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Teenage pregnancy is a complex issue because there are many reasons for concern. Children between the age of 12 and 14 are more likely to be talked into having sex and have unplanned sexual intercourse. Two thirds of teenage pregnancies occur at the age of 18 or 19. It’s associated with higher rates of illness and death for both mother and infant. The United States has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the industrialised world. 

Teenage pregnancy affects education because only a third of the teen mothers earn their high school diploma, and it affects their children because girls born to teen mothers are more likely to be teen mothers themselves. 

Many teen mothers don’t have the support of their family and are left to deal with the pregnancy on their own. What would you do if your teenage daughter informs you that she is pregnant?

this is big trouble since there so many issue abotu pregnancy of teenager, i think thi is because of technology development that bring their free access

I would Support & love her unconditionally still. Yes it was something that shouldn't of happened but the baby still needs a loving mother

It isn't something I would wish upon anyone, although it can be a blessing. My mother had me when she was only 17. She really struggled.

This happens. No body ever wants this to happen butit does . If god did not want it to happen then he would not have blessed teens with a child. Some it even helps them to grow up a lot more. It is not always a bad thing.

Dear mothers, I am a 16 year old girl and I am pregnant, I do not have a mother of my own and I've never had a good relationship with my own father because of what happened to him and my mom. I'm scared as all get out and I have no idea what to do. I've tried finding an answer on my own. But I'm scared.. Of both outcomes.. I don't live with my family. I live with my boyfriend and his family, I haven't lived with my dad since I started highschool. This school year I will be a senior in highschool.. I'm in honors and advanced placement classes.. So I'm really intelligent.. I want to be a detective.. So I would be joining my nearest police academy straight out of highschool. First off, I knew what I did to have this happen, I know I made a mistake, and I didn't get pregnant because I wanted to. I would rather not be bashed and lectured I need advice. I'm terrified.. I'm about to cry because I just want to talk to my own mom about this but I can't because she got into an accident when I was little.. I'm so scared...

Don't be scared. It will all work it self out in the ling run. If it was not meant for you to have this child then you would not be pregnant. There are ways to still go to school even while having a little one running around. Have you told your boy friend and his family yet? Do you and his family get aling pretty well? If so then maybe they will help you out.

There has been a lot more of this i feel like since those teen mom shows started. Everyone makes mistakes but this is a big one

Its a real bad thing that teenage pregnancy now is inflating. Its a bit uncontrollable, I guess? I hope there are better ways to prevent this

My oldest daughter became pregnant at 15 and gave birth at 16. Although this was not what I wanted, I wouldn't change a thing. She finished High School and eventually married the father of my granddaughter. My granddaughter is a dynamic and beautiful person and she and her husband just gave me my very first GREAT-grandson.

I'm so happy for you and your daughter that it worked out so well!! This just goes to show that even when a situation isn't perfect, it does not have to be a disaster!

I work in an ER so, I see pregnant teens all the time but, most of them are 14 and 15 years old. I hate to see that because a lot of the time, these kids are from an unstable home so, they really don't know how to be a parent. Some of them do just fine but, others don't catch on as quick. It would be nice if more resources were offered to include teen parents. I see a lot that are homeless and pregnant because they got kicked out and aren't old enough to rent an apartment even if they have a job. It sucks to see people trying to do for themselves in a less than ideal situation and getting knocked down due to age or family situation.

I hear nowadays that a lot of teenagers are pregnant which is a bit of a worry. I mean whats makes them feel that they can handle all these things?? I just don't understand what they think about.

A lot of young women think its fun to have kids young its not easy T all Ihave nieces and nephews iI feel like they were my own

Now adays theres a lot of youngsters or teenagers are getting pregnant. This new era are really different from the past. Strict parental advice are needed

Was on my way to drop my daughter off at school yesterday and was disappointed to see a 7th grader pregnant with child not sure what her circumstances are and trying not to judge, I think it is very sad thing to see.

My teen son had a son and is doing his part to raise his son practically as a single parents. So just my two cents in here it isn't always females teenage pregnancy effects. My son was 19 and had already graduated high school but I could not imagine a child at 12 having a child. That's crazy

Yes it is crazy I'm glade that your son stepped up and took responsablity for his kids\kid its not many fathers who do that nowadays

I have watched the show 16 and Pregnant. Clearly these teenagers aren't ready to handle the responsibilities of a mother. My daughter knows a teenage mother in one of her classes and she said she was surprised because that girl didn't seem to be that type. I asked her, "What type? Sometimes things happen and people can make a silly mistake and it takes only one time."

Well when you look at girls "the type" can always put you off a bit as I knew someone who got pregnant at the age of 16, but surprisingly this person still has the man and the baby, and I think they live somewhere in my area and seems to be happy...

These shows I think glorafie this oh its fun uh no its not fun I think this is why I never had one Iknow someone who had kids at 14

I will guide her in going through with it. I think its my fault if my daughter would experience teenage pregnancy and I need to make her understand.

Sometimes teen pregnancy can happen because of rape its not always because they wanna get pregnant and I believe that the real issue is parents abandon pregnant teens which causes more problems in the end also people back then would have babies at around 18 in stable relationships so what is the deal now ? Also birth control is not always effective my friend was on the pill and that did not work for her she had her baby at 18 she is in college and works... so yeah

I get confused about that because if a parent tries to tell their 18 year old what to do or ground them.....no can do because they are an adult. If they get in trouble with the law they go to the adult detention center. But if she gets pregnant at 18 or 19 it's called teen pregnancy....huh?

What is wrong with you people, I understand teen pregnancy is wrong but its not to the poing that your parents should beat you for it. I think teenage moms made a mistake but i dont think it is for people to talk shi* about them. Everyone makes mistakes in life and you learn from your mistakes, and yeah the bible says that you shouldnt have sex until marriage but if we listen to the bible only 95 % of the people will go to hell.

I know many people that I've gone to high school with that are having children before marriage. I find it shocking and a bit scary that people are not caring about the safety of themselves. To be pregnant at a young age is dangerous for the woman's body.

i feel bad for them because they do not know what they are getting there self in to. it is the toughest job you can do in the world
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