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Teenage pregnancy is a complex issue because there are many reasons for concern. Children between the age of 12 and 14 are more likely to be talked into having sex and have unplanned sexual intercourse. Two thirds of teenage pregnancies occur at the age of 18 or 19. It’s associated with higher rates of illness and death for both mother and infant. The United States has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the industrialised world. 

Teenage pregnancy affects education because only a third of the teen mothers earn their high school diploma, and it affects their children because girls born to teen mothers are more likely to be teen mothers themselves. 

Many teen mothers don’t have the support of their family and are left to deal with the pregnancy on their own. What would you do if your teenage daughter informs you that she is pregnant?

I don't agree with this. I was a teenage mother. It took me awhile but I did complete high school. None of my children were teenage parents.

I don't think you should leave your child with it, you need to teach them how to safely do it since they aren't going to stop regardless. It has lifelong effects even if you do abort the child.

I hope that won't happen to my daughter but just in case I will let her deal with that. I think it's better to let her learn her lesson the hard way. In that way, she will be responsible enough to raise her own kid by herself.

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I had my son just a few days shy of my 19th birthday. I had already finished high school, was in a stable relationship, and living in my own (well rented) home. I had zero problems during the pregnancy and my son was born in perfect health.

I would tell my daughter she is going to have the baby; it may be in the best interests of the baby and my daughter to give the baby up for adoption. I would include the father in that decision as well

I think regardless of your daughter's age, you can't actually force her to do anything with her body. You can't force a child to eat, why would you force her to give birth?

I feel nothing but sympathy for pregnant teenagers. It's hard to be a teenager already, and then to have the added stigma of a pregnancy to deal with, and its responsibilities. I promote teaching children about safe sex as early as possible, and putting an end to abstinence only education.

I was a teen mom it is very hard but you get threw it and kids are going to do what they want anyways because they do not act like children any more and it is the parents of my gen that made this happen

i definitely dont support teenage pregnancy. not only does it create divides in the family, but it creates pressure on the mothers of the teens because theyre the ones who eventually take care of it.

that kinda erases the teens who actually raised their kid by themselves. i've heard stories where the teen gets kicked out of the house and figures out a way to raise her baby

To add to all you others, it may be some kids are not willing or as open to talk to their parents about birth control or keeping them safe. That is how I wound up with my daughter at 17. I was unwilling to talk to my parents about it. And scared at the time that I was going to get into trouble.

It is crazy to see how teenage pregnancy is increasing more and more throughout the years, it is sad to think of how not only these kids are going to go through rough times but that most of them dont have anyone to support them

How they are growing up, but also society today. When you have middle school aged children "sexting" where are their parents.

link Actually, teenage pregnancy has been on the decline for the last 20 years. I think now we're just more aware of pregnant teens, and there's less stigma, so families don't work so hard to make sure no one ever finds out.

Thing happen. But I hate the show 16 and pregnant it show that those girls don't care about themselves. Getting pregnant and then showing it off like it is the right thing. I know for a fact I won't getcpregnant as a teen

16 and pregnant doesn't glorify teen pregnancy at all. it shows how rough it can be, being ostracized by peers and creating chaos in their families, boyfriends deserting them, even when they stay they don't know how to take care of a baby.

most instances of teenage pregnancies dont come from a lack of sex ed or caring parents.. it may stem from being in "love" (or so they think) and thinking its safe to trust this person with their body, and ending up with an unplanned (or sadly, in some cases - a planned) baby. if someone is in this situation it's not right to judge, the emotional after effects of an abortion are far more less wanted than having a baby and not being ready. it would suck to be in a situation not having the funds to take care of yourself or a baby however, you took on the responsibility of having sex and your decision to keep and take care of the resulting responsibility is something mature enough to do i don't understand why people feel the need to judge a person's personal issues without knowing the full story. now as for those girls purposely getting pregnant knowing damn well they aren't even mature mentally let alone financially is a different story. however, i'm here to judge neither.

This one issue where I am glad I just have a son. I'm going to teach him about safe sex so hopefully this doesn't happen.

In Britain this week a baby has been born to the country's youngest parents. A 12 year old girl who became pregnant at 11 by a 13 year old boy. It's insane. They are children themselves and I actually didn't think that boys of this age produced live sperm but they obviously do.

the age of puberty is getting younger and younger when i hit puberty i was 13 my sister was 11. and my family friend her daughter is 12 and just hit it.

Poor kid. I wonder if her parents are going to raise her child along side her as a sibling, or give it up for adoption...

This was some months ago but as I remember she has a very supportive father who is going to help her raise the baby. This girl should be out playing not having sex,

I was pregnant as a teenager and it stemmed from not having my mother home, she was working a lot. I know some teen moms who are very good moms, but I know others who live off the system, are immature and don't parent very well. although I know some older moms who do not parent well either.

I was never a pregnant teenager, but a lot of girls in high school were. It can definitely be difficult, and people will judge you.

there are so many teenage pregnancies now a days its a shame children have children i just do not think it is rite

Most people do not agree but my girls know about sex and my 15yo is on birth control and as soon as she turns 13 my other daughter will be on it also I am not taking any chances

I think that is extremely young for a young girl to be put on birth control. When a girl is put on birth control she then has to begin going though the womanly checks at that age that could be a really awkward thing or violating as well. And it also messes with hormones.

I'm surprised a doctor would put a 13 year old on the pill as some of them have not even reached puberty at this age. It's good that they should be educated about sex but I wouldn't want my granddaughter taking birth control so young. I admire you for putting your views up here though AmberLynn.

I absolutely think talking to them and letting them know about sex and pregnancy is the right thing to do. I don't think 15 is overly young to be on birth control (way less damaging then being pregnant at that age at the very least!) But I would worry about putting my 13 year old on it (I have a 13 year old daughter too; I'm not just misappropriating yours for the sake of discussion lol) Mostly because long term use of birth control seems to have some negative health effects (reproductive/breast cancer especially) so I wouldn't want her on it until she needed to be.

Teenage pregnancy stems from a lack of preventative education, coupled with a lot of bad parenting and overall lack of instituting morality into a young person's life. I think that having kids is a wonderful thing -- if you are ready for it. The fact of the matter is, teens haven't had enough life experiences (for the most part) in order to effectively deal with something as life-changing as having a child. Accountability and responsibility isn't on the forefront of many teenager's minds. This is all just opinion, but I think it's sad that in some circles having kids when you aren't ready is like a status symbol. The fact of the matter is kids need stability and nurturing, and a healthy environment to grow up in. Unfortunately teens have enough problems as it is minus the baby.

Again this is all my opinion, and probably not a popular one. If I am wrong, tell me how I am wrong, and don't say I wouldn't understand because I'm a guy.

John, I can understand youir thinking and it may or may not be down to bad parenting. However some children will go off the rails despite being well informed. Hormones coupled with peer pressure have a powerful influence on a teenager. I remember because I was one!

Although slightly off topic, my son is a drug addict. He had all the talks from school, police, certainly myself and swore at the age of 12 he would never go down that road .. but he did. What I am trying to say is sometimes, despite our best efforts, kids will make their own mistakes and we just have to be there to pick up the pieces.
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