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Anna McCoy
I have been working for minimum wage the last six months, despite transferring to a department that is supposed to pay more. I have a husband who is disabled and two young children who outgrow their clothes and shoes in twenty minutes. You can't do it on minimum wage. Even at forty hours a week, we barely have enough to cover our rent and utilities. Thankfully I start a much higher paying job next month. Living on minimum wage is almost impossible, especially if you have kids.
Jenny Wilson
I completely agree with you! I have worked several minimum wage jobs and always had to keep my budget really super tight just to get by.
Mary Kirkland
Trying to live on minimum wage is a joke, because it's not a liveable wage and people don't seem to understand that. Everything in life has increased in price except for the wages we make.
Danae L
When I worked a minimum wage job most of money would be stretched thin to cover bills, food, oh and the gas to GET to the job. I was pretty much living paycheck to paycheck.
Nadia Abdul
One economy teacher in high school said that if minimum wage was increased, then people wouldn't be able to qualify as easily for government assistance. And most people on government assistance still NEED this help. So, in a way, it's a catch-22 because people will have to cut back hours or something because if they go over the allocated income, then they can't receive aid.
Peg Asus
I thought that I read that minimum wage was going to be $9/hour? I am of the age where I remember minimum wage being $5.15 so $9 seems like a huge amount lol. I know it's not though.
Tiffany Cummings
I make 8.50 which is barley over minimum wage. I work at a store and i've been here for over a year. I can't get more than 30 hours here but I have been going to school and I'm with a temp agency for dental assisting. I got 15 dollars an hour at my first dental office. That's almost double. I'm happy i'm in the right direction, being a single mother and all.
Elena Qian
Where I am from at least, it really is not enough to survive off of. I know way to many people struggling just to get by when legally, min wage has to be able to support a person!
Kristi Anglen
I'm guessing if I figured out my actual hourly wage working from home, it would be minimum wage or some weeks less than that. It's okay though since I don't spend any gas money or have to buy certain clothes to work from home. I don't know how people who have to commute though can live on the current minimum wage.
Ocean Tiara
This company overseas of course is giving people above and beyond the minimum wage. They are based in Northern Ireland. Not much good to us here however but kudos to them
Lee Ann W
In my part of Canada its bad, gas is $1.41/liter right now and food just keeps going up too. Every time they raise min wage here then everything goes up. I make a little more than min wage because of raises at my previous job but still. That doesn't help much. I know so many people that have to do 2 jobs now just to support their self and all they do is work, they might go out to the bar once a month if that for entertainment.
Emily Jansen
I found this also and thought I would share for the benefit of stating minimum wage is NOT a livable wage at this time

Hannah Guyette
I think that its kind of sad that now minimum wage is up to 8 dollars but the price of gas is 4. I guess a minimum wage job wasnt really made to pay all of the bills for a long period of time
Pat Veretto
No, it's really not, and not many people actually work at minimum wage for very long. Most businesses pay more than minimum wage, except for fast food places that tend to hire teenagers.
Angela S
I worked at a hotel as a housekeeper making beds and cleaning rooms all day and we only got paid $7.25, it was horrible cause to me $7.25 is not enough to clean up in behind some people that stay at hotels
Raeanna C.
I live in Alabama and minimum wage isn't even $8 but $7.25. Honestly who can live off that wage other than maybe high school kids who still live with parents and college students lucky enough to live with parents? I'm a college student living with my parents because student housing is around $400 PER BEDROOM and a lot of students usually can only find minimum wage jobs and the employers of those are more willing to work around a schedule.

I understand there should be a starting wage for those with little experience but those with bills to pay and families to feed need more than just minimum wage to live comfortable and not be behind in bills and eating less meals than recommended to stay healthy.
Kris P. Bacon
I wish it were legal to pay people below minimum wage if they're BOTH underaged AND demonstrably dependent on their parents.

