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Those who have the new policies still don't have anything that will help them. The fees that they pay doctors are so low that they aren't in these insurance groups. Also, the deductible for many is so high that they have to pay out thousands before they are covered by insurance.

The obama health care bill is a joke. The ones that have low income can not afford it and so they still have no health care. the rest of us had our insurance costs go up because of the helath care bill.

If my husband and I stay married I'm expected to pay 405 a month. That's one of my paychecks for two weeks. We're going to have to get a divorce and then it will still be 200 a month. There's no way that I'm going to be able to afford this. It's crazy, it will be better for me to file married filing separately then get divorced take a hit from the IRS until next year. By then I'll be able to get an exception to having to pay the fine for not getting it.

I do not think Obama had looked into this program carefully. I was lucky to get insurance through Medicaid and my husband get's 100 percent free medical insurance through the VA (provided we are low income and that I do not work outside the home). As much as I would love to work, I love my husband more and do not want to jeopardize his health. I have a few family members who think I am sponging off the government and am lazy because I do not work.
I am sorry that you and your husband have to pay a lot of money for Obama care.

Agree with you I no a lot of people who have been complaining on how much their insurance has raised since the this Obama health care act and others or complaining because it is to expensive for them to afford. I really wish he would rethink this one and re do it over again it is to many people that is not satisfied with.

That made me slightly amused but mostly sad to think about, if i see divorce rates have increased this year itll be because people are divorcing just to pay less on their insurance? what a disaster.

this obama med care wasnt never thought out or planned from day 1. their so call plan to hit people hard during tax time if they marked no med care insurance fully knowing some people cant afford due lack of job , or these small min wage job do not offer to employees (jobs that pay less then $7. or less per hr fulltime or part time, newly divorcing people not havin insuran just plain bad from the start grr

I for one don't think Obama's really going to accomplish anything by this bill, just like very little of anything else he has done has done anything to give us the "change" that he promised when we first elected him.

I think this will be one of the highlights of his presidency. I wonder if his next president will continue in his footsteps.

I went and did my insurance enrollment the other night. I had applied during the summer and never heard anything back from them. It turns out that I qualified for medicaid and I've actually had it since September though there was a failure in communication.

Well that's a pretty pleasant surprise! usually the case is not knowing you lost coverage, still i'm sure you'd like to have been informed

I like that there is at least a way to evaluate the quality of your health insurance now.
Before people had to be able to understand the technical benefit statements, now there is a rating attached to the plan

I don't know much about this health care bill but if it is the one about chip i must admit i don't like that idea

How does it affect CHIP? I'm asking because I have no idea. It's too bad if it adversely affects it. You're talking about the health of children, whose only crime in life is being born into a family that doesn't have much money.

i thought Obama care was meant to be affordable and help those in need my friend has no money cant not get medicaid and on the Obama he would have to pay 350.00 a month just for him. if you don't have the insurance you get penalized makes you wonder what the government is profiting from this?

He must live in a state like mine, where the state government has refused to expand Medicaid. Under these conditions, he will not be penalized for not having insurance.

oh ok that is good to know thank you we live in Alabama when we were in Michigan he was able to have Medicaid but i am glad he will not be punished

That really stinks that your friend isn't able to qualify for medicaid. I went in the other day to check on my insurance for next year and I did qualify for medicaid, it thrilled me to death.

I enjoy & appreciate Obama Care because it helps me to get the health care that I need that I would not otherwise be able to get/afford

Obama health care is nothing but a big joke. If you have no money you have no health care. which is still not helping anyone get health care is it.

I don't like ObamaCare either. It has nothing to do with healthcare. It only has to do with insurance. The insurance companies are still free to refuse any care they want and they are allowed to charge you whatever they want - just like before. The only difference is that now you are forced to pay them for this nothingness.

But, for some people, it has really helped. There are people that can afford insurance but were denied coverage in the past due to pre-existing conditions. Many people died because of this. It's one thing to be able to afford insurance; it's a totally different thing to be able to afford health care without it.

Even dental care now is becoming absurdly expensive. I have a friend who needed (wanted) implants. It was cheaper for her to fly to Europe, have the implants done there and spend a month recuperating there, than it would have been for her to have it done here. She went to Europe. LOL

Those who can afford the new health insurance, but barely, still do not have access to healthcare as the deductible is so high, they cannot afford to get the care they need.

I'm really enjoying reading everyones opinions on here because I'm Canadian and while I hear a lot about obama and obama care on the news, I don't really get to hear peoples first hand experiences with it

I think that is totally rad! I wouldn't mind shaking Mr Handsome Obama's hand! He is so super handsome too!

None of the urgent cares in our area accept Obama Care, it is posted on all the doors. I never hear good things about this mess.

I think the signs are just for show. It makes no sense; unless they have stopped taking any insurance. You have no card that says you have 'obamacare.' You have a card from your insurance company. Same company, same card no matter where you purchased your insurance.

I have medical care thanks to the Affordable Care Act, and now I don't have to worry about not being on birth control (which I need for reasons other than contraception).

