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I do not think that ObamaCare is working out too well for most people. I am hoping that things will change once our next president of the United States is voted into office.

it is not working because most people cannot continue making the premium payments after signing up. Another problem is people sign up and don't read the coverage and find out they have family deductibles of like $6000 they have to pay out of pocket before their insurance pays anything and probably 90% of the people in this country don't have $6000 for unexpected expenses.

I bought it and the number one reason it does not work is there is not a comprehensive network of doctors and hospitals who will take it. It's almost impossible to arrange care and be sure it is all covered.

I would love to see if anyone who uses Obama Care is actually pleased with it. I only know one person that it is working for. For everyone else it seems they are having a problem with it. Just would love to see a few people that it is actually working out for.

I found it wasn't real insurance, there are just so many problems from signing up to using it to filing taxes...I don't think it is what we need. Very depressing to think we cannot build a website or link government departments- and most depressing of all that our president sold us out to corporate health insurance.

I am not shocked they are not doing well money wise. Our government can not balance a budget or save a penny. Why would people think they could run our health care system in a fiscal way?

I'll be honest, I can't make sense of the health insurance figures. Approximately twelve million americans are purchasing 'obamacare' plans from the healthcare.gov markets; the rest who applied are getting Medicaid. It's hard to follow because none of the insurance companies are releasing exact figures but are we really supposed to believe that those twelve million americans are costing millions of dollars to the insurance companies?

Something doesn't add up.

No it doesn't add up. Many people who have insurance only go to the doctor when they are not feeling well. Of course there are people like me who have a chronic disease such as diabetes, but because mine is controlled I really don't need to spend a lot of health care, one of my medications is on the expensive side though. I go to the doctor three times a year to make sure my blood sugar levels are where they should be. The high cost of prescription drugs does not help anyone including the insurance companies. Not all of them are expensive but some of them are crazy. Then there are hospitals that rake up the prices on everything. That is what costs the insurance companies so much money. The government needs to be regulating costs on hospitals and immediate care centers. We would all be better off if they were not trying to profit so much.

Didn't hear it myself but a friend said in insurance companies were claiming there had to be some fraud because suddenly so many people seemed to have some serious problems, running tests, needing surgery , etc. right out of the gate. But they were told to consider that many people had been without insurance for so long, they had health issues but until they got the insurance, couldn't afford to deal with them. Then all of a sudden they all have in insurance and are making up for years of no healthcare, so it seemed like a flood all at once. Rae makes a good point in that costs need to be controlled somehow. Also, don't know if they can still do it, but the big medicine companies used to make just the smallest change in the formulation of a drug to keep it from being released as a generic and they could keep charging ridiculous prices.

That actually makes a lot of sense Nadine. There are so many people that were just not going to the doctor even though they probably had something serious going on just because they were afraid of the costs and didn't have adequate insurance. Then suddenly millions of people have insurance and of course they are all going to want to go and get treated, and because so many of them put off seeking treatment for so long their diseases or problems probably got worse. Now something that could have been caught early and got nipped in the bud is now a big problem requiring surgery. So it was like a big wave of people all at once. That is bound to hurt he insurance companies. Especially with the hospitals over inflating the cost on everything.

One of the ( many ) things which does not add up is people still can't on the whole afford to go to the doctor, either because their deductible is too high or the insurance is too difficult to use and be sure you won't get massive bills.

Even the 'free' check up you get once a year is a lie- the doctor won't do a wellness check up without running a load of blood tests. I asked for a price for that and was told it is not available!

It really is a mess. But I still don't get why we need insurance companies, if the government is paying for so much of the health care.

The insurance is so poor quality no one would buy it if it weren't subsidized- which indeed is what's happening.

Is it anti-capitalist @ Edward? To me charging the most you can get away with and making profit unhindered is exactly what capitalism is- and why it has no place in dealing with the sick or dying.

