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I have started to like modern country music a lot lately, so I would love to go to Nashville for some concerts sometime!

Hi Dottie, Nashville is the place for some good Country concerts. The Ryman and the Grand Ole Opry is home here in Nashville. Plus we also have the new outside concert place that just opened awhile back downtown Nashville, and the Bridgestone Arena rocks the crowds here as well. Hope you get to visit soon!

I'm new to Nashville and my husband and I found a really affordable apartment in West Nashville off of Charlotte Pike. However we'd like to be in a more interesting, classically "city" neighborhood. What would be a good neighborhood to look into for next fall?

Hey Jess, I am, and have been a local in the Donelson area of town all of my life. There are a lot of nice neighborhoods here in the Nashville area. Donelson is nice because we live close to everything, the airport, Opry Mills Mall, grocery stores etc. Downtown Nashville is about fifteen minutes from where we live. I also live close to Percy Priest Lake. Very nice area of town.

My sister went to Nashville a few months ago and she loved it. Everyone I've spoke to that has been there have loved it. I need to take a trip

I am from Nashville, and I just do not see the big thrill. It is a dirty city and very 'city'. Maybe it is different for a tourist. I am glad that she enjoyed her visit though.

I've lived south of Nashville for quite some time. I'm not really into country, but going t hookah bars or regular bars to hear some bands is pretty ok. Something to do in the city.

What a dream to go to Nashville. I'd love to go. Wouldn't it be amazing if you were walking down the street in Nashville and saw a popular country artist just taking a stroll?

I live an hour from Nashville and was in town for an event, ended up seeing Taylor Swift at Whole Foods store. I'm not much of a fan, or a country fan either. But it was kinda neat, I guess. She's actually kind of snobby if you pay her no attention.

Chances are you won't see a country star walking down the streets of nashvulle. Stars, when in Nashville, are mostly spotted at the Green Hills mall and that side of town.

I live outside of Nashville, however I love love the city! I moved here 2 years ago and have never regretted it. Too much to do and people are just so nice!

I love living here in Nashville. There are so many different things to do and to see around here. I live just miles from Opry Mills and The Grand Ole Opry.

I am not far from Nashville. Nashville is the country music city capital of the US. It is also a beautiful city, and very friendsly.

Everyone says it is friendly in the south. I lived in nashville for 10 years and am now about half hour away. I can't tell that people are nice!

Same here Amanda. I'm from Idaho and everyone told me I'd be welcomed by southern hospitality here but everyone seems to be the same as in the Pacific Northwest. I haven't noticed anyone being particularly hospitable.

I have liced in Nashville for 10 years and I have never seen the big thrill and appeal of the city to others. It is boring, dirty and old. There are a few cool things but I think people are over excited!

I have visited Nashville a few times now. The building you see is often called the Batman building, with the two points on it. I enjoyed the hands on science museum there with my children.

The Batman building is always a facorite for visitors and the kids. No matter how many times they see it, this building brings the same excitement each time

yes, that is one thing that I'm loving is the skyline. I'll just never get over that view. It's really inspiring.

I like going up on weekends to Tariboosh or Bobo's Hookah Bars. Not to mention for Preds. Games and Occasionally a good concert or show. But sometimes It's nice to just go to see Broadway and see a bar band play. Even seeing street musicians. I love listening to the old men who play the fiddles.

I've been to Nashville several times and love it. If you are a country music fan, its the place to be. Be sure to take a ride on the General Jackson up the Cumberland River - take the dinner cruise. Of course the Opry and the much so see and lots of wonderful restaurants.

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