I live in mississippi, and apparently, we are one of the few states that doesn't have obama care, I guess our state doesn't have to enforce it. So sadly, i can't get any kind of insurance. *cries* lol i'm just glad it's working in other places!

Government is still controlled by men. And you're right Priscilla, changing the name would work magic. Birth control - bad - even if used for reasons other than birth control. Female hormone supplement - good - as it protects the health of a woman. **** - good - because, well, because our government is still controlled by old men who understand the need for that. LOL

I am not from the U.S. but I find it sad that a nation should be so divided on an issue as important as health care. I hope the U.S. and the citizens therein will soon be able to settle this issue and move on.

Obamacare has nothing to do with health care really. They say that, but it's not true. It's all about buying health insurance. The insurance industry wants to protect their profits. With a large portion of the population aging (nearing retirement, but not quite there); they see higher health care costs coming and profits sinking. They wanted to force all people to buy the insurance so their profits can remain high. Healthy people buying health insurance is pure profit for the insurance companies. Of course, they are still allowed to deny covering any treatment they want and they can charge anything they want and they can set the deductible pretty much as high as they want; but you still have to buy it. This is what most Americans are fighting about.

Now, there are some people who really benefit from this. There are people who have enough money to buy insurance, but insurance companies denied it to them because of existing conditions (too high risk). Now, insurance companies can no longer do that. These people now have health insurance that they will use. It is a definite win for them.

Tsk, tsk. Had anyone OTHER than PRESIDENT Obama passed this law (which by the way, isn't the way he would have intended it to be passed- as it was ALTERED by who else, the REPUKS, before it was allowed- but of course, NOBODY wants to REMEMEBER THAT!) it wouldn't be a problem. Which by the way, IF it had been passed without all the 'alterations', it might NOT be a problem. TSK. TSK. When will people own up to the REAL problem they have.... oh, and once again, no use trying to dispute it with me- I'M NOT THE LEAST BIT INTERESTED- you have to live with yourselves, I DON'T. Oh, and as well GOD ALREADY KNOWS YOUR TRUTHS!

tsk tsk.....time for corporate prayer- we are one of the most hated countries in the world, and yet here we 'write'- bickering and hating on one another. SMH.

Wow I hate to be the one to tell you but you are so terribly misinformed. You are not alone though. There was an Obama supporter who really truly believed Obama would pay her rent and take care of her..it didn't happen..did it?
Obama supporters have been fooled a lot and it's a shame.

I am not against this because Obama passed it, you have got to be kidding me. I am against this because its going to turn our healthcare system into a joke but I guess there is no use with this comment since you stated you won't listen anyway. I'll collect my cent and be on my way.

L.H. How is it going to turn our healthcare system into a joke? It's already pretty much of a joke in the rest of the world. We have one of the worst healthcare systems in the developed world. Look at the stats. I'm not sure how ObamaCare is going to make it any worse. PS: I am totally against ObamaCare, but not for that reason.

Torrey Holman I'm sorry but You can't blame this mess on republicans. Back when this mess was passed Nancy Pelosi a Democrate was the senate house speaker.
.She put the bill up and said you have to pass it in order to find out what is in it. Here you can hear her ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV7dDSgbaQ0

The idea of every one being able to have afordable health care is a wonderful idea - but that is what it is an idea. They have not figured out how to work it or how to pay for it. I have insurance through my job and it is still not affordable. Boo No good Obama

Kris you are so right! Republicans had brought Health Care reform to the table, but Obama himself said they were not good enough. It turned into a huge joke. Talk about wanting to have his legacy!! No one knew what was even in the law. That's how pathetic it was. Then they tried to blame the Republicans by saying they model it after one of their old bills. That proved to be wrong. Then they tried to blame Romney and said they model it after his law. That turned out to be bogus. This so called considerate, helpful for all at only 3% of your income, and you can keep your doctor all turned out to be a lie. And some people (thank god not many), still defend the mess. What a joke! LOL!!

i hate oboma care thanks to it i have to pay a3500 deductable before my kids insurance will cover anything!!!

Wow that is a lot. I still can't figure out if more benefit or are more hurt by Obamacare..I do know it was passed in haste and believe while it won't be repealed it needs to be revised.

This Obama Health Care Bill needs a lot of adjustments. I am so thankful that I do not have to rely on it. My nephew pay a high premium I feel so sad because he rarely ever gets sick he is a college student and trying to be independent on his own. To me this health care act is a joke.(

Did you hear Obama's recent campaign speech? He was talking about how well the ACA is working for our country and how many millions of Americans are now receiving health care. When will he stop lying?

Well he's not lying. People who, before, couldn't afford health insurance, now have it. My mother for example can now see a doctor, go to a dentist, or get her thyroid medication all for two dollars. and without her thyroid meds she would die. So yeah, THANKS OBAMA. :)

I am also among those who can receive healthcare and would not otherwise be able to afford it. Because I am profoundly ill, all of my visits to a doctor are covered, even transportation. I am afraid of what my life would be like if I were not able to treat my illness...
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