Sexual Harassment
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Any form of verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, requests for sexual favours and unwelcome sexual advances are considered as sexual harassment. The harasser or the victim may be female or male and may belong to any age group. 

Do you think this is an increasing trend today? 

The fact that there probably most sexual harassment incidents find men to be the victims is one reason why we dont need feminists.

How is it a fact if it's a probably? To be honest though, I don't doubt it in the least, but you have a patriarchal society to thank for that. It is patriarchy, not feminism which says that men can not be sexually abused and keeps male victims silenced for fear of judgement.

most harassment get done online like facebook and twitter never hand your detail until you know they are genuine people

people that get harassed are mostly woman harrasment can be phoneing or waiting on someone its a shame there life will never be the same

The fact that there probably most sexual harassment incidents find women to be the victims is one reason why we still need proper feminists.

Well said. Some people see me on the radical side because I am bothered when people treat me a certain way simply because I am a woman. If I need help with my groceries it is because I have poor balance and I'm legally blind not because of my gender. I'm also perfectly capable of opening my own doors. I would be just as challenged if I had male genitals instead of female ones. When somebody gives me the old-line about what a pleasure it is to help a woman, I have no problem telling them firmly that that is not why I need help. I am sick and tired of my physical challenges being more acceptable because of my gender. People may call me radical but I don't give a darn.

You are very right, this can be seen in a very small way as still is a form of sexism.

Thank you Anael. It's a form of sexism, and by no means small. Sadly there are people out there who believe in "benevolent sexism." Like saying that because the person thinks they have good intentions, it's OK. It's certainly NOT OK, and I'm not going to stand for it!!

Sexual harassment may have declined over the years, but it still happens. And when it does happen, it usually goes to the extreme. Us women need to be able to stand up for ourselves and never be afraid to stand up for ourselves.

I'mbeing harrased on fb by a pervert? I blocked him is that enough and he ddoesn't know where I live

Ugh I hate people that take advantage of people either because the person is too nice or they seem vulnerable when those disgusting people smell fear is when they take advantage the most!

I don't think that sexual harassment claims are taken seriously enough these days. I do think it is an increasing trend these days, too.

I couldn't agree more. In all honesty, I consider being called "honey, dear, sweetheart" by someone with whom I am not intimately involved, to be a form of sexual harassment. Granted it's not the same as other forms of sexual harassment, but it's harassment just the same, and extremely disrespectful.

I'm not sure I agree about being called those terms a form of sexual harassment, but we are different people with different opinions. Now, if you ask someone to stop calling you that and they continue, then I'd call it harassment.

Sexual harssment is a societal plague. No one owes you their attention, their body, or to look a certain way. Some of the most scary situations of my life have involved me being street harassed and scared to go outside, because of it.

I've worked at places where sexual harassment was the norm and considered harmless flirting even when it crossed the line and it often did!

I had on the job sexual harassment when I was in my 20s. I swear i wore sweaters and didn't ask for it, but this creepy guy would always come in when everyone had gone home and would try to rub my shoulders and made me incredibly uncomfortable. It never went further than that, but after I asked him to stop and he didn't, I had to take it to the boss

what do you mean "didn't ask for it?" No woman ever asks for it!! You could walk into the office totally naked, and that's still not an invitation! I hate it when people talk about the possibility of asking for it. The guy who harassed you did it because of his perversions, not because of anything you did. Not your fault AT ALL!!!!

I'd like to point out that THIS DOES NOT ONLY HAPPEN TO WOMEN, it's wrong to stereotype this to men only.

We used to have a 40ish woman who preyed on the younger men in the company. I walked in one morning to discover them frolicking in the office. She faked a pregnancy and miscarriage and convinced him to marry her right after dumping her husband. This was her 4th time.

Boys go through sexual harassment too. I do not know what you are talking about. the only reason why people think boys dont is because they are "tougher"America is messed up...

I totally agree, Fred. I have two sons, I absolutely would not want this to happen to them. I definitely think it's wrong to stereotype it that only women get harrassed.

Very true! In a comment above I responded to someone that it was not the woman's fault. In this case a woman was being harassed. If a man is being harassed it's not his fault either. It is never the fault of the one BEING harassed. Nobody asks to be harassed. Thanks for pointing this out.

