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These intelligent birds inhabit tropical and subtropical areas. There are over 350 species of parrots that live in flocks in the wild and communicate with loud screeching sounds. 

How much do we actually know about these fascinating creatures?
Candina Szabo
my brother had two they scare the **** out of me lol
Buffy Summers
i used to have a parrot sadly it died but it was the nicest thing ever
Lauren Burek
I really want to get one of these amazing birds are they a lot of work?
Andrea Garofolo
i have a male eclectus i adopted from a home whom did not take care of him,so it has been up to me to get him healthy which is a hard task and cost lots of money.he may be the ugliest,cutest bird i ever owned.he is smart and funny and talks constant and reacts and answers when i talk to him.he is sometimes like having a toddler around he is sneaky and loves to steal food on the table.but i find everything he does so funny he just lights up my day
Kris Cochran
nice to have a parrot have one named molly and talking about non stop talking.
Theresa Dreyer
I have a Red winged macaw named Ruby. She is a rescue bird.She is 19 years old. She has a problem with feather plucking. Does anyone else's bird share that problem?
Andrea Garofolo
palm oil works great for alot of things,google it,it is great
Theresa Dreyer
Isn't that funny I just ordered some yesterday from Bird Paradise!! I also purchased something called Avitech Feather-In!! I sure hope it works!!!
Sherin Hylan
Parrots are just such handsome birds. When I was a child, I had to Blue Front Amazons. They were so beautiful and they had such interesting personalities.
ChrisTina Shaskus
I have always wanted an African Gray.. but considering all the cats I have.. it is probably best I not get one.. and considering their longevity.. maybe next life.. lol
Sherin Hylan
I had an African Grey a certain ex-boyfriend bought me after a break up. Sadly the poor baby only lasted about two months. He had something wrong with his liver.
Gail Russo
About a month ago, I rescued a Sun Conure. I don't know anything about his/her past because the owner passed away. I've got all sorts of questions and would love to chat with anyone who has knowledge of these birds
Theresa Dreyer
There is a website that I go to when I need advice. It is 3 feathered
Tina Counterman
I have 2 blue and gold parrots and they bond with certain ppl. My female I cant touch at all cause she loves my boyfriend and tries to chase me away when I get to close. Elize as for your african grey I think he/she might need more toys to play with to keep him/her occupied, Sometimes they stress out if they cannot be a part of the family, try moving him to where he/she can watch tv with you, try giving him more attention, I think that might help with your problem hopefully
Elize Botha
can somebody help please my African grey is now 6 years old and all the time plugging his feathers, ang getting aggressive as well.
Sherin Hylan
When my Blue Front started plucking his feathers, my vet told me he needed a mate most likely. So, I got him one. He actually stopped plucking his feathers. Have you spoken to your vet?
Theresa Dreyer
I am starting to used a hemp rope for her to pick on. You can buy them online. I use Bird Paradise! I have a rescued Red winged macaw with the same problem!!
Chris Smit
hi. i adopted a mini macaw. is about a year old it screa.s constantly. and i am not allowed to touch him . please help
Sherin Hylan
Perhaps he wasn't properly socialized, and he will need some time. How are things going now?
Theresa Dreyer
My bird nanny taught me this one! Talk to your bird in a normal voice,then a deep loud voice (THE same words) then say the same words only this time whisper Then tell the word whisper as you do it. It will take some time but my red winged macaw does this when she gets loud!! Also with not handling him go to You tube under bird
Maryke Smith
Hi I am looking for a male rainbow lorikeet , please

Margaret Stanley
What a beautiful, colorful bird! I'm assuming they are rare and hard to find? Plus, I'd imagine very expensive.
Maryke Smith
Hard to find and she is so lovable.
Margaret Stanley
Maryke, you own a rainbow lorikeet? What's it like having one as a pet? Are they talkative? I'm unfamiliar with parrots so I don't know if all of them talk or not. Are you looking for one as a mate for yours?
Maryke Smith
Hi margaret yes she talks a little, and she copy all the sounds around her, yes I am looking for n mate for her because I think she gets lonely
Margaret Stanley
Yes I think getting her a mate is a good idea because she probably does get lonely. Do you leave the radio or TV on for her all day while you are gone? Do you leave her cage door open when you are home (except when you sleep)? Does she imitate songs she hears? Sorry for all the questions but parrots fascinate me and I've never known one.
Maryke Smith
No she is never alone, I have 3 dogs as well, and my kids do homeschooling, there is always someone around, she imitate the puppies and the african grey that is in one of the flats on the property.
Margaret Stanley
Well that's good that she is never alone but I'm sure she would enjoy company of her own kind. What about another breed of easier to find parrot-would they get along?
Margaret Stanley
I would then consider getting just a plain lorikeet since rainbow lorikeets are so hard to find. I'm sure she would love to have another of her own breed to play with and maybe you would get lorikeet babies!
Maryke Smith
Hi margaret I found a male for my female rainbow lorikeeet, but I can only get him on tuesday then I will send you a pic of them, I am over the moon.
Margaret Stanley
I am so excited for you! That's amazing that you found a male rainbow lorikeet. Do you think they'll mate and you'll have babies? I can't wait to see the photo of the two of them together.
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