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Cigarettes are a huge part of many people’s lives and a familiar sight in today’s world. The Mayan civilisation chewed tobacco leaves and smoked, but they also mixed the tobacco leaves with other plants and herbs to make medicines. Columbus was probably the first European to see tobacco leaves and the first one to introduce tax on tobacco was King James I of England. 

Even though tobacco was very much enjoyed in the ancient world, the first health warnings began in the 1950s. Today, the tobacco industry receives negative publicity and the people are informed about the addictive and deadly effects of smoking. In spite of all the warnings, a good cigarette is enjoyed by many around the world.

What do you believe, should Smoking be banned permanently?

Although smoking is not good for you, the government should not step in to make the decision for you. As a responsible adult, it is up to you to make that decision for yourself. Smoking cigarettes and the consequences is a topic that is publicly displayed on TV, in magazines and on the internet. There is enough information out there for someone to make an informed decision on their own. I was a long time smoker and I quit cold turkey almost 2 years ago. I feel great and I am so happy that I am not among the smokers anymore.

I felt quite stress for those smoking people especially to my sister and to my uncle they ignored my advice to stop using a cigarittes which cant good for health,.

I don't think smoking should be banned permanently. I think it should be up to a person to chose if they want to smoke. I currently smoke but I am in the process of quitting

I do believe that there areas intended for smoking because sometimes some people don't like getting smoked by other people's cigarette.

I really really really want to stop smoking but I just can't. It's very hard for me to quit it. I think I'm already addicted. I'm so worried about what's going to happen to me.

I'm in the process of quitting. It helps when you are somewhere you can't smoke. The longer periods without a cigarette and with something keeping you busy makes you less likely to smoke as much. I also heard that a few days of going to a sauna helps to sweat the toxins out

Good luck Shannon on your decision! Keeping as busy as possible does help. Also drinking alot of water. How much were you smoking a day?

i was smoking almost a pack a day! now I am down to smoking 2max a day if that. Sometimes I can go a whole day without smoking. I have a daughter so she keeps me pretty busy and keeps me from smoking

are you doing it on your own or are you doing the patch or pills for it? I know how hard it is. Good luck!

on my own. I tried pills before but it seems on my own at mt own pace is a lot easier for me. and thanks for the support

I am to cheap to buy cigarettes. I refuse to spend thousand0s of dollars on cigarettes. I do see how people do it.

smooking is popular in this world .but it is very dangerous for everybody ;like man women etc.therefore it is very dangerous.

Finally, every one should keep in mind that smoking in the public area we harm not only ourselves but also we committing a crime on the freedom and on the health of others.therefore we dont like it.

From many scientists, addiction to smoking is not only caused by a chemicals ingredients existing in the cigarette ( ex : Nicotine, Ammoniac,…etc) , this is very expensive thing in this world.

What is so incomprehensible with this habit is that the majorities of smokers are informed about the danger of smoking ,everyboby hates the smooking.

With the regards to the all damages that caused by smoking towards the humans health (smoking is considered like a long time suicide).we cannot like the smooking.

Nowadays, seen peoples (men, women and even children) smoking became more and more usual in all the glob nevertheless dangers that may causes the man is diet.

everybody like smooking.but my parents dont like the smooking,my parents is my like but smooking is my is first life.

smooking is bad and very bad role in my daily parents and ferinds and my brother.smooking is my fun and i love very much.

i like somoking very much.this is my life.i need very ferind not like the smooking.but i like very much.

smoking is very dangerous in my daily destroy its victum mentally and physicall.not only that is also effects is family.

I do hope that one day those people that loves to smoke will realize the bad effect of smoking to their health.

yes should be smoking is banned permanently in our country smoking is banned in public places , smoking can cause some huge health problems such as lugs problems

I think cigarettes were probably ok until the cigarette companies came along and added chemicals. What they should ban is the chemicals they put in them.

My smoking habit made me qualify for a survey on InstaGC, lmao… At least one good thing that comes out of this. :'-)

I think they should be banned exspecially since there are so many added chemicals that are not just going into the body but into the air.
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