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I am so tired of seeing my efforts on here being useless. I woke up to find out that one of my posts, talking about a friend of mine, was deleted; plus, only some of the reviews I made was approved for no valid reason. What a waste of time.

I hate scams, specially ones that really are too obvious yet they still spam you with it. Spamming scams are the worst.

Unfortunately I spent a lot of time working at a site that in the end scammed me. It is really hard to know who to trust anymore on some sites. We just have to research better

Me too, Colleen. It's really sad because most people including you and I were making some good money on that site.

I use to get a bunch of phone calls from scammers. Not so much anymore now. I can't believe there are people out there that try to pull this ****

I was not familiar with this word scam before working online but now i'm very much familiar with the word scam as i had been working for many scam sites

NEVER think "This will never happen to me" "I will never fall for a scam" - Truth is you never know when you might fall victim to one.

I have and have so much that is weighing me down now because of it. My family is hurting because I was online job scammed.

Ive learned from my mistakes but that doesnt fix the problem right in front of me =(

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Of course, we'd be silly to think we could never be scammed, that's why you can never be too careful. I think a lot of people including myself have just been scammed by 3 sites that folded in the past month or so. Maybe it wasn't the intention, but the fact that they were there one minute, gone the next makes you wonder.

Mine was not a site but a person hiring people. I found them online. Then they scammed people out of a place to stay on vacation and I was the middle man.
I thought I was smart enough not to fall for one, and realized your right. You never can be to careful.

Sites online come and go a lot lately. I to hate all the new site that come and go it really does make you wonder.

I use to get a bunch of phone calls from scammers. I could remember one time getting three to four in a day. Sometimes the same one would call over and over

i think you should blacklisted those scammers who bothers you and there are many ways as the SIM or Phone company offered as security

a friend of mine recently admitted to me that he used to be a con artist and it has coloured my view of him significantly as my mother has been conned a few times by people like him.

someone called my nana a while back pretending that one of us was in jail and needed bail money, thank goodness she called me before acting (with 5 of us its easy to lose track)
I told her a simple facebook comment of tagging our names and telling us to check in works well. All of my brothers and cousins will answer it the moment they see it.

that's an awful scam to take advantage of someone who would be very worried and presumably help the person out. glad she has a good way to check in with everyone!


It gets tiresome going on almost any site and be redirected to a website that tries to scam you. Also ads can get very annoying depending on your screen they almost fill up the entire page.

You really need to be careful when you are doing anything lately. There are a ton of scams out there and sometimes they are hard to spot.

There are so many scams out there online and offline. Sometimes you don't know what and who to trust anymore.

The word itself is really not good to read. Scams is everywhere even online sites you can find it and that is really bad experience to have in my entire life.

Oh i just tired of some scam sites which grabbed my earning without any legal reason, those scam sites only made for cheat common people or users

I just received the latest FB scam by a hacker claiming to be my friend I knew something wasn't kosher about it and this is what is says So you haven't heard about the 2015 empowerment program in conjunction with Facebook Active user Compensation bonus?

It's not easy to contact FB to report this I don't know what else to do these people shouldn't get away with this they need to be prosecuted

There is an address to forward those fake FBI emails to. I don't remember it but I googled it one time and forwarded bunches of those bogus emails to the FBI.You could probably find the address if you tried. I got tired of sending them.

I recently heard about this IRS scam going on. They would call people claiming to be the IRS and saying you owed so much in taxes. If you didn't pay it they would come arrest you. Such ****

I got that phone call Dave! I soo didnt believe the guy. He had such a heavy accent i couldnt understand half he was saying. I told him to take me off the list.

I have a friend whos grandma was targeted but this scam. She is a very sweet lady who came over there almost histerical, and scared. We all calmed her down and to prove it we had her call the IRS personally. Of course it was a scam....sad they want to do that to the older generation =(

Scams are time consuming and quite frankly, I think people should get compensated just for researching whether online/offline stuffs are a scam or not.

I hate scams. They are every where and no matter what you do you still come across finding scams. Some even post them on Facebook.

I ran into a FB scam myself lately that was so real and so many details. I cant believe I fell for it UGH

i hate scams last year i wasted a whole 3 months working online for a scam site just to realise it was a scam when it was my time to be paid but now i am wiser i first do research before joining a online working site.

The dating site scams are the saddest I think. Vulnerable people tricked into sending scammers thousands of dollars because they think they are helping someone that they think loves them.
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