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i never got how people fall in the hands of phone scammers. online and website scams are harder to pick out unless you do research

What about the e-mails from overseas wanting bank info to send an "inheritance". Or the Indian guy who calls and says your computer is sending him error messages. Some of the scams going around are so lame its hard to believe anyone would ever fall for them.

Scams are everywhere, in the internet, text messages or even in the real world. That's why we have wise with anything.

I got a text message from "Wells Fargo" today and talk about scam. They wanted me to send my social security number and my card number. I don't even have a card.

so many scams going on people just trying to get ahead or get over people sad to see people being scammed

I think we need to discipline ourselves and always think of the higher possibility of our actions that will affect our future.

Money can really makes our minds blurry at times, but always remember there is no easy way to earn millions but through hardwork. As long as a company talks about your own money from your own bank... better to be wise or just get out of there.

I don't like them! I don't see any reason why people needs to enter this kind of business just to earn money. I've seen plenty of scams online and I've been a victim of that act.This is really unfair especially for those who have spent money expecting to have a home based job. It is really important to be extra careful when researching for online job.

Ugh scams, who likes them anyway? There are too many scams going on these days, sometimes you can't help but question everything you do and everything you involve yourself with. We have to be extra careful these days indeed.

I have encountered scams whenever I am looking for a legitimate work online. They would promise high income for just a short period of time. I learned right away its too good to be true. Its good that some people post their experience with such scam websites so that others who would Google the name of the websites were able to find it.

I am always getting phone calls from scammers. I have started to have fun with them. Put the phone next to loud music. Act like you just killed someone and ask them were they want you to hide the body. They hang up real quick on that one. It has even stopped a few from calling back. lol

It's hard to know websites if they are legitimate but not only that some people are a scammer. My mom was scammed by a person who she thought was her friend. She keeps on borrowing my mom's things but when she asks for it back he never gave it back

Donna, I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your mom. I hope you are able to resolve what's going on. For legitimate websites, I go to It will tell you what rating the site has and how long it's been around.

I had something similar happen to me. Only difference I didn't lend it out. lol She even tried taking my husband. She couldn't so she took my dog in the end after she couldn't get anything else from me. Cops wouldn't even do anything. Even when she took the dog and I had papers for the dog to.

I am always on the lookout for these. I read reviews and do research before I invest in anything, use a service, or go somewhere. Unfortunately, my BFF and her family has been scammed several times. She has gone to two for-profit colleges and one just got shut down last week, rendering her nursing assistant degree invalid. She owes loans on that.

New scams are created everyday but for gods sake, there is a way to avoid them all. One thing that you can do is searching review for it.

whether on the internet or just in the real world you really have to watch out for people who just want to scam you. people just need to use more common sense in these situations

Scams are all over the place. From tv ads on television to yes the scams on the internet as well. I never fall into any scams on the internet before lucky me.

I was taken in once, and I've been extra cautious since. I now question everything and seek other people's second opinion. I'm very determined to beat these unscrupulous people!

Some years ago, my wife received a call on her cellphone that she had won a raffle. But before she could redeem the prize, she should send a load worth 10% of the prize. If not for my interference, my wife would have fallen for that.

I am so tired of seeing my efforts on here being useless. I woke up to find out that one of my posts, talking about a friend of mine, was deleted; plus, only some of the reviews I made was approved for no valid reason. What a waste of time.

I haven't had any problems with posts being deleted. Maybe you should contact an admin and discuss this problem with them.

I hate scams, specially ones that really are too obvious yet they still spam you with it. Spamming scams are the worst.

Spam is just okay with me. What I hate are scams that find their way to my phone. With email scams, that's not a problem because I am collecting such scam emails.

Unfortunately I spent a lot of time working at a site that in the end scammed me. It is really hard to know who to trust anymore on some sites. We just have to research better

Me too, Colleen. It's really sad because most people including you and I were making some good money on that site.
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