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Cigarettes are a huge part of many people’s lives and a familiar sight in today’s world. The Mayan civilisation chewed tobacco leaves and smoked, but they also mixed the tobacco leaves with other plants and herbs to make medicines. Columbus was probably the first European to see tobacco leaves and the first one to introduce tax on tobacco was King James I of England. 

Even though tobacco was very much enjoyed in the ancient world, the first health warnings began in the 1950s. Today, the tobacco industry receives negative publicity and the people are informed about the addictive and deadly effects of smoking. In spite of all the warnings, a good cigarette is enjoyed by many around the world.

What do you believe, should Smoking be banned permanently?

i was a former smoker 6 years ago i quit and i am so happy. i have more money in my pocket i don't stink and i am not paying to die a slow horrible death. i think if you choose to smoke and want to die lets raise the taxes on cigarets that way we can get out of debt

I wish it could be banned. I hate smoking and i don't like it when a person smokes around me,sometimes they don't even have manners because they do it even in public places and to imagine the harm on their body

Each to their own, I think.

I choose not to smoke because I know the damage that it does, but who are we to judge those that do.

Negatives for me is that you always seem to get other people's smoke in your face in the public - why does it not go in theirs?

To ban smoking outright would be to get rid of all the regulations behind it, as so many people are addicted this would not be safe. I also think smoking is a good form of tax in the UK.

I have been smoking since i was 12. It was easy since my Mom smoked, I could just take hers without her noticing. But now I only smoke a couple a week and do chewing tobacco pouches every day. I have no fear of death so I don't feel a need to quit.

I am a smoker and I have been for awhile. It is hard to quit and you really have to have the will power to do it. I try to be very respectful of my suroundings and other people when I smoke and keep it away from them. Stop hating on us smokers!

dont you just hate being outside in public and smelling the disgusting scent of cigarettes right in front of you. eww. in my opinion its a huge turn off

Just frustrated that people blame smokers for things that could be avoided, Like oh my child walked into your cigarette, UM are you not watching your child. (as a respectful smoker as i am) I step away if they come to my area (that isn't my fault anymore) i did the right thing already, and i wasn't trying to get them with it, or have an ash go in their face or Whatever!!! Stop blaming smokers (like seriously) And saying oh well don't smoke around kids and babies (HA my mom grew up with both parents as smokers And NOTHING i repeat NOTHING) was wrong with her. Or her 7 (brothers or sister).

Smoking is the reason why i hate my father.. because during that time instead of buying a food for the family my father buy first his brand of cigarette before others.

I think that it would be more effective to lower the appeal of cigarette-smoking than to ban it altogether. As we saw with the Prohibition and the War on Drugs, making something illegal does nothing to stop it or make it less popular; if anything, it does the opposite and increases black market value and criminal activity.

my husband just quit smoke 7 months ago and he DID NOT feel better or healthier. probably if it wasn't the money he spent on smokeholding him back from starting smoking again.

some people it takes a long time to get it out of your system. I hope that it doesn't take him to much longer to feel better. right now I can feel the difference from when I am at work and not smoking compared to when I am at home and smoking.

It really can take a long time to feel healthier, especially if you were a long-term smoker. Attitude is also a big factor; if he quit because he had to and not because he wanted to, that can make him feel much worse.

I was a smoker for most of my teens and all through my 20's I quit 9 years ago and feel better than I did as a teen or in my 20's believe it or not. I breathe better, sleep better and overall am healthier

smoking is like literally digging a grave and if overdone can lead to lung cancer and is a cause of many deaths

Every time, I inhaled some of those smokes when passing around smokers, my asthma attacks me. I hope they will ban it.

Sheesha has also been ranked as even more dangerous compared to cigarettes and as such it should abstain from them

Sure, smoking is terrible and can cause all kinds of adverse effects on your health. But we can't exactly ban it 100% because people have a choice what to do when it concerns themselves and what they are going to do with their bodies. Educating and encouraging is one thing, but to force people to stop is another.

I agree with you.
We can't ban everything that is unhealthy.
That would include alcohol, trans fat, caffeine...the list could go on and on.

If I only would be the one to be followed, yeah I would. I don't smoke and I don't see any reason to smoke. It's dangerous to health too.

Smoking is a practice in which a substance is burned and the resulting smoke breathed in to be tasted or inhaled. Most commonly the substance is the dried leaves of the tobacco plant which has been rolled into rice paper into a small, round cylinder called a "cigarette".

I've smoked since i was 16. I'm 27 now and 3 months ago i started using vaporizers (e-ciggarettes) and since then i haven't touched a ciggarette

I always said I would use e-cig if they had been around when I smoked. They are so much neater and cleaner and don't smell :)

I tried once but i never liked it. I think what I will spend for it will be considered only as a waste of money (that's just for me not in general)

I don't think that e-cigs are that good either. They may be somewhat healthier but there aren't any long term studies down on the health effects.

I also use e-cig. but I haven't given up cigarettes just because sometimes I just enjoy relaxing with one in my hand. I am still working on quitting.

I never smoked, that's a bad habit, If some one smoke other people around him also be passive smokers, they also will get sick, so annoying to others is a curse

the habit of smoking is not only bad for the person who indulge in it but to the surrounding also. It had been the cause of lung cancer and cause for many psychological disorder, This kind of stuff should be banned forever, and to start, the cultivation of tobacco should e banned first, if there is no source, then the need automatically goes down.

Ok, it's upto you. But if they have lost their life, what about their dependies? How will they surviev? Go far away from public places, have that enjoy
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