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Deanna Irby
I have wanted to try it but never been able to. Can anyone describe the particular taste to me? I have heard from Americans that is tastes like burnt tar and death...
Noah N/A
I hear that people in Australia really like vegemite but most Americans think it's really gross, but I've never tried it, and I'm not sure if I want to.
Deanna Irby
Americans are picky, foreign food is icky! Unless its meat or carbs. Haha, at least that is what i get from people. I honestly don't know WHAT this is.
Diamond Ola
what in the world is a vegemite. it sounds like some kind of parasite that grows on carrots and lettuce or something lol. i do not know
Deanna Irby
it does, doesn't it? haha, awesome. "Careful! That might be infected with vegemite!" or maybe a gmo type thing. "ugh do you know if that has been treated with vegemite?"
Maryellen Wigger
I have never had vegemite. But I'm wondering were you can get it and I'm want to know how it tastes. I guess I'm curious and adventurious
Sarah Howard
I've never had it. I'm curious to know what it tastes like as well. Black paste on my toast seems strange, but I'll try anything once! :D
Tiffany Rankin
What does this stuff even taste like? I don't think I've ever seen it in a store but I have seen it on tv.
Courtney Shoemaker
I just saw this topic and started laughing...The first thing I thought of was that scene on I Love Lucy. Vita, meata,vegimen......Sorry I know its not quite this topic but had to share the laugh
Tiffany Rankin
haha I didn't even think of that until seeing this. I know exactly which one you are talking about too! I love that show.
Adrienne Taylor
I just saw a Chopped episode where they had this in the basket. It was described as very very salty.
Eddie K
my sister brought some back from her trip to australia, but we kept it as a souvenir rather than eat it.
Buffy Summers
looks nasty lol! after seeing all the youtube videos of people trying it i'd pass on this
Donna mills-summers
I am with you even the name brand does not do this product any good. Looks yucky to me.
Millicent M. Tirk
I've not tried it, but I've heard from many of my friends that vegemite is something that you either are going to love or hate.
Katrina Von Tassel
I heard it's an "acquired taste" which means that unless you grew up with it, you have to eat a lot of it before you will start to like it. I think I will pass.
Colene Pefley
Vegemite always reminds me of that song, "I believe in a land down under" lol. I have never actually tasted vegemite or even know what is in it. I wonder if they sell it at the grocery store by me.
Jason L
This is exactly what I was thinking too. When they mention in the lyrics about a vegemite sandwich. It took me forever to figure out what they were talking about.
Matt South
you can't get in the usa, its a Aussie thing, my friends who are Aussie love this stuff i have heard what it is many times. but i wouldn't eat it myself.Vegemite is a dark brown Australian food paste made from leftover brewers' yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives.
Matt South
here is a video on someone in the USA doing the Vegemite challenge. i died out laughing. But my understanding you're suppose to spread it on toast with lots of butter to make it taste good. not by the spoonful lol

Lydia Glad
I have heard about this stuff. What I have heard is that its some of the worst tasting stuff out there. I really wonder what its like and what its made of. Anyone care to describe?
Ann Naumann
It doesn`t seem very appealing to me however;I would be willing to try it.I am a vegetarian so as long as it is a veggie paste..i am ok with it
Juli Greenspan
I would be willing to try it at least once just to say that I tried it. But it truly seems like something one would have to acquire a taste to, and I don't know if I would want to go back for seconds, song or no song.
Alecia Brown
Vegemite looks pretty gross haha. What is it made out of? Ive honestly never heard of it before...
Lauren Turner
It's made of yeast extract. It's an acquired taste for sure. It goes best on toast with lots of butter or cheese. A little goes a long way with this stuff.
Beth Gruber
Is vegemite similar to marmite? I have never had either product but I'm familiar with the saying it or he is a bit marmite, meaning people love it or hate it. Would love to try both just so I knew how I felt about it.
Pam Hamilton-Cummins
Did anyone else want to try it because of that song?
Pam Hamilton-Cummins
I also have always wanted to go to Australia, because of that song. And the book, The Thorn Birds.
Pam Hamilton-Cummins
I've also always wanted to try Vegemite. Okay, not "always", but ever since I heard Men at Work do "The Land Down Under". Lol. I bet I'm not the only one!
Lisa Barto
I've always wanted to try Vegemite even though 'I've heard that it's terrible. I really am curious as to what exactly it tastes like. does anyone know?
Doris Gozzo
I hear it's awful too unless you were brought up on the stuff.
Mac Pike
I've never heard anything good about it at all, and of course I want to sample it just to see if is as horiible as it is made out to be.
Lauren Turner
It's good with lots of butter and on bread. People eat a big blob of it like its Nutella. Even locals don't eat it that way.
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