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I spoke with my DR about this a couple months back. Many doctors are upset with Obama care. Socialized medicine benefits no one except the Government.

supposed to be so great.....for just me, it would be over $300 per month....I don't work...I have to take care of my disabled husband. He only gets $860 per month.....so how do we pay bills and have food ? Income is too high for welfare help.......they say that if income is over $425 per month for family of 2 you don't qualify and need to buy health insurance. I rarely go to Dr....so it's cheaper for me without the insurance premium.

Obamacare is a JOKE and going to wreck this country if it isn't repealed!! Don't believe me? Just wait and see!

No one should be forced to buy health insurance that they can not afford. I have some friend that still do not have halth insurance because they can not afford it.

Insurance of any kind is con, already we are forced to carry a minimum of Liabiltiy Insurance if we own a car, the price for that is not cheap and depends largely on our credit scores and now its health insurance. I'm worried that soon they will force everyone to carry life insurance ... boy would that be a joke.

I think we really need a constitutional amendment to the effect that trying to force anybody to buy anything is illegal...of course that might cause us to go back to toll roads, user fees for schools and libraries...then again that might not be all bad.

I honestly believe it should be illegal to force anyone to pay for any kind of insurance, the problem is that those who cause car accidents will still be out there and law enforcement still won't do anything about them. As for medical, there are those of us who avoid doctors at all costs and then there are those who can't function without them ... besides Medical Insurance insures that medical personnel with huge student loans will earn enough money to pay them ... I'm not referring to those smart students that did NOT incur huge loan amounts.

Lest we forget, Tort reform, allowing Health Ins to be sold accross state lines (portability)… 2 of the easiest ways to see premiums actually decrease…but for some reason none of that was discussed by the Dems

How do they have time to discuss anything when they are always on a break. And when they aren't half are asleep in session.

Since everyone is being so negative around here, I figured I'd share my success story. I live in a major metropolitan area with a huge population, in one of the most conservative states in the country. When our Governor announced that he'd be rejecting federal assistance, I feared for the worst.

So imagine my surprise when I applied for our state's medicaid program and received notice of my new coverage in less than one week! I picked up the phone and within an hour, I had an HMO, a new doctor with 20 years of experience, and an appointment for the very next day. I went in and literally everything was covered. The maximum copay I would ever pay for ANY kind of medical care is just $3, and my copay for medications is $1 or less.

If you're poor enough that you truly NEED assistance, don't just complain -- DO something about it! Apply for medicaid or other subsidy programs. Nobody should have to go without healthcare, especially if they're already struggling to make ends meet.

That's awesome! I applied before the deadline, but never got a response, so I may have to look back into this and see if I can get approved! I don't work, but my hubby does. Too much to get covered at his work, so he didn't add me!

I have applied for disability, and medical help and was turned down. Nothing about Obama or our Government impresses me. All Lousy.

IS Obama's health Care bill is the best there is? Hell NO! However, if we remember how much Nixon's HMO B S screwed everyone else (other than owners of private insurance company who essentially leached off our society.) this one is better alternative. Very sadly, HMO was such a horrendous system there is going to be lots of time before anything gets better and I do not think it might need lot more than 3 or 4 years.

I wish Obama was never re-elected. I have no faith in him, or the government at all. People are destined to go without health care and prescriptions. I pay for health insurance and can't even use it and I have prescription coverage and can't use that either. the deductibles are 5000 and 2500 on them. With my heart condition, I can't get the care or medication I need. so, I don't even bother anymore. A lot of people are going to die because of this garbage.

Ellen that is great that you were able to get medicaid. Most states do have that and it is great for the poor that cannot afford otherwise well in most cases, but I am sorry to read Pat all that is happening to you. I know trying to get disability is so tough. I wish you luck my friend.

Your story sounds very painful and I know what it sounds like, but sooner or later, there is going to be moment where one will be financially in ruin without health care.(my younger brother had spinal disc last year but covered with ALL Kids health care which is covering most of the medical cost)

Previous HMO system is so psychotic greedy and evil in purest form it makes people think live without health care is better off and decided to live in Russian Roulette. However as it seems infinitely inadequate and rather dumb, Obama care is a step toward better direction and there got to be serious confusion to follow as getting out of hell hole called HMO.

