Sexual Harassment
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Any form of verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, requests for sexual favours and unwelcome sexual advances are considered as sexual harassment. The harasser or the victim may be female or male and may belong to any age group. 

Do you think this is an increasing trend today? 

Sexual harassment gets worse as time goes on, and I think the world is starting to accept it more and more too which isn't good. Just the times we live in I guess.

I never realized until I was an adult and now having two daughters how important it is to speak up by doing so you could be saving someone else from the same horrible abuse

so true alot of people wouldn't thought because there more worried about themselfs or they just dont care about certain indivuals what i mean is if someone didn't like u and knew u were being abused sexualy or just plain abused they can choose not to help u out because they dont like u wich is rlly mean.

Sometimes I don't blame women for not coming forward, it's the easiest choice! It follows you though. I had an encounter at sixteen. I am trying not to let it define me, but almost every day I think about it and the results of the assault.

Any form of harassment should not be tolerated. There are policies that ensure that employees are safe from this kind of abuse. You should report it immediately.

I very recently had an issue with sexual harassment and it's left me feeling very uneasy. As soon as I hear the mans voice I jump.

Abusers are everywhere. Some people are in a public transportation that's filled with passengers and touch other people especially women.

as a woman, we need to be tough inorder for men to have doubts in harrasing us. never show your soft side to someone that you cant trust.

Sexual harassment may occur in a variety of circumstances—in workplaces as varied as factories, school, academia, Hollywood and the music business.Mostly in the office #PowerTrip from the Boss! Just Saying

In my opinion, sexual harassment is a form of power tripping, most of the abusers are in the higher rank or the bosses. They think that employees will not talk about it since they might lose their job. I think that large companies should be required to have a women's protection section.

Sadly enough this is now happening to men as well so although I agree about the protection section it should be open to all sexes working in a business.

I'm just grateful that I have never been a victim of sexual harassment. It's obviously something horrible to experience, and I imagine people (both men and women) then become victimised in the workplace if they say no to that BS, and ultimately get squeezed out.

I think there needs to be a more severe punishment when it comes to sexual harassment ESPECIALLY if it is against a child. The men and women who do these types of things to anyone should be more afraid of the consequences.

Sexual harassment are happening everywhere, it is sad to think that even children are victims of this, and people doing must face punishment.

The first job I ever had was terrible. The secretary would talk sexually to the workers who were not interested because they were married and when they would not respond the way she wanted she would racially attack them. Tell them they were just wetbacks. She was fired.

The first job I ever had I also hated. The manager would do things with certain employees and in return give them more hours or more money. He tried many times with me and gave a lot of improper passes. I was still in school and never told my grandparents, though now I wish I had.

When I was about 11 a worker in the only department/hardware store asked me some very personal questions about my lower body parts and tried to feel me up He terrified me I came home and told my parents Wasn't long that he no longer worked there My Dad went to the store owner who was a kindly older couple and they loved kids They got rid of him I felt sorry that he lost his job but I knew I was to tell my parents if any older person tried to touch It is awlful for a older man to try such things to a child I know now what people like that are called but it made me scared of older men the rest of my life

sexual harrasment must be punished by hard, since this will make female feel inconvinience, actually on the public placethat s it

I do think it's an increasing trend, only because there is a fine line that is always being crossed. I understand if many men feel afraid to be intimate because this has become huge problem.

There are two types of crime that I really hate. One is rape and the other is sexual harrassment. Usually the male commits these sort of crime and they are absolutely disgusting. Why can't they leave the victims alone?

When sexual harassment is mentioned, it is always the male who is at fault. I still have to read a case that a woman is sued for that crime.

I have heard that even children get sexual harassment. They don't even know what is happening to their body at that time.

Alex, Some male individuals think they are superior to women so they have the power to own their body.

I agree, the offender are usually males. But just to be fair, I think there are still some males who are powerless and being abused by their female or gay superiors. Just saying . :P

Kathleen, you're right. Men too can be victims of sexual harassment, but not as many as women come forward. It's a bit like spousal abuse, it can happen to both men and women, but men don't always report it.

I have been sexually harassed since I was in 5th grade. Everyone from teachers to bosses to strangers on the train have crossed the line. It feels impossible to escape it. I wonder why men think it is ok to hit on every woman they meet.

I am really sorry that from you Nicole. Probably, you need to learn some self-defense tips or always bring a pepper spray with you.

I agree! Some physical defense would be great for you. My classmates before bring pepper sprays and they said that have practiced using it. I hope those harassers will be gone to your life

I honestly think that sexual harassment is the worst thing that can happen to anyone and find it really disgusting. The perpetrators must really has deep embedded issues and need full psychological assistance! I am totally again this kind of behavior in any way, shape and form!

Thank God I've never been subjected to sexual harassment! I don't think I've ever been privy to it at all, so I don't know what the trend is.

I have a female friend who worked in Kuwait as a domestic helper. Her male boss sexually harassed her but since the boss is handsome, my friend fell for the boss who eventually became her lover. What a story eh?

Wow, that's awful! Maybe she had other situations she didn't tell you about which meant being with this man helped her out? I just couldn't do it, I would probably end up hating him!

Oh wow, so that made the harassment a bit 'positive' on the female? Yeah, maybe there are some points about the guy that made her in love with him. But still, what a story

Disgusting, absolutely disgusting. If something called respect existed in every mind and lived by, then this would not be a problem. It's sad that it is.
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