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The boy band everyone is talking about for the past two years is the first UK band which debuted at No. 1 in USA. Even though they are at the beginning of their careers, they are already breaking records and probably a few hearts. The singles from their two albums “Up All Night” and “Take me home” can be heard on every radio station. 

Do you think they are the new Beatles or they will not last for long like many boy bands before them?

I miss One Direction so much. I know their hiatus is well deserved and I want them to rest as much as they want to but I definitely miss them making music together!

I love their music and bromance.I love that they are not like boybands before the everything is rehearsed. Some of them can't dance, they are trying and they look cute.I love them, even now that they are only four.

I love one direction and how they appeal to a certain crowd.I hope they will be as good as they were before when Zayn Malik was still in the group.

I keep on singing their song Drag Me Down because of my sister that is really a huge of One Direction and member of Directioner , now I have last song syndrome and I an't help it.

I don't know what's so awesome about these kids all I know is the young girls completely loose their entire minds at the sound of these fellas

Girls love One Direction. I really don’t know them. I don’t know why teens go crazy over them. I mean, I had my time when I was a teen but I was never like those teenagers now.

The misconception of the One Direction fandom is that ALL of their fans are crazy. Coming from a number one fan myself, I can only express that it's only half the fandom that acts as crazy as you have probably witnessed. For instance, I went to a concert a couple of months ago. Acted chill, met some cool girls and cracked jokes. A couple of preteens came screaming and shrieking and saying that they were going to ambush the boys as soon as they arrived. All I could do was stare because these kids are what make the rest of the world think that that's how our whole fandom is.

I just saw them in Indy a couple of weeks ago my aunt got me a ticket to go with my cousins. I mean I liked their music and I knew their names but I wasn't a super fan. but now. ohmy. I am 1DAF. I am obsessed. I am 22 years old and I have no shame. Drag Me Down is the jam. Harry's riffs at the end make my knees weak. oy vey.

I feel like I found my new best friend, you said everything the way that I was thinking it haha I'm 18 and I don't think their should be any shame in being a Directioner. Harry's riffs, especially in DMD are life and love itself, so I totally understand what you mean lol

i love one direction and i always will even if zayn left because i see that the other boys are still loving it and doing an effort for us. directioner forever

There should be more people like you in the world. Honestly. Even though Zayn left, gotta support the boys and Zayn too haha. I think many Directioners should really grasp that concept because the boys are doing really well for themselves and Zayn is finding himself. Fellow Directioner.

i just love this group for their awesome hit and this is the kinf of music that i will rewind and replay several times in a day

As lame as it might sound, I absolutely love these boys. Yes, they are a boy band, but they are different than Nsync and the Backstreet boys. I can't wait to see them live.

It does not sound lame, i like them also to the embarrasement of my teenage children (lol), i threat to attend a 1D concert with them to keep them in check sometimes.

They had a concert here in Manila last March and that was the first time Zayn wasn't with them. I had a hunch that he'll be leaving the group then.

I am not surprised Zayn left the group, he loves music but i suspect he did not like/enjoy the showmanship and limelight which sometimes comes with being famous.

I agree. Though, it is slightly confusing that he's looking to have a solo career, despite not liking the fame. Maybe his solo career will be on a smaller scale?

One Direction are one of my favorites. I've seen them in concert twice now, and they always put on a good show. Clearly, it's sad that Zayn left, but honestly, as long as Niall's still around, I'll always love them. My favorite song by them is "Little White Lies."

When One Direction first came out my daughter was a big fan of theirs not so much now,if I remember her correctly I think she said one of the members left.

One the hottest boy band this season. I really love their choice of music even their songs. Its sad that zayn is no more in this group

I agree, it's sad that Zayn left the group but its clearly for the best. These boys have grown so much from when they first started!

I heard about one direction breaking up as it was all over the news. I do like there singing but not as much as the backstreet boys.

I think this boy band have grown on me of recent years. As they are maturing into men now and their music has improved.

ill be honest i don't like their music...but i can kind of see the appeal for their 99% female fanbase. They sing about love and soppy things like that + they're attractive. I personally believe they're SOOO famous primarily on their looks. That's just my opinion directions dont. kill me

I think this is the band that got their own teen tv show? I don't like the show though. I think the characters on that show are way too hyper.

I am so excited to see One Direction on March! How I wish I could get a VIP seat but unfortunately it's already sold out. Anyway, it doesn't matter. What's important is I'm gonna be there!

They are in the group band aid 30 do they know its chrimas that justcame out its awesome go check it out

n one of this time can bit this young fellows in the hits they produce i have sampled their hits and i love the beautiful one more so the edning

hi james its a christmas song they were a part of but still go check it out its awesome song i love it
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