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A chronic, severe and disabling brain disorder where a person interprets reality abnormally. It is characterised by delusions, hallucinations, disordered thinking and behaviours. It’s not known what causes schizophrenia, but it’s believed that genetics and environment contribute to the development of the disease.
Lei D.
I am not trying to be judgmental but I've known a few schizophrenics. both of them deceive, lie,etc. One girl lied about stupid things. Another guy lied about things about me to other people and then lie to make me feel better, and then try to rationalize his wrongs.
Emily Jansen
When i hear of mental diseases like this I count my blessings that i do not have anything like this. Must be hell living like that
Erik Harris
I am not an expert on this condtion, but from what I hear most cases are caused by drug use. It is very sad, whether or not this is the cause. I have encountered a few people with the condition in my time.
Marcy Machen
I can't understand why people with schizophrenia (mental disease) are unable to get help. Society seems to just throw them away like garbage. Our country gives free health care to those incarcerated in prison so why not help the ones who should be first in line instead of last.
Susan Turner
Well I disagree to a certain point some time society does not throw them away there are some that do not want to take medication for this problem. But I am sure there are many that need help but do not get it.
Rayda Renshaw
I have a nephew who was diagnosed with this disease. He struggled with it for several years but finally gave in and hung himself in 2005. It was his second attempt at hanging himself and he told his mother after the first try that it didn't hurt to hang. I take comfort in knowing he is no longer struggling with the pain of the disease.
Erik Harris
So sorry to hear about your loss. It is sad that mental disorders are often laughed at or considered no big deal. They are so serious. Prayers to your family.
Lei D.
Aw, that is so sad.I am sorry that he felt more pleasure hanging then actually living life. Glad that he is happy too.My view? If someone is happier dead then alive, let them be. Trust me, I've dealt with suicide before and if someone goes through with an attempt (that's success is higher) then they def. are struggling. Telling them to hold on cause' pain ends is selfish, you dont know them or their life.
Rayda Renshaw
I think we as humans tend to feel threatened by someone wanting to end their life because basically we all sense deep down that we might be better off there and I think we are actually jealous of those who have the courage to actually go through with it. Most folks fear death and so when someone embraces death it tends to scare them.
Susan Turner
That is very sad that your nephew took his life I know his parents are grieving. It is sad that some people just can not deal and think l this is the only way out.
Rayda Renshaw
We all deal with the pain of life differently. I think I have to have a little more respect for those who take their own lives quickly than for those who crawl into a bottle or drugs to dull the pain they feel and thus kill themselves slowly.
Judy Story
runs in some families and there is nothing that the members can do to escape it. you can hope that you will not get it.
Jenee Lake
I have someone in my family that has something a lot like schizopherenia. I hope that they find a cure for it someday!
Melanie Perreault Wynn
I was told that I have paranoid schizophrenia, well what do you expect all I hear on the news about school shootings and stabbings even in your own home, I feel that we are not save anywhere, I don't go out all the time I'm afraid that someone will try to kill me that's always in the back of my mind or someone's out to get me, I'm taking antidepressants they make me a lot worse and I can't take antipsychotics I've tried that had a bad reaction to them
Melanie Perreault Wynn
I'm sorry I have the right to feel that way and at times I feel like the police are out to get me as well I had a very bad experience with the police few years ago when they beat me up for no reason and they know I have a mental illness and shame on them they made things a lot worse as well, I can't live a normal life afraid to leave my house half the time I'm always living in fear :(
Nona Owens
There is a difference in paranoia and paranoid schizophrenia. Those with paranoia can have unreasonable fears but do not experience hallucinations.
Lei D.
People consider my fears unreasonable but you cant say that im this because you feel it is unreasonable. i have my reasons, you may not agree.. but that doesn't mean im "sick"
Nona Owens
There are people who often refer to schizophrenia as "split personality". There is absolutely not true. Those who have more than one personality fall in the category of disassociative identity disorder, not schizophrenia.
Maria Nizzardo Durfee
the movie "a Beautiful mind" was the first time this disease made sense to me. anyone that needs to learn about this disease shouod watch that movie
Lindsey M
Schizophrenia doesn't sound fun to have but I like a song called Schizophrenia. It's by Jukebox The Ghost, if anyone wants to check it out.
