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These intelligent birds inhabit tropical and subtropical areas. There are over 350 species of parrots that live in flocks in the wild and communicate with loud screeching sounds. 

How much do we actually know about these fascinating creatures?

Got 2 greys and a blue and gold macaw. They are all amazing birds that talk really well, the things they come out with brighten my day

We used to have a blue and gold macaw just like in the picture. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, we had to let it go as it required so much time. It kept plucking its feathers when bored so it's better off with someone who can treat it like a baby.

I love how colourful they are. I also love that they can talk which is so so so cool. There's no other animal that can talk so parrots are very very unique.

I have always want to teach a parrot to say some cool stuff i think it would be cool to have one

Me too. I think that it would be so cool to hear a bird talking and saying all of the things that these birds can say.

I love my parrots! They make my world complete, for sure.I have two and have had them for a good while now. I think 2 is enough

I used to have parrots but i dont anymore my auntie let them free on purpose i dislike her for that

I think my cockatoo and African grey like my kitty's bed better than my kitty's do! lol These guy's are crazy and so much fun to watch.

so cute! I love my birdies. lol They are very amusing to me and I see how bonded they get to owners.I willed them to my son. He visits and gives them love.

I have had my parrots for twenty years. I'm sure that they will out live me. I just worry about who will take care of them if something does happen to me, because they get really attached to their owner's.

I have five parrots, three African Grey's and two cockatoo's and they are worse than children! It seems as though they scream all day.

my sister in law used to ha ve a parrot. she taught the bird how to say a couple of words. he used to like talking like the door bell.

I knew someone who had a parrot and they are so loud and if they haven't been socialized well, they can be mean as heck.

my brother had two they scare the **** out of me lol

i used to have a parrot sadly it died but it was the nicest thing ever

I really want to get one of these amazing birds are they a lot of work?

i have a male eclectus i adopted from a home whom did not take care of him,so it has been up to me to get him healthy which is a hard task and cost lots of money.he may be the ugliest,cutest bird i ever owned.he is smart and funny and talks constant and reacts and answers when i talk to him.he is sometimes like having a toddler around he is sneaky and loves to steal food on the table.but i find everything he does so funny he just lights up my day

That is a wonderful thing that you have done. I can't stand to see any animal not being taken care of very well. I have had five parrots for the last twenty years and they are very much like toddler's. A lot of responsibility! But well worth it.

it also helps when save money when you put yourself on the birds same diet.he is loving the nice weather and coming outside with me to sit in the is very good for him to get sun just like a person.he is so emotional and know when i am upset and lets out this quiet li awww noise and rubs his beak up and down my is amazing how sensitive he is to my feeling i would have never imagined a bird can do that.he has become my best friend and atleast now i can"t get accused of talking to myself i just say i am talking to the bird ,how else will he learn,lol

nice to have a parrot have one named molly and talking about non stop talking.

I have a Red winged macaw named Ruby. She is a rescue bird.She is 19 years old. She has a problem with feather plucking. Does anyone else's bird share that problem?

palm oil works great for alot of things,google it,it is great

Isn't that funny I just ordered some yesterday from Bird Paradise!! I also purchased something called Avitech Feather-In!! I sure hope it works!!!

Parrots are just such handsome birds. When I was a child, I had to Blue Front Amazons. They were so beautiful and they had such interesting personalities.

I have always wanted an African Gray.. but considering all the cats I have.. it is probably best I not get one.. and considering their longevity.. maybe next life.. lol

I had an African Grey a certain ex-boyfriend bought me after a break up. Sadly the poor baby only lasted about two months. He had something wrong with his liver.

About a month ago, I rescued a Sun Conure. I don't know anything about his/her past because the owner passed away. I've got all sorts of questions and would love to chat with anyone who has knowledge of these birds

There is a website that I go to when I need advice. It is 3 feathered

I have 2 blue and gold parrots and they bond with certain ppl. My female I cant touch at all cause she loves my boyfriend and tries to chase me away when I get to close. Elize as for your african grey I think he/she might need more toys to play with to keep him/her occupied, Sometimes they stress out if they cannot be a part of the family, try moving him to where he/she can watch tv with you, try giving him more attention, I think that might help with your problem hopefully
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