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The debate goes on: Does raising the minimum wage only raise prices with no real economic benefit? Or should it be raised to meet inflated prices already in place?

It is a shame that most companies all over the world are misleading their employees and do their best to pay less. In South Eastern Europe the things are much worse. For example in my native Bulgaria the minimum wage is about 170 Euro per month. It is ridiculous :(

Tell me about it doesn't make sense to keep working for little payment when these stores keep putting the prices up I understand it's for the fact products are imported

I do hate those companies that misuse their employees,long working hours and sometimes fail to pay for the extra hours.The poor employees cant complain to secure their job

The one thing that makes we wary of raising minimum wage is the long time fact that when wages go up, so does the cost of living. Give it a few years, and I don't think a raised minimum wage would help the "rich-poor" gap. There will always be those people who are homeless/jobless. As we continue populating the earth, it's only obvious that resources, homes, jobs aren't going to be available for everyone. Instead of raising wages and costs, it would be better if we could somehow go back to when EVERYTHING was lower. If anything, I think that would help ease the poverty gap.

You know in some jobs that are paying more than minimum wage, they don't always give annual raises, but the cost of living still goes up as well as your medical fee. Cost of living will continue to rise, no matter what.

Now if only plumbers would stop charging so much just for a simple fix ... mine wants $85 an hour plus an extra $25 because I'm not in the city limits.

Personally, i believe that minimum wage should at least be enough to meet the living requirements. I hate seeing people that work 40 hours a week not being able to scrap enough for food

Only people who expect the luxuries actually complain so much, when I made min wages I got an apartment that agreed to only charge a percent of what I made so I could afford food, clothing and the cost of a launder mat.

Luxuries like food, shelter, heat, and electricity? Are you joking? Do you have any idea the amount of people working minimum wage are trying to support their families as well? The costs of housing has gone up, but not their wages. Just because it was manageable for you doesn't mean that others aren't struggling.

There is no way with my several years of experiance that I could ever go back to making minimum wage. It would be insulting me now.

What if you lost your job and you couldn't get another one for a whole year of applying to jobs almost every time?

Yes, I have been there. Full degree and having to go back to minimum wage because there were no jobs in the area. I've heard that a lot of people will change careers three or four times in their life.

It's not the absolute worst thing in the world but it's really discouraging. I have a bachelor's and a graduate degree and I'm not even making all that much more than minimum, but I'm also doing side business and looking for better paying work.

That B S, is what sets you apart from others, your hard work and determination. Some would rather sit at home and collect welfare or unemployment.

I'm a chronically unsatisfied worker, I really want to be independent as a businessman but I work so that I can get by while I try for business success.

My chronic dissatisfaction has led me to quit every job that I have ever had, so I have never been eligible for unemployment.

That said, all of my job moves are to jobs with better pay.

I worked the first ten years of my life on minimum wage jobs. It seems unfair that some of the hardest jobs that some say they could never pay them enough to do, pay the least.

I may come off as an old man, but then that's what
I'am. Minimum has never been meant to raise a family on.

When I was In HS in the prehistoric 1960's, several of my friends worked either as burger flippers or in grocery stores as baggers and cart collector's. While they went to private HS or college

(2) of them are now troubleshooter's for those grocery stores. They worked their way up to these positions, while getting help to finish College.

When the UNIONS behind this stupid Idea started out. A burger manager In Dallas Texas decided to teach his employees a REAL economic lesson.

Before you start to say this man was no person born with a silver spoon in his mouth as Anne Richardson blasted George H.W. Bush for being.

He was a burger flipper in the same restaurant (2) years before, but unlike these "YOU OWE ME"
people, HE decide he wanted something better for him and his future family. He worked his way up to Manager.

He told them OK, I've raised your wages to $15.00
an hour and presented them with the new menu.

He told them that before the morning shift, they would have a meeting in the Break room.

When they arrived he told them, I've done my part
now It's your turn. He passed a clipboard with a blank sheet of paper to each of his (15) people and said "Now tell me which (7) of you should be fired so the rest of you can have your raise. They cvouldn't do It.

Another reason this won't work is that as Is happening right now in Washington state, most union contracts have a 2X or 3X in their contracts.