I applied at the Gov. site it was turned over to my state and I call them and they say they are still waiting. So yesterday I went to the office they don't even have me in the system. So I am going to fill out the paper work again and take it back up there.

I did the same thing here too. @Susan Turner. I have checked on it and they still tell me they are still waiting . Its been 6 months now. My state is trying to get rid of the supplemental coverage now because too many people applied for it. I figured the whole thing is a lost cause now. With no income and some kind of disease eating away at my spine causing numbness all over the body. I just gave up trying to see a doctor. I get the same answer over and over again I don't qualify without insurance to get in to see anyone.

The President has really screwed things up. He has lost any faith I had in him. With the new Health Care bill, I no longer am able to get the medical and prescriptions I need. They are out of my budget, and I have a heart condition.

I haaate the bill. I want it to collapse from its own impracticality before it costs me a penny! And yet, seeing it as a topic here reminds me...I do have to respect President Obama for taking the blame for this one. Bill Clinton would have blamed it on some White House employee. W Bush would probably have got some Congressmen to support it while making speeches about how he personally didn't. Feh. Misguided though he is, at least this President's a gentleman.

If you think that Obamacare is more impractical than the healthcare system was without Obamacare, then you just don't know anything about the economics of healthcare.

I know medical care was affordable before other misguided policies allowed the insurance industry to hijack it. If you think any plan based on insurance is practical, then you don't remember...I used to be able to be able to pay for what medical care I needed in cash.

Obama Health Bill, I have family members what use Obama Health Care, it is way for all American to have affordable health care. What society would not want to make sure that whether it is you or me, if I got hurt I could go get well. Excellent bill, and a great opportunity for us as a society to start helping others in need, instead of keeping them down.

I think that he is taking the steps to allow us to be successful.... like everything it needs work... It is hard now but I believe adjustments should be made in order to change it!

I don't like this much because of how it effects people now all the work places only want give out part time hours so they can avoid having to pay health insurance to there employees

Obama Healthcare is a total joke. Since it went into effect, I have not been able to use my insurance due to high deductibles on medical and prescription. That means the 3 doctors I have and the 13 medications I take are sometimes forgotten. If I don't have the money, I don't go to the doctors regularly for my heart condition and I cannot afford the medications, so I don't take them.

I am so sorry to hear that. But I totally agree with you. It's hurting people more than it's helping them. It's a complete & utter joke.

What a disaster this whole thing is and makes absolutely no sense. I have a friend who is 85 and she has to pay for her Blue cross and her Medicare plus she has to pay out of pocket higher amounts for her prescriptions and doctors appointments. Looks to me like we all got the wrong meaning of preventative medicine. Its just preventing people from getting any care.

Ok two months ago I tried to get health insurance threw kasier I know was late but my had found out my mom had terminal cancer in March and passed away in April. Kasier said Obamacare does not let you buy insurance directly any more. To call cover California i did cover California said I had to call medi-cal because I am low in come. So I called mad-cal they said they they can not talk to me I need to talk to cover California. I givenup

After he changed the health care laws, I have been paying out of pocket for medical and prescriptions. I cannot even use my insurance. A five thousand deductible on medical, and twenty five hundred on prescriptions, by the time I pay towards the deductibles it will be a new year and I will have to start all over. My husband is paying for insurance we cannot even use. I have 3 doctors and thirteen prescriptions. I have a heart condition which keeps me from working, but I can't get disability because they say my husband makes too much!!

So sorry to hear. That sounds really expensive. I have yet to hear someone say how great Obama Care is. Sounds like a joke for most.

It is definitely a joke. I have to decide between doctors, prescriptions or paying a bill. I am not happy about him at all.

Deductibles and co pay stop many people from seeing their doctor. Obama care does NOT work. We were better off how things were.

So sorry to hear that,It will be cheaper foor us to pay the penalty with our income taxes than to get health insurance. It doesn't help people one bit.

Any Western developed country has a healthcare system that is far, FAR better than America's and most of us don't realize just how much better.

What baffles me is... why would anyone want the government to take it over. We've seen what has happened to the VA, USPS, Social Security, etc. They fail at everything that is put in their hands. Why would anyone choose to let them handle our healthcare?

