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One Direction
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The boy band everyone is talking about for the past two years is the first UK band which debuted at No. 1 in USA. Even though they are at the beginning of their careers, they are already breaking records and probably a few hearts. The singles from their two albums “Up All Night” and “Take me home” can be heard on every radio station. 

Do you think they are the new Beatles or they will not last for long like many boy bands before them?
Claire Salama
OMG i love them!!!!!!!!!! my friend got tickets for their newest tour and I'm soooooo jealous!!! i love harry and i think elounor is real.
Ben Franks
stop stop stop i have hered enuff of these peps all my daughter talks about to me its the nest newkids on the block
Ashley Williams
Agreed. I like the sound of their music, but honestly, I'm tired of hearing people talk about them. Yes, they're good, but PLEASE give it a rest! That's what I want to tell people. lol
June Adams
These boys are the reason I live. Honestly if it wasn't for them I might not be here. I am soo luckily and happy that for Christmas my Aunt got me One Direction tickets for August! I MIGHT PEE MY PANTS
Carmon Nungester
One Direction changed my life! I have became someone I thought I would never be! But it is a good thing! I've made so many new friends because of them! Our fandom is like one big giant family
Kristiana Payne
My babes. They've changed my life.. In a good way and a bad way. Can't wait to see them in August. :)
Becca Gabree
One Direction has completely changed my life. But the only sad thing is I cant go to any of there concerts bc my family is poor.I live in St.Albans vermont and I want to go somewheres else to see them. Niall Horan has changed my life. Whenever he laughs or smiles on tv, I see it and it just makes my day.. Everyday I wish to be someone different to go see them but I can't I am just going to be the girl who loves 1D and sings, Who doesn't have the money to go see 1D. It would make my day to see them.....

Lauren Tavir
I think One Direction is a decent sounding band. They could honestly sound worse like some other bands out there...I`ll admit to liking two of their songs cause they are catchy. I think that if they make people happy to listen to their songs then all the more power to them!
Jamie Murphy
I would see them in concert if they came to my home town
Jamie Murphy
one direction are a nice band
Rachael Wooldridge
I actually don't like one direction. But I do like their song called "what makes you beautiful". I guess the other songs are too poppy for me. Now a Great band is Munford & Sons...THAT is a band worth $1,000,000. :) I love love love that band.
Lauren Turner
Mumford and Sons are rubbish. It's like the diet coke version of folk. If you're going to listen to pop listen to actual pop like 1D. Or real folk for that matter...
Rachael Wooldridge
lol I actually do like one of their songs though. Not tryin' ta diss.
Rachael Wooldridge
I didn't mean any disrespect. I do love all music. Just some more than others. :)
Kitty S
I have to admit, their songs are quite catchy!
Thor Fjelsted
I find their music to be decent, their voices are decent, and their musical abilities in general are decent. Nothing more than decent, there are man more talented people out in the world but for some reason they made the cut.... Although they are in no way bad.
Dorel Anderson
My favorite song by One Direction is What Makes You Beautiful
Sara F
I'm a huge directioner....hopefully I can get tickets for the 2014 tour in the US
Melanie Katz
"do you think they are the new Beatles...?" actually, I would compare them more closely with the Jonas Brothers than the Beatles any day. But then again, I am outside of the target demographic, so I might be wrong!
Sharlene Brink
My daughter and I love 1D, we've seen their movie and it was great! I hope they stick around for a long time to come.
Ashlynn Nordet
Hell no! This is coming from someone who likes them. They have more fame no doubt but that is because social media is much more popular now. But music wise.... they have a long way to go. If you disagree think about it this way. In 50 years which song are people still going to be singing?
Brieanna Reed
Cathy Hulsey
I think One Direction is a really great band and I love listening to their music. I am very excited to be taking my teen and tween to a 1Dconcert later this year!
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