This means The tradesmen or truck drivers will have their pay either doubled or tripled as the minimum
wage. which means the machinist at Boeing will start to make $45 per hour. Boeing can't have this because of the heavily government subsidies of Eurobus. So they will move their people to Mo. and Kansas which means unemployment will skyrocket and the cost of the products you and I buy will grow accordingly.

And last but not least, why should make the same money that a young person with a Bachelor's degree in social work start's out at. Does your job equal this persons training and cost. Really!! REALLY!!

Year Wage Year Wage
1939 30 cents 1976 $2.20 / $2.30
1945 40 cents 1977 $2.30
1950 75 cents 1978 $2.65
1956 $1.00 1979 $2.90
1965 $1.25 1980 $3.10
1967 $1.00 / $1.40 1981 $3.35
1968 $1.15 / $1.60 1990 $3.80
1969 $1.30 1991 $4.25
1970 $1.45 1996 $4.75
1971 $1.60 1997 $5.15
1974 $1.90 / $2.00 2007 $5.85
1975 $2.00 2008 $6.55
Year Wage
2009 – Current $7.25

I think there should be a slight increase in minimum wage, but nothing drastic. It just won't work.

Now here is the real problem, how about you do a similar list of the basic price of low end cars (new) as well as gas prices. You'll find both went up about the same time min wage did and that's just the tip of the ice burg.

Wow you must have went and done some research. That is by far a big change over the years but also everything else is also going up. Looks like they should be goung up on it very soon.

In 1960 a new car cost 3,000 today you can get a new car for a little under 13,000. In 1960 gas cost 0.31 a gallon and today it is 2.49. In 1960 a television cost 300 today you can get a new one for under 100.

I don't know where you live but I see no TV that is under $100 also gasoline is now $2.69 where I live. as to the new car costs really 13,000 must not have a heater or air conditioner.

I haven't been able to find a new car under 18k with automatic transmission and anything approaching safety.
Maybe they are buying Chinese cars.

Marcy, I was talking about a smaller tv, say a nineteen inch. I found one on Best Buy for 89. I researched cheap new cars and it did have heating and air conditioning, lol. Our gas is a bit cheaper than other areas.

B S, it was Japanese. It's a Nissan Versa and it comes with air conditioning, Bluetooth phone connectivity, and a CD stereo as standard. For a hundred more a person can purchase a Chevrolet Spark LS.

Wow, that is amazing.

I looked at their website for a little, that comes with manual transmission.

If you want an automatic it's an extra 2400 dollars.

I personally don't like buying brand new vehicles. I find it a better value to buy one used that has low mileage.

I don't recall cars costing $3000 in 1960, in fact I bought a car by AMC brand new in 1971 for $2000, I made $300 a month so that was expensive.

Should be raised so people can live off of it. The minimum wage was created to be a livable wage, and it has failed to do that for many years. Most people who work for minimum wage are adults, many who have children. Minimum wage doesn't even cover rent, let alone basic utilities, food, clothing, etc.

People with disabilities are legally allowed to be paid LESS than minimum wage, which is disgusting and ableist. This needs to change.

I have never heard of anyone with disabilities being paid less than min wage, it would be illegal to do so.

Often the mentally disabled are given a chance to work in a shop as part of occupational rehabilitation, for which they are often paid a low wage.

I do not know a lot about mentally challenged people who work but if I remember correctly they are rarely expected to work a full 40 hours in a week.

I used to volunteer in a place dedicated to rehab and care for the mentally disabled and there were people who would work for something like 5 dollars an hour at a local shop.

I have a family member that is disabled. She worked at a place where they could come in as they please depending on how they felt.

In my experience these shops usually have a lot looser policy than you would find in a more demanding establishment, but they are catering to people without as much ability to keep schedules.

From what I hear, disabled workers from Goodwill earn 22 cents an hour. I also have an issue with prisoners making wages like that too, because once they're out, they have no healthy connections, no money, no home, etc. And they are expected to suddenly be a healthy and functional member of society, but they will end up back in prison most likely due to the lack of reform education, mental health care, and lack of fair pay.

I've never heard of disabled workers making such low salaries in those stores.

I have heard of very low wages for prison labor though.

This motivated me to do a little research, and has a story on the subject. View link
It suggests that while the cents per hour is more a distortion of the information, there are people paid less than 3 dollars per hour for work performed, which isn't really acceptable for any kind of meaningful non-volunteer work.

