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I loved her in the High School Musical movies with Zac Efron. I love her songs too. The only thing I hate about her is that I heard a rumor that she's with Austin Butler. In my opinion, I think she belongs with Zac Efron. They're perfect together but they're not together.

I think she's so stunning, one of my most naturally stunning girls in Hollywood these days. I think she is not a great actress, there are worse but she's never going to be leading lady material. She should stick to the model/celebrity thing.

Wow, all of the comments on this topic don't follow the 20+ word comment rule in any way or form... :/ Side note, I remember her from HSM :D

Very beautiful

very pretty

i miss u in high school musical and zac too

i love your voice and your acting


oh i nearly forgot something,Love YOU!!!

OMW,i just can't wait to meet you.

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