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Gaining independence from New Zealand in 1962, this country was formerly known as Western Samoa. Apia is the capital and only city in Samoa, the official languages are Samoan and English and the official currency is the Tala. Here, young men are in charge of gathering and cooking food, people are known for their enjoyment of life and good-spirited nature. 

Do you find it interesting that, in a family with too many sons, it’s acceptable to raise the youngest boy as a daughter by giving him a girl’s name and letting him wear girl’s clothing? View more

I am trying to connect with my father whom my sister and I love dearly and my twin sosn have never seen or spoken to

Kristin, you should probably try to contact some institutions and organizations in Samoa and ask how you can find your father. Do you have any family members or friends in Samoa that may know where he is?

Looking for George Wipere harris married to naomi Harris, daughter Rimu Harris may have married and changed name. Family home and land in Savaii Samoa help me please

Hey kristin its tash how are you hope you're well...was looking for a certain book that dad was in back in the 70s or so and I googled his name and came across your message...I hope you dont mind but I rang him and I read it to him and he was over the moon about it, he tried to hide the fact that he was crying but lets just keep that between us.haha..anyway I promised him that id reply TODAY 12/02/15...not sure when you had written your message but I hope it wasn't too long email is would put dads but he's sooo fussy with putting his details on the net..hope to hear from you soon and send our love to your family. Take care. :-)
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