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The debate goes on: Does raising the minimum wage only raise prices with no real economic benefit? Or should it be raised to meet inflated prices already in place?

Headline from Los Angeles Times
California minimum wage hike hits L.A. apparel industry: 'The exodus has begun'
Los Angeles was once the epicenter of apparel manufacturing, attracting buyers from across the world to its clothing factories, sample rooms and design studios.

But over the years, cheap overseas labor lured many apparel makers to outsource to foreign competitors in far-flung places such as China and Vietnam.

Now, Los Angeles firms are facing another big hurdle — California's minimum wage hitting $15 an hour by 2022 — which could spur more garment makers to exit the state.

Last week American Apparel, the biggest clothing maker in Los Angeles, said it might outsource the making of some garments to another manufacturer in the U.S., and wiped out about 500 local jobs. The company still employs about 4,000 workers in Southern California
"The exodus has begun," said Sung Won Sohn, an economist at Cal State Channel Islands and a former director at Forever 21. "The garment industry is gradually shrinking and that trend will likely continue."

the minimum wage bill just got passed in new york state. a lot of people like myself are pretty upset that it went up to $15 over the new few years while a lot of us make barely that now with educations.

you are mad why? that people can make more money than you who didn't have to go to school? isn't that more a problem of your employer not paying you enough, the rise in minimum wage never will be more than what a degree professional will get if it is...maybe you need to look into another profession or quit your job and get one of those good minimum wage jobs you are jealous of

What I don't like is this will raise the cost of living and then the raise in minimum wage means nothing. $15 an hour sounds like an awful lot for minimum wage.

$15 is absolutely idiotic. I have a $10 an hour job and it is in the oil and gas industry as a geologist. I worked hard and got my degree and I was lucky to even get a job because of the downturn! I am off for a week now, but if it wasn't for being able to get paid this little, I wouldn't have gotten my foot in the door!

They've just raised the minimum wage here in England and lots of people think it's going to cause some problems but hopefully it'll be alright.

It will not be alright. The free market principles will never be proven false and the economy is gonna get worse. Just look at socialism in England before Thatcher. The whole country was going down the tubes!

It has been reported in the news that no one can survive off minimum wage alone in the U.S. I think we as people should learn to invest what we can to maximize our dollars.

it is possible to live off of minimum wage but it is very difficult. at one point i was working at a restaurant, paying rent at a duplex along with my phone bill and groceries, it wasnt easy but sometimes you do what you have to do

In a city like New York, $15/hour equals gross pay of $600 for 40 hours work. Out of that come deductions for federal income tax, NY state income tax, NYC income tax, social security, and medicare. (If they commute from New Jersey, they also have to pay NJ state income tax.) What's left is maybe $400/week. That may not sound so bad. But average rent within 10 miles of New York City is $3000/month. Even in the least expensive neighborhoods, it starts at $1500, if you can even find a place that cheap. So more than half of a minimum-wage employee's income goes for rent. Then more goes to utilities (also high cost), groceries, transportation, medicines, and more. One person living alone can't support themself, let alone a dependent. Two people, both working and sharing a unit would still have difficulty because the rent burdens alone would still consume more than half of each person's income. Is $15/hour really a grotesque minimum wage under the light of reality?

Yes it is horrible. In the Midwest you could live off of 7$ a day much better than $15 a day in new york city. Now maybe your city should consider changing the minumum wage, but don't mess up the midwest because of that.

I am glad that they are raising it in a few different places and it would be more than welcome all over the world. People should be paid properly for the hard work that they do.

I'm glad they're increasing the minimum wage in the U.S. It's a slow process, but at least it's happening. Hopefully it'll keep on increasing until everyone gets a fair wage.

It will not be a good thing and It probably wont happen. Just means that there will be more under the table business activity, low wage jobs are great for high schoolers etc. and no one will pay $15 to them and we will have lots of teens without work on the streets. Not a good thing for crime.

There does need to be a gauge or a guide for deciding the pay range in the US. However I sometimes feel the pay should be coordinated to the skill level of an individual as well as age. I hardly think it's necessary to pay a 16 year old $15 to scoop ice cream or serve up ring up a sandwich sale at the local deli. On the other hand I think a man or woman who has experience and skill in a defined area should be given an opportunity to begin at a minimum wage and a trail period of 30 days to prove their effectiveness and efficiency on the job with the agreement of a higher rate of pay at the end of the trial period.

