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The first trampoline was built in 1936 by George Nissen in his garage. The name trampoline comes from the Spanish word “El Trampolin” which means diving board

Did you know that NASA has described it as the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man?
Steven Rabato
loved these as a kid and sometimes I think I might be brave enough to get on one again. My kids lost a dear friend in the 9th grade due to a trampoline accident. He lives in a paralized state for eight years, then died due to complications from this. It was very sad.
Mike Stock
i never had a trampoline when i was growing up. but i had a couple friends that did. this was back in the day before they started putting those nets around them for safety. i remember once one of my friends was jumping on his trampline and he missed a landing and landed with a set of springs between his legs. funny for me, not so funny for him.
Adrienne Taylor
We go to Sky Zone when we want to jump high and flip around. We don't have one because we have nervous family and insurance rates are supposed to be affected by these, so we never considered it.
Kylie Robley
Our Trampoline was my favorite thing. From seeing my father's toe touches and backflips to jumping up to escape being bitten by our dog from underneath. I have so many memories.
Noah N/A
I WAS going to make a comment about how much fun I had on trampolines when I was a kid, but No.. I read Nona Owens comments and I will never be able to look at a murderous trampoline again.
Donna Andrews
trampolines are so cool, my cousings had one when I was a kid, we fell off that thing so many times I'm surprised none of us were ever seriously injured. now they have that cool netting all the way around to keep kids from falling off, that is so much better.
Nona Owens
My kids lost a dear friend in the 9th grade due to a trampoline accident. He lives in a paralized state for eight years, then died due to complications from this. It was very sad.
Noah N/A
Holy ****.. Thats horrible. How did he get paralyzed from a trampoline though...? every time I hear the word trampoline now I'm just going to break down in tears.
Adrienne Taylor
Wow, that is so so sad! I know that people have a ton of accidents on the type that is pictured. I mean if you land wrong, you can hurt your neck, but you can fall on someone or someone can fall on you or you can bounce out if you don't have the netting up properly.
Adrienne Lindquist
I really want to get a trampoline (like the one in the picture) for my kids but our yard is along a really busy street where there is a lot of after bar foot traffic and I would hate for someone to get hurt on it so I won't.
Neely M
I think these can be a lot of fun but also a little dangerous so being careful on them and following rules for safe use is critical to me. Don't have one but would not mind having one at some point. A big one not the baby sized ones.
Monika Po
I had one a few years ago, but it rusted after a couple of years outside. We had to throw it out because the springs were rusted out.
Caitlin Oliver
I use to always wanted a trampoline when I was little but we never had a yard big enough for one. I will have one one day even if I am to old to use it ha
Punky Brewster
I'd love one but this is another hot spot for or nets and yellow jackets dreaded things! Jumping on where they want to hang isn't for me
Lily Mae
They are very fun! I remember laying the garden hose on the trampoline for summer days! I have seen people putting the trampolines in holes so they are level with the ground. FYI house insurance can go up if you have a trampoline.
Monika Po
Oh yes! I remember jumping on mine in the middle of a rainstorm. It got so slippery and slick I and I had such fun doing forward rolls on was probably dangerous, though.
Kathy Collins
I have seen more injuries from trampolines. It is sad that something that is so fun can be so dangerous.. Wish they could come up with way to make them safer.
Monika Po
Yes, I totally agree that they can be very risky, especially if the springs are worn out or rusted through and pop off. Its by the grace of God that I am not blind or crippled today.
Katie K
I always wanted one of these growing up! We never did get one, never enough room, but they always looked so fun. Especially when they would do those tricks or flips on them.
Monika Po
It took me forever to get the courage to do a flip on them, but when I did, I was hooked! It was so much fun and such a great way to get fresh air!
Eddie K
I liked trampolines as a kid. They were so much fun. Back then, they didn't have nets around them
Adrienne Lindquist
Yep, our not only didn't have a net around it but also had large metal bars at both ends (to facilitate flipping, it's kind of hard to explain how it was arranged) It was a lot of fun but I think my brother and I are lucky not to have suffered major head injury (that we can remember any way lol)
Thao Hudson
I never had a trampoline in my childhood.. Still sad. I will make some if I have kids
Sarah Pesta
I love trampolines, as long as they have the big nets around them, wouldn't want any broken bones.
Renee R
My kids saved up their money and put it all together to buy a trampoline last year. It took them a while, but they did it. It has been a great investment for them -- they play on it all the time.
Katie K
That is great that you let them do that! I bet it was a big self-esteem booster to be able to save and do it themselves, and it keeps them active when they jump on it, so that is healthy too :D
Monika Po
Encourage them to cover it before rain so their investment lasts a long time. Mine got rusted after a few years because I was not cautious enough
Wendy Evans
loved these as a kid and sometimes I think I might be brave enough to get on one again
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