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These intelligent birds inhabit tropical and subtropical areas. There are over 350 species of parrots that live in flocks in the wild and communicate with loud screeching sounds. 

How much do we actually know about these fascinating creatures?

I do have a parrot. Not sure what type she is. When my parents passed away she became my pet. She is mainly light green with some light blue and pink and black markings. She is a feisty little thing. If she's in a good mood I can pet her. I seem to think that I have written about her on here somewhere, but I couldn't find my post. Wish they would let you know if you've already posted, because I write on quite a lot of topics.

I use to want to get a parrot. They like to bite so I do not want one any more. Not for me. I need my fingers.

I have always loved parrots. Not only for their color and ability to speak but also for the life span. I think that the only reason that I never owned one was the fact that I was afraid that it would outlive me and would have no one to take care of it.

please speak slowly,my kids may hear about parrot and they will forcefully push me to a pet store and then no excuse.... have to buy a couple of them.

I wouldn't want to have a parrot around me because I'd always feel like I have to watch my words in case he repeated anything I said later on. I might say something I'm not proud of and he might rat me out and repeat it later.

I love parrots. I have always wanted to own one. I love going to the pet store and seeing their store pet. He says hi as you walk by and will talk with you its so awesome.

I went to a bird park a while back and i saw lots of parrots on the branches for tourists to hold them. It was a neat experience.

i have always wanted a parrot but i never have got one. i would want a African grey but they are real expensive

i always wanted a parrot that can talk back to me. i simply love them because they are so amazing. i want to eventually get one and name him peter.

I love parrots my father had a parrot in his childhood days throughout the day he used to call my fathers name and it used to speak many funny things but it died after an year which was so sad my father was attached to it.

Parrots are so pretty. Not too long ago was I watching a documentary about them and learned things I did not know.

Got 2 greys and a blue and gold macaw. They are all amazing birds that talk really well, the things they come out with brighten my day

We used to have a blue and gold macaw just like in the picture. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, we had to let it go as it required so much time. It kept plucking its feathers when bored so it's better off with someone who can treat it like a baby.

I love how colourful they are. I also love that they can talk which is so so so cool. There's no other animal that can talk so parrots are very very unique.

I have always want to teach a parrot to say some cool stuff i think it would be cool to have one

Me too. I think that it would be so cool to hear a bird talking and saying all of the things that these birds can say.

I love my parrots! They make my world complete, for sure.I have two and have had them for a good while now. I think 2 is enough

I used to have parrots but i dont anymore my auntie let them free on purpose i dislike her for that

I think my cockatoo and African grey like my kitty's bed better than my kitty's do! lol These guy's are crazy and so much fun to watch.

so cute! I love my birdies. lol They are very amusing to me and I see how bonded they get to owners.I willed them to my son. He visits and gives them love.

I have had my parrots for twenty years. I'm sure that they will out live me. I just worry about who will take care of them if something does happen to me, because they get really attached to their owner's.

I have five parrots, three African Grey's and two cockatoo's and they are worse than children! It seems as though they scream all day.
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