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i use to watch this show some when it was in repeats, i actually have the first season on dvd. not sure how many seasons they did but it is a pretty funny show

This is on my television right now. I like the show. I've missed the presence of Timmy when he wasn't there. I think he's kinda cute. I like the dynamic between the two couples. Jeff is really not a great husband lol. Not a bad show at all.

I didn't watch this show on primetime but started when the reruns surfaced everywhere. That's the great thing about some sitcoms since I miss many good ones due to scheduling conflicts. They often return during daytime. I see in comments that many like David Spades character, but that's probably the main reason I didn't give the show chance before. A couple lines from a womanizer quickly turned me off from the entire show. Still not crazy about David Spades roll, but I love all the other characters especially Jeff & Audrey. Seeing the credits time after time I knew Oliver Hudson played Adam, but never made the connection to Kate Hudson until I recently saw a picture of brother and sister together. I felt sill, but Hudson isn't such a rare name.

I like a lot of shows but rules of engagement has become one of my all time favorite shows. I love David Spade as Russell lol. That character is so out of this world lol.

david spade is a really funny actor. he does play the role well lol. i bought the first season on dvd but think i have seen most of them

I still havent watch the whole season but i really want to see how it ended it is really funny and i cant wait to watch the final season

I only ever see repeats of this, not sure, but looking at one of the comments it is no longer on. Don't think I have seen the final series, just the older ones.

This show is great. The characters are something else. And I'm constantly pointing at my hubby while we watch saying that's so us. Lol

this was a pretty funny show. i bought the first season on dvd but i think i have watched most of the episodes. really funny cast.

I watched this show all the time. No matter how many times I have seen the same episode over and over, it never gets boring and I wish they kept this show on for a few more seasons.

I do watch this time to time. Not comepletly in love with it, but have caught several episodes. Probably one of few things I'll watch Spade in.

Love this show i like the characters jeff and audrey the most they are really funny and really like the other characters to they work really well together

Rules of engagement is just hilarious .... I love the Jeff and Audrey.... that couple is SOMETHING ELSE.... they are just too adorable....

While I don't watch this religiously I will catch it every so often, the characters seem funny enough but it is not as gripping as other shows in its genre.

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This show is pretty good. I don't know, did they end it? Are they still doing new episodes? I mean I saw when the baby was born and that's it.

This is on of my favourite programmes. I don't get to watch it regularly because I don't have comedy central but try to watch it when I can

I am a fan of David Spade and so by default I was also a fan of Rules of Engagement. This show consistently made me laugh.

david spade is a really good actor. have you seen him in the new joe dirt two movie? it was actually much better than i was expecting it to be lol

This is actually a pretty good show...but whenever I hear Jeff's (Patrick Warburton) voice.. I automatically think of Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove.

I like to watch reruns of rules of engagement before going to be at night. We don't have cable anymore so we are limited in our channels. I enjoy watching this show, it makes me laugh.

Yes, there is something about watching a sweet, kind, funny re-run of a popular show to gently lull you to sleep

you are very right! I can't watch all that depressing news before going to bed. But this show is fun and relaxing, nothing disturbing like the nightly news!

I've watched episodes here and there. It was good but not great, in my opinion. I liked it for when I had nothing else on. Not one of my favorites, but better than a lot of other shows.

I love this show!!! I was so sad that they stopped making episodes of Rules of Engagement. :( Every single episode was hilarious in a new way.
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