I'm only a couple of years older than some of the high schoolers I work with, but I don't have a Mommy and Daddy who pay for my existence... I'll admit sometimes I do resent them knowing they're just blowing their paychecks on Abercrombie or whatever.
Teresa Mathews
I got off a job laid off when it closed down and for 13 years it was a minimum wage job. You only got a raise when the wage law went up the scale. It was one of the top retail mass marketing discount stores out there too. I never could make headway between commute of 40 miles roundtrip and the wages. No way could I barely exist on this. 2/3ths of the retail and hotel jobs out there are $7.25 a hour. So don't kid yourself that there are higher paying jobs out there! They are not out there unless you own your own business or you in the health field. I used to work for the Hilton hotel in their spa and I made at that time $4.65 a hour which used to be minimum wage. People think high class hotel means high class wages. Think again. I have worked for Department stores , hotels, farms, video stores, book stores, and big retail stores as a Assisted Manager, Shipping Clerk, Receptionist, Secretary, Security Guard all making a pity amount of minimum wage.
Bea She
Minimum wage living is still a bit above subsistence, but that is the way that our economy is structures. Subsistence living is almost free, but a basic lifestyle in an actual setting, like a town or farm with a car and children, is unbelieveably expensive.
You don't earn that much working overtime at minimum wage.
Ocean Tiara
I see today that Massachusettes has now jumped on the bandwagon behind Oregon and is going to make the wage up to 11 an hour behind Oregon at 15 ph. I am not sure if Oregon is doing it for the whole state or what.
M. L. Monroe
It seems so funny to me, everyone wants to earn so much more than they make yet I've actually seen some of those who want more actually do no work for it. It takes working hard to earn so whats the problem?
MJ Knits
What you are saying isn't ridiculous ML, however, the fact that the lowest wage is just too low. I am certain that if folks making minimum wage who only have part time hours would be THRILLED to have full time hours and employer sponsored benefits. That is just no how all companies work.
Viola Thornell
MJ I understand where you are coming from. I never worked for but one company that had benefits so there you go. I was one who always worked as many hours as possible. And for not so good wages.
M. L. Monroe
I remember when everyone was thrilled that minimum wage was being hiked up to $5, we all thought that it would mean we would have more money to pay the rent, utilities, insurance,, car, gasoline and food but not long after that the rent, untilites, insurance etc went up too and we found ourselves in that same old boat.

All that raising that minimum wage will do is make it more expensive to live.
Kris P. Bacon
Clearly these hypothetical workers you pulled out of the air work hard enough for employers to keep them on the payroll.
Guess what, in the real world if someone doesn't provide more than $x/hr of value to a company, that person gets laid off.
Emily Jansen
I found this and wanted to share. Just goes to show how unjust in wages this country really is. Its just all about greed

George Johnson
Is this controlled for company size? Fortunately the US has more than its share of very large companies.

Also, a quick look found data that has far less extreme data:

Is your goal to have less people employed to even out this statistic?

We can go to 1:1 if we only have 1 employee per company.
Donna mills-summers
minium wage should be raised every year along with the cost of leaving and i do not mean a measly fifty cents either but more
M. L. Monroe
Minimum wage hikes is what causes the cost of living to go up. In 1970 I was making minimum wage, about $1.90 or so an hour. My car cost $2,000, it was new and I paid $60 a month, the apartment I rented was $99 a month which included untilities, my phone bill was $10 a month. Can you see how much the hikes in minimum wage has affected how little things have actually changed?
Sandy Segur
Minimum can be live dion. However it is not an easy task to complete without some sort of help. It seems those that do live on minimum wage rob peter to pay paul. They must sacrifice on a daily bases. It is even worse when they have kids and trying to crawl out of the whole to provide for their families.
Adrienne L.
A girl that I work with was assigned a project for a college course where you had to make a household budget for a family with certain specifications. The lot she drew was a single mother making minimum wage. Since I have kids she was asking me all kinds of questions about expenses with kids and filling in her spreadsheet, she just looked at me and said "it's impossible to make it work." ummm....yes, yes it is. I believe that was the point of the assignment BTW it was a women's studies course.
Viola Thornell
If I has a thousand dollars for every minimum wage or below minimum wage jobs as it were, I would not be too worried about money now. Bring our jobs back to America and watch our economy raise.
Emily Jansen
I have a feeling if they did they would just pay them minimum wage since they are getting away with cheap labor in other countries.
Karyn C
I wish that minimum wage was able to be lived on. Unfortunately it seems that then prices are just raised as minimum wage goes up. I also think that other wages should get adjusted also. I now make pretty close to minimum wage and have been at my job nearly 4 years :(
George Johnson
I don't know what a "living wage" is. It really doesn't cost much to rent a room, does it? I think it is standard of living that you are talking here and how many kids they can support, right?
Adrienne L.
It depends on where you live a bit I think. Rental units can cost quite a bit in some areas (even just for a room) compared to others, and everyone has to eat too :-)
George Johnson
Even within San Francisco, which I think is the most expensive has rooms under $500 a month with some a bit below that available now. You might be able to do a bit better.

I get fresh produce fairly cheap so I don't know what other areas pay, hopefully you have a Chinatown nearby.
Karyn C
LOL George no Chinatown nearby. I live in a rural area because the rent is cheaper but even so it is still quite a bit. A 1 bedroom is $540 plus all utilities. our min wage is $7.95 per hour so at 40 hours is $1272 a month gross. after Uncle Sam takes his share, you pay your Obama Care and pay the rent and utilities there is not much left. If you have a child and are trying to do that I don't see how it is possible.
M. L. Monroe
Minimum wage is probably livable its just that too many of us are living above our means and expect to get more. I've done that too and trust me, living above your means never works no matter what level you're at.
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