Minimum wage here in the Philippines is really low, people are working so hard but earning too little. I do hope it will increase soon.

Here in Florida the Minimum Wage is $8 and some change lol . Our mayor tried to make it $10 but that failed i believe and he lost election anyways

i dont think anyone should be judged for making minimum wage. not everyone can be doctors and teachers. if you work to take care of yourself and your family then you should be proud of that

I agree wholeheartedly. People too often make fun of workers who do a completely necessary job for society to function, because they make minimum wage. They also do it WHILE USING THE SERVICE THEY PROVIDE.

Wages earned does not equal how hard the person works. And even if it did, people who can't perform in high paying jobs shouldn't be scorned for their capabilities.

You are right no one should be judge for making minimum wage. They are doing a job that is necessary in our society. However, paying someone $15 an hour to do that minimum wage job is ridiculous.

i have worked a few diff jobs but have never made 15 dollars an hour before lol. the most i have ever made was 10.80, that was at walmart because i had a certain number years of experience

I have had jobs that paid more than $15, they were state jobs. Ideally if you can do office work, you can get one of these jobs that will pay better.
I started out in low paying jobs, to make money then moved on to better paying jobs with benefits.
The economy is still not so good, another job i was in paid less than $15 but still provided benefits.
There are still good paying jobs out there, I know a man that works in 3 minimum wage jobs, and he saved up his money, and just opened a business. He is now the owner of a pizza parlor.

Saying that those jobs don't deserve a livable wage means that the people who work them deserve starvation. On the news (can't remember which network), they equated a livable wage with millions of dollars. So they believe that surviving on your income is more than you deserve.

It seems to me if one is middle aged and working for minimum wage, someone did not make good decisions.

Partly true, but sometimes its about whether or not there are enough jobs for all the people who need work, minimum wage still beats 0.

In my opinion it really depends on the level of inflation in the country. If the inflation is huge then is a waste of time and money doing some changes in the minimum wage.

in our country there is no minimum wages if that depends up on how many hour you are worked in a company that depends

I think that minimum wage should at least be $8.00 an hour. I worked somewhere for 3 years and worked my butt off working 6 days a week, only called out two times, and I would come in whenever they needed me. When I quit I was only making $8.00 an hour after that many years. It was horrible! With most things going up in price, it would help people better support their families even to get just a little bit extra an hour!

Well, minimum wage has risen. I am retired so I don't get paid as a working individual does but when I went grocery shopping the other day every thing was higher priced.

I am sure you had to pay the same high prices as everyone else even if you are retired Prices continue to rise more than income And I don't think it will ever change

Actually the rise of minimum wages directly affects the rise in our daily needs like rent, utilities and food, it happened in the 1970s just like its happening today.

My first job fresh out of high school was in 1971-72 and I started out at $1.60 a hour When I came from the work force in 2004 I was making almost $18 a hour in a manufacturing job I thought I was very lucky but I did pay a price

minimum wage will never change or increase for the better on hard working adults holding down these low paying jobs. can work like a dog put the best foot forward never get any sort of raise if lucky only a few pennies. i know someone who earns just bearly $8. per hr less then 36 hrs awk at a fast food burger place. held the same job since 1977 to 2015. he can not afford any apartment housing

I think that $8.00 an hour would be a fair and reasonable increase.
The $15.00 that is being asked for is just unreasonable.

As long as you're not working 40 hours a week an employer is not obligated to offer bennies or raises, at least that's what I've heard. Sometimes temp jobs are better than full time, depending.

My major city just approved for minimum wage to go up to $15 by 2020. I'm afraid I'll still be working minumum wage by then. It's at $9 and that's what I make doing my regular job (unless I cashier, where I am $10).

I believe that by increasing the minimum wage it's going to have more than one effects, but was wondering going to talk about is the result in loss of jobs. There's going to be an immediate we talked to Lee Shin of what is nice and profitable in business and business owners are going to make the decisions that are right for then we're probably going to me either less hours for everyone or fewer people to get hours too. Furthermore it's going to be ratherdifficult to retain jobs in industries that can be easily relocated, so I predict an increase in outsourcing.

Yep, when employers can't afford to pay their staff they end up laying people off then moving out, that's what happened in the 80s and now look at us.

I agree. I was talking about this with a business owner in Washington State, she runs a restaurant and she was trying to decide whether to cut hours or cut staff.

