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I live in Tennessee and filled out my application for Obamacare. My husband is self employed which means out income is different each month. I have been informed we are low income so we qualify for TENNCare but our wonderful governor will not extend tenncare so we will not be getting any insurance. My family will be no better off with Obama care. I guess we will do what we have been doing for the last 10 years which is going to the health department for treatment and sickness.

Health care is very important for all of us. We all need protection and help in terms of financial assistance in these kinds of terms for our health assurance.

I think it's funny that most of the people who do not like "Obama Care" only hate it because he is the face of it. The Republican party attempted to do the same thing but they couldn't make it work and he could. I think everyone should be able to have health care even people who are homeless. We are one of the few countries who do not take care of it's people. If I could I would move to Sweden or Canada, go look at those countries compared to ours. It's sad how badly most American's are treated.

I hate it because I am not working and am not eligible for Medicaid (the state of Idaho will not extend benefits to everyone who needs it) and was told the only way to get medicaid is if I divorce my husband (which I refuse to do).

I can understand that. I am a stay at home mom of my fiance's son and my daughter and because him and I are not married he can not put me on his medical nor can he afford it or afford to pay for medical for me. I had to get medicaid, because there are meds that I need on a daily basis that have to be prescription.

I think the President should listen to the wish of the masses since the bill is passed primarily for the welfare of the people.

I am hearing more negative than positive comments about the healthcare law. I disagree with he judge that ruled it constitutional. I believe he got paid off by someone. I'm sorry this country is failing apart from corruption. Why is it mandatory to buy insurance but no one can make you go to a doctor if you get sick and you have the right to refuse treatment?

the health care bill is the prototype in the future it will be much better but there were tons of obstacles to get this version passed so the act is not perfect but its a big step to bring the united states in line with the rest of the first world in providing health care for its citizens.

People were really misled when they got insurance for some of these types. What good is it for them if there are no doctors who accept it?

I'm a 63 year old single woman. There are lots of procedures in this bill that I have to pay for and will never ever experience.

Joan, I don't understand what you mean. The Affordable Health Care Act is supposed to be about getting everyone insurance so all can have affordable health care and no longer letting insurance companies reject people or problems over "pre-existing conditions". The bill itself shouldn't have specific procedures or involve billing you. I think you're zsaying someone is billing you for procedures you haven't had which has to be wrong on any count and like nothing I've heard of. Can you elaborate?

I have made sure I'm insured under the law, and pay so much each month for coverage that I can't afford to go to the doctor and use my insurance!

as soon as i heard about this bill I was filled with joy my other insurance before this one I currently have was not much help this healthcare bill really puts things in perspective The only sad thing about it you have to sign up for this before the deadline

Obamacare SUCKS!! I am disabled and on Medicare. I am paying WAY MORE than I ever have for my healthcare. I am sick and on a fixed income. This is killin me!

im sorry you are having to deal with this mess. i am really hoping the next president will fix this mess. i personally do not have health insurance and cant afford it.

I hope the next president is NOT Hillary. She would not change this in any way. I am leaning toward Dr. Ben Carson as the one to back in 2016. We'll see.

I am not being fined, but, my costs have skyrocketed. Medicare is covering far less than in years past, since the "so called health care bill" has gone into affect.

i havent been fined yet but i was told that next year it is either going to be 200 per person or 2 percent of our yearly income, which ever is more...takes government stealing to a whole new level

Those who have the new policies still don't have anything that will help them. The fees that they pay doctors are so low that they aren't in these insurance groups. Also, the deductible for many is so high that they have to pay out thousands before they are covered by insurance.

The obama health care bill is a joke. The ones that have low income can not afford it and so they still have no health care. the rest of us had our insurance costs go up because of the helath care bill.

If my husband and I stay married I'm expected to pay 405 a month. That's one of my paychecks for two weeks. We're going to have to get a divorce and then it will still be 200 a month. There's no way that I'm going to be able to afford this. It's crazy, it will be better for me to file married filing separately then get divorced take a hit from the IRS until next year. By then I'll be able to get an exception to having to pay the fine for not getting it.

I do not think Obama had looked into this program carefully. I was lucky to get insurance through Medicaid and my husband get's 100 percent free medical insurance through the VA (provided we are low income and that I do not work outside the home). As much as I would love to work, I love my husband more and do not want to jeopardize his health. I have a few family members who think I am sponging off the government and am lazy because I do not work.
I am sorry that you and your husband have to pay a lot of money for Obama care.

Agree with you I no a lot of people who have been complaining on how much their insurance has raised since the this Obama health care act and others or complaining because it is to expensive for them to afford. I really wish he would rethink this one and re do it over again it is to many people that is not satisfied with.

That made me slightly amused but mostly sad to think about, if i see divorce rates have increased this year itll be because people are divorcing just to pay less on their insurance? what a disaster.

In my opinion you can tell if a law or bill is a bad deal for us "regular folks" if Congress passes it then exempts themselves from it. If a law is so great then shouldn't those who make the rules (Congress) also want it? HHmmmm...

I for one don't think Obama's really going to accomplish anything by this bill, just like very little of anything else he has done has done anything to give us the "change" that he promised when we first elected him.

I think this will be one of the highlights of his presidency. I wonder if his next president will continue in his footsteps.

I went and did my insurance enrollment the other night. I had applied during the summer and never heard anything back from them. It turns out that I qualified for medicaid and I've actually had it since September though there was a failure in communication.

Well that's a pretty pleasant surprise! usually the case is not knowing you lost coverage, still i'm sure you'd like to have been informed

I like that there is at least a way to evaluate the quality of your health insurance now.
Before people had to be able to understand the technical benefit statements, now there is a rating attached to the plan

I don't know much about this health care bill but if it is the one about chip i must admit i don't like that idea

How does it affect CHIP? I'm asking because I have no idea. It's too bad if it adversely affects it. You're talking about the health of children, whose only crime in life is being born into a family that doesn't have much money.

i thought Obama care was meant to be affordable and help those in need my friend has no money cant not get medicaid and on the Obama he would have to pay 350.00 a month just for him. if you don't have the insurance you get penalized makes you wonder what the government is profiting from this?

He must live in a state like mine, where the state government has refused to expand Medicaid. Under these conditions, he will not be penalized for not having insurance.

oh ok that is good to know thank you we live in Alabama when we were in Michigan he was able to have Medicaid but i am glad he will not be punished

That really stinks that your friend isn't able to qualify for medicaid. I went in the other day to check on my insurance for next year and I did qualify for medicaid, it thrilled me to death.

I enjoy & appreciate Obama Care because it helps me to get the health care that I need that I would not otherwise be able to get/afford
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