Rules Of Engagement
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George Mathers
This is on of my favourite programmes. I don't get to watch it regularly because I don't have comedy central but try to watch it when I can
Mimi Kidd
I am a fan of David Spade and so by default I was also a fan of Rules of Engagement. This show consistently made me laugh.
Jasmine Martin
This is actually a pretty good show...but whenever I hear Jeff's (Patrick Warburton) voice.. I automatically think of Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove.
Orianthi M
I like to watch reruns of rules of engagement before going to be at night. We don't have cable anymore so we are limited in our channels. I enjoy watching this show, it makes me laugh.
p g
Yes, there is something about watching a sweet, kind, funny re-run of a popular show to gently lull you to sleep
Orianthi M
you are very right! I can't watch all that depressing news before going to bed. But this show is fun and relaxing, nothing disturbing like the nightly news!
Brooke M
I've watched episodes here and there. It was good but not great, in my opinion. I liked it for when I had nothing else on. Not one of my favorites, but better than a lot of other shows.
Trisha Wright
I love this show!!! I was so sad that they stopped making episodes of Rules of Engagement. :( Every single episode was hilarious in a new way.
Maria Nizzardo Durfee
this show is always funny, I love david spade, and oliver Hudson, and the guy who makes the voices on the family guy and American dad
p g
Oliver Hudson was sooooo likeable on this show. He character was kind, sweet, and handsome ... he is mean and scary on "Nashville".
Karen Lynn
Jeff and Audrey are my favorite! I was bummed when the show got canceled.
Hillary Morton
I miss this show! It had such good plot lines, and i used to watch it every week, but then they canceled it. They always take away the good ones!
Liz Meyer
I really like this show, overall, but David Spade's character has GOT to go! I feel like there is no character development, he is just the same old creep all the time. My favorite couple is Jeff and Audrey.
Trisha Wright
I understand where you are coming from. I liked his relationship with Timmy though. I'm not sure the show would have been as funny without David Spade in it though.
p g
David Spade's character was awful! I agree! I think the writers tried to develop the character through timmy and the wife.
Nikki Russell
This is being cancelled after seven seasons. The final episode will air on 5/20/2013
Shannon Martin
This show is so funny! My husband's name is Jeff....and Patrick Warburton whose character name is also Jeff--way too similar behaviors except I can laugh at the Jeff on TV ... mine well to put it bluntly he's not as funny. David Spade makes the typical "DOG" in character as good as it gets! Thinking back to years ago before I was married --that's what was out there ..a "meat market" I'm not sure if that will ever change? The show resembles phases of life --you have your single "stud" looking for some, an engaged couple who are in love and the happiness that surrounds them , and then you have the married couple - where there are no surprises it's all laid out on the line. I will say this though, I thought the show was way more entertaining before David Spade's sidekick Adhir Kalyan came on board. To me, his character is not a good fit for this show. If you get a chance , sit back, relax and watch an episode or two--then you will see what phase of life you are in . :)
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