Sexual Harassment
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Any form of verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, requests for sexual favours and unwelcome sexual advances are considered as sexual harassment. The harasser or the victim may be female or male and may belong to any age group. 

Do you think this is an increasing trend today? 

I work with this guy, he's 26 and I'm 20. We're friends because he dated another coworker and I refuse to be a "second choice" by dating him. He invited me to his house the other night to watch movies and drink wine, but everything escalated very quickly. He was really drunk. We were laying on his bed together, just kind of snuggling, when he climbed on top of me and literally started shoving his tongue down my throat. I was trying really hard to breathe/not gag. I'm not saying I'm completely mortified by that, but I guess I didn't really know what I wanted at that point. He then asked if he should get a condom, and I told him no because I don't have sex with people I'm not in a relationship with. But he wouldn't get off of me. He kept telling me to take my pants off and that he wanted to be inside of me, I told him no. He kept ripping my shirt up and took off my bra he kept shoving his hand down my pants and playing around and tickling me, but wouldn't let me move at all. I tried to pull his hand out of my pants but I couldn't. He pretty big while I am pretty small (height-wise) and I really felt trapped. It lasted about an hour. I feel like I didn't really do anything to make him stop, but at the same time I didn't really enjoy any of it. I kind of felt violated after. I don't really know how to feel about this.

sexual harassment is really a bad practice and something that is now affecting both genders and hope this can be rectified and this is the hope and prayer of many here that they will device good ways already

Sexual harassment has plagued humanity ever since individuals got it into their heads that they have a right to another's body. It's doubtful that this is a truly 'increasing' trend, in the conventional sense. More likely, the channels to report sexual harassment, especially in the workplace, have begun to open, and thus there is more awareness regarding it then there has been in the past.

many people have really lost it in life because i can figure out how someone with a matatu and a bungalow can go broke and start taking cheap liquor and later succumd

It is always the male that causes a problem with sexual harassment. As a male, we do like to flirt around women as a joke and sometimes for the fun, but going as far as touching the areas where they should not be touched, should be avoided as a respect. And I really don't like these males. There are absolutely grose.

It is not, in fact, always the male who causes the problem. It is statistically more common, yes, but women can also be harassers. Any sexual harassment is, to me, an incredibly terrible thing, and there hold be no distinguishing between genders when it comes to this.

I have worked several jobs where I have been sexually harrased. I am ok with a little flirting but there is a point where it goes to far and makes you feel really uncomfortable.

i have seen that in some instance that a father defiles his own daughter and later kills there and also kills himself thats really bad coz of her

Sexual Harassment is wrong on a job. I now that the boss or the co-worker sometime tries to make sexual ways toward a female/male and that is wrong and should be reported.

sexual harassment is nothing to play with because it can get really serious and out of hand. the first sexual harassment account that you encounter you should tell someone immediately.

sure an with time you hear of do many isolated cases that people have already gotten used already or what do you mean

ive had tons of friends who worked and dealt with this this only happened to me one time but I put it in check real quick

I have been a victim of sexual harrassement at work. I was young, and although I contacted higher ups, things would have been handled much differently had I knew better.

i have a cousin who was sodomized when he was back in high school since then he became a gay as well an so many year so

Absolutely. Street harassment is one of the most prevalent types. As a female, when I walk around in the city where I live, I often get inappropriate sexual overtures and men shouting disgusting things at me. I think it's terrible that our society condones this behaviour, and it makes me sick.

there are role who last week gangrened a lady and alert disappeared into thin air its in this village and i have today that its sad its rising.

There is a lot of people out there on both sides that has a lot of lack of control, they believe that everybody's bodies are theirs. SO respect has to be addressed.

Yes it is so wear! I'm glad it is not me that did that kind of crazy thing. She has to live with the choice she made now. You can't go back, what is done is done.

I happens to men more than people seem to realize. The problem is that with men it is far under reported as they are told to keep their mouths sut and "man up" about it.

sure i happen to have seen a boy who was sexually abused until he died on the spot isn't understand how the hell went on its sad

The fact that there probably most sexual harassment incidents find men to be the victims is one reason why we dont need feminists.

How is it a fact if it's a probably? To be honest though, I don't doubt it in the least, but you have a patriarchal society to thank for that. It is patriarchy, not feminism which says that men can not be sexually abused and keeps male victims silenced for fear of judgement.

I don't know if it happens to guys more often than girls or girls more often than guys or both genders equally. The whole point is that neither gender should be sexually harrassed. In terms of feminism... supporting an issue is just supporting an issue. Like how if someone were to say they support children's rights... it wouldn't make sense to say oh but what about the adults or teens or animals or racism? Obviously rights for all issues should be considered equally... all I'm saying is that just because a person supports an issue doesn't mean they haven't thought about other issues.

I live in a big city & sexual harrassment to girls when walking on the streets is immensely common. A lot of guys, much older men, & elderly men do catcall, honk, or make very very uncomfortable sexual harrassment comments. It happens a lot during the day & even more at night. When it comes to walking the streets here.. sexual harrassment occurs more to girls.So it seems girls do face disorder in society that makes them subject to sexual harrassment.

The fact that there probably most sexual harassment incidents find women to be the victims is one reason why we still need proper feminists.

You are very right, this can be seen in a very small way as still is a form of sexism.

That's because it goes under reported by men. Men are told that if it happens to them that they should keep their mouths shut.

sure agree and this now happens to target those in the slum aras but with the flood lights kibera look goo at night

Sexual harassment may have declined over the years, but it still happens. And when it does happen, it usually goes to the extreme. Us women need to be able to stand up for ourselves and never be afraid to stand up for ourselves.

I'mbeing harrased on fb by a pervert? I blocked him is that enough and he ddoesn't know where I live

same here and i have to admit it rely felt bad being nagged by a lady and i had to delete the account from my seed bag and later realize they are for money

Ugh I hate people that take advantage of people either because the person is too nice or they seem vulnerable when those disgusting people smell fear is when they take advantage the most!

sure its sad taking advantage of other people the best thing in life is to be staring and make sure you dont make people feel disadvantaged in any way

I don't think that sexual harassment claims are taken seriously enough these days. I do think it is an increasing trend these days, too.

I'm not sure I agree about being called those terms a form of sexual harassment, but we are different people with different opinions. Now, if you ask someone to stop calling you that and they continue, then I'd call it harassment.

Sexual harssment is a societal plague. No one owes you their attention, their body, or to look a certain way. Some of the most scary situations of my life have involved me being street harassed and scared to go outside, because of it.

I had on the job sexual harassment when I was in my 20s. I swear i wore sweaters and didn't ask for it, but this creepy guy would always come in when everyone had gone home and would try to rub my shoulders and made me incredibly uncomfortable. It never went further than that, but after I asked him to stop and he didn't, I had to take it to the boss

Ok, if you intentionally walk in to an office naked, you are asking for attention. Some women (and men) do indeed "ask for it" you can't make a blanket claim like "no one ever" because not many things are "always" the case.
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