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Cigarettes are a huge part of many people’s lives and a familiar sight in today’s world. The Mayan civilisation chewed tobacco leaves and smoked, but they also mixed the tobacco leaves with other plants and herbs to make medicines. Columbus was probably the first European to see tobacco leaves and the first one to introduce tax on tobacco was King James I of England. 

Even though tobacco was very much enjoyed in the ancient world, the first health warnings began in the 1950s. Today, the tobacco industry receives negative publicity and the people are informed about the addictive and deadly effects of smoking. In spite of all the warnings, a good cigarette is enjoyed by many around the world.

What do you believe, should Smoking be banned permanently?

I hate that i ever started smoking, it is really tough to stop and even with nicotine gum and patches the cravings continue and it becomes more and more challenging

Have you tried using an e-cig.
I know several people who have quit using them.
I am trying it now and it is working very well!

I've personally smoked one cigarette in my life and, it felt horrible! It hurt having all of that hot smoke in your throat. I like the smell of tobacco though as it reminds me of good times at the casino. :)

I think I have finally kicked the habit after many many years. I am fed up of smelling like it and suffering health problems because of it. My mental health is suffering because of giving up nicotine but I dont care, I cant stand smoking anymore.

I hate seeing people smoke its okay if they only harm themselves but they harm other people around them as well and its not a good thing.

smoking is a very disgusting habit along with quite an expensive one. i have worked in retail and the prices that some people pay for certain brands of ciggarettes are just ridiculous

I tried smoking a cigarette once, and could not understand what people enjoyed about smoking them. I am glad I did not enjoy it because it is very bad for your health, and I can't stand the smell.

I think smoking should be banned because there are smokers who are very insensitive to others. I am not against people who smoke and I know that there are some withdrawal that makes it hard to quit. But other people should learn to be respectful by smoking in proper places.

My dad was a heavy smoker and it didn't do him any good. He passed away at the age of 52. Quite young to leave a wife anr 5 children behind :'(

I my self am a smoke, I know how bad it is for you, and continuously try to quit with no luck yet. Kinda feel like I am going insane, but I know someday I shall succeed. I think if its banned it might help me quit.

have you ever tried vaping? a lot of places sell vaporizers now, it gives you the same feeling of smoking with less of the dangers

I've heard that vaporizing can be the first step to quitting any kind of smoking, but it can also lead to increased use for teens and young people.

smoking is very harmful to your health as well as to others but most people get addicted and really dont seem to think about the consequences of it

If it is true that smoking is harmful to your health, then I wonder why people go on to smoke!

I think it's everyones right to be able to make their own choices even if there are risks. I don't like second hand cigarette smoke but I wouldn't want someone else to control my life choices as an adult.

In my opinion, smoking is a expensive habit to keep up. Someone once told me, if they kept save the money they spent in cigarette each year, they would be rich.

It really is a expensive habit. I am a smoker, and as disgusting as it is, it really is addictive. I am trying to quit, and I can only imagine how much money I would be saving!

Some once told me that if they saved all their money in a jar, they would be rich. They had been smoking since they were a teenager.

I smoke even though I really hate to admit that. I have tried to quit several times and have not been able to do it yet. My husband quit about years ago and he said that he just put it out and never picked it back up again.

During the summer my children will be at the beach. I am going to try again while they are gone. I figured if I do not have really anything here at home stressing me out then I might be able to quit this time now the only thing that might mess with me is the bills and money LOL.

Stress was my number one reason for always picking one up. Life is tough. I do wish you the best on trying to quit again.

Thank you Jae'La and you are right stress is the biggest thing. My husband keeps telling me that it is just an excuse. But it really is hard for me I am not like him and able to just put it down and never touch it again.

you're welcome. Believe me I know. I told myself excuse after excuse for 4 years on and off trying to quit. but have left them alone now for 5 months. I am very proud of my self usually after the second month I would pick it back up

That is really great what did you use to help you finally quit? I was doing good at one point I was working and only bring like 5 home with me and if I ran out of those then that was it until I went back to work. But now I am home all day every day LOL and I am finding my self smoking even more then I did then.

it honestly took a lot for me to quit. I bought a hookah pen and bought the oils with no nicotine in them to use at first

I started doing crafts again after that which helped a lot. so I started a little craft business selling all kinds of hand made items which took a lot of my mind off of it.

I also cook meals and sell $5. plates to people in my town. keeping my mind busy kept my mind off wanting that cigarette and after a while I just stopped thinking about them all together.

That sounds pretty good I might have to try that as I love to do crafts as well. Thanks for the insight I will remember that.

I have smoked for sometime now and I am for sure trying to quit but its not as easy as just saying quit. I hope I can do it though

I wish you the best on quitting. I know it took me forever I kept quitting and going back. It is not easy but if you put your mind to it you can do it.

Thank you Jae'la, I have quit before I don't know why I started again, I will try my best I know I can do it

you are very welcome. believe me I know how hard it is. I would quit for a few months and go right back but I am doing my best not to go back now. I have been done for 5 months now

I hope that you are able to quit this time Martin. I know that it is very hard. The thing that will be going through my head is before my grandpa passed away I promised him I would quit and that has been several years more like to years ago.

Maybe you can find something to help you out as well. Do you have children? If you have children maybe you can talk to them about asking you to quit and making it a big deal when they are around you and you are smoking and maybe you can promise them that you will quit.

I hope I am too, and im sorry about your grandfather. and I tell my son to never ever smoke and i go outside to smoke whenever i do and when i come in ill brush my teeth and give my hands a good washing. i don't want to promise him i will quit just yet because i have been under a lot of stress lately and i don't want to lie to him

Although smoking is not good for you, the government should not step in to make the decision for you. As a responsible adult, it is up to you to make that decision for yourself. Smoking cigarettes and the consequences is a topic that is publicly displayed on TV, in magazines and on the internet. There is enough information out there for someone to make an informed decision on their own. I was a long time smoker and I quit cold turkey almost 2 years ago. I feel great and I am so happy that I am not among the smokers anymore.

I think the government steps in because of the cause of smoking to the environment and the 'passive smokers'. It is more dangerous to passive smokers, especially kids, thats why maybe they are making some moves.

I don't think smoking should be banned permanently. I think it should be up to a person to chose if they want to smoke. I currently smoke but I am in the process of quitting

I do believe that there areas intended for smoking because sometimes some people don't like getting smoked by other people's cigarette.

I really really really want to stop smoking but I just can't. It's very hard for me to quit it. I think I'm already addicted. I'm so worried about what's going to happen to me.

I'm in the process of quitting. It helps when you are somewhere you can't smoke. The longer periods without a cigarette and with something keeping you busy makes you less likely to smoke as much. I also heard that a few days of going to a sauna helps to sweat the toxins out

Good luck Shannon on your decision! Keeping as busy as possible does help. Also drinking alot of water. How much were you smoking a day?

i was smoking almost a pack a day! now I am down to smoking 2max a day if that. Sometimes I can go a whole day without smoking. I have a daughter so she keeps me pretty busy and keeps me from smoking

are you doing it on your own or are you doing the patch or pills for it? I know how hard it is. Good luck!

on my own. I tried pills before but it seems on my own at mt own pace is a lot easier for me. and thanks for the support

I am to cheap to buy cigarettes. I refuse to spend thousand0s of dollars on cigarettes. I do see how people do it.

yes should be smoking is banned permanently in our country smoking is banned in public places , smoking can cause some huge health problems such as lugs problems
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