The sad thing for me personally is that even though my husband gets our insurance through his work and we pay a lot of money for it believe me we still have to pay a lot of money out of pocket before the insurance even kicks in. So even those of us on private health insurance are being affected by Obama Care because our rates have been raised to help cover it and every year since Obama care kicks in the amount we pay goes up and the amount we pay out of pocket goes up as well. Since we have a child with Tourettes Syndrome, I have diabetes, my husband has high blood pressure and my daughter has anxiety issues even with our insurance we end up paying 8 to 10 thousand dollars out of our own pockets. That is not counting what we pay for the insurance as well. We actually decided to set up a savings account last year just to pay the out of pocket expenses for the following year. We have $400 dollars a month transferred automatically in to a savings account from my husbands pay check. $400 a month is a lot of money out of one's paycheck, and again I am ot even counting the amount of money we pay for insurance itself which is also in the thousands. Tell me that is right.

Wow Rae, that's a lot of assumption that people on Obamacare are lazy a-- dead beats. Actually they have to work and earn a minimum wage to qualify for it!

I did not say that everyone on Obama Care is lazy or dead beats. I said there are people who can not work for what ever reason and others who can not get a better job due to their circumstances. I completely understand those people. It is the able bodied ones who play the system that bother me.

There's a minimum amount people have to earn to get 'obamacare', under that they are supposed to claim Medicaid. Except 15 states didn't make that possible- so those people are screwed. It's all a mess...

That in itself is wrong. They offer up insurance but then not everyone in every state can get it. Is that because those state governments are not allowing it?

Yes, the decisions were allowed to be made at state level and Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming chose not to. Some of these have since changed their policy and will opt in to get the federal money, but I haven't been following it closely in recent weeks.

For states with Medicaid expansion people earning under 133 % of the federal poverty level are enrolled onto Medicaid.

This probably provides better access to health care than the 'obamacare' plans, despite the wait times for specialists, but people should remember- Medicaid is basically a loan and state recovery may come looking for repayment later...

My dad is on Medicaid which I am grateful for. He is 78 and has diabetes and has had several small strokes. He just had an infection in his liver and another small stroke recently. Because of the infection in the liver he had to be on IV antibiotics for a couple of weeks, because his medical is handled by the government they sent him to a short term nursing care facility. It was sad and disgusting the smell there alone was just awful. Broke my heart my dad had to be there. Makes me wish that I was rich so I could pay for him to be someplace better. He is home now thank goodness. So while I am grateful that he can get medical if need be it is sad that the conditions that people on medicaid have to be in when they get sick are so horrifying. My dad worked his whole life and paid in to the system, he lost most of his money after he retired. So even though he paid in to the system for 60 years when he needs help those are the conditions he now gets. I know that my family is fortunate to have private health care even though it is costing us an arm and a leg, and I worry about what will happen when my husband retires and we don't have that any more. It is scary.

Rae, it is easy to mix up Medicare and Medicaid. Over age 65 is Medicare as primary insurance. If a Medicare recipient also meets low income guidelines they can qualify for Medicaid to meet the deductibles and copays and coinsurance required by Medicare.
For care beyond the few days allowed in hospital under Medicare Part A there is a 100 day skilled nursing facility benefit if skilled care is needed, but no coverage for intermediate or custodial care. Medicaid, if eligible for it, would pay for nursing facility care if medically necessary. Administration of IV antibiotics qualifies as needing skilled care on a daily basis so it would be covered by Medicare
I see some of my prior comments on this thread of this Topic are gone. Did naming a specific insurer violate a rule? Rhetorical question. I cannot think of anything I said that was offensive.

You are correct it is Medicare he is on, not Medicaid. One long post that I wrote last night got deleted as well. I don't think that I swore or was offensive either, so I don't know if they were deleted by someone or if there was some sort of glitch.

yes, it was a rant about people ripping off the benefit system which looked like you wrote it Rae!

Some words do come out as swear words even if not meant that way, I guess it's done by computer program?

That's OK. I just didn't want it to be perceived that I said that people who need government assistance are all lazy deadbeats because I did not say that. I know there are people who truly need assistance and as I said I don't mind paying a little extra in taxes or whatever to help them, but I also know there are a lot of people who work the system. I personally know some.

Obamacare is a mess because one has to make a minimum amount of money in order to qualify. Sadly, my husband does not make enough for us to qualify and I live in Idaho where our governor will not extend medicaid to adults (there are 7800 people who are in the same boat and I am one of them). My husband gets insurance through the Veteran's Administration, but I am not eligible for it. I need to get health insurance because I have been suffering from depression and cannot get checked out.

