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I have had this a few times, I do like it, but I am just not in the mood for it very often, plus it is quite difficult to get in the UK and it is far easier to get marmite or other yeast extracts.

looking delicious in the picture, in my country it doesn't called vegemite for sure. We usually prefer tomato sauce instead of vegemite

I have never tried vegemite. I have heard of it, but would not even know what it tastes like or if it was good.

I've heard of this thing, but have never tasted it. It reminds of Marmite, which is really not for everyone. I imagine it doesn't taste much different.

It is a lot like marmite, but a bit thicker, and is very slightly different in taste, not quite as sharp if I remember correctly. But if you like marmite, you will probably like vegemite

I think the look or the colour of this spread puts me off. I have never tried it but does not look great.

I have never tried vegemite before! But for some reason it makes me think of something not delicious so I don't know if I would try it lol

I have never tried this before but I have heard of it. What does it taste like? It does not look that appealing. I am not sure if it still popular or not.

I have had Marmite but not Vegemite. Aren't they really similar in taste but happen to have a different name?

I think its similar, Vegemite is an Aussie food, and we love to put it on our im still hungry. Vegemite is made out of leftover brewers' yeast extract. They say its similar

I have no idea what this is besides it is commonly used in Australia. I mean as in tastes and how it's used. I see it mostly on bread but I have heard several good and bads on it. I am anxious to try it!

vegemite is by no way on par with marmite and a poor copy, marmite is richer, saltier and beefier by far

I have never had vegemite, I don't even know what it's made of, just that it's an Australian thing. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't find it in a store around here.

I've never had vegemite. It looks like some sort of strange black spread. Anyone who has had it, what similar taste would you compare it to?..

Weird. I never would have thought. I can imagine it easily with that description. I like soy sauce on fried rice and other things, but like syrup? I won't knock it until I try it for myself. Thanks!

I heard about vegemite it scares me, all the reviews say it taste awful. It has to be an acquired taste. Doesn't look so good.

I prefer Vegemite over Marmite. It can be difficult to find, at least here in Canada, you can't find it in any regular grocery store. You have to look in specialty food shops for it.

Most Aussies are reared on Vegemite as children. I find that most adults who try Vegemite for the first time are usually the people who strongly dislike the flavour, however, most kids love the stuff, and grow up eating it.

Has anyone tried Vegemite turned into a hot drink? I have heard of Bovril as a hot drink and wondered if Vegemite would lend itself to it?

I like Vegemite but prefer the texture of Marmite when spreading it on toast. Vegemite is great when used with peanut butter.

I love this stuff on hot toast, its really yummy, but its one of them things you either love or hate it.

I totally agree it's great on hot toast! My parents don't like it so never bought Vegemite as I was growing up. It is only in adulthood that I have discovered and loved it.

I've never had Vegemite. I don't know if we can buy in the grocery stores in the US. If they are available, I surely would like to try

I love Marmite and just added it to my porridge today. I am thinking they are similar to Vegemite or are actually the same thing since they look alike.

Although Marmite and Vegemite taste similar I find the texture of Vegemite to be much thicker and Marmite runnier - I find Marmite easier to spread.

That is interesting to know, thank you for sharing. I find Marmite relatively easy to spread. Maybe Vegemite will be good for adding into soups or other liquids.
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