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Sexual Harassment
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Any form of verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, requests for sexual favours and unwelcome sexual advances are considered as sexual harassment. The harasser or the victim may be female or male and may belong to any age group. 

Do you think this is an increasing trend today? 
Crystal Mcfarlane
I bel;ieve alot of sexual harrasment happens in schools. The teachers dont do much. Because of society and peer pressure nobody wants to snitch . The person might not have thought of it as that serious .Its a shame.
Flora Rahman
So true. I've been sexually harassed in high school long time ago by boys a lot and I only told the teacher once because I was scared of them. The teacher didn't help me in any way whatsoever.
Leiyah Mathers
What the hell ? really? People tend to take sexual harassment minor since it happens a lot. But I still can't believe that the teacher didn't help and you came up and told that you were afraid of them. If anyone is making you feel that uncomfortable..
Flora Rahman
I know. Even I was shocked. I mean, I thought she was an adult I could rely on, but I felt her attitude and lack of aid was a complete letdown. It's sad that there are many people with high authority like her who don't make a big deal out of these things and don't care to help students who are crying for help. So disappointing and disgusting.
Rick Mitchell
This isn't completely on-topic, but I couldn't find any topics that were any closer. I was reading about an argument between a man who was making somewhat salacious comments about women who cosplay (specifically, Slave Leia cosplayers), and a woman who was calling him sexist for it. The one thing she said that I really didn't understand was, "When I look sexy, I do it for me, not you."

I'm sincerely not trying to troll here, but I really, honestly don't understand the concept there. I guess my conception of the word "sexy" is that it only exists based on other people's perception of you (just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, thus a person can't be beautiful in practical terms unless there is a beholder to appreciate their beauty). So, essentially, I charge that a person can never truly be "sexy" unless someone else thinks they're sexy, so how can she be doing something that's dependent on outside feedback only for herself? I would interpret it as "When I want you to think I'm sexy, I do it for me, not you." How does that make any sense?

I guess what I'm saying is, isn't the whole point of looking sexy to garner appreciation from others? Ultimately, whether you're trying to look sexy, or pretty, or cute, or handsome, or whatever else, if you're trying to look nice (in whatever form or fashion that takes), isn't that only because you want other people to appreciate how you look? So how can that be "for me, not you?"

Maybe I sound like a male chauvinist pig, I don't know. It wouldn't be the first time I've had no clue about how "normal" people think. But I really would sincerely like to know if there is an explanation or alternate interpretation of that.
Nichole Bryan
I don't care who it is.. i don't care how big they are . . i don't care what there position is. REPORT IT REPORT IT REPORT IT! Its NOT okay & if you don't speak up about it - nothing can change!
Penelope L
I've been experiencing sexual harassment since I was 10, and trust me I was not a hot 10 year old. It's not about looks, I think it's more about the power and honestly for some guys, the age. Gross.
Flora Rahman
I experienced sexual harassment from fifth grade to high school and during that time by boys my age. I told the teacher once and she didn't do anything about it.
Amira Yeiser
This topic has a lot of gray areas and I don't think the trend is increasing, but it is definitely being pointed out more.
Jatavia Evans
theres more happening they sometimes do it in the halls at school boys always all over girls they sometimes corner u into a small space so u cant leave i hate it
Deanna Irby
I feel like it has become a norm... because things like cat calls are acceptable. It's all weird, but sometimes people go a little far with calling things Sexual Harassment.
Flora Rahman
So true. Also, I think the media plays a large role in this as well because they depict women as pleasure objects instead of human beings with feelings.
Melissa McClam
This isn't right. Sexual Harassment can happen anywhere, not just at work, but at home, in the clubs and at school.
Flora Rahman
Absolutely. Sexual harassment can happen anywhere, anytime. It's scary to think about, but it does happen in uncalled for situations.
Dave Stowyk
Sexual harassment in the work place is just wrong. It is a good reason for the person doing the harassment to be fired. Because it is just wrong.
Flora Rahman
Absolutely. The person who is acting upon sexual harrassment should be fired without hesitation. The work environment should not have to deal with situations like this.
Adam D.
There is a lot of sexual harassment apparently at schools now a days between male and female students. The worst part is that the female students allow it to happen or think that it is making them more popular.
Flora Rahman
Female students either allow it to happen by wearing provocative clothing and being overly flirty with the opposite gender or they are outsiders who no one would care about if something were to happen - perfect targets for sexual harassers.
Linda Mansfield
When I was 17 I was very naive and worked in an office where there was a much older rather vulgar man. One day when I was in the office on my own he came in and shut the door and put his hand on my leg. I was terrified. Luckily someone came in and he jumped back. I hate to think what he might have tried and I think I would have been too paralysed with fear to know what to do. Now I would probably kick him where it hurts!
Samantha Barney
I'm glad nothing worse happened to you. Did he ever bother you again or did you end up getting a different job?
Linda Mansfield
I left quite soon afterwards because I wasn't happy in the job. I used to avoid being alone with him after that so he didn't get the chance. I should have reported him but he had been there years and I was so young I thought no one would believe me.
Flora Rahman
That is so frightening to think about! As a high school student, my mom was afraid to let me get a job because of situations like this. Nonetheless, situations like this are unavoidable in the workplace regardless of age.
Desiree McDonald
I have never been sexually harassed well if u count high school boys that think they can do an.touch anything but besides that no but I think it's wrong women or even men to get harassed is wrong an I feel bad for the person to try to mess with me or my family than its on
Jayne Cook
When I was younger, I encountered sexual harassment at all of my jobs. But I was to young and naive to do anything about it. I'm wiser now and wish back then I would have sued them. Live and learn.
Kitty S
I think it is an increasing trend today. Sex is everywhere and people think it's okay to just touch someone.
Mary Caldwell
I think they carry this law too far. I once worked with a young man who's mother worked in another department. He was told to tell his mother not to hug him cause others might be offended. That was stupid. We knew it was his mother
Steven Gregory
Just look at the picture. That shoulder is so sexual!
Kris Stowers
The point is not where he is touching the point is that he's touching and obviously making the girl feel uncomfortable. If you look closer at the pic he is leaning over her. You can joke about this now but you'll be wondering why you have a lawsuit pending against you down the road if you don't pay attention.
Tanya Phillip
I think this trend is increasing, with the increasing cocktail of drink, drugs, financial issues, child abuse, victims sometimes do not realise what may be happening until they feel ashamed to admit it. I know of a lady who put up with her boss touching her inappropriately as she feels she needs to keep her job so she smiles at him while hating it.
Megan Belanger
It happens a lot, especially if a woman works in a job that is male dominant. When I worked at a certain media retail store that was all male dominant (both employees and customers) it was an almost constant.
Hannah Jurgelis
I've experienced sexual harassment from a coworker. Thankfully my boss believed me, and I had witnesses, so that man was shortly fired afterwards. But, I feel bad for women that aren't as fortunate.
Heather Marie
I have never experienced sexual harassment and hope I never do. The man/woman who does it will not have a very good day immediately following...
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