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I wonder when the next leaked nude pic of Vanessa Hudgens would be. I love her nude pic last, and I hope the next one would be better.

It's nice that you're attracted to her but hoping for her privacy to be invaded makes me think you don't care for her at all as a person!

I have not seen her in movies anymore. I also not heard about her voice. I think her voice isn't that strong to compete with singers now.

i loved her in high school musical. she is utterly a beautiful growing star who needs to continue shinning throughout.

Like everyone, i know her from Highschool Musical also. She and Zac Efron was the best couple in fan girls eyes, such a shame that they broke up. Now she is getting a little bit weirder. Hope she can get back on track!

growing up I watched her whole career from when she started with high school musical to her little music time she had and then to the movies shes awesome I loved her in thunderbirds

She's a great actress and performer. I followed her High School Musical movie. She's grown from a teeny bopper to a superb actress.

I loved her in the High School Musical movies with Zac Efron. I love her songs too. The only thing I hate about her is that I heard a rumor that she's with Austin Butler. In my opinion, I think she belongs with Zac Efron. They're perfect together but they're not together.

I think she's so stunning, one of my most naturally stunning girls in Hollywood these days. I think she is not a great actress, there are worse but she's never going to be leading lady material. She should stick to the model/celebrity thing.

Wow, all of the comments on this topic don't follow the 20+ word comment rule in any way or form... :/ Side note, I remember her from HSM :D

Very beautiful

very pretty

i miss u in high school musical and zac too

i love your voice and your acting


oh i nearly forgot something,Love YOU!!!

OMW,i just can't wait to meet you.

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