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Travis Schmidt
I have been on this for a few years and haven't won anything. I'm starting to think this site is a fake.
deejay Solo
The games are cheesy...but I did win a 10.00 amazon gift card on there once but I m sure I will never win twice on there
Susan Turner
Hey you won $10.00 that is better than me but I still do it I even use their search bar. The games not so much but I do love the black jack games
Janet Elder
I find this site to be annoying. I had fun in the beginning, but it wore off fast. The games are cheesy and it appears to be a waste of time in my opinion. I just delete all emails now because they don't respect that I cancelled my membership.
James Halliday
Never do PCH. They try to scam you out of your money. Plus, it's basically impossible to win, anyways. not worth it at all
Susan Turner
That is weird I have never had them scam me out of money they only want me to use search bar or play games
James Halliday
Well, they are trying to get you to basically view more ads, lol. They make alot of money off of that! That's their whole goal olol
Katie Melville
I dont like these type of sites and feel all they do is spam you . i dont think that many people win from them
Sylvia Frazier
hope? you know what is said about that? put your hopes and energy elsewhere when you realize this is going nowhere. period. if i see anything with those initials PCH i close, asap. if everyone would do just that - we would not be seeing near as much of them. goodbye to publishers clearing house. yuk
Susan Turner
It is a waste of time I know this but yet I still do this. I keep it up I guess because there is always hope.
Raeanna C.
Well people do say you can not win if you do not try which I do agree. While it may seem like a waste of time, you just never know the possibility that you could win. 6/26/2014
Susan Turner
I mostly use their search site to get points and there is no more spam than any other site so I do it. But they do have a black jack game that is fun.
Darlene Atkinson
I wonder if anyone really wins this game. I would love to win a lot of money, but for some reason I think that you need to buy a lot of magazines in order to get a chance to win.
Jen Schoonover
PCH has been a complete waste of time for me for 10 years or more. I used to click every single email in the hopes I would win something and I NEVER have. In my opinion this site/organization needs to be investigated. But by who?
Darlene Atkinson
I wonder of the Better Business Bureau would be able to investigate. I think what they do is try to get people to subscribe to several magazines then they consider you for their prize. I feel that is unfair that people have to spend money to win this prize.
Emily Jansen
It always says no purchase necessary to win. i would just love to meet someone who actually won one of the bigger prizes. I think they just hire actors to play the winners
David Morrison
I've been playing with PCH for over 8 years and the most i ever gotten was more emails from other PCH sites, I'm about ready to shut it down!
Nick Heard
I would rather stick with Chatabout more than any other site because sites like this are a complete waste of time and space for anybody looking for a extra way to win when they don't win.
Desmond Smith
I can't stand anything fro "PCH" because you never win anything and they just inundate you with a bunch of emails game stuff. The games usually suck too...
Michael Engles
Having read your comment especially concerning never winning I must tell you that I first came here in hopes I could find out why, when I've won the Bingo game 3X by filling in all four corners but never received anotice that I had won. It looks like I've found my answer. No wonder they don't have their own forum.
Joy N
I have played PCH for years through the mail and also the net and never won a thing. I think its about time to just move on and forget it!
Terri Allen
The ads are a pain your in mood to play gamer jnd so many times cuuing in your gamdm u just give up and leave
Jrust West
alright but I think they should change pch games and take away those annoying ads, which are annoying constantly. Also different variation of games.
Diana Perez
I just started with PCH games. I really hope to win something, eve if it is small. It wouldn't hurt to win once in a while.
Rachel Hays
awesome but ill never win
Cassy Ory
I feel like an idiot when I play these games because I don't even win anything. I see that I am getting points but then the next time I go to play a game the points are gone. Obviously I am missing the point of PCH Games.
Stephanie Williams
I spent so much time entering pch stuff, I finally just gave up I felt like I was being sent in circles all of the time.
Lindsey M
I spent a lot of time entering too and it just doesn't seem worth it anymore. It's more likely that you won't win anyway.
Cassy Ory
I feel the same way!
Beth Gruber
That is the way I look at it too, Patrice. I don't spend the one or more dollars buying various lottery tickets. Instead I enter the daily contests and do a few games and then when I don't win, it didn't cost me anything.
Lisa Eiff
I still kind of take part in PCH games...usually around the time I complete PCH entries. I have never really won anything from them either, but the games are fun, and occasionally I get the enough coins to cash out for entries in gift card drawings. Maybe I'll win one one of these days. lol
Keisha Majett
I use to play PCH games, but it was always like playing a pinball machine on tilt. Even if you hit the mark, it was designed for you to lose. i wonder if the winners names they show, ever really won anything or if they are just the names of people the work with. I think the games are a "Scam"! So i do not play anymore, maybe no one should play until we fine out if real people are winning.
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