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I'm familiar with Marmite, but not Vegemite. It looks like the same thing though. I know Vegemite is more used in Australia. I wonder if it is just as strong as Marmite.

Is vegemite the same as marmite yeast spread? If so both are an acquired taste. We were given marmite as kids because it was apparently good for us!

Marmite and Vegemite are very similar. They're both supposed to be a good source of B vitamins, which is probably why your parents had you eat it.

I used to love vegemite on toast with sprouts and cucumber slices. It was my comfortfood growing up but now I find I can have bread as I have celiac and now from what I hear there might even be gluten in vegemite. NO!!! Not my Vegemite!!!!

Vegemite is a type of yeast and is an acquired taste for sure. I like it but only a very tiny amount spread thinly on toast but lots of people dont

I have not tried this before but I have read comments about it and some people don't like it while others do. This makes me curious enough to want to try this.

I love vegemite!! It is my favourite thing to have on toast and it's so yum. Sometimes I can't help but to have a spoonful from the jar lol, oops. It's very popular over here in Australia - although I did hate the vegemite chocolate that cadbury made; that was disgusting.

I don't know too much about Vegemite except that it's very popular in Australia. I think it may be a matter of taste, and one I'm not that anxious to get used to. I've heard it compared to potted meat, which I find somewhat disgusting..

Oh, it's not like potted meat at all! Think of it as a really thick spread that tastes like a mixture of soy sauce and really dark beer. You use just a tiny, tiny amount because it's salty and strong. I tend to prefer Marmite, but they are similar.

that still sounds completely gross lol. i dont like the taste of soy sauce or beer so i dont imagine this would be anything that i would ever wanna try

It's an acquired taste, I agree. I'm probably not even describing it very well... it kind of reminds me of the taste of a bouillon cube too.

well you are not making it sound any more appetizing lol. the idea of eating something that just taste like meat and salt isnt sounding very yummy lol

Some people also use it for making soup stock or flavoring gravies instead of just spreading it across toast. It's rich in B vitamins.

I have heard such a lot about Vegemite, but living in Europe, I have not had a chance to try it. I cannot even imagine how it could taste like, even though I read about its ingredients on Wikipedia!

Now that I'm living in Australia, I see this everywhere. I am not a fan of the stuff, but the kids I watch adore it. Perhaps if I had tried it when I was younger, I may have liked it.

I think I've tried vegemite before and did not like it at all. I'm visiting Australia in about a week though so maybe I'll give it another shot.

I have heard of this, but, really do not know what it is. It was mentioned in a Men at Work song in the 90's. I have also heard that it is an acquired taste.

What is a vegemite? I have never heard about this nor seen this here in my place. It doesn't look like appetizing.

I'm not sure how to describe the taste, but I do know vegemite is something most Australians love. Similar to marmite maybe?

I have never tired this before, but the look of it does not really tempt me to be honest! What does it taste like?

I was happy to find a large jar of vegemite in the store once. I screamed to myself in joy. People around me kept saying "Eww, vegemite!" haha

I have had this a few times, I do like it, but I am just not in the mood for it very often, plus it is quite difficult to get in the UK and it is far easier to get marmite or other yeast extracts.

I have never tried vegemite. I have heard of it, but would not even know what it tastes like or if it was good.

I've heard of this thing, but have never tasted it. It reminds of Marmite, which is really not for everyone. I imagine it doesn't taste much different.

It is a lot like marmite, but a bit thicker, and is very slightly different in taste, not quite as sharp if I remember correctly. But if you like marmite, you will probably like vegemite

I think the look or the colour of this spread puts me off. I have never tried it but does not look great.

I have never tried this before but I have heard of it. What does it taste like? It does not look that appealing. I am not sure if it still popular or not.

I have no idea what this is besides it is commonly used in Australia. I mean as in tastes and how it's used. I see it mostly on bread but I have heard several good and bads on it. I am anxious to try it!
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