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I love Ross Lynch so much! He is awesome in Austin and Ally. I'm obsessed with the show and watch it every Sunday. I love all his songs.

Ross Lynch is one of the best actors. Teen Beach Movie is my favorite movie ever and I am obsessed with Austin and Ally.

I love Ross! I felt like a creeper when I had such a big crush on him I thought because he was on Disney that he was much younger then me but I recently found out we are only 5 months apart!

5 months apart? Your lucky, I'm 5 years apart from him. Sometimes I wish that I was older because I know I have no chance with him.

This isn't a place for ross to read what you are saying. This is just so people who like ross can discuss things about him. Like how adorable he is.

hi ross

i love you

hi Ross

ross i love so much so come to houes supires me

My little sister is the biggste fane!!!!!!! You have to prank her is knows everything about you Ross!!! Not the baby!! She is no1 fane of all!!!! PLEASE 1!!!! Nelsprit, South-Afrkca



hey ross i love you call me at 7867979749 ok bye

end your danceing is cool l i wunt screm wen you call me

hi how are you ross lynch i wish i can see you conert

hi ross

Hi Ross MY daughter loves u

ross lynch is sooooo hot hotter then 1D & jb & i know his favorite food ;> PANCAKES
and his songes are a billion hits thrers no way i can make it with out ya i love him we are perfect for each other

ross lench

Are you Ross Lynch?

let video chat on computer

you like to video chat I like your

i love your music

I love you

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