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I honestly dont know a thing about obama care, all i keep hearing is how its not working like he said it will, and that here is some sort of a conspiracy about which is to get people microchipped. Im just glad to live in Canada where healthcare is free.

I enjoy & appreciate Obama Care because it helps me to get the health care that I need that I would not otherwise be able to get/afford

Obama health care is nothing but a big joke. If you have no money you have no health care. which is still not helping anyone get health care is it.

I think that is totally rad! I wouldn't mind shaking Mr Handsome Obama's hand! He is so super handsome too!

None of the urgent cares in our area accept Obama Care, it is posted on all the doors. I never hear good things about this mess.

I have medical care thanks to the Affordable Care Act, and now I don't have to worry about not being on birth control (which I need for reasons other than contraception).

I live in mississippi, and apparently, we are one of the few states that doesn't have obama care, I guess our state doesn't have to enforce it. So sadly, i can't get any kind of insurance. *cries* lol i'm just glad it's working in other places!

I am not from the U.S. but I find it sad that a nation should be so divided on an issue as important as health care. I hope the U.S. and the citizens therein will soon be able to settle this issue and move on.

Tsk, tsk. Had anyone OTHER than PRESIDENT Obama passed this law (which by the way, isn't the way he would have intended it to be passed- as it was ALTERED by who else, the REPUKS, before it was allowed- but of course, NOBODY wants to REMEMEBER THAT!) it wouldn't be a problem. Which by the way, IF it had been passed without all the 'alterations', it might NOT be a problem. TSK. TSK. When will people own up to the REAL problem they have.... oh, and once again, no use trying to dispute it with me- I'M NOT THE LEAST BIT INTERESTED- you have to live with yourselves, I DON'T. Oh, and as well GOD ALREADY KNOWS YOUR TRUTHS!

tsk tsk.....time for corporate prayer- we are one of the most hated countries in the world, and yet here we 'write'- bickering and hating on one another. SMH.

Wow I hate to be the one to tell you but you are so terribly misinformed. You are not alone though. There was an Obama supporter who really truly believed Obama would pay her rent and take care of her..it didn't happen..did it?
Obama supporters have been fooled a lot and it's a shame.

I am not against this because Obama passed it, you have got to be kidding me. I am against this because its going to turn our healthcare system into a joke but I guess there is no use with this comment since you stated you won't listen anyway. I'll collect my cent and be on my way.

The idea of every one being able to have afordable health care is a wonderful idea - but that is what it is an idea. They have not figured out how to work it or how to pay for it. I have insurance through my job and it is still not affordable. Boo No good Obama

So Beth how would you deal with the problem of health care for everyone besides booing the one person who tried to come up with a solution?

He didn't try to come up with a solution. He shoved it down everyone's throat and lied about it! "If you like your health plan you can keep your health plan. Period." LIES! All of my daughters and my son now pay more than twice for their insurance for less than half the coverage. And what does my son need contraception coverage for??

Kris, I don't see the republicans coming up with any solution, what will happen if you just get rid of it without something to take its place. I am saying that the republicans did not come up with anything or make any positive suggestions. This is the problem, the republicans keep putting it down but do not offer anything differerent.

Kris you are so right! Republicans had brought Health Care reform to the table, but Obama himself said they were not good enough. It turned into a huge joke. Talk about wanting to have his legacy!! No one knew what was even in the law. That's how pathetic it was. Then they tried to blame the Republicans by saying they model it after one of their old bills. That proved to be wrong. Then they tried to blame Romney and said they model it after his law. That turned out to be bogus. This so called considerate, helpful for all at only 3% of your income, and you can keep your doctor all turned out to be a lie. And some people (thank god not many), still defend the mess. What a joke! LOL!!

Janet, the republicans DID propose a plan which was vetoed. It's unconscionable to even consider pushing a plan through, refusing all other ideas, before the plan was even discussed in a bipartisan manner. The plan is lied about to boost it up, then to make it mandatory is despicable.

i hate oboma care thanks to it i have to pay a3500 deductable before my kids insurance will cover anything!!!

Wow that is a lot. I still can't figure out if more benefit or are more hurt by Obamacare..I do know it was passed in haste and believe while it won't be repealed it needs to be revised.

Last week Norb Leahy reported on how Obamacare was *meant* to expedite the demise of people over 70. On Election Day Charlotte Kuchinsky testified that she could no longer get insurance coverage for some things recommended for her...at 65. Right, so now we have the Republican Senate that *should* be able to replace Obamacare...with something less despicable than Romneycare, one hopes. How many are sending your new U.S. Senators the link to this page?

Priscilla I had not heard of "the demise of people over 70". Anyone who worked and paid into Social Security gets Medicare at a very low cost. Plus, the supplemental policies out there are great! Most citizens get Medicare unless they never worked a day in their lives, and never paid into social security. But that is far and few. Medicaid in my state has been a huge help to the elderly who are poor and worked jobs under the table and never paid into SS. Most states do this. The "demise" sounds more like political propaganda than a true fact.

Priscilla, do not be fooled Medicare is not as cheap as some would lead you to believe, Part A is free if you worked and pay into it, Other than that you pay for Part B,C, and D. All in all I know someone who is a retiree paying close to $300 a month. This is pretty high when you are on a retirement income.

This Obama Health Care Bill needs a lot of adjustments. I am so thankful that I do not have to rely on it. My nephew pay a high premium I feel so sad because he rarely ever gets sick he is a college student and trying to be independent on his own. To me this health care act is a joke.(

Are you kidding? It is not working and I pay a sky high premium for my insuranse I am disabled and it is ridicuous Mr Obama come hang with me a day and I will show you how its not working

Just curious, but Mary Lou if you are disabled why aren't you getting Medicare? This would seem to be your solution. Maybe there is a solution out there you are not aware of.

