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I signed up for it through another site, but I never dealt with it. I wonder if it is worth it?

I like these games and use to play all the time. I won some gift cards with the tokens. Maybe I will go back to playing again soon.


I used to use this site a long time ago, but I quit because I never won a thing and it started to feel like a waste of time.

3/28/15 My friend said she won a $5 amazon card spinning the wheel at PCH? Maybe it was the scratch card that the picture shows here? I knew nothing about it, but is something I need to check in to.

On my first day of my first job after I graduated from school, the guy in the office next to me won this. I'm not sure if it was the grand prize; but it was pretty big. When I got there, this huge banner was on his door and there were tons of balloons tied to the door ****. He was in a different department from me, so I didn't really know him; but I always thought it was cool.

That is pretty cool! I don't know if I won, if I would like for others to know about it. I always said that if I won the lottery, I would be an unknown winner.

this thing has to be a scam honestly, no one I know ever wins anything including myself, and its like why? and there is always tons of extra things you have to do to win nothing

i swear no one wins on any thing pch has to offer.
i think it is just a way for you to buy there stuff hoping to win something

Does anyone actually know of anyone who has been successful with PCH? I've spent time trying to win on here with never any luck.

Dana my Mom was doing PCH for a few years and each time bought some junk from them for $19.95 but never ever won. I finally convinced he to get off it.

I went on thinking I will just enter to win and be done with it. No that is not the case. I get about 5 emails a day from them and it is driving me crazy.

My Mom gets postal mails from them 3-5 times a week and it is sickening. She has never won a thing there and finally she will have herself removed from their mailing list.

I can't say I have ever heard of this site. I'll give it a shot, but I really don't expect to win anything from PCH.

It's kind of a waste of time in my opinion. They make you spend hours and hours filling stuff out and going through offers just to not win a cent.

I agree with you completely, Dana. And when a drawing comes near, they tell you,"you have a wonderful chance to
win because you have been soo active". Its a bunch of malarky.

I think there's a difference between the game site and the "giveaways" they do once or twice a year? I haven't filled anything out, just played some games. Granted, I haven't won anything, I also haven't won money off Club Pogo either.

I see that there are people who have over 200,000 tokens on a daily basis. I've gotten slightly over 100,000 a couple of times, but mostly I'm lucky to get 80,000. What am I missing???????

I never heard this site but i think its cool if u win something.I think i am going to give it a try.

I have been on this for a few years and haven't won anything. I'm starting to think this site is a fake.

The games are cheesy...but I did win a 10.00 amazon gift card on there once but I m sure I will never win twice on there

Hey you won $10.00 that is better than me but I still do it I even use their search bar. The games not so much but I do love the black jack games

I find this site to be annoying. I had fun in the beginning, but it wore off fast. The games are cheesy and it appears to be a waste of time in my opinion. I just delete all emails now because they don't respect that I cancelled my membership.

Never do PCH. They try to scam you out of your money. Plus, it's basically impossible to win, anyways. not worth it at all

That is weird I have never had them scam me out of money they only want me to use search bar or play games

Well, they are trying to get you to basically view more ads, lol. They make alot of money off of that! That's their whole goal olol

I dont like these type of sites and feel all they do is spam you . i dont think that many people win from them

hope? you know what is said about that? put your hopes and energy elsewhere when you realize this is going nowhere. period. if i see anything with those initials PCH i close, asap. if everyone would do just that - we would not be seeing near as much of them. goodbye to publishers clearing house. yuk

It is a waste of time I know this but yet I still do this. I keep it up I guess because there is always hope.

Well people do say you can not win if you do not try which I do agree. While it may seem like a waste of time, you just never know the possibility that you could win. 6/26/2014

I mostly use their search site to get points and there is no more spam than any other site so I do it. But they do have a black jack game that is fun.

I wonder if anyone really wins this game. I would love to win a lot of money, but for some reason I think that you need to buy a lot of magazines in order to get a chance to win.

I have never heard of anyone or know anyone who knows someone that has won on this site. I think they just hire actors for the so called surprise winners videos
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