Sexual Harassment
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Any form of verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, requests for sexual favours and unwelcome sexual advances are considered as sexual harassment. The harasser or the victim may be female or male and may belong to any age group. 

Do you think this is an increasing trend today? 

There are two types of crime that I really hate. One is rape and the other is sexual harrassment. Usually the male commits these sort of crime and they are absolutely disgusting. Why can't they leave the victims alone?

yes sexual harassent is increasing today specially with young ones. as i heard at the news lots of kids are bieng sexuallay harrased or abused

I have been sexually harassed since I was in 5th grade. Everyone from teachers to bosses to strangers on the train have crossed the line. It feels impossible to escape it. I wonder why men think it is ok to hit on every woman they meet.

women are the sufferer of this bad situation, those men are sick and characterless try to trap the innocent ladies/girls for sexual harassment, shame on those sick men.

There are many women who are just as guilty of this too. It's not always men. In fact, you would be shocked if you knew how many women do this too. As it says above, the harasser or the victim may be male or female.

I think that no one should stay quiet in regards of sexual harassment. It's definitely something that we all should find against.

I honestly think that sexual harassment is the worst thing that can happen to anyone and find it really disgusting. The perpetrators must really has deep embedded issues and need full psychological assistance! I am totally again this kind of behavior in any way, shape and form!

Thank God I've never been subjected to sexual harassment! I don't think I've ever been privy to it at all, so I don't know what the trend is.

Disgusting, absolutely disgusting. If something called respect existed in every mind and lived by, then this would not be a problem. It's sad that it is.

I am a guy and I have experienced it from a former boss. Since i made such good money back then I just rolled with it.

Oh wow, James what a predicament you must have been in. I can;t judge you for having chosen the money over leaving your job because of the harassment. I do hope that former boss of yours got his lesson somewhere and somehow.

Thank God, I haven't suffered from sexual harassment. I don't know what would I do if I have to deal with something like that.

Usually, professors are not ones that would sexually harass students. I would worry more about college students going on Tinder and OkCupid. Men on dating sites are ruthless, especially when you turn them down.

You are being kind of judgemental. I personally use Tinder and met two guys from it, one that is definitely friend with benefits material. Obviously, some guys are exactly like you described them, but not all of them.

Sexual harassment exist at different places so I am kind of worried about my daughter since she'll be off to college soon. If she ends up studying music, I hope her teacher and other students are decent people.

I believe it is an increasing trend and were it not for the available laws it could have been worse than it is

I work with this guy, he's 26 and I'm 20. We're friends because he dated another coworker and I refuse to be a "second choice" by dating him. He invited me to his house the other night to watch movies and drink wine, but everything escalated very quickly. He was really drunk. We were laying on his bed together, just kind of snuggling, when he climbed on top of me and literally started shoving his tongue down my throat. I was trying really hard to breathe/not gag. I'm not saying I'm completely mortified by that, but I guess I didn't really know what I wanted at that point. He then asked if he should get a condom, and I told him no because I don't have sex with people I'm not in a relationship with. But he wouldn't get off of me. He kept telling me to take my pants off and that he wanted to be inside of me, I told him no. He kept ripping my shirt up and took off my bra he kept shoving his hand down my pants and playing around and tickling me, but wouldn't let me move at all. I tried to pull his hand out of my pants but I couldn't. He pretty big while I am pretty small (height-wise) and I really felt trapped. It lasted about an hour. I feel like I didn't really do anything to make him stop, but at the same time I didn't really enjoy any of it. I kind of felt violated after. I don't really know how to feel about this.

I would not want to feel like i am condemning you but i guess the first mistake you did is to agree to go to his house being just the two of you. If it was really about a movie i think you could have gone for one somewhere in public but never in a private place. However whatever has happened has happened and life continues,maybe it would be better to see a specialist who can help you get through the ordeal lest it haunt you

Definitely not your fault at all. Anyone who says that it partially happened because you made a mistake by trusting him is perpetuating rape culture and validating his criminal actions. No one ever goes anywhere to be sexually assaulted or have someone exploit their trust and no one should ever have to feel that it was their fault that they went somewhere to watch movies and had someone do something as awful as touching you and ignoring your direct statements to stop.
He misled you by stating he wanted you over for movies and wine and what he did was not okay and was a criminal act. If you told him no it is, by definition, sexual assault and is never, ever your fault.
If you need to talk to someone to get your head around it please seek someone qualified out.

@Margaret: what you are doing is victim blaming. It's not her fault AT ALL. She agreed to go into a house. She didn't agree to sex.
Jessica, I'm sorry you had to go through this, but I hope you know it's not your fault. You did nothing wrong.

Margaret..seriously....!! It doesnt matter whoever goes into their place or not....a victim should not sexually abused or assaulted in whatever reasons. I could invite someone to my private place, and that doesnt necessarily mean that I want or think about that attitude....its always the fault of whoever the person that committed that attitude.

@Margaret no, it was not a mistake to go to his house when she thought she could trust him! No means no, end of discussion!

sexual harassment is really a bad practice and something that is now affecting both genders and hope this can be rectified and this is the hope and prayer of many here that they will device good ways already

Sexual harassment has plagued humanity ever since individuals got it into their heads that they have a right to another's body. It's doubtful that this is a truly 'increasing' trend, in the conventional sense. More likely, the channels to report sexual harassment, especially in the workplace, have begun to open, and thus there is more awareness regarding it then there has been in the past.

many people have really lost it in life because i can figure out how someone with a matatu and a bungalow can go broke and start taking cheap liquor and later succumd

It is always the male that causes a problem with sexual harassment. As a male, we do like to flirt around women as a joke and sometimes for the fun, but going as far as touching the areas where they should not be touched, should be avoided as a respect. And I really don't like these males. There are absolutely grose.

It is not, in fact, always the male who causes the problem. It is statistically more common, yes, but women can also be harassers. Any sexual harassment is, to me, an incredibly terrible thing, and there hold be no distinguishing between genders when it comes to this.

I have worked several jobs where I have been sexually harrased. I am ok with a little flirting but there is a point where it goes to far and makes you feel really uncomfortable.

i have seen that in some instance that a father defiles his own daughter and later kills there and also kills himself thats really bad coz of her

Sexual Harassment is wrong on a job. I now that the boss or the co-worker sometime tries to make sexual ways toward a female/male and that is wrong and should be reported.

sexual harassment is nothing to play with because it can get really serious and out of hand. the first sexual harassment account that you encounter you should tell someone immediately.

sure an with time you hear of do many isolated cases that people have already gotten used already or what do you mean
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