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Cigarettes are a huge part of many people’s lives and a familiar sight in today’s world. The Mayan civilisation chewed tobacco leaves and smoked, but they also mixed the tobacco leaves with other plants and herbs to make medicines. Columbus was probably the first European to see tobacco leaves and the first one to introduce tax on tobacco was King James I of England. 

Even though tobacco was very much enjoyed in the ancient world, the first health warnings began in the 1950s. Today, the tobacco industry receives negative publicity and the people are informed about the addictive and deadly effects of smoking. In spite of all the warnings, a good cigarette is enjoyed by many around the world.

What do you believe, should Smoking be banned permanently?

I think I'm getting closer to being a heavy smoker. I could smoke like 5 sticks a day. I really want to quit but I couldn't.

Hey you live in Korea? Glad to see someone who lives in my birth country..could I ask you what do you over there?

Hi Joon, I'm a Filipino but currently I live in Korea. I work for a private Hagwoon. kkkkk I'm in Gyeonggi..

I smoke and personally I would love it if they went out of exsistance. That would make it real easy to quit wouldn't it? and then I wouldn't have to hear people complaining all the time. They should ban alcohol too.

It would be nice if it never existed in the first place but then I'm sure people would find something else to smoke.

Funny story my mother shared with me this past weekend when she ran out of smokes. She rolled tea from a tea bag. Oh that would be so awful .

I think this matter has made enough public awareness especially about the negative aspects but still, people smoke. If we ban smoking now, smokers would still be around. So I think, if a person wants to stop, he must decide it upon himself.

I don't smoke. Those avid smokers in tobacco nowadays are preferring electronic cigarettes rather than the simple tobacco. Tobacco is harmful to everyone's health than the e-juices.

The apartment complex we live in has a no smoking policy inside the apartments. Unfortunately, our neighbor doesn't care and does it anyway... and he's a chain smoker. Our entire apartment and everything in it smells like cigarette smoke even though we don't smoke... it leaks in through the vents and you can even smell it coming through the walls. The worst part is that we haven't complained to our landlady because we've wanted to keep peace, but that same neighbor called the land lady and reported us for "noise disturbance" because my son was bouncing a rubber ball on the linoleum floor and it was echoing in his apartment and getting on his nerves. She couldn't do anything about it because there's no rule against noise, or bouncing a ball, or even kids, but OH I AM MAD. I can't stand smoking, and I can't stand people who don't care about the rules.

Sounds like you definitely need to complain to your landlady, because if you can smell it that much then it is 1, damaging your belongings and 2, far more importantly, it means you child is breathing that in, and that can be harmful. I would be mad too, and your landlady should definitely do something about it.

Even though I do smoke occasionally, I am really glad that the UK has banned smoking inside public places. It just makes them much more pleasant to be in. I don't mind if people smoke but they need to do so outside or away from others, so that we aren't forced to breath it in too.

This is the thing i really hates and suggest my friends to avoid it, it would be reason of our early death and also reason of more problems

I don't get why people smoke honestly I mean it don't taste good either how do I know that?. Well just by the smell of it.

yeah the smell of it is poisonous so how the people take this as a habit, i really hate smoking and try to stay non smoking area

I actually quite like the taste and smell of it, and have smoked on and off for about 10 years. I have never been addicted to it though, and haven't smoked anything for about 3/4 months now.

@pipe you are always different by choice of common people like me so i have actually nothing to say, you carry one just hope you consider public places lol

Haha, I think we just come from very different backgrounds, Shohana, so I think we naturally will have had very different experiences.
I do take great care to make sure my smoking doesn't hurt others though. I ALWAYS smoke outside, and I ALWAYS take great care to not do so around those who aren't smokers. While it is my choice to smoke sometimes, I don't think I should push that onto others.

I don't understand smoking, particularly why my mother does it at least. She's not a heavy smoker, but she acts like a baby about it. I care for her, but at the same time, she's her own person who can do whatever she wants. Just like her mother who smoked up to her death. I'll never be able to understand the people who say "I need a drink" or "I need a smoke" out of the blue.

oh your mom did smoking ? its more dangerous for women as they also given birth babies, a pregnant woman can be affected by it

She didn't smoke while she was pregnant or nursing, she's not irresponsible like that. She started smoking years after my brother and I were born.

These two teachers who sit fairly close to me will step out during the school day and smoke. It kind of bothers me because they always smell like cigarettes after. Plus they smoke in front of the school near the entrance so it doesn't set a good example for the kids.

yeah its not good for the kids as they love to follow others, specially the teachers, we all should avoid this bad habit but some often can do

Banning this is a little harsh to me. I know that some people do not like it and it can actually harm someone who is near you but at the same time why ban it completely. People are addicted to them at this point and banning them is just outrageous. Sure you can ban them from public smoking which has been done but not from smoking completely that is just unethical

I do not smoke and I never have, but loads of my friends used to and it smelled terrible. I hated getting in to my best friends car as it reeked of smoke and she would smoke with the windows rolled up. I know it was her car and she could do what she wanted but it just stank

True that's one of the worst thing about smoking. The worst thing would be health, and also the smell does harm to whoever breathes in as they are effecting others as well.

i don't smoke but some of my cousins do... and their families don't even know! i don't really like the idea of smoking... it's just a waste of money and it's not healthy also... so better not...

i appreciate that you do not prefer smoking even your cousins do hidingly and its such a bad habit of smoking some people do in the public place

I think it should be banned everywhere because it only will slowly kill ones body. My ex boyfriend is a smoker and i hate the smell.

Banned? I think yes, but I am just a little worried on those people who run their business in this field, but what can we do? If we don't stop it the lives of many people will be in danger. I hope people will really wake up and learn how to be responsible for their lives. I mean everything that you use to much is an abuse to oneself.

Im thankful that i have stop smoking and will never get back to that bad habbit again .aside from a waste of money its not good for the health

If I would count the money that I had spent in my more than 30 years of smoking, maybe I can buy a car with that. But in fairness, smoking gave me relaxation.

Can't you do other things instead to relax? Smoking can really be bad for your health. But why do you stick to it?

I never did understand how people get addicted to cigarettes. I know of the substance nicotine that is said to be addicting that is in it. But I did try smoking out of curiosity a bunch of time, yet I never got addicted to it.

You only get addicted to smoking if you would smoke for more than a month. That would develop a habit and your salivary glands would be used to the nicotine.

I know how bad smoking is and obviously is very bad to our health. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life but feel for those that are addicted, it can be hard

i agree with you my friend @Amanda i'm highly against of Smoking as its damage our liver and cause of many diseases, i never support Smoking

Smoking is something dangerous for the person Who smokrs and for the person Who breathes the Smoke, in face i do not smoke

I don't think smoking should be banned because, lots of people are addicted to it, and it would be kind of rude to just ban them, think about it, imagine you love playing video games and they ban it. Yes I know smoking is bad for you but still, that is there problem, if they want to kill themselves, let them be.

i dont think banning smoking would really do any good. i agree people are gonna do what they wanna do regardless. where there's a will theres a way ya know?

I agree with both of you that I don't think smoking should be banned either. If people want to smoke they will continue to regardless

Well, since you feel that way then why should we ban cocain or heroine or any other drug that people are addicted to? The problem is that smokers exhale not only carbon dioxide but also carbon monoxide which is harmful to anyone else breathing the air around those people. Addicts should all be put in rooms where they cannot harm the general public.
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