Yvonne Woodstock
Our oldest son Jesse 26 has paranoid schizophrenia and the poor guy he first showed severe symptoms at only 1 1/2 years old. He would hallucinate and see and hear things that looked and sounded very real to him and all tended to be terrifying. Also he would be the best behaved polite sweetest kid with the biggest heart you can imagine and then with no warning he would suddenly snap from time to time and like an ER dr observed , you would have thought he had seen exorcist (he DIDNT we didnt even have a tv until he was 8) .. you would have thought he was Possessed, and then when he would snap out of it, he would be confused and not remember what happened at first and then start to remmeber and then because he was truly SUCH a very good boy and a big conscience he would feel so bad about stuff he said and did he would cry and at 5 one time he said I wish I was a vcr tape and someone could rewind me or I wish God could erase me and start over. Poor baby! Broke my heart. He didnt get properly diagnosed until age 11. and right before that I found him rocking on bedroom floor sobbing and I held him and asked him what was wrong and he was shaking all over and he said "I dont want to die but mom I am Sorry but I am going to HAVE to kill myself because every night dark shadows come in my room and tell me to hurt you and the other kids and dad and I dont want them to win ever because I love you guys so I figure I have to kill myself to make sure they can never make me hurt you. " I told him he was very brave and good to tell me that and he just needed help. He was hospitalized for a full month (which he was glad about he desperatately wanted to be ok and be good). He was on meds thru teens then but common to many paranoid schizophrenics he is paranoid of meds too so once he was 18 he stopped taking meds. He lives on ssi disability but is able to live independently and he is eccentric but actually in an endearing way not bad.. He has the biggest heart and is always helpng homeless people and the people who are down on their luck or outcast etc. He is exceptionally intellligent and wise beyond his years and funny too. I am so in awe at how well he does especially since he is not on meds I asked him.. Jesse do you think you were like miraculously healed or something because you function so well. He smiled and hugged me and said Idont like you to worry mom but the truth is I still hear and see things every single day but what I did is I spent weeks alone in my room years back and taught myself to be able to tell the difference between what is real and what is not even though that is hard because it all sounds and looks real. I have become very good at this I noticed as long as I dont get under too much stress and also dont allow myself too much time to overthink, I have to keep my mind busy reading or helping people or going online or playing video games otherwise I can start to slip and get delusional I noticed and lose control. So I just havve to be careful and observant. He is such a light in the dark in this world. When I cry at how much he has suffered so far beyond his fair share in this life, he chuckles and says its ok mom dont cry it has made me stronger and more compassionate to others. I dont regret anything.
Dave Stowyk
That is sad for your son. I hope that he can be helped with this disorder in the future. At least he sounds like he is a very brave boy.
Marcy Machen
At least you found out at a early age because mostly it doesn't show up until the teen years. I am so glad he is able to live independently and has such a big heart, be Proud of HIm.
April Carter
My paternal grandmother was diagnosed as schizophrenic in the late 70's / early 80's & spent most of my childhood in a state hospital. I didn't even meet her until after I was 10 or 11. Later it was determined that she was more than likely misdiagnosed and actually suffered from manic depression. She had 10 children, all relatively close together. In my opinion 10 children would be stressful in any situation. Personally, I never seen signs of any type of disorder in her. Fortunately she was "rescued" from the state hospital & lived her final days in a nice retirement facility that specialized in elderly residents with her problems. She passed away Nov 2013 & I will miss her for the rest of my days. I wish I had had more time with her.
Lisa Eiff
My husband is schizophrenic, and yes, I knew this before we started dating. It's a challenge, but we're able to manage. Medications definitely help if you are working with your doctor to find the right balance.
Fry Parker
I hate both the term and social perception of what this disorder really is! The art for the page is quite nice though. Although schizophenia does translate from its roots to 'split' 'mind', it differs very much from multiple personallity disorder. People need to learn this and learn not to fear schizophrenics any more than anyone else. Almost everyone knows someone with this disorder, but does not know that they suffer from it. Just as the person themself may not know. This is largely due to being scared of being evaluated and labled as crazy. There is something a bit off about all of us! Stigma should be applied to all of us or none of us, until one acts out in a way harmful to one's self or others.
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