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The first trampoline was built in 1936 by George Nissen in his garage. The name trampoline comes from the Spanish word “El Trampolin” which means diving board

Did you know that NASA has described it as the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man?

Trampolines always look like fun but I'm scared I'd either get hurt or break it lol. I guess I'll stay on the ground for now.

We had trampoline for gym in high school. There were no barriers so we all had to gather around to keep the jumper from falling. It was up on a balcony over the gym and I had visions of someone jumping too high and flying over the rail. It never happened, thank God for that.

I never even got to jump on a trampoline when I was a child because my parents were strict and found them very dangerous now I kind of fear it.

I always felt really apprehensive around trampolines since I was a kid. I was thrown off of one when I was a kid so I'm pretty sure I'm never going on one ever again.

I love trampolines and I think that they are fun. However you really have to be careful especially with kids because they can get hurt so easy.

I've had a trampoline accident and so has my younger brother. I mean he still suffers from neck pain because of it and it happened like 10 years ago.

trampolines are something my own parents did not allow my brothers and i to go on as children. they were so very right along w/ my uncle who is a nurse too many have gotten hurt on this broken limbs cracked skulls, back and neck problems and very rare time die after falling off hitting the ground just right. wouldnt make any different rather or no people stand around or is netted people still end up getting badly hurt on this

I didn't know that it was the most efficient & effective exercise. Looks like it is time for me to buy a trampoline & start my jumping!! haha.

My daughter has out grown hers and it is rusting so I tore it down and put it on the scrap metal pile.

My son has one of those big trampolines out in the front yard. I kind of wish it wasnt setting out there, it takes up so much space, but as long as he keeps playing on it I will leave it sitting there.

My parents would never allow me to have a trampoline of my own growing up, so as a kid, I would walk across the street and go jump and have a blast on the neighbor's kid's trampoline.

I remember growing up always begging my mom for a trampoline. they were always so fun when I would go to friends houses and they had one. 22 years old and I still havent gotten my trampoline lol

I use to trash out houses and had to remove every thing on the property so at one time my daughter had 3 trampolines in the yard at the same time.

I need to figure out how to fix ours. Three of the metal pieces ripped from the mat. I guess we need to find some type of thick string to sew i back together?

My son's best friend has one of these, but his dad is getting rid of it because they couldn't get insurance just for having one of these

I loved playing on a trampoline as a kid. Now as an adult, I would love to have one again for fitness. I have been seriously considering getting a small-scale trampoline... a rebounder... for using at home.

My daughter goes to a gym with trampolines side by side with no drop off on the sides. It's great fun and exercise when done safely.

Trampolines are so much fun. Our kids use to have one but they came so close to getting hurt. I think they are dangerous. Our pediatrician is totally against it. She said kids can easily break their necks.

We used to have a trampoline and the kids loved it. They are begging for another one, but for some reason my husband is against it. I am not sure why, they are only a couple hundred dollars.

I have a friend that uses her kids Trampoline to get a sun-tan. She says she turns the sprinkler on low, underneath it, and lays in her swimmies. Sounds like a good idea to me!

I am that one parents that is scared of these things becasue I have heard bad stories about them. THe nets do help though

I have really been thinking about getting my kiddos a trampoline! I kind of wish we owned a house to because I saw where people are putting their trampolines in the ground it looks neat and seems safer for the kids!
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