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A chronic, severe and disabling brain disorder where a person interprets reality abnormally. It is characterised by delusions, hallucinations, disordered thinking and behaviours. It’s not known what causes schizophrenia, but it’s believed that genetics and environment contribute to the development of the disease.

Genetically and environmentally thank God I have no problem of Schizophrenia, this would be horrible experience for those who have this problem.

My uncle has this disorder. I never got to know him personally but I am aware that he suffers from this. It has to be tough to live with every day.

I think people with Schizophrenia must be surrounded with people they love because they weren't have this disorder from the begining if it weren't because of the absence of those people in their lives.

I think people with Schizophrenia disorder must be surrounded with people they love so that they can heal fast because they wouldn't have this disorder from the beginning if it weren't because of the abcense of people they love.

The husband of mom's cousin suffers from this. It seriously is insane, quite horrible for both him and his family. Last time he wanted to get cigarettes, when the shop was closed, and for whatever reason he believed it was open, so when he couldn't open the door, he smashed the door with his car...

This type of illness offends me when the symptoms that are associated with this illness don't even pertain to me. However, when a doctor doesn't give you the time of day to correctly evaluate you, this is what happens. I am sure there is a connection between adhd, bipolar, and depression. I am sure there are plenty of people out there misdiagnosed.

I was misdiagnosed, I was on hallucinogens and I accidentally called 911 on a trip.
I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and, forcibly taken to a mental hospital.
After that experience, I'm scared of doing any drugs.. :/

Having schizophrenia seems like you're always on LSD. It would be scary to not be able to control hallucinations and, not know what's real and, what's fake.

Schizophrenia is such a frightening illness. My grandmother has it and she really is traumatized with upsetting thoughts and delusions. I hope that anyone with this illness is able to find the help they need

If someone in your life or someone you work with has schizophrenia I HIGHLY recommend the workshop Hearing Voices. It allows you to experience schizophrenia for a short period of time and gives you such a better understanding.

I have an aunt that was diagnosed as a Schizo when she was 18 after experimenting with drugs. She was institutionalized and had to have electro shock therapy. She is doing better now and I see her once a year. She calls her mother daily and annoys her, but that is so with all children.

i have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. i do not have paranoid schizophrenia. i also have other mental illnesses and it can be sooo confusing at times. you dont know if what you see and hear is real or not. it can break the line between hallucinations and reality. i have tried many meds. i have not found one that truly helps. i dont believe it was genetics that caused mine as no one in my bloodline, that i know of has any form of mental illness. i believe mine was most definitely cause by environment along with the other mental issues i have.

Out of curiosity, have you been diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, or OCD? New research has proven that the same genes that cause one causes parts of the others, so you could have got it from that...

I am not trying to be judgmental but I've known a few schizophrenics. both of them deceive, lie,etc. One girl lied about stupid things. Another guy lied about things about me to other people and then lie to make me feel better, and then try to rationalize his wrongs.

I have no idea. They all could just be pathological liars pretending to be schizophrenic too but then again who would pretend that? I really am curious though if they know if they are lying.

When i hear of mental diseases like this I count my blessings that i do not have anything like this. Must be hell living like that

I actually have a good friend with it, she's told me a lot about her experiences. Obviously it's not the same for everyone, as no one is the same, but she isn't bothered by it at all, she doesn't need medication for it or anything.

I am not an expert on this condtion, but from what I hear most cases are caused by drug use. It is very sad, whether or not this is the cause. I have encountered a few people with the condition in my time.

Schizophrenia is primarily found in neurodivergent individuals. This means that it's caused by the brain developing differently that a neurotypical (the brain structure that the majority of humans possess) brain, and is in that way, not much different that having ADHD, Autism, or any other type of neurodivergence. /Some/ prescription drugs have been shown to /worsen/ symptoms, but are definitively not the cause.

I can't understand why people with schizophrenia (mental disease) are unable to get help. Society seems to just throw them away like garbage. Our country gives free health care to those incarcerated in prison so why not help the ones who should be first in line instead of last.

I have a nephew who was diagnosed with this disease. He struggled with it for several years but finally gave in and hung himself in 2005. It was his second attempt at hanging himself and he told his mother after the first try that it didn't hurt to hang. I take comfort in knowing he is no longer struggling with the pain of the disease.

So sorry to hear about your loss. It is sad that mental disorders are often laughed at or considered no big deal. They are so serious. Prayers to your family.

Aw, that is so sad.I am sorry that he felt more pleasure hanging then actually living life. Glad that he is happy too.My view? If someone is happier dead then alive, let them be. Trust me, I've dealt with suicide before and if someone goes through with an attempt (that's success is higher) then they def. are struggling. Telling them to hold on cause' pain ends is selfish, you dont know them or their life.

I think we as humans tend to feel threatened by someone wanting to end their life because basically we all sense deep down that we might be better off there and I think we are actually jealous of those who have the courage to actually go through with it. Most folks fear death and so when someone embraces death it tends to scare them.

We all deal with the pain of life differently. I think I have to have a little more respect for those who take their own lives quickly than for those who crawl into a bottle or drugs to dull the pain they feel and thus kill themselves slowly.

runs in some families and there is nothing that the members can do to escape it. you can hope that you will not get it.

uh no. there's a lot of help out there and not everyone actually needs help. Medication and other forms of help are given by evaluating their happiness/comfort, functionality, and distress. And for everything, getting them help and better help starts with eradicating the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses.

I have someone in my family that has something a lot like schizopherenia. I hope that they find a cure for it someday!

I was told that I have paranoid schizophrenia, well what do you expect all I hear on the news about school shootings and stabbings even in your own home, I feel that we are not save anywhere, I don't go out all the time I'm afraid that someone will try to kill me that's always in the back of my mind or someone's out to get me, I'm taking antidepressants they make me a lot worse and I can't take antipsychotics I've tried that had a bad reaction to them

I'm sorry I have the right to feel that way and at times I feel like the police are out to get me as well I had a very bad experience with the police few years ago when they beat me up for no reason and they know I have a mental illness and shame on them they made things a lot worse as well, I can't live a normal life afraid to leave my house half the time I'm always living in fear :(

There is a difference in paranoia and paranoid schizophrenia. Those with paranoia can have unreasonable fears but do not experience hallucinations.

People consider my fears unreasonable but you cant say that im this because you feel it is unreasonable. i have my reasons, you may not agree.. but that doesn't mean im "sick"

There are people who often refer to schizophrenia as "split personality". There is absolutely not true. Those who have more than one personality fall in the category of disassociative identity disorder, not schizophrenia.
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