I hope she can find a way to keep her staff, but it is not easy to run a business with the demands for higher wages, people just don't get that without good profits you can't pay well.

Some people might ask why she just wouldn't raise prices to meet the new demands of the market, but that usually comes with a reduction in new customers and an attrition of returning customers.

It really is time for our government to decide if we can actually support more immigrants, there are already far too many people in need of jobs and bringing in immigrants only adds to the problem.

I'm not sure that it's that simple. A lot of the immigrants are not looking for jobs per se, they are actually looking to work independently and maybe even start up businesses for themselves.

Immigration takes away any chances existing citizens may have of earning a living. Just look at some of our native American reservations and you will see what I mean.

I have a mixed opinion. Some of the immigrants are taking up jobs that Americans might be hired into, but others are coming here as entrepreneurs with their own capital to make and spend money.

I think that the reservation issues are sad because few people have the capital to start a new business or the experience to attract investment.

I don't think we have the resources to add any more people We can't even keep jobs for the people that are already here Its a sad day when jobs are moved out of the country by so called American employers If I could buy everything American made I would but sad to say look at nearly everything you buy It's not going to have a tag that says Made in the USA

If an employer can't afford to pay it's employees a livable wage then they shouldn't be in business imo. Immigrants don't steal jobs, they take jobs that no one else wants to do. Just because you see a POC in your workforce doesn't mean they just crossed the border. Denying people to come into the US means sending them back to an unlivable space, whether it be living in the streets, living in unsanitary housing, a war zone, etc. This nation is so disgusting when it comes to immigrants, people gathered to riot a whole bus full of children away that escaped a desert to get here and they're welcomed with that. Some used to be doctors and lawyers in their home country and come to America to do odd jobs or a low paying job, they scarified everything to come here and they're treated like ****. How would you like to be treated if you escaped a dangerous or harmful place to a place you know nothing about?

I guess we should create reservations for American citizens like they did for the Native Americans way back. Wonder where we'd end up......

Actually, I think that a lot businesses can't afford to pay higher wages and benefits and be profitable, and they as a rule don't have real employees. They hire contractors.

I have a couple side gigs that I run myself, and I pay contractors per task very low amounts, way less than minimum wage.

They are free to not do anything that I request, but then again I'm free not to employ them at all.

It is honestly ridiculous to raise the minimum wage so that it forces the cost of everything we buy for our day to day lives to be more expensive as well. I know what it's like to struggle. I also know what it takes to go to school and make something of your life so that you don't have to struggle as much. There are many programs and grants in place that will help fund higher education to the people who believe fast food workers need to make $15+ an hour. Fast food jobs are not meant to be careers, but rather stepping stones. I, too, have worked fast food in my younger years. And decided very quickly that myself and my child, with another to follow a few years later, could not live the life I wanted for us on that salary. So I chose to do something about that. And that choice was to go to nursing school while still working a full time job to support myself and my kids. Yes, I will be paying off student loans for years to come but it was very well worth it in the long run. It was never easy, but, to the people who want it bad enough, it can be accomplished. And then we wouldn't worry so much about raising the minimum wage.

well the thing of it is not everyone is interested in working hard and going to school in order to make a higher wage, some people just one higher with his cousin they deserve them in their own minds and for no other reason. that's the idea of a minimum wage everyone deserves to make at least that much.

@Amber Underwood: I graduated from a trade school and did fairly well for a while but I was only a couple dollars over minimum wage even with that degree and whats worse is I worked with people who had masters degrees with student loans to repay but they couldn't find jobs in their field because the demand for employees was much lower than those with the degrees. Its an employers market and has been since the 1980s.

The fact of the matter is that there is no guarantee that people will be able to do what they are trained to do.

The only guarantee is that they will be more prepared to do that kind of work than an untrained person, if that work is needed.

ML is right, it's an employer's market.

Thanks B S, I guess the one person I can't forget is a young woman with a degree in Oceanography who ended up a keypunch operator due to a lack of job openings. That was in 1978

I remember that there was a trained civil engineer that couldn't find better work so she ended up picking apples out on the farms for a few years.

im up for increasing the Minimum wages and helping the lower classed citizens like me i think that with the wages increased the prices should go up but not to that extent that no one will be able to buy anything just a little.
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