I am sorry to here that Darlene. I am sure that is very hard. Have you looked in to private insurance? When my husband was out of work we were looking in to that for us. It was extremely expensive for me because I have diabetes and a lot of those private insurances do not want to touch anyone with diabetes. As long as you don't have any chronic diseases you might be able to find some that is not too expensive. Another option you might want to look in to are community colleges. The community college in our community allows students even if you are only taking one class to see a therapist once a week for free. It might be worth it for you to take one class and that way you can see a therapist. Of course they can not dispense medication but at least you can talk to someone. I don't know if all Community Colleges do it but it is worth looking in to.

I will have to look into the Community College. As for health care my husband and I are really struggling financially and do not have any extra money. We are lucky if we have 5.00 left by the end of the month we are rich. Most of our money goes towards bills.

Do you have any free clinics in your area? We don't really have any around here but I know there are other places that have them. I hear you have to wait forever but at least you can get some health care. I also find Walgreens Take Care clinics to be reasonably priced for miner things like the flu. A lot cheaper than going to immediate care.

sadly I live in a rural area and we do not have any free clinics. I miss living in Las Vegas because I had medicaid.

I live in Tennessee and filled out my application for Obamacare. My husband is self employed which means out income is different each month. I have been informed we are low income so we qualify for TENNCare but our wonderful governor will not extend tenncare so we will not be getting any insurance. My family will be no better off with Obama care. I guess we will do what we have been doing for the last 10 years which is going to the health department for treatment and sickness.

Did you try getting back with them, to let them know your plan was no longer available? Then they are supposed to help find you a replacement. It hasn't been around that long and if the companies that drop you don't notify the Marketplace, they assume you still have some kind of coverage if nobody tells them different. I'm afraid a lot of people tried it, it was too expensive, confusing, etc. dropped it and never said anything, so the Marketplace assumes all is well. And bear in mind, you get more flies with honey than vinegar. Hard to do at times but it really does help.

Health care is very important for all of us. We all need protection and help in terms of financial assistance in these kinds of terms for our health assurance.

I think it's funny that most of the people who do not like "Obama Care" only hate it because he is the face of it. The Republican party attempted to do the same thing but they couldn't make it work and he could. I think everyone should be able to have health care even people who are homeless. We are one of the few countries who do not take care of it's people. If I could I would move to Sweden or Canada, go look at those countries compared to ours. It's sad how badly most American's are treated.

I hate it because I am not working and am not eligible for Medicaid (the state of Idaho will not extend benefits to everyone who needs it) and was told the only way to get medicaid is if I divorce my husband (which I refuse to do).

I can understand that. I am a stay at home mom of my fiance's son and my daughter and because him and I are not married he can not put me on his medical nor can he afford it or afford to pay for medical for me. I had to get medicaid, because there are meds that I need on a daily basis that have to be prescription.

I think people who have to buy it because it's all that is available to them hate it because it's crappy insurance, and the only people who keep praising it are on medicare or meidcaid!

Well it is not really called Obama Care it is actually called Affordable Health care. I don't dislike it because it is nicknamed Obama care I hate it because it is costing the average working person a lot of money to pay for it. Since the bill was passed my husbands health insurance has gone up $1000 per year. The amount we have to pay out of pocket every year has gone up too. My husband pays out the A-hole for our families insurance yet our insurance won't pay for a thing not a percentage not anything until we have paid $4000 out of pocket. Then it is 80/20 until we reach $8000 so we pay a ton for health insurance every year and because 4 out of 5 of us have health conditions that require health maintenance we are paying $8000 a year for health on top of the $5000 a year we pay to have that health insurance. So for those who work hard and earn a livable wage it is costing us so much more just to have health care. Obama care may be fine for those who have no or low income but hard working people are getting raked over the coals to pay for it, and that is to me why it sucks. Plus i have heard nothing good from people I know who have it about their quality of health care.

Well it's actually called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or PPACA if that is important to you...

I have bought it for two years and it covers virtually nothing, almost no doctors or hospitals will accept it as insurance, I guess it is a catastrophic policy?

It has been an absolute disaster for the United States, I am very disappointed in the president and he really let America down.

