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PCH Games
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Desmond Smith
I can't stand anything fro "PCH" because you never win anything and they just inundate you with a bunch of emails game stuff. The games usually suck too...
Terri Allen
The ads are a pain your in mood to play gamer jnd so many times cuuing in your gamdm u just give up and leave
Jrust West
alright but I think they should change pch games and take away those annoying ads, which are annoying constantly. Also different variation of games.
Monika Po
I agree. The ads are so frustrating and it is so hard to get rid of them. Its more like a commercial than a game, honestly.
Diana Perez
I just started with PCH games. I really hope to win something, eve if it is small. It wouldn't hurt to win once in a while.
Rachel Hays
awesome but ill never win
Patrice Wipper Meseck
The only way you can never is if you don't try. Since I am at the PC a lot, I just click on it while waiting for other things or while reading something, So it's not really taking any time.
Monika Po
I personally prefer to go on chatabout instead of PCH when I have time to spare. Chatabout guarentees points. But PCH does not guarantee prizes.
Philip Parker
I don't waste my time with stuff like that, I've never won, and it seems like just a waste of time.
Monika Po
I tried it a few times, got over 2,000 points which I can enter to win stuff. It is such a waste of time. I bet it is rigged or something.
Cassy Ory
I feel like an idiot when I play these games because I don't even win anything. I see that I am getting points but then the next time I go to play a game the points are gone. Obviously I am missing the point of PCH Games.
Patrice Wipper Meseck
That is odd that your points are gone the next time you log on unless you are using them to enter contests... I have never lost any points on there. Are you allowing your PC to store cookies from PCH?
Monika Po
I think that you are supposed to redeem the points by entering little lotteries and sweepstakes. No thank you for me. It is such a waste of time!
Patrice Wipper Meseck
I won!!!!! Wow, I can't believe I won publishers clearing house sweepstakes. ok, so it was only a $5 amazon gift card, but I won it!
Beth Gruber
Congrats Patrice!!! Hate to say it, but I can't believe it either, lol. Was this on their facebook page or do you play on one of their other sites? Either way, congratulations!
Patrice Wipper Meseck
it was on pch,com and it was on one of the instant win games (of course I didn't win the 5K prize) but hey, $5 is $5!
Junetta Ashley
Congrats! Hey 5.00 here and there adds up LOL I am just happy to see someone won on that site I didnt think anyone did!
Beth Gruber
I have to admit, I thought the same thing Junetta. That is why I always appreciate it when anyone posts about a win. It gives me more hope it might happen to me, lol.
Monika Po
Well, I am glad that it works for someone! Maybe I will give them a try, if they are not completely rigged! LOL. Like Beth, I appreciate head's up like these.
Stephanie Williams
I spent so much time entering pch stuff, I finally just gave up I felt like I was being sent in circles all of the time.
Lindsey M
I spent a lot of time entering too and it just doesn't seem worth it anymore. It's more likely that you won't win anyway.
Patrice Wipper Meseck
The odds of winning are so slim, but at least you don't have to pay for tickets like in the state lotteries where your odds are just as bad. You can't win if you don't play. Ok, so you probably can't win even if you do... but I won $5! (yeah, I know big deal, but at least it was something)
Cassy Ory
I feel the same way!
Beth Gruber
That is the way I look at it too, Patrice. I don't spend the one or more dollars buying various lottery tickets. Instead I enter the daily contests and do a few games and then when I don't win, it didn't cost me anything.
Monika Po
I feel like that too. First you have to play their games, then enter sweeps with the points you earn. Good grief! Its easier to just chat on chatabout.
Lisa Eiff
I still kind of take part in PCH games...usually around the time I complete PCH entries. I have never really won anything from them either, but the games are fun, and occasionally I get the enough coins to cash out for entries in gift card drawings. Maybe I'll win one one of these days. lol
Keisha Majett
I use to play PCH games, but it was always like playing a pinball machine on tilt. Even if you hit the mark, it was designed for you to lose. i wonder if the winners names they show, ever really won anything or if they are just the names of people the work with. I think the games are a "Scam"! So i do not play anymore, maybe no one should play until we fine out if real people are winning.
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