I really feel for the people who are struggling to live off of the minimum wage. I don't understand how anyone can seriously expect people to actually live off of it. How can they afford bills and food for themselves? I hear people talk about how the minimum wage shouldn't be raised and I just think it's so selfish on their part. How can you not see the struggles of other people? Open your eyes.

Most people are not against raising minimum wage. What they are against is raising it as high as $15 an hour.

It could be based on where people are living. The area I'm in, I hear nothing but people being judgmental and even downright disgusting when it comes to this topic. You also see it a lot in the comments section on different websites. Unfortunately, they make a lot of assumptions and talk like they actually believe that people can live off of $7.25 an hour.

How do you not see the struggle of business owners, the entrepreneurs to hire people for that kind of pay? This will mean less people have jobs, period! And it is the small business owners who really risk their lives to start something, often taking out huge bank loans for the opportunity to make it big, at a huge risk. The min wage workers have very low risk, always get paid!

Most jobs here have minimum wage. Although prices of just about everything is already on the rise. So i guess for our country increasing the minimum wage has to be raised.

i believe minimum wage is 8.25 here, i dont think it has went up or changed since i worked at dollar general, who do only pay minimum wage....

I don't know how anyone can expect us to live on minimum wage with the costs of everything going up so much. I have heard arguments about how the minimum wage goes up in an area when the cost of things goes up, but in our area the cost of groceries have gotten ridiculous and it has been awhile since the minimum wage has gone up.

It would be hard to live on minimum wage, regardless if you are looking for another job while in that one it is tough. I don't think the job market is that great right now. I have not really seen it improve much. The price of food is crazy.

The price of food has went up about 200% over the last 2 years is what I read somewhere It is hard for everyone How about the senior citizens and those on fixed incomes I don't know what people are supposed to do We plant a garden every year to help on our grocery bill My husband also hunts I pinch pennies like you wouldn't believe We do lots of things that don't cost a lot of money or we do nothing

A lot of fast food jobs and minimum wage jobs are available and many people take them it is a job but can they survive.
Now my next door neighbor is 72, she can hardly survive, she didn't have hot water for several months, she needed a new water heater and didn't have the money. She can't work now she had an aneurysm, had to learn to walk and talk again.

That is so sad June I have come to realize that there are a lot of people in this world that does not have family that can help them I guess because we have family I was assuming that everyone does and this is not true

Faye, this woman has two daughters one son, the daughters are with the spouses, they each pay something for her, cable, or most of her mortage,the son is on drugs really bad, she had to put him out as he was stealing her stuff to sell for drugs. The daughters told her they can't help that much every month, so not sure how she is going to be able to stay there and worry bout utilities and mortgage. I don't think she can work much because she is getting very forgetful.

I only earn minimum wage as of now. Its still okay for me since I do not have children nor a wife. B ut for those with families, they will really have a hard time having this kind of low wage. It is only enough for 1-2 meals a day if there are electricity and other utility bills.

Not all the companies doing that i mean some of the compaines treating their employees very well, in my openion

Not sure, if its raised to high people may loose their jobs, Some companies cannot afford to pay more. Businesses may close or cut hours.

Minimum wage is very low and I think the people deserve to get paid more than that for there hard work.

minimum wage is def lower than it should be. i know there is a lot of issues with raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour but the wages now are very low for the work that most companies expect you to do

I must disagree on raising the minimum wage. It will only drive the price of products up and we will be in the same boat. The people that are now working for the minimum wage will not accomplish anything by a raise. It is a vicious circle, nothing will improve. What to do? I don't know. It is so sad. Another thing that will come about is the cutting of working hours and you would be making the same amount as before.

I wish the minimum wage was higher! People deserve to have a better income because everything is going up except the income.

I agree with you completely its not fair to the workers they have to work hard with bad pay. All they want to do is work you hard with little pay as the living is so expensive.

Minimum wage I think should be raised to $10 to fit inflation. In other areas, LA, Orlando, NYC, places with higher cost of living, I think it should be more.
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