In the UK they have National Health and when you are 18 and have a job, you simply sign up for it. Of course there is a small tax in your paycheck but when u go to the hospital there is never a bill to worry about and everything is covered.

I have heard and I don't know if this is true or not that although health care is covered in a lot of other countries out side of the US that the care is not as good, I hear you have to wait for a long time to see doctors and the doctors are not all that great. Correct me if I am wrong. I would love to hear what is true and what is not true from someone who actually lives in a country with free health care, although technically not free since you pay for it in taxes.

how could it be any worse than here- we get no choice, have to wait to see specialists, have no idea what the bills will be and WHO says we are bottom of the developed world in terms of quality and outcome of care.

Call the Marketplace and tell them your issues. If your plan is wrong for you they are supposed to direct you to another one, or at least know there's problems with a particular company and if they get too many complaints on a particular company maybe they will drop them. The idea behind it was so that everyone could have healthcare. Much seems to fall on what company you are with. I don't hear any complaints about Blue Cross. And it did create one major problem for folks with Medicare/Medicaid. Since private insurance pays better, fewer doctors are accepting Medicare/Medicaid.
And forget rehab if you're poor, they are booked with privately insured addicts.
This was no small endeavor, and needs all kinds of work. No one seems to remember that Obama all but begged Congress to sit down with him to work on it, put their heads together to try and figure out what would help the largest number of people. Did they? Guess, just guess.

I have Blue Cross. And they just announced they will be raising premiums 60 % in 2017. The set up simply doesn't work, needs to be scrapped and medicare for all- no more insurance companies.

Tracy, I hope you are not including me as someone on Medicare or Medicaid who thinks Obamacare is great. I do not think it is great. Where you are wrong is where the problem lies. The problem lies in the medical providers.
Do you know how Medicare works? Do you know Medicare pays much lower rates of reimbursement to providers because they are the government? Not all providers accept Medicare patients because of that. Mayo Clinic in AZ is one well known one. You must be a cash patient there if age 65 or over.
Medicare for all means providers must accept much lower reimbursement levels for all care. What's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing because I believe providers rip off the public. But try and get the bought and paid for gov't make them accept lower level of payments. Also some providers may just go out business.
Insurance companies are not the gov't. They cannot tell providers what to charge. The ins co's can only pay based on what the insured's are charged. True, they can negotiate discounts with providers but hospitals and doctors will knock them out of network or not accept them at all if the discount is more than the providers want to give.
If providers were subject to consumer protection laws already on the books, charges would be paid at Medicare level and insurance companies premiums would be lower, too.
Gov't run health care without lowering provider charges is no cheaper than private companies.
Also Medicare trust fund is predicted to run out of money soon and Medicare provides health care for just some of the people, why will Medicare for all be any more solvent?

Take the insurance companies out of the picture- they are entirely unnecessary given so much of the health care is now negotiated and paid for by government agencies now. Other countries can provide health care to all their people, but they don't use health insurance companies to do so.

The health insurance companies are superfluous in my opinion and simply confuse health care provision and take money for profit which would be better spent on patients.

Medicare works, well it works better than anything else providing health care in America right now- which is why I say expand for all.

Whatever we do will take a tremendous amount of fixing now, because, to quote someone else ( I forget who ) to fix it too many people would have to give up too much profit.

But the whole idea of making profit from the sick and dying is pretty abhorrant to anyone outside America, so maybe we need to think on that for a bit....

Tracy, we do not disagree on the problem, only the source of the problem. Take out the insurance companies and costs will not come down unless the providers have to lower what they charge. I want the providers to be subject to the same laws as every other business in this country - anti monopoly laws.
On another subject, other countries make no profit on health care? Do doctors work for nothing? Are MRI machines free to hospitals in other countries or does GE make a profit selling them? The health providers have to charge more than the cost of services or they close their doors. Profit is what makes anything possible, remove it like Venezuela did and the economy disintegrates. There are daily food riots there now with gunfire on both sides.
I have no objection to Medicare for all. But you won't get it, not because of insurance companies, but because the health providers will never accept Medicare level of reimbursements. When I had Anthem Blue Cross major medical before Medicare eligibility, at ages 63 and 64 I paid $900 a month for a major medical with a $10,000 deductible, the only way I could keep the premium under $1000 a month. I had a $5000 deductible before that. A regular blood panel lab test for a physical was billed at $880, medicare now allows $175. You think there is a reason why so much money goes to congressional campaigns from medical providers?
I now you are fixated on the evils of capitalism and nothing can persuade you otherwise, so I will stop replying to save us both time. Good luck

Doctors do not work for nothing in any society, in fact they are usually amongst the wealthiest people whatever the political system.

