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The boy band everyone is talking about for the past two years is the first UK band which debuted at No. 1 in USA. Even though they are at the beginning of their careers, they are already breaking records and probably a few hearts. The singles from their two albums “Up All Night” and “Take me home” can be heard on every radio station. 

Do you think they are the new Beatles or they will not last for long like many boy bands before them?

When One Direction first came out my daughter was a big fan of theirs not so much now,if I remember her correctly I think she said one of the members left.

One the hottest boy band this season. I really love their choice of music even their songs. Its sad that zayn is no more in this group

This boy band is really in demand today. This band already had a concert here in our country and so many fans of them have watched and witnessed how they peform.

Too bad Zayn Malik is going solo that is what I heard. With or without him I think the boys will be ok.

I heard about one direction breaking up as it was all over the news. I do like there singing but not as much as the backstreet boys.

I think this boy band have grown on me of recent years. As they are maturing into men now and their music has improved.

ill be honest i don't like their music...but i can kind of see the appeal for their 99% female fanbase. They sing about love and soppy things like that + they're attractive. I personally believe they're SOOO famous primarily on their looks. That's just my opinion directions dont. kill me

I think this is the band that got their own teen tv show? I don't like the show though. I think the characters on that show are way too hyper.

I am so excited to see One Direction on March! How I wish I could get a VIP seat but unfortunately it's already sold out. Anyway, it doesn't matter. What's important is I'm gonna be there!

They are in the group band aid 30 do they know its chrimas that justcame out its awesome go check it out

I think one Direction will last longer than the other boy bands. Their music are evolving as the grow older and even older people will be surprised when their hear their new songs.

Their songs are very catchy. I think they are a lot of fun, but I am just not a fan!

I don't follow them and yet when I hear them somewhere I will not ignore the song or say to my niece to turn if off, I just listen and don't mind

One Direction is so sad I cant even tell you. Seriously this is MUSIC. HOW?!? I am not going to pay to go to one of there shows. EVER

I have been listening to half a heart and little things lately. It's because of Ian eastwood and him dancing the song. I really like those songs now. Don't like any other songs by them.

cant stand these guys. they're so bad, i don't see why people like them. oh well though, some people like weird things.

My daughter is a huge fan of One Direction and I now listen to them (only if she plays it) and tap my feet. They have songs with a catchy beat that I can, I sound like an old lady:(

My older children used to be big fans but now seem to be moving on, I enjoy their music though and deep down still think they are nice young men who would continue to do well in the future.

My son says they are rubbish but my granddaughter has around 5 t shirts with a pic of them on the front. She loves their music much to his disgust. I must admit I find myself humming along to some of their tracks.

I like most of their songs, and my niece 3 yr.old niece would jump and sing if she hears their song one thing :)

I hope they stay together for a long time and for eternity! i love them all. they change my life for the best! i dont know what i would do if they ever break up.

I love one direction. They're my everything. my favorite song you and i because i think its a great song and really amazing!
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