Amen Amen Amen,govement run programs are running this country deeper and deeper into the ground every single day. No one is going to be able to afford to live if we continue this way.

It is so sad to see the government likes to S*** in there own back yard. They are so greedy that they cant see what they are actually doing. I can only imagine how much worse it will be in 10 years.

I dont agree with immigrant children getting rights. What is this world really coming to. They are just asking for trouble if this happens in so many ways. but then again like you said these fat cats dont care all they care about is there pockets right now and for what you cant take that money with you when you die.

When the Obama Health Care Bill came out they took out my normal insurance... My mother was a teen mom and was always a single mother. We do not have much income but they took it away... It is very saddening especially because I get sick so often. On top of that they make us pay a fine if we do not get the Obama Health Care... We do not have enough money to already get health insurance and they make us pay for not having it?! Ridiculous... It has done nothing to me but bad. That's just what happened to me and what I think about it.

I agree with you Colleen. I am lucky I a retired elder and that I have Nedicare and Medicaid but my daughter and her family are not so lucky. My daughter is in terrible health and they can not afford even the cheapest insurance nor can they get it through the state.

They really need to fix this. Most of us are not happy with this and they know it! There have been many complaints

I don't agree nor like the Obama Health Care Bill. It has hurt people more than helping them. Plus it is taking away one of our civil liberties which is a constitutional right.

I agree! I mean, health insurance is expensive, especially when we don't have it at our jobs, etc. My hubby had open enrollment, and to add 3 of us, would be $300-$400 a month. I told him, forget it, lol. Rather pay the penalty!

It is hurting people and what is worse is that the president and everyone in politics get free insurance for life. It is sad that they can get free insurance while the rest of us have to pay. My husband is lucky that the Veteran's Administration gives him free insurance because we are low income because he has several medical conditions and needs care.
I am sorry that your husband would have to pay more to add you and your family on.

Yes, it is bad! When I worked as a receptionist in a medical office, I got really low cost insurance and even got seen free sometimes where I worked, but for everyone else, it's not fair! I am looking now, at getting a government job, was even thinking of joining the military, but I am too old, lol

It is very sad to know that "He" would lie to people about how good it would do everyone but in reality the whole thing is hurting for all. I believe the everyone should have free medical but I do NOT agree with having to pay a penalty for not having it and I don't agree with the high costs and all the lies.

I have only seen a couple people that has benefited from this.They were people who had kids with major health conditions and they had not been able to get them on insurance before. Other than that, I have not heard from anyone that it is a good thing.

Amanda P. $300 to $400 per month is crazy! I might as well pay per doctors visit... No one really gets sick enough to pay $3,600-$4,800 per year.

Colleen Chickie is behind the times. There are "treatable" diseases that make the cost of keeping someone alive for one more year more than $5000. But let's face it, I for one would feel comfortable if I were only *earning* $300 to $400 per month...and if we let the insurance rip-off corporation keep on with this insanity it'll soon be much more than that! Whatever plan this country forms to provide medical care to the needy, it needs to put the insurance industry completely out of the picture and pay *doctors only*...so that doctors can afford to treat ordinary working people!

First of all this should have never passed because the DUMB butts didn't read the whole thing. Companies are cutting people's hours so they don't have to pay for insurance, people are losing their jobs completely because companies are shutting down and, people signed up for Obama Care but A LOT have not paid into the system. In order for this to work healthy Generation Xers (people in their 20 to late 30s) have to sign up and pay into the system. Yes it's great that people that couldn't get insurance before have it now but if the healthy don't buy into the system then it will become more of an epic fail than it already is. I for one will take the fine because I can't afford to insure my family and pay the bills and yes there are people that can't even get state insurance because they make to much money.

That is us, can't afford insurance and make to much for help. What is funny, is our monthly bills are less then 1500 a month. and we still barely make it, working for the state.

My husband took out insurance on just himself through his workplace. Now when he goes to the doctor, what use to be free cost him almost $500 every three months. That's on top of his monthly insurance payments. Just having the extra payments have caused us not to have the money to have his car fixed. Now we have the first bill for his doctor visit and the test he has to have each time he goes on top of that. Hes talking about not going to his next appointment but he has already had two heart attacks and really needs to go. I have no clue how we will manage.

i know some people are doing FSAs and then when they need to go to the doctor for something they are trying to negotiating rates/cost because they are paying with their FSA account which is as good as cash. A lot of hospitals like that. Of course it wouldn't be perfect but it may work for certain things like doctors visits and prescriptions

Fsa accounts are ok, it is pretax dollars, but it is still your dollars. So it is still money you have to pay.

