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I honestly don't use that much of sites on internet because I am always afraid of it being a scam so I rather not give it a try lol

"Hello sir I am a ugandan prince and I want to give you $2.500,000 to transfer into my other account. I will give you $500,000 upfront if you help me. Thankyou"
How does / Has that scam ever worked ahahaha

There are a lot of people that falls for these things because they really believe about this kind of things and they want really want money.

There are so many scam sites out there anymore. It's annoying to spend hours of your time to earn money only to realize you won't ever get paid. It makes me wonder if they were set up to be scams, or if they just went downhill.

I just had this pop up on my screen. I am pretty sure that it is a scam but it is like how do they know I am with Charter? Scammers are getting better.

People trying to earn a living online have a hard time with scams. They have to decide if a site is legit and do their homework and research the opportunity.

I fell for scams back in the days and no longer am gullible for it. After experiencing some, it made me "wise up" and to know what to look out for. Do not fall for anything that ask for your money unless it's a home based business.

I remember when I was a kid i used to fall for every scam I saw! It was really hard to tell the difference, but now that I see them every day its really easy to tell. lol

yeah, i just encountered a scam last night. i downloaded the "netflix app" and ended up with a bunch of viruses. luckily, i got rid of it quickly.

Wonder why the scammers are crawling out the woodwork lately. I received two scam phone calls, one for a "Free cruise" and one for "loan approval" within an hour this morning. Usually it's months between scam calls.

I hate that people waste time, both the scammer and the scammed. It is just so sad that people would do this kind of thing to others.

I do my best to stay away from scams. I make sure to do all my research before taking part in any website or offer. There is so many out there so you have to be extra careful.

Recently my phone number has been inundated with calls from my "credit card company" - ha-ha. How stupid do you think I am. No company name, no call back.

Isn't that a scream? The one that calls me has been leaving messages that this is my second and final notice to lower my credit card. I have had dozens of second and final notices that I have to delete. They must think we don't have brains.

There are lots of ways to discourage scam phone calls. I'm sure you can find a few online. My favorite is to ask for their Company ID and tell them I will call Microsoft and request speaking to the person with that ID. Once they know you're onto them, they usually give up. At least, they have for me.

I am so tired of getting these "Windows Technical Department" scam calls. They have called several times over the last 2 days at all hours. It sounds like they are calling from a bar. I give them a few choice words, recommend an activity that may be physically impossible and hang up. You'd think they would get the hint that I'm not falling for it.

i am tired of seeing scams all over the place, it is nice to actually find sites that arent a scam and that you can actually make money off of.

It is easy to get scammed with all our personal information being online. The government reconsider making the our life's public information.

I get soo many calls every single day from a business saying they are TD Bank. I called my bank and told them and gave them the number that keeps calling me and they said that the number is not associated with TD.. Be careful when answering your phone!

I get at least 10 junk emails per day that just plainly are scams, damn this is just **** damn annoying and irritating!!

I receive numerous spam emails for different scams. I also receive phone calls every so often with someone feeding me a bunch of nonsense. These people need to get a life

there's always someone who is trying to scam- it's best to look out for the signs and be vigilant about it!
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