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The boy band everyone is talking about for the past two years is the first UK band which debuted at No. 1 in USA. Even though they are at the beginning of their careers, they are already breaking records and probably a few hearts. The singles from their two albums “Up All Night” and “Take me home” can be heard on every radio station. 

Do you think they are the new Beatles or they will not last for long like many boy bands before them?

One Direction is so sad I cant even tell you. Seriously this is MUSIC. HOW?!? I am not going to pay to go to one of there shows. EVER

I have been listening to half a heart and little things lately. It's because of Ian eastwood and him dancing the song. I really like those songs now. Don't like any other songs by them.

cant stand these guys. they're so bad, i don't see why people like them. oh well though, some people like weird things.

My daughter is a huge fan of One Direction and I now listen to them (only if she plays it) and tap my feet. They have songs with a catchy beat that I can, I sound like an old lady:(

My older children used to be big fans but now seem to be moving on, I enjoy their music though and deep down still think they are nice young men who would continue to do well in the future.

My son says they are rubbish but my granddaughter has around 5 t shirts with a pic of them on the front. She loves their music much to his disgust. I must admit I find myself humming along to some of their tracks.

I like most of their songs, and my niece 3 yr.old niece would jump and sing if she hears their song one thing :)

I hope they stay together for a long time and for eternity! i love them all. they change my life for the best! i dont know what i would do if they ever break up.

I love one direction. They're my everything. my favorite song you and i because i think its a great song and really amazing!

I have started to like some of their newer songs and therefore I am growing on them. However, I do feel the fame will get to them and knock them off the wrong side of the track.

They do have some songs that I have heard that I like. I can understand why the younger generation really likes them. I like "Take Me Home."

My daughters love One Direction and I have to be honest I have a little guilty pleasure in a few of their songs. They are very talented and doing so well just because Simon Crowell took a chance on them.

This group of amazingly talented British are Hot! And not in that kind of way, in music. They can all sing and the girls seem to love them. Whenever I'm watching their videos I can't take my eyes off the screen. With their new movie out they really getting a lot of publicity. These boys are a teen heartthrob!

I am 28 and I like One Direction. I went to a concert last year but can't this year because I don't have a lot of money and also they are not in our area.

Groups like this do not last long anyway. They are created by someone and made popular. It is all like bubblegum music. It is meaningless. Its for the kids really.

I am listening to their song right now. I don't think they will last long. It seems like they are already fading. I like some of their songs, but they are kind of vanilla. They're cute, though. haha

My 7 year old granddaughter loves them and she has t-shirts and sweaters with them plastered across the front. She's the envy of all her friends.

I love one direction! I am so in love with Zayn, and Zerrie is the cutest couple ever. eve though i usually listen to metal and punk and stuff, im not ashamed to admit im a directioner

I think that they are good for all kinds of music! People are so judgmental of them. Sure, they don't create lyrical masterpieces, but they are fun to jump around and dance with your friends too!

OMG i love them!!!!!!!!!! my friend got tickets for their newest tour and I'm soooooo jealous!!! i love harry and i think elounor is real.

stop stop stop i have hered enuff of these peps all my daughter talks about to me its the nest newkids on the block

Agreed. I like the sound of their music, but honestly, I'm tired of hearing people talk about them. Yes, they're good, but PLEASE give it a rest! That's what I want to tell people. lol

These boys are the reason I live. Honestly if it wasn't for them I might not be here. I am soo luckily and happy that for Christmas my Aunt got me One Direction tickets for August! I MIGHT PEE MY PANTS

One Direction changed my life! I have became someone I thought I would never be! But it is a good thing! I've made so many new friends because of them! Our fandom is like one big giant family
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