses, no advancement. The result was that the most skilled and best educated workers quit putting in effort and economic productivity plummeted.Why do much when you get no reward for it, like higher pay? The largest scale failed experiment was called the Soviet Union. The theory was communism. The flaw was a failure to factor in human psychology.

I've researched the affects of raising minimum wage and in every situation where minimum wage has been lifted above the national average there has been a significant increase in both employment and the economy. If minimum wage were to have kept up with inflation the wage should have increased to $22.67 by 2012. Anyone claiming it should be around $10.00 is counting two income families. Also, the amount should still be higher in the case of a two income family to offset cost of childcare. A strong economy is created by creating a vast majority of people with a significant income. Raising minimum wage will help business.

James there is no way you can possibly increase the minimum wage above $10 and not have people fired or prices raised, it just cannot be done.

these type of bussiness will not pay an higher minimum wage or much less new hires due they want to keep the profits for selfs. most only earn less then $8. or less per hour working either parttime or fulltime and 0 med care insurance offered by the employers. depens on what state is the taxes are removed on the paycheck. it they raise minimum rage just find a excuse to raise taxes even more

To the argument that says raising minimum wage would destroy business and lead to unemployment I say: in areas that are more wealthy there is far less failed business. Compare this to low income areas where business failed because their customer base lacks the monetary means to purchase enough to keep business profitable. When Henry Ford ran his company he paid even his lowest wage workers far more than other companies. This led to more productive workers and increased sales of his product. Business cannot succeed without adequate amount of customers to purchase their product, Period.

It's sad, there are a lot of people with college degrees working for nearly minimum wage these days. I thought you got better work and better pay with more education.

Minimum wage is ridiculous. There's no way a person can live off of that wage, isn't it only what like $15,000 a year or something? That's below poverty level.

Minimum wage is very low in my state. I think it is $7.25. I feel sorry for people who only make minimum wage because I know that they are struggling. The prices on everything is going up: food, housing, utilities, clothing, etc. Everything is going up except minimum wage. I think every state should enforce at least a $16/hour minimum wage. That would help a lot of families out.

thats what my hubby earns now still isnt enough w/ high cost of everything in sight, its hard even so stripping down much as possible in foods, its not fair americans have to work like dogs forlow paying any job

Even if you work full time at a minimum wage job, you're looking at living on 14,500 a year before taxes.

After taxes, there isn't much left, and it's hard to live on a gross income of under 1000 dollars in the USA, especially if you want to own a car, have a family, and pay for your medical care, let alone have money to retire on.

most minimum wage jobs working fulltime do not allow or offer bluecrossblue sheild for fulltime employees only earning less then $7 to $8 per hr. which is less after all tax and ect is removed. adults who work these kind of are expected to live pay bills buy food and ect. will be never enough unless some how can find time to work 2 or 3 jobs under minimum wage still wont be enough its an loseing battle no winners

I think mimum wage should go up some single mom cant make it on what they get and everything keeps going up and some cnt keep there head above water it would help so many that work at the fast food places etc

Minimum wage needs to be more. Problem is if it gets higher it will only cause the cost of everything to go up so, it is a no win for all. I wish there was a way to raise it without having to deal with the repercussions

i agree they should be higher and the president insn't helping putting the jobs over seas. more jobs in the states would give higher wages

It is hard to make a go of it on minium wage. Everthing is so expensive these days and its hard to get ahead

There are numerous minimum wage jobs which offer scope for expansion though; the minimum wage life doesn't have to be forever.
Minimum starters can lead to supervisor/management positions if you choose the right career.

I don't understand why people complain that they are only making minimum wage. I know it would be very difficult to survive with only making such little money, but you chose this job! People always have options. I worked minimum wage when I was a teenager, and busted my butt to pay for a college education by myself. Nobody helped me, I did it myself. All so I wouldn't have to settle for anything less, such as minimum wage.

I agree. When you apply for the job its your decision to take the job are not. You know what it consist of. Some people are un grateful. I have seen a time where I wish I could make miniumn wage

in a perfect world minimum wage would be for only teenagers and people transitioning to other jobs but in the real world these jobs are all those that can get them qualify for. Everyone is not able to go to college be it opportunity, intelligence level or just not going. its all part of classism in a way the people that actually work in the factories and get their hands dirty don't get paid as much as the folks at the top who own. but its capitalism you cant have Haves if there are no Have-nots

There are a lot of college grads making minimum wage as they cannot find a job - even though jobs were plentiful in their field when they started college. There are even people with Graduate degrees making minimum wage. Ever take a class from an adjunct professor. They are making less than minimum wage as they are contract employees. I teach at a university and I've seen this first hand. You were lucky to have found a job. It's getting better for my students, but it's not great yet.
But yes my graduates made a choice to take that minimum wage job. They thought it was better than starving.

What's the cost of one hour's tuition at a state university these days? In my state, it's about $300 for state residents. That's more than a person nets in one week working full-time at a minimum wage job.

Cost per credit hour depends on the school and the major. One of the large state universities here charge close to $600 per credit hour (undergrad) some majors. Average is probably between 3 and 400; though I have seen it as low as $175. The fees are also ridiculous. Every single class at my school tacks on a fee. Then the books - which can easily be hundreds of dollars just for the intro classes. Quite expensive and Aid is harder to come by. It's definitely not doable for everyone.

I'm spending about 16K per semester to attend college between room and board, tuition, and food. So a minimum wage job is not going to cut it for me to pay off any of my loans!

Is everyone just making stuff up about minimum wage? lol It wasn't put into place for teenagers getting their first jobs. Minimum wage is meant to be in place so that 1 person can support a family, have a home, etc. Is that possible on today's minimum wage? nope

Yes, a teenager living on minimum wage is more than enough typically. When I was working in a supermarket bakery I was making $8.40 at the most per hour, and that was fine for me. But once I'm out of college trying to pay off my loans, that's just not going to cut it!

Minimum wage might be a good starting place for a teenager who's still in high school but not much else. In most areas it would not pay for decent housing, utilities, clothing, groceries and health care. In my opinion companies should not be permitted to make a profit by employing workers at a wage rate that will keep them in poverty

I have only really had jobs where I was paid minimum wage. I was up to $8.40 at my last job but I had to leave because I left for college. So unfortunate.

You can't live your whole life on a minimum wage especially if you're planning to have a family. If you are still in school, study harder than what you are doing now since education is the great equalizer as my previous teacher said. With it, you'll have better job with higher pay which means better future.

Minimum wage is hard to live on. Everything has gotten impossible to keep ahead of The price of groceries is horrible

It's impossible. I was even almost fifty cents above minimum wage personally not that long ago and I was barely getting by just with having to pay for gas!

You're not supposed to stay at minimum wage all your life. It's meant to be a "starting wage" and then you're supposed to move up over time.

its impossible for anybody to move up in a minimum wage job with no solid incerse of a raise. i know a classmate who gained the high school dip back in 1978 who earn $4.50 per hr back then still has same job just barely earns $7.50 perhr in 2014 and still has no healthcare insurance.

I saw that minimum wage was suppose to go up to $8 something next year. BIG DEAL! Still not a livable wage.

wont be enough for any adult who works for minimum wage and not endup having to live in a dump housing or wrost out of car or the street it self now days

Minimum wage is very difficult to live on.. I can't imagine what Americans deal with especially the waitresses who get paid below MW
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