I am fixated on nothing- if capitalism was successful in providing the best health care for all I would support a for-profit system.

It does not and is not- and I don't.

There is so much to address here and you all make really good points. I remember a time when the whole medical system used to work fairly well. There was a time when we paid taxes for those who were disabled and for legitimate low income families to have health care. Unfortunately these days there are a lot of people who just don't work and have learned to take advantage of the government system, and every hard working individual who pays in to it.

Also the cost of health care in many ways is just so much crazier than it used to be. That is a huge problem. It is not so much the individual doctors as most of their rates are at least somewhat reasonable but when you look at the cost of immediate care, emergency care, and hospital care the price on everything is completely inflated and should be illegal in my opinion. I went to an immediate care a couple of months ago. I waited in the waiting room for 1 hour and 15 minutes, then waited again in the private room after the nurse took my vitals for another 50 minutes. Then the doctor comes in talks to me for 5 minutes, takes a look me for maybe 5 minutes and wrote me a prescription. I almost fainted when I got the bill for that $348.00 to see a doctor for 10 minutes. There is something seriously wrong with that. Since my insurance doesn't pay a think until our family has paid $4000 out of pocket, we were responsible for all of that.

Another example, I spent the night in the hospital a few months back and they charged $2000 for the bed the that I laid in for 12 hours. Now that bed actually cost nothing for me to lay in it, it was already there and was probably paid off years ago. The only cost to the hospital for me laying in that bed was the washing of the linens which combined with other linens in the same wash cost them less than a dollar. To me that is a crime, robbery pure and simple.

There was a time when most working people had employee provided health insurance, some paid a nominal fee, and some were completely paid for by the employees companies. There was maybe a $200 deductible, and a $20 co-pay. Those were the days.

About 20 years ago our son woke us in the middle of the night with a belly ache. I was reasonably sure it was gas, but his father insisted on the ER. I resisted, trying a few standard remedies. No luck, so off we go on a cold winter's night. While waiting for the Dr. he was sitting on my laugh and let a big one seconds before the Dr. came in to find everyone laughing. Even though there was nothing to be done then but poke him a few times for good measure it still cost $100. I begrudgingly called it the $100 fart for years. That same toot would now cost $1000.00 !!!

You are probably right about that. There have been times when we wanted to go to the immediate care but waited until the next day to see the regular doctor because immediate care costs so much. So sadly people will put off treatment when they should be getting it right away and that is not right.

I think the President should listen to the wish of the masses since the bill is passed primarily for the welfare of the people.

I am hearing more negative than positive comments about the healthcare law. I disagree with he judge that ruled it constitutional. I believe he got paid off by someone. I'm sorry this country is failing apart from corruption. Why is it mandatory to buy insurance but no one can make you go to a doctor if you get sick and you have the right to refuse treatment?

the health care bill is the prototype in the future it will be much better but there were tons of obstacles to get this version passed so the act is not perfect but its a big step to bring the united states in line with the rest of the first world in providing health care for its citizens.

People were really misled when they got insurance for some of these types. What good is it for them if there are no doctors who accept it?

I'm a 63 year old single woman. There are lots of procedures in this bill that I have to pay for and will never ever experience.

Joan, I don't understand what you mean. The Affordable Health Care Act is supposed to be about getting everyone insurance so all can have affordable health care and no longer letting insurance companies reject people or problems over "pre-existing conditions". The bill itself shouldn't have specific procedures or involve billing you. I think you're zsaying someone is billing you for procedures you haven't had which has to be wrong on any count and like nothing I've heard of. Can you elaborate?

Getting insurance has nothing whatsoever to do with accessing actual health care, let alone quality health care and the choices we were promised.