This is a real thing. No one should feel as if they are being harassed like this while they are trying to earn a living.

Huh? Wait, what? While they are trying to earn a living? What if it is in their own home,at school,etc. I mean jobs aren't the only places it takes place.

I worked at sears once, and I had a fellow employee made inappropriate comments, and when I reported him to my supervisor they just laughed and told me "oh, that's just what he does" like it was totally okay to make me feel 100% uncomfortable.

Unfortunately supervisors very rarely take that kind of thing seriously. They make you watch the filmstrip and give a big speech about sexual harassment, but if someone makes you uncomfortable, it's just playing around.

At my old Job sexual harassment was happening. My co-workers spoke Spanish but I knew a little bit myself too. I could hear one of my co-workers saying something sexual about me a couple off times. He was really creepy and always looked at me like I was a steak dinner or something. He always called me his girlfriend too. It was real creepy but not enough to keep me from getting my money.

I can't remember if I shared this story before, but it's interesting and it scared the living fire out of me, so I guess I'll just go ahead and post it.

When I was in high school, there was this guy who used to sexually harass me every single day in science class. He would walk by and growl in my ear, breathe on the back of my neck, threaten to rip my clothes off, blah blah. At the time, I had a guy friend who was known around the school as a "fighter"... he was HUGE and while he never started a fight, if you came at him, he'd pound your head into the pavement. I think my breaking point came when I went to the teacher and told her that I was being harassed and she told me that "he was just playing around." So I told my friend what was going on and he let me know that he would handle it.

When my harasser found out that I was reaching out for help, he called me a racist (I'm white, he was not). I'm not sure what about being afraid has to do with racism, but whatever. He was mad.

The next day started out pretty normal, but by science class the whole school was buzzing about how my friend had grabbed my harasser by the shirt, lifted him up off the ground, and slammed him into a wall. He told him that if he ever LOOKED at me again, he would be dust. And sure enough, that was the end of it. He never looked at me again.

Two years later, my harasser was suspended from school for beating another kid upside the head with a chair (I was present for that event actually... not fun to watch) and then our senior year of high school, he shot and killed someone over a bag of weed (not at school... after school, in a park. I wasn't there for that one). Pretty scary, that my teacher passed off his violent remarks as "just playing around" and then a couple of years later, he kills someone. Kind of makes you wonder if he didn't have that in him all along.

That's definitely scary! I'm really glad your friend managed to help you fend off a potentially dangerous situation. That's just awful.

That is one hell of a story!!!You never know how people and their behavior may escalate in the future.Violence can grow on its an evil child

I had one job where I had the commander of a VFW post that I worked for managing the bar that had made a comment about if I didn't have sex with him I would not have a job. I quit my job and also quit drinking so it was a double bonus for me. Later on when I saw the quartermaster of the bar he asked why I quit as I had just left and never went back. I told him why I had quit and he informed that had they had know what was said they would have voted the commander out and got someone else in as commander. They would not have tolerated sexual harassment.

Which is why women need to stand up and report that kind of thing. I think most are like you, or they're too afraid to say anything, and the guy gets away with it. People don't take it seriously because not enough women go above these guy's heads and try to get something done.

I remember when my job used to make us attend Sexual Harassment meetings where we would all sit together in a tiny room and watch a cheesy video where the guy was being harassed.

NOT OKAY! I've been in too many jobs where sexual harrasment was tolerated and even came from a few bosses with one job of mine. No one said anything about it even though they were uncomfortable. Eventually after years the gm got fired but it was because of other situations.

Yup! I worked somewhere where I was laughed at for being too sensitive when i was being harrassed. Finally, i went on my break and never came back.

Yeah tha's ridiculous. Harrassment is a sensitive issue giving you clear rights to be sensitive. HAHA I almost did the same. I decided to not show up for work and enjoy my day in downtown Chicago instead. They said they could just write me up and I could come back the next day but I told them no thanks.

sexual harassment is so wrong, i feel like this happens a lot more than people even think it does, i just bet this would be so traumatic and would really make you dread going to work everydayy
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