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Obama Health Care Bill
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Andy Haupritch
I just found out in my benefits meeting at work that my monthly health insurance premium is dropping by $100. The health insurance broker told us that it is going down directly because of the ACA. Yes, there have been a lot of problems with it and the rollout of it. But at least for me, it is working.
Rick Mitchell
Wow, you're the first person I've heard of whose premiums are actually going down. How are your deductibles and copay?
Amanda P
I tried signing up, but they never gave me a reply, so oh well! If I don't have income, do I still need Obama care, or is this for people who have actual jobs?
Brooke M
From my understanding if you don't have health care you are fined either way. I tried signing up and had a lot of problems, and didn't qualify. I can't afford health insurance so I guess I will be fined!
Rick Mitchell
What I just saw on Turbo Tax Health is that if you don't have income, you should probably be covered under Medicaid (which would exempt you from a penalty), but I haven't explored it in-depth.
Brooke M
Rick, I don't have income other than online income which is barely enough. I'm unemployed and I don't qualify for Medicaid so I don't believe that.
Rick Mitchell
Well, in any case, I think the point of what it was saying is that if you're below a certain income threshold, but don't qualify for Medicaid for whatever reason, then you shouldn't be getting the penalty. It least, that's how I interpreted what it was saying.
Punky Brewster
Check out mark dice on YouTube he talks about a mandatory patch and you'll be fined $1000s if you don't get may not happen in years but if they got away with this so easily.....
Cody Jackson
its all a load of bs his way of getting into american pockets and setting up control for a dictatorship goverment
Darlene Atkinson
My husband and I are not working (he is on disability and I have not been able to find work) and we cannot afford it either. What is sad is that my husband has full medical from the Veteran's Administration (he was a Vet) and now the stupid government wants us to get Medicare for my husband and it would cost us. The VA medical is 100% free and yet we need to get him Medicare. We have been fighting this because why should we pay for Medicare if he gets free medical coverage (included medical, dental, vision and hospitalization). I hate this Obama Care. I think it is great to offer health insurance to those who want it, but to force everyone to get it is dumb. Obama Care is hurting many people.
Rick Mitchell
Thank you for yet another story of somebody whose life and healthcare situation has been made worse because of Obamacare. I'm still waiting to hear any stories of people it's actually helped.
Punky Brewster
They just decided to sign me up for it, I'm on Ssdi. My check went from $980 to $880 and that's what we live on in the winter. It's not enough
Maryellen Wigger
I have already lost my health care because of this bill. My job was had to put everyone on part time because of it. After my job put every one part time we lost our health insurance. Now I have to put out of pocket to get health insurance, this was a bad idea
Cathy W
I understand the idea behind the bill, but it is putting a major strain on small businesses. My husband may be losing his company insurance because of the cost to the employer. When I researched the cost on the market, it will be $600 a month for him and the three kids. That is nearly one week's net pay. How is anyone suppose to get ahead?
Brooke M
Every change we are going through is making it harder to get ahead nowadays. It's hard to pay all your bills, and even more difficult to get ahead.
Maria Nizzardo Durfee
Don't force Americans to buy something they cannot afford and do not want, it is wrong and more than 1/2 of Americans are against this.
Carol DustinsMom
Well said. This country is just a crazy place. I am afraid of what the final outcome will be if we keep going like we are going.
Brooke M
Agreed. I'm currently saving for dental bills. It's crazy, if I could afford health insurance I would have it! It's just wrong on so many levels.
Cathy W
Reform on insurance or medicaid would have been more beneficial for americans. For a middle class family of 3, it is $600 a month for high deductible coverage and that is with very little past claims. That is nearly what we pay for our mortgage.
Lisa Scales
We are not even middle class....a family of three and our cheapest quote was $545 per month and that was the 60/40 plan with the tens of thousands of deductibles and copays. Its ridiculous what the options were... even the catastrophic options were unreasonable.
Brooke M
I'm a single individual and I can't remember exactly what the cost was but I know I can't afford it because it is more than what I pay for food in an entire month.
Rick Mitchell
The quote they gave me, even just for Catastrophic, was more than THREE TIMES what I pay for food every month. Can we just put to rest the lie that this is affordable?
B Love
The quote for my family was more than my rent and groceries combined. I still want to know where that health insurance is that was promised to be cheaper than my cell phone bill. And by the way, I only pay $45 a month for my cell phone.
Rick Mitchell
"I still want to know where that health insurance is that was promised to be cheaper than my cell phone bill." It's probably the illegal immigrants who are getting the good deals. After all, Obama has to support the people who voted for him.
Brooke M
B, I pay $38 for my cell. Rick, probably. Why not? They already get food stamps, financial aid. Let's just give them free health insurance!
Howard Savage
because maybe people with more money should be forcedto support he economy instead of being greedy..
Mac Pike
When ever you use the phrase "should be forced to" you reveal the inner class warrior and socialist. I can't support that, it leads to totalitarianism every single time.