Yes, I try not to be jaded I really do, but America needs to hold on to some decent ideals some time soon...the politicians are all for sale or lack the backbone to speak out.

I think that's why I like Bernie Sanders, when up against the likes of Trump and Clinton- say what you will he isn't for sale and he doesn't flip flop for popularity...

Obama promised a tremendous amount which is why he was voted for as president ( I don't believe for a minute his skin color was why ) But he could have resigned as president if things were so corrupt. He didn't have to go along with it all.

I have made sure I'm insured under the law, and pay so much each month for coverage that I can't afford to go to the doctor and use my insurance!

as soon as i heard about this bill I was filled with joy my other insurance before this one I currently have was not much help this healthcare bill really puts things in perspective The only sad thing about it you have to sign up for this before the deadline

Obamacare SUCKS!! I am disabled and on Medicare. I am paying WAY MORE than I ever have for my healthcare. I am sick and on a fixed income. This is killin me!

im sorry you are having to deal with this mess. i am really hoping the next president will fix this mess. i personally do not have health insurance and cant afford it.

I hope the next president is NOT Hillary. She would not change this in any way. I am leaning toward Dr. Ben Carson as the one to back in 2016. We'll see.

I am not being fined, but, my costs have skyrocketed. Medicare is covering far less than in years past, since the "so called health care bill" has gone into affect.

i havent been fined yet but i was told that next year it is either going to be 200 per person or 2 percent of our yearly income, which ever is more...takes government stealing to a whole new level

Those who have the new policies still don't have anything that will help them. The fees that they pay doctors are so low that they aren't in these insurance groups. Also, the deductible for many is so high that they have to pay out thousands before they are covered by insurance.

The obama health care bill is a joke. The ones that have low income can not afford it and so they still have no health care. the rest of us had our insurance costs go up because of the helath care bill.

If my husband and I stay married I'm expected to pay 405 a month. That's one of my paychecks for two weeks. We're going to have to get a divorce and then it will still be 200 a month. There's no way that I'm going to be able to afford this. It's crazy, it will be better for me to file married filing separately then get divorced take a hit from the IRS until next year. By then I'll be able to get an exception to having to pay the fine for not getting it.

I do not think Obama had looked into this program carefully. I was lucky to get insurance through Medicaid and my husband get's 100 percent free medical insurance through the VA (provided we are low income and that I do not work outside the home). As much as I would love to work, I love my husband more and do not want to jeopardize his health. I have a few family members who think I am sponging off the government and am lazy because I do not work.
I am sorry that you and your husband have to pay a lot of money for Obama care.

Agree with you I no a lot of people who have been complaining on how much their insurance has raised since the this Obama health care act and others or complaining because it is to expensive for them to afford. I really wish he would rethink this one and re do it over again it is to many people that is not satisfied with.

That made me slightly amused but mostly sad to think about, if i see divorce rates have increased this year itll be because people are divorcing just to pay less on their insurance? what a disaster.

In my opinion you can tell if a law or bill is a bad deal for us "regular folks" if Congress passes it then exempts themselves from it. If a law is so great then shouldn't those who make the rules (Congress) also want it? HHmmmm...

@Joan and so it was supposed to be- so wonderful that it would be for all the government employees too. Didn't take them long to figure it out...

I for one don't think Obama's really going to accomplish anything by this bill, just like very little of anything else he has done has done anything to give us the "change" that he promised when we first elected him.

I think this will be one of the highlights of his presidency. I wonder if his next president will continue in his footsteps.

I went and did my insurance enrollment the other night. I had applied during the summer and never heard anything back from them. It turns out that I qualified for medicaid and I've actually had it since September though there was a failure in communication.

Well that's a pretty pleasant surprise! usually the case is not knowing you lost coverage, still i'm sure you'd like to have been informed

I like that there is at least a way to evaluate the quality of your health insurance now.
Before people had to be able to understand the technical benefit statements, now there is a rating attached to the plan

I don't know much about this health care bill but if it is the one about chip i must admit i don't like that idea

How does it affect CHIP? I'm asking because I have no idea. It's too bad if it adversely affects it. You're talking about the health of children, whose only crime in life is being born into a family that doesn't have much money.
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