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Cigarettes are a huge part of many people’s lives and a familiar sight in today’s world. The Mayan civilisation chewed tobacco leaves and smoked, but they also mixed the tobacco leaves with other plants and herbs to make medicines. Columbus was probably the first European to see tobacco leaves and the first one to introduce tax on tobacco was King James I of England. 

Even though tobacco was very much enjoyed in the ancient world, the first health warnings began in the 1950s. Today, the tobacco industry receives negative publicity and the people are informed about the addictive and deadly effects of smoking. In spite of all the warnings, a good cigarette is enjoyed by many around the world.

What do you believe, should Smoking be banned permanently?

Smoking the lesser known facts
• Smokers in their 40's have as many facial wrinkles as non-smokers in their 60's.
• In Britain, one person is diagnosed with lung cancer - the cancer most commonly associated with smoking every 15 minutes.
• 114,000 people die every year from smoking. That's 312 every day.
• Smoking gives you yellow teeth, bad breath and hollow cheeks from repeated sucking on cigarettes.
• Around half of all regular smokers will eventually be killed by their habit.
• Female smokers have a 30 per sent lower fertility rate than non smokers.
• Male smokers are 50 per cent more likely to be impotent.
• Around 450 children start smoking every day.
• Men who smoke around their pregnant partner can significantly harm their unborn child.
• Women who smoke and take the contraceptive pill are 10 times higher in smokers than non-smokers.
• From brittle hair to stomach ulcer and problems with conception, the effects of smoking are numerous and often deadly.

each person owns his life, however, I believe that when you have a habit that affects people around you should be aware that should be taken not affect people around you

I hate the smell of smoke, it's truly disgusting. I don't think we could ever actually enforce banning it though, it's a multi million dollar industry. I would never smoke personally.

I can't stand smokers and I used to be one. Well, it's not so much the smokers, it's the smoking. People are okay as long as they are considerate. The problem is the smell sticks to a person no matter how considerate they are and then it bothers others. Give up, people!

I know how you feel Cody I can't stand the smell of smoke either makes me sick. I hate being around smokers.

I also can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke. The smoke gets in your clothes, hair, and everything. A coworker of mine smokes, and you can still smell the smoke long after she has left the room.

Most people hate the smell of cigarette smoke but I actually quite like it. I don't smoke and never would but my grandad does so the smell reminds me of him.

I smoke and have for over 30 years. I'm not really worried about cancer. You can get cancer in many ways and I also know a lot of people who have never smoked and still got cancer.
I think its a little hypocritical to outlaw cigarettes and make marijuana legal. I do respect others when I smoke, so I feel others should respect the fact that I enjoy it.

i don't understand why people smoke. it's unhealthy. it doesn't just the individual but also the people around you. i hate the smell. i'm so against it to the point where i would cut people off.

Smoking is a very bad habit ,people who smoke always end up with very bad diseases like cancer and Breathing problem like Asthma

I rarely smoke. If I do, it's because I'm drunk and I feel like I want just one. This only happens a couple times a year. I try to avoid doing it because of how bad it is for you.

I don't personally smoke and I hope I never do it, but I'm obsessed with the smell of it. Specially on a guy's tshirt! lol

I have never smoked in my whole life. My dad used to smoke and I really hated the smell and its not good for your health

I hate that i ever started smoking, it is really tough to stop and even with nicotine gum and patches the cravings continue and it becomes more and more challenging

Have you tried using an e-cig.
I know several people who have quit using them.
I am trying it now and it is working very well!

I switched to an ecig almost 4 years ago and I feel better than ever! I've lowered down to a very small amount of nicotine and hope to give it up completely but it is nice to do so in a slow and enjoyable way!

Good for you Heather!
I have one also that I am going to start using. I just got it! Hopefully this will work!

I've personally smoked one cigarette in my life and, it felt horrible! It hurt having all of that hot smoke in your throat. I like the smell of tobacco though as it reminds me of good times at the casino. :)

I think I have finally kicked the habit after many many years. I am fed up of smelling like it and suffering health problems because of it. My mental health is suffering because of giving up nicotine but I dont care, I cant stand smoking anymore.

I hate seeing people smoke its okay if they only harm themselves but they harm other people around them as well and its not a good thing.

smoking is a very disgusting habit along with quite an expensive one. i have worked in retail and the prices that some people pay for certain brands of ciggarettes are just ridiculous

I tried smoking a cigarette once, and could not understand what people enjoyed about smoking them. I am glad I did not enjoy it because it is very bad for your health, and I can't stand the smell.

I think smoking should be banned because there are smokers who are very insensitive to others. I am not against people who smoke and I know that there are some withdrawal that makes it hard to quit. But other people should learn to be respectful by smoking in proper places.

My dad was a heavy smoker and it didn't do him any good. He passed away at the age of 52. Quite young to leave a wife anr 5 children behind :'(

I my self am a smoke, I know how bad it is for you, and continuously try to quit with no luck yet. Kinda feel like I am going insane, but I know someday I shall succeed. I think if its banned it might help me quit.

have you ever tried vaping? a lot of places sell vaporizers now, it gives you the same feeling of smoking with less of the dangers

I've heard that vaporizing can be the first step to quitting any kind of smoking, but it can also lead to increased use for teens and young people.

smoking is very harmful to your health as well as to others but most people get addicted and really dont seem to think about the consequences of it
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