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The first trampoline was built in 1936 by George Nissen in his garage. The name trampoline comes from the Spanish word “El Trampolin” which means diving board

Did you know that NASA has described it as the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man?

I love trampolines even though I am an adult. I find it a good way to exercise and my kids love it , it keeps my oldest occupied for hours

I miss having a trampoline. That was definitely one of the simplest, yet most effective daily workouts I ever got.

I need one of these, i can see myself being super fit with it .They can be expensive but oh, it might be worth it.Do you exercise on yours?

The trampoline should always have a cage or net around it. People do not realize how many people are seriously injured while jumping on one.

Yeah they can be dangerous.A friend of a friend fell on the metal edge of the trampoline. He broke his rib and punctured a lung.

It has been a while since I jumped on a trampoline. I remember having fun with one of my friends and doing flips.

They are so much fun, but so dangerous at the same time. I loved during gymnastics training on the days we could use the trampoline. I had one for my oldest and he got doing crazy stunts.

I love trampolines. I never had one as a kid but I loved jumping on them at all times. Fun fun

I think this is a good cardio work out either alone or with friends. You enjoy and have fun while burning some calories.

I eventually want to get a trampoline one day. I used to have a friend who had a fair sized one with a net, I had a lot of fun on that thing. Good exercise too

I had sampled the trampoline in the beach resort. Even had a video of it but... I got a sore joint in the hips after that. So now I don't play on trampolines anymore, waheehee.

I used to live next to some neighbors that they have a big trampoline and my daughter would go over there and play with their kids very often.

I love trampolines, they are second only to bouncy castles! There is something incredibly liberating about bouncing around like a lunatic and not caring what anyone else in the world thinks about you!

I used to spend numerous hours on the trampoline when I was younger - it was my favourite. these do scare me as so many kids have gotten hurt

I think the trampoline is now being used by overweight people to lose weight. A fat friend told me that she had lost 5 pounds in a week of trampoline.

I have not been on one of these in years! I love the size of the one in the picture and I am sure I would enjoy having a go on that.

I am wanting to get on for my family this summer. It is so much fun just to hang out and jumping is great and because it is springy I would imagine low impact. My son seems to open up when he is engaged in this type of activity

Just be sure to get a trampoline with a protective net. My friend's son fell while jumping and was paralyzed. He later died as a result of this.

I miss my old trampoline! I would always have friends over and we would just sit on it and talk (not even jump) LOL!

I know people who have gotten this for their kids, and they are so fun to have. It's a great way to get out a lot energy that some kids tend to have. You have to be careful with these things though.

I started to buy my kids one of these for christmas and thought about their safety. I do not think that my 3 year old would be safe on one of these.

I had one of these when I was a kid, it was a lot of fun but I hurt myself many times. I broke my arm, and my friends cut themselves.

We use to have one in our old house that we lived in, my daughter would go outside jumping on the trampoline come back inside crying because it sniped her on the hips.

As far as toys go, these are not the safest or most child friendly.
It was fun, but dangerous for us.

i cant wait to get my own home so i can have one these, ive always wanted one and they seem like so much fun

My cousins had one when they were younger. The younger one broke his arm, and his mom sold it... only to buy them another a year later and the same thing happened.

I have always wanted to jump on a trampoline but due to my anxiety, it makes me feel I am going to go way too high in the air. Heights scare the daylights out of me. It's either that or I am going to keep bouncing and can't stop or else flip in the air that I never did before. I have everything that goes through my mind on this but I enjoy people and kids jumping on it though.

I remember having our trampoline in the back yard, my sisters and I spent so much time on it in the summer. Ours was never screened in, we had a lot of accidents lol.
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