Cindy Cooper
Forcing people to part with their own money that they obtained legally is theft. Also, the people with the most money are the ones who alredy most "support the economy". They also often *willingly* part with it by donating it to worthy causes. In fact, lots of people of modest means are also generous and charitable. So labeling people as "greedy" simply because they are wealthy is covetousness and not admirable.
Rick Mitchell
"because maybe people with more money should be forcedto support he economy instead of being greedy." Even if that were true (which I don't believe it is), it's the people with LESS money who are suffering. Read the stories all over this page; these are not the rich fat-cats who are being harmed here. If you really do care about the less privileged, you should be just as distressed by this disastrous law as anyone.
Brooke M
No, but I should be forced to pay more for health insurance than what I pay for food? Should I have to be forced to pay for health insurance? Should I be forced to pay more when struggling, not because I don't want to work but just because I am struggling???
Emily Jansen
Waiting to see how this all pans out in the end. Hoping it will come to be a good thing for all.
Cindy Cooper
That ship has sailed. It's a complete disaster that is on a clear path to only get worse, with sky-high costs, fewer choices of providers whether they be individual doctors or if we're talking facilities.
Rick Mitchell
So, does anybody still think this was a good idea?
Rick Mitchell
Gosh, I can't even remember how long ago I posted this. I guess we can take that as a resounding "no," then.
Kristi Anglen
Our health insurance costs spiked because of this law. I understand the need for it, but now we're going to pay $100 more a month but we make too much money for a "break" via the bill. Makes no sense. Costs more for people who are already insured?
Brooke M
I don't even have health insurance and I am seeing in increase in the out of pocket already! It's outrageous. It's going to get to the point that hardly anyone can afford health care.
Lydia Glad
I think that the idea is really good but it can be better. I really hope that we can get to Finland status. All the Scandinavian places has everything going good.
Beverly Watson
I am in favor of Obama care. Too many in our country are in need of affordable health care
Rick Mitchell
Sure, the basic principle of it is nice, but in terms of how it was actually executed, are you in favor of that?
Cathy W
It would be nice if the health care was actually affordable. Do you consider $600 a month for an adult and three children for high deductible insurance affordable? That is nearly one week's net pay. Being forced to pay that for the next 30+ years until retirement when the family rarely has medical payments is crazy!
Rick Mitchell
Well, Cathy, someone on another page said that the only people who disagree with Obamacare are people who are uninformed about how healthcare works, or are just mad that a black man is in office. So I guess all those of us who can't afford the new, increased premiums that came from Obamacare are all just racist. It couldn't possibly be because the president utterly lied about pretty much every single aspect of this disastrous law. Nope, just racism.
Carmen Gelinas
please remember who pays for the health care when an uninsured goes to the ER for a cold? The Hospital must treat that individual which adds to the hospital 's costs. We the insured pay for it with increased heath care costs, including insurance, and taxes. Individuals who are on Medicare pay 100+ for medicare supplements since if you are only on Medicare you must pay of a medical bill as it is.
Brooke M
I'm not disagreeing with you but I can't afford health insurance as it is. Now you want me to be forced to pay for it? How?
John Crider
Not a big fan of this at all. I wish it would go away I think that it would be more helpful than the actual bill out be if you asked me.
Jan Mencuso
I agree I wish it would go away.
Cathy Eller
Just found out our insurance will cost us 295. a month we can't afford that. Either will have to get divorced so that our income isn't together or stop working. Husband really upset, that's justs my insurance he's is VA. I only go to the doc twice a year for 120. the punishment for not getting it is 360 so I'm better off without it until 2016. The punishment for not conforming is higher then will have to save to pay the IRS.
Carol DustinsMom
Absolutely ridiculous. So sorry that you and so many more in this country are going through this madness. And it is all uncalled for. Just crazy!
Patrice Wipper Meseck
Well the government does say that this is 'liberating' people will be able to quit their jobs if they want and not have to worry about healthcare, where before you had to stay in a job to keep your healthcare. Don't you feel liberated, Cathy?
Rick Gill
You don't like it when your representatives vote for something just because it comes from a member of a particular party? Have you happened to notice the Obama Health Care Bill opponents in congress? They always include 100% of the republicans! It is the same thing for anything the president is in favor of.
Rick Mitchell
Look at all the stories in the posts above this one, about people whose financial situations are being absolutely demolished by Obamacare. If the people who are opposed to this disastrous law are 100% Republican, then Democrat politicians are truly terrible people.
Mel P
I have been against the Affordable Care Act since before it was passed into law. I hope people are staying on top of their representatives to see what they are and are not voting for. Voting for someone because he gives a good speech or is with a particular political party is no way to vote. Be informed!
Kris Stowers
I am not willing to force my children to pay for my healthcare. Anything that has to be shoved down our throats, blatantly lied about and still being pushed even after its been proven to be an expensive hot mess- no thanks.
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