My husband gets seen through the VA program, which is a blessing. I tried to sign up through the exchange, and just for myself it was 170 a month, which right now we cannot afford. I signed up for it, but have no way to pay it, so therefore I really have no insurance. Hopefully his new job will have decent ins for us.
I mean, we have all seen just how efficient the govt runs the VA, right? Imagine that on a MUCH LARGER SCALE. That is what we're moving toward, and I for one do not like it!

Please thank your husband for his service. I know the VA is efficient the VA is, but as I tell my husband at least his has insurance and that it the most important right now. I hope your husband's new job gives better insurance for you and your family.

He really does get good care through the VA, but it does take a while to been seen. Not nearly as long as what we have heard in the scandal, but not what you would get seen at your private offices. The people are good to him there, I haven't ever been treated that good at ANY other dr office before. The good news is that he will be getting good insurance through his work, I just have to hold out 90 days and pay out of pocket(which we don't have right now) but we will make do.
I DO NOT agree with people on here that say people deserve FREE healthcare, because SOMEONE pays for it, even if you don't. How is that fair to anyone?

Following up to FSA Accounts.. a Flexible spending account means your pre tax dollars go into an account to be used for your medical expenses. Healthcare no matter how you look at it, is not free.

I am totally against the Health Care Bill. It has already made it very hard on our family. We cannot afford the insurance and the companies we work for cannot afford to carry our ionsurance as they have before all of this from Obama. I am totally against it.

So apply for a subsidy. If insurance really is a financial burden, and you don't live in a state with a governor who cares more about playing politics than he does about his people, then you'll probably receive assistance.

I don't think subsidies are really as easy to get as they want you to believe. I'm well below the poverty level, and I couldn't get one.

What state do you live in, and how did you try to get a subsidy? Through your state's exchange? Did you apply for Medicaid? If you're truly below the poverty level, you almost certainly qualify for Medicaid.

I don't disclose where I live on this site, but I went through healthcare.gov. I don't remember what the specifics are of the last time I looked into Medicaid, but I just tried it again to refresh my memory, and the site is not behaving. I'll probably be able to qualify for Medicaid next year, because my income level has changed, but that doesn't really help much now. The point is, subsidies are clearly not automatic for anyone who is legitimately burdened by the cost of insurance under the ACA. When I took a look at the marketplace early in the year, even the Catastrophe Only coverage was way out of my reasonable price range. For people who can get subsidies, I guess this probably does end up being somewhat useful, but it isn't hardly a generalized solution. Look at all the stories here, that's quite a resounding consensus.

My daughter is working part time, has a child and is well below the poverty level and yet even with a subsidy they were going to have her pay $65 a month for Obamacare. She applied for medicaid and was denied after having her son and the year was up. They only allow you to have medicaid here if you are pregnant or disabled ect.. and you get medicaid for a year after giving birth but once the year was up she was cut off even though she is making minimum wage. She couldn't afford the Obamacare so didn't sign up to get it and said they can try to make her pay the fine if they can get the money out of her.
So I agree, for some people it's just not working.

Mary, it is sad that your daughter does not qualify for medicaid. I am not pregnant and am not working (besides on here) and I qualified. I wonder if your daughter should reapply and then if she gets denied have her appeal. I had applied through the Nevada health exchange.

Tutti, I read that people who live in a state where the governor has rejected Medicaid won't have to pay the punishing fines since it's not their fault the governor made a bad choice. You may want to check the rules for your specific state, but that may alleviate some of your concerns if it's true.

Ellen H, I don't *want* a subsidy, and I certainly don't want anything to do with Medicaid. I want, believe it or not, to pay for my own health care plan (basically taking care of myself so I stay healthy) and for any medical care I may need in addition to that. When we get the subsidies and insurance out, I may have a prayer of being able to afford things like glasses or blood pressure medication, both of which I'll probably need in another twenty years.
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