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I don't understand people or companies that scam. How do they feel good about themselves knowing they conned someone out of their hard-earned money, especially elderly people on fixed incomes? There's just so many scammers out there that I tell you, I'm so grateful that the BBB exists. I've seen commercials for Angie's List but if I recall, you have to pay for that as opposed to the BBB. But anyway, even if they were free, I think most or all of us trust the Better Business Bureau far more. They really do their homework on companies and individuals and put the squeeze on them.

My 86 yr old Mom used to get at least 20 scam letters in the mail to try to get her money.they aim at the elderly because they believe what they read. Sometimes they make these letters look very professional. Once you answer 1 of these letters, you are on the scam list big time and the letters come in ore and more daily. There is a fabulous company called Paper Karma that helps stop these scam letters from coming.They helped me to cut down 95% of those letters from coming to her mailbox!

I get all the point made by you guys. We are leaving out some of the biggest scammers. Our insurance companies, Telephone companies and all those other big scammers. We definitely wont fall for the guy on the phone but we fall for scams everyday and don't even know.

You are absolutely right about that. How about the scams that come through the mail? Nobody has even really considered those. Especially the ones that ask for personal information that doesn't seem so personal at the time.

It upset me when people scam others, especially when they scam the elderly. These old people sometimes lose all or most of their life savings due to some sorry, low-down clowns that would rather take all THEIR money than earn their own. It also irritates me when people somehow get your email address and send you dumb emails from foreign countries asking outright for money or claiming I won or inherited money but I need to send some type of fee to get it. Lol. Whatever, dude. Go somewhere else with that nonsense. I'm not sending those jokers one cent!

I have learned in the past that if something seems to good to be true then it probably isn't. Never pay money to get money!!

Some scams that have been going around for years. I can not beleive that people actually fall for them. But they do and they loss hundreds of dollars when they do.

I often get way too many phone calls about scams that I had never remembered signing up for anywhere close to the calls I get.

someone on my local fb group was selling $50 gift cards for $30, when people called the pin in they were invalid or had been used up.

There's an app that sells giftcards and that is the exact reason why i have not even tried using it yet. i would be really upset if that happened to me.

I got scammed on ebay. It's sad when people scam you. I hope this site is legit, I'm getting close to a thousand points. At least not everyone in the world is a scammer.

Celia, after being on this sit for more than a year and a half, I can honestly say it definately is not a scam!

Sites like Ebay and Craiglist abound with scammers but they both seem a lot better than they were a few years ago.

Celia I can honestly say that this is a legit site. I just cashed out yesterday. There are plenty of bad ones but cash out at the lowest first to make sure they are indeed legit.

Someone tried to scam my grandmother by calling her and saying they were her grandson. They tried to get her to wire money too them in another country. Thankfully she didn't fall for it!

Ive been badly scammed in the past by people using the website olx and have heard of many cases of fraudsters advertising items and never delivering

Speaking of scams, there's a new site that allows the user to join for free and allows them to do multiple tasks with a promising 1,500$ weekly. They never pay. Certain users made a review about it online.

I thinks scammers are lazy people who are coward's that doesn't want to work who stay behind their phone or computer and rob people who have been working hard to achieve what they have

Of course it easier. Working for your income is much harder than taking it away from someone. Hiding behind their computer mask. Just like a bandit. Never give your information to people on the phone or net. Unless you contacted them.

I once fell for a phone scam. They called, made the offer sound so good. I don't know why I didn't think it was too good to be true, they said they would take £1. I gave them my card details and they took £80. I was so frustrated, I went to the bank, they said they couldn't do anything because I myself gave them my details.

all the more reason why nobody should fall for any telemarketer or any online web site includes any email notice. everyone of are none other fraud scammers only out to steal privite bank info and ect. dont forget those fake companies claiming this and that who come to the door for home repairs when theres nothing on been ordered another fraud

I remember when I was new to the internet. I search how to earn money online and I have join a lot of scam sites. I'm pretty naive that time.

Me too, I have encountered a lot of scams before landing to the real one I almost give up but good thing I did not.

I was scammed off of a site called olx where a guy was selling tvs and said that he would deliver it if i paid a deposit, well guy disappeared and money lost forever and still no tv, be careful on the web

i never got how people fall in the hands of phone scammers. online and website scams are harder to pick out unless you do research

Sadly people are to eager to earn money. And scammers always make it sound good. I love the ones that call saying I have one xxxx amount of dollars and need to send them xx money to process it. I say (If I'm the winner of xxxx money take the coast out of it and sent me the rest) LOL

What about the e-mails from overseas wanting bank info to send an "inheritance". Or the Indian guy who calls and says your computer is sending him error messages. Some of the scams going around are so lame its hard to believe anyone would ever fall for them.

Scams are everywhere, in the internet, text messages or even in the real world. That's why we have wise with anything.

I got a text message from "Wells Fargo" today and talk about scam. They wanted me to send my social security number and my card number. I don't even have a card.

so many scams going on people just trying to get ahead or get over people sad to see people being scammed

I think we need to discipline ourselves and always think of the higher possibility of our actions that will affect our future.

Money can really makes our minds blurry at times, but always remember there is no easy way to earn millions but through hardwork. As long as a company talks about your own money from your own bank... better to be wise or just get out of there.
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