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Cigarettes are a huge part of many people’s lives and a familiar sight in today’s world. The Mayan civilisation chewed tobacco leaves and smoked, but they also mixed the tobacco leaves with other plants and herbs to make medicines. Columbus was probably the first European to see tobacco leaves and the first one to introduce tax on tobacco was King James I of England. 

Even though tobacco was very much enjoyed in the ancient world, the first health warnings began in the 1950s. Today, the tobacco industry receives negative publicity and the people are informed about the addictive and deadly effects of smoking. In spite of all the warnings, a good cigarette is enjoyed by many around the world.

What do you believe, should Smoking be banned permanently?

Smoking is too bad for we human but when people addicted to it, they can't stay away from it. Smoking is an addiction and bad for health. I don't like Smoking.

Indeed, smoking is really a big part to every people especially to those who really smoke. But let us all remember, there is also negative effect that it can cause bad health to our body. So let us stop and quit smoking.

I do not understand the reason why people smoke. From experience, it is not worth it and it ends up destroying your body. I have family and friends that smoke and I really wish they wouldn't.

Smoking is awful I had someone the other day when I was sitting on a bench they were smoking next to me it was disgusting.

I have never, ever smoked in my entire life. I just never had an interest in doing so. I know it can be really hard to quit once you start.

Despite the adverse effects of smoking the governments of the world continue to leave such industry unrestricted and unprohibited. Thousands are dying each year from various cancers and health effects caused by smoking but this gigantic industry bottom line goal is to make money at the expense of human lives.

Even though I know that I need to quit smoking and I will before it is too late, hopefully. I wish you could still smoke in public places,especially restaurants and bars.

I am glad you can not smoke in public places, those of us who do not like smoke would not like to smell it, or sit near someone in a restaurant blowing smoke near our food, or by us.

d to quit the Newport 100s and at least go backto my e-cig. I had got to where I would buy the flavored vapor without any nicotine in it. I want to do this again.

Smoking is bad affect in my causes in a canser is my health.please don,t this smoking.and nice this life to enjoy.

I believe I read somewhere that people with depression are more likely to smoke because it helps them deal with anxiety. I kind of understand that. It's a terrible habit and I know I'm setting a bad example.

I smoke and really wish I didn't. I know it is a filthy, bad habit that I will try to quit here one day soon. I don't need anyone to tell me how bad it is, I know. I have seen first hand what it does to damage people's health and it costs a fortune just to kill yourself doing it! I think all smokers wish they never started!

I really do not understand why young people take smoking up. I'm sorry but there is so much information out there. You know better.

Is there anything good that comes from smoking. I guess there is something good because it is not banned everywhere.

I don't think smoking should be banned because it is personal choice, but I do think it should be taxed heavily to discourage people from starting smoking.

I love the smoke of the cigarette but I really tried not to smoke because I know smoking is dangerous to our health.

I cannot imagine what is like for someone to try to quit smoking. I hope those who do have a large support system and wish them luck if they are serious about quitting.

If I have the power to stop or ban cigarettes? I would love to do that, but it seems that we are all helpless in so far as stopping or banning cigarette is concern.

I smoke. Do I known its unhealthy for me? Yes. But it is what it is. I also think the only people that should get to speak on the matter of quicking are people who used to and have given it up.

Smoking is a choice. If you want to smoke then I agree with you that I don't think anyone really has the right to tell you you should stop. Friends and family can advise it but people you don't know can't just tell you that you need to quit. Plus it's not as easy as that, it's really hard to quit and you might not want to.

I disagree, that only people that have smoked, should speak on the matter. I have not smoked, but suffered from second hand smoke because my dad used to chain smoke near me when I was a child and cause a lot of health issues for me I see what is has done to all my dads sisters who are smokers, all had breast cancer 3 died, one dying. My dad has cancer no from all his smoking. If I can talk anyone out of it that is close to me, wonderful. My of the harm does not come right away to later in life, when by then the damage is done. I do not like anyone smoking near me, the smoke bothers me. I have seen many quit, they now do something else with their hands, or eat more, the only reason they quit, was because they developed cancer or other illness.

I am going to stick to my guns. We all have our own opinions on the matter and mine are that unless you yourself have smoked you don't really understand. Yes , second hand smoke is a problem..but parents should be smart enough not to smoke around their kids.

Well when I was a kid, people didn't know the dangers of smoking, like they do now. You don't have to smoke near your kids, but the smell is still on your clothes, and gets in your home, your kids will still breathe it. I don't need to have smoked to understand it. I see enough of it Knowing what we know now is enough to make most stop. The people with the second hand smoke suffer greatly and they never ever smoked. I agree it is your own opinion, if you know it is unhealthy and you still want to do it, then it is up to you. I have a family and value my life to much to do it. My family members that had cancer, still continue to smoke. They hope every year the cancer doesn't come back, but they make their own decisions, to continue to put self in danger. My other aunt has smoked since 15, just had her breasts removed, and yes she is still smoking. Live let live, but I am living my way.

I don't think smoking should be banned permanently. It is each individuals choice whether they want to smoke or not. I do appreciate people not being allowed to smoke in restaurants and bars since I don't smoke and don't want to inhale. But why should the government get to say what we do and don't put in our bodies because they think it is bad. There are a ton of stuff that is bad, fast food, sugar. If people want to live unhealthy that is there choice. It is not hurting anyone other than themselves. And so long as they take precautions around children its not a problem.

Smoking the lesser known facts
• Smokers in their 40's have as many facial wrinkles as non-smokers in their 60's.
• In Britain, one person is diagnosed with lung cancer - the cancer most commonly associated with smoking every 15 minutes.
• 114,000 people die every year from smoking. That's 312 every day.
• Smoking gives you yellow teeth, bad breath and hollow cheeks from repeated sucking on cigarettes.
• Around half of all regular smokers will eventually be killed by their habit.
• Female smokers have a 30 per sent lower fertility rate than non smokers.
• Male smokers are 50 per cent more likely to be impotent.
• Around 450 children start smoking every day.
• Men who smoke around their pregnant partner can significantly harm their unborn child.
• Women who smoke and take the contraceptive pill are 10 times higher in smokers than non-smokers.
• From brittle hair to stomach ulcer and problems with conception, the effects of smoking are numerous and often deadly.

I would love to share this somewhere else. thank you for sharing I hope if not to make it stop at least to lessen the effects of smoking.

each person owns his life, however, I believe that when you have a habit that affects people around you should be aware that should be taken not affect people around you

There are some people who don't care much about giving hazardous effect to people around him/her, since smoking is not good it should be done very privately.

I can't stand smokers and I used to be one. Well, it's not so much the smokers, it's the smoking. People are okay as long as they are considerate. The problem is the smell sticks to a person no matter how considerate they are and then it bothers others. Give up, people!

I know how you feel Cody I can't stand the smell of smoke either makes me sick. I hate being around smokers.

I also can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke. The smoke gets in your clothes, hair, and everything. A coworker of mine smokes, and you can still smell the smoke long after she has left the room.

Most people hate the smell of cigarette smoke but I actually quite like it. I don't smoke and never would but my grandad does so the smell reminds me of him.

I smoke and have for over 30 years. I'm not really worried about cancer. You can get cancer in many ways and I also know a lot of people who have never smoked and still got cancer.
I think its a little hypocritical to outlaw cigarettes and make marijuana legal. I do respect others when I smoke, so I feel others should respect the fact that I enjoy it.
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