Did you hear Obama's recent campaign speech? He was talking about how well the ACA is working for our country and how many millions of Americans are now receiving health care. When will he stop lying?

Well he's not lying. People who, before, couldn't afford health insurance, now have it. My mother for example can now see a doctor, go to a dentist, or get her thyroid medication all for two dollars. and without her thyroid meds she would die. So yeah, THANKS OBAMA. :)

Thank you Trista the republicans just don't want to look at the numbers of people who are getting help from it, I am glad your mother is getting to see a doctor now. What I think it is with the republicans is that they were getting health care much cheaper than they perhaps should have been getting it, but now because many of them are making so much they are paying more and they are jealous of those who are now able to afford it.

I am also among those who can receive healthcare and would not otherwise be able to afford it. Because I am profoundly ill, all of my visits to a doctor are covered, even transportation. I am afraid of what my life would be like if I were not able to treat my illness...

Barack Obama is American president and world most Powerful person. No other people in the whole world did not about him, everyone knows him. and making decision any thing he did in the very past , or will be in future good. may god bless him

...With a long and happy life, in some field of work totally separate from politics. (That calm, tactful manner might make him a *great* teacher...of anything but math!)

I agree that this country has been (and still is) in a huge need of a reformed health care. What really anger's me is all those that could afford health insurance can no longer. Millions have lost their policies and can no longer seek medical treatment. Many will have their hours cut on top of losing their policies. But, somehow we should be happy. Really??? Something is very wrong here.

I try to stay out of it. All I know is that thanks to Obamacare I have health insurance after being chronically ill for over a year without any insurance and without any medical care.

I am happy to hear that. I would like to know more cases that benefited since mostly all I have heard is the cost has driven some into a frightening scenarios.

I spoke with my DR about this a couple months back. Many doctors are upset with Obama care. Socialized medicine benefits no one except the Government.

supposed to be so great.....for just me, it would be over $300 per month....I don't work...I have to take care of my disabled husband. He only gets $860 per month.....so how do we pay bills and have food ? Income is too high for welfare help.......they say that if income is over $425 per month for family of 2 you don't qualify and need to buy health insurance. I rarely go to Dr....so it's cheaper for me without the insurance premium.

Sounds like both of you need a decent ethical doctor who can afford to bill you on a sliding scale. Have you read any of Ben Carson's recent books? Do you think he's trying to lead us in the right direction?

No I don't he wants death squads which to me is highly unethical, Who does he think he is to have humans decide who is to worthy to live and who is not?

Ben Carson? ??? Where did he say *that*? I've seen citations of certain people involved in P.P.C.A. having called for, more precisely, prioritizing care for the young and limiting support for treatment for the old...but, Ben Carson?

He states that there is not enough money to decide who will get the technology to keep all people alive so we will have to have a committee to decide who we can give it do and who we can't. So , who do you think is going to get this? The rich no doubt, you can't have committees who will get the care and then let the rest die, He has changed partiies three times and he will not make a good president. He has no experience in doing this either.

Obamacare is a JOKE and going to wreck this country if it isn't repealed!! Don't believe me? Just wait and see!

I understand where you're coming from. I personally am just thankful for it at this point because it has benefited me so much in such a short period of time.

Dana, I am grateful it has helped you. Unfortunately, it helps a few and hurts the many. I surely hope you have heart and care for the others that will now hurt bad over this. And it is growing in the millions. It's lopsided. My health insurance just sent me a letter the other day. It wasn't good. We will not benefit from Obama care. It will cost us more than we can afford. We do not know what to do. Many physicians are also up set. Like many hundreds of thousands of others who lost their insurance, my family may be joining the uninsured soon.

To "keep my doctor", I must now go to a government "issued" doctor, pay for that visit, who will then send me to a vision testing center, pay for that visit, who will then refer me back to my current doctor, and I can pay for that visit. So, my question is, where does the word "affordable" fit in this plan???

Bev, Just another lie from Obama. Remember when he said it would only cost us 3% of what we make? That was a lie too. It looks like the government is charging more than the regular health care providers and paying the doctors far less than the regular health care providers. Looks like someone will have a lot to gain. And it isn't us.

For the record...I'm not singing that vindictive little ditty about Senator Reid losing his job, nor hating on the President, although I hate Obamacare for at least fifteen different reasons and still counting. Here is a suggestion for those who hate politicians. Have youall tried being bill readers? Most states now have web sites where you can read the full text of legislation proposed in your state government and weigh in with your opinions. Try reading and thinking about just the relatively few and simple bills in your state legislature. Mind-blowingly eye-glazing isn't it? The need is to fix the bills, ideally before they become laws but if necessary afterward, rather than blame people...though if elected officials let several bad ideas slip past them, this may be a sign of burnout and a need for new jobs.

Oh, btw, if anybody out there wants to be a real ****, you can spot for potentially bad bills pending in the U.S. Congress at Popvox, read the full text at Thomas, and weigh in at Popvox and/or Freedom Connector...if you dare. A lot of what the U.S. Congress have to vote on is, like the text of the P.P.C.A. (Obamacare), unreadable even by lawyers.

A real...glutton for punishment? I did *not* type in a rude word up there. I typed m a s o c h i s t! How bad is that? Censorship by machine...dare I say?...stinks.
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