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Scams are everywhere every single day. Now with the internet, the scammers just have a new playground to prey in.

I hate scammers. That's why we should be aware of joining legitimate sellers and online sites because it wastes all of our earnings. I am really afraid of scams. Why should they need to steal, each ones hard work.

agree need to be so very careful in joinin anything online to earn money. there,s so few little really good legit paying sites that does honor free members. an boat load of so call sites who do nothing but play games and lie cheat and ect with free members and as well their upgrade members too not honor payout time. do checking with ptc investigater online to see who is total legit and isnt

There are lots of this around the internet.I am glad i never been one of the victims.I am very careful not to make a mistake.

I lost 12 thousand US dollars from those scammers. I wont deny I want sweet revenge but now I just let go of the anger. I am sure someday they will get what they deserved.

Scams are everywhere these days and sadly there is so many people who are so wrapped up in it they get taken advantage of.

Scams online are so prevalent that if everyone had a penny for every scam we uncover online we would all be rich and not care about the scams of the world. Until then we are bound to wonder " could that thing I thought was a scam actually made me money or cured me of anxiety/depression/ fear/anger/ worry/harm?"

I hate when I am on YouTube and the comments are filled with hey I make 5000$ a day come join this site

I know what you mean and they have nothing to do with the topic of the site you are on. If it was so easy as that, everyone would be doing it and there wouldn't be poverty in the world. The only ones who make $5000 a day are the people scamming the idiots who join and pay their money to the ones posting it. It is a shame people are out to rip off others!

There's so many scams out there these days, and scammers are getting more skilled too. We need to be careful about what information we give to people. If you receive an email from what looks like to be your bank and they're asking for all your personal information over the internet, I would recommend calling the bank first to confirm if they really sent that e-mail!!!

I am sorry for those who have been scammed. I guess I am lucky that I do not trust anyone and always call to verify anything With so much talk about scams it is amazing that it happens so oftne

I get alot of these E-mail's on my Scam Site...Alot of the time's I forward them 2 My Bank -AOL - PAYPAL...trying 2 b nice & let them know what's being passed around..Have never ever received an E-mail back from them...

You receive an e-mail that looks like it came from your bank, warning you about identity theft and asking that you log in and verify your account information. The message says that if you don't take action immediately, your account will be terminated.
Since I don't do on line banking I know what this one is right away.

There always seems to be a new scam going around. Makes it hard to keep up with them. Sad the world in which we live.

I try to keep up with scams by going to I am also very careful about what I post on sites.

Watch out for a new scam going around. My mom said that she got a call, but didn't make it to the phone in time. When she checked her caller id, it was her name and number! I looked it up and there was a few articles written about it last week.

Whoa I hadn't heard of that one yet. i heard of the one that tells you to call it back and once you call them back they somehow charge you for some outrageous fee. Technology is great, but sometimes it makes it too easy for people to scam you.

I have had people call and when they say I have won something and I say well send it to me and they say you have to send money for it I tell them right then that they are scamming because if you really win something you do not have to pay money tp get it. They hang up on me. Humm I wonder why.

My 85 yr old Mom gets alot of these scam calls not to mention scam postal mails. they target elderly widows who are naive and will believe them. How do they sleep at night?

When I worked at a retirement community a few years ago we were all put on alert to scams being pulled on the elderly. Phone calls saying they were their grandkids and were in trouble and needed money and then had them send it western union or some other way. Just pathetic

there is one scam out about her computer being attacked by a virus. thats the microsoft call we all know about. There is another one about lowering her electrical bill by 20% if she transfers to their company and what they do is ask her to read a certain number off her last bill which gives them access to her account automatically and they transfer he to their company if she wants to or doesnt

There is another phone scam that they call you telling you you won a mercedes 2014 car but you just have to send them a small fee for having the car sent to your home! She gets soo many different calls! I have taught her to say I AM NOT INTERESTED and hang up and NEVER click or dial ONE if they ask you to.

That is just awful. She should just ignore the calls unless she recognizes the number like I do lol I hate telemarketers or scammers

eheh the problem is she doesnt recognize anyones phone numbers except maybe a few. dont forget, she is 85..she once did give out her credit card number and they were using it. luckily we caught it right on time and cancelled it

The biggest problem of all are the postal mails. They send all sorts of 3-5 page letters telling how they are fight for her social security.and the death tax. they know exactly how to aim right at the elderly and their needs.they slap on any governor or senators name making it look real. "just donate 10, 25, 60 or $100 to help us fight Obama Care" or whatever, she gets about 20 of these in the mail a day!

i lost a telemarketing job because i wouldnt try to get people to donate to a scam after theyre telling me they lived on disability, they couldnt even buy medicines. some people didnt care and would push. i dont understand how you do that. i hated that job.

That is so wrong that people take advantage of the elderly. We all have to watch out for the most vulnerable people in our lives.

This is really sad my mom gets calls all the time or mail from scammers. Luckily she doesn't fall for them but I am sure some people do.

When I was young, I tried to do some of the work from home offers. I sent $25 to the company for information on how to work at home. All they sent me was things on how to do the same thing to others by getting them to submit $25. I didn't do it because I wasn't out to scam anyone just so I could make some money. It was a good lesson learned for thank-goodness, not a HUGE amount of money. I am sure some are legit, but most aren't.

I remember those when I was young, but I always knew something wasn't right and only once did I go with it. It was one of those you send me $1, I snd you $1 things, so thankfully I wasn't out a lot of money.

I've gotten a lot of emails lately telling me they need to speak to me about a large sum of money I've inherited. I wish lol

I get a lot of them too. They are usually in my spam box. If only they were all true, I'd be such a rich person. They always say when something sounds too good to be true, it is a scam.

scammers suck they just want to benefit from others and that is not cool it is rude and unethical it is like cheating well it is cheating people and it is sad

I get phone calls all the time from a guy who says he is from microsoft and that he is detecting signals from my computer. He calls about two times a month. All he is doing is trying to get me to do something to my computer so that he can hack into it.

This is a scam. My email spam file is full of it and I don't answer callers I don't know. That saves a lot of grief. I don't know if MS has a spoof department but you might want to report these calls and include any particulars you can recall. 6/9/14 10:35 am EDT

Microsoft has issued warnings about this and is clear that they never phone individual users about their computer performance. Tell the caller that you know he is a scammer.

I get these all the time in my email, the last 50 I got I sent them a email, stating ...
Dear Prospective Employer
I am a recently released patient. While I have a few flaws I have several positives.
1. I can persuade almost anyone to buy anything with a little one on one
2. I am great at making things in chemicals labs, I would be happy to assist you in your company and patient them with your label giving you all the credit.
3. Also, send 499 dollars, to help get your company out there, and I promise people